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					If you are running a website on WordPress, you might have heard about PSD to WordPress Conversion thousands
of times. The moment you discuss or seek suggestions to improve the appearance of your website from people,
who have technical knowledge about web development around you, they will tell you to convert your website
theme. So, have you ever pondered over the idea of converting your WordPress theme? Well! If you have not,
continue reading the article as it intends to brief you about the advantages of converting your WordPress theme.

The Idea: WordPress is free and open source content management system. The basic idea of converting a
WordPress theme is to define a new look or appearance for your website. When you host your site on WordPress,
you use the free templates available with the CMS. So, it is quite possible that the template, which you are using
for your site, may also be being used by other people around the world. And, when you come across similar
WordPress template, you feel little disappointed. This is exactly when you think about PSD to HTML/WordPress
theme conversion. As many people think, the conversion process does not only change the website theme but also
ensure several other additional benefits that help you make your site popular on net. These benefits are:

Dynamic Site: While converting a Photoshop, you get an opportunity to arrange all the elements such as text,
graphics, videos, images and a range of widgets as per your requirements. This makes you site dynamic without
specifically changing the PHP or HTML codes. You get a professional look for your website in easy steps.

Cross-Browser Compatibility: Many a time a by-default theme may not work on all the browsers. When a
developer integrates a customized theme, he/she ensures it is visible on all the browsers. Thus, your site becomes
more accessible. With the help of scripting language, developers write the code in such a manner that they are
supported by all the browsers. PSD to XHTML/Wordpress conversion ensures cross browser compatibility.

Search Engine Friendliness: Developers will create necessary tags and Meta tags for the pages increasing their
searchability on search engines. However, if your site is working flawlessly on all the browsers, it will automatically
be detected by search engines. Tags and Meta tags further boost the keyword based search results.

W3C Validation: W3C – World Wide Web Consortium is the international organization that sets standards for Web
Development. While customizing your WordPress theme, designers will follow all the rules and regulations of W3C,
which will ensure smooth operations of the site.

So, you see? Although the concept of PSD to CSS/WordPress theme conversion is focused on integrating a
customized theme on your WordPress site, it also guarantees several other advantages that ultimately help you
promote and market your site on net more efficiently. Though the job is not very much technical, it certainly
requires knowledge of Photoshop, HTML, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and WordPress. There are various
experienced organizations that offer the conversion services. You can contact any of such company and get the
work done. It is very affordable process.

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Description: If you are running a website on WordPress, you might have heard about PSD to WordPress Conversion thousands of times. The moment you discuss or seek suggestions to improve