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									             The Different Zodiac Signs and the Meanings Behind Them

                                Numerology and Astrology

      Under the 12 zodiac signs each individual is categorized in one of the signs
that has special quality and these traits influence our existence to a certain degree.

      Zodiac signs are an out of the ordinary topic for study. Below
http://www.psychictarot.us/zodiac-signs-meanings in sequential order is a short
account regarding each of the zodiac signs.


      Obvious in the personality and make-up of the Aries character, the sun
represents the initial phase in the advancement of man and his position in the

      He/she recognizes their karmic liability and accepts that they are not the
center of the universe however; a component of the larger social order, as an Aries
personality grows up.

      Ram is their astrological symbol and they are natural ‘doers’. It is adequate
to imagine that an Aries “ram” their way to victory, for by the absolute force of
energy and interest with which they bring about their objectives.

      As an Aries, they take into consideration their sentiments before they assess
the reasonableness or the value of their dealings.


      The second phase in the advancement of man is Taurus. Taurean adheres to
people they consider as their own in view of the fact that they are as well

      Their strongest aspiration is personal protection and they in addition they
safeguard the copious psychical wherewithal.

      They just entirely move back into themselves when they become frustrated
from their world even if they consider being in creating loving personal
relationships. They become viscious when the value of trust is broken.

      A Taurean can go to the degree of sacrificing significant and lasting
relationships to consider psychologically secure. Venus ruled the sign in whom is
the planet of gorgeousness and pleasure; and the delegate sign is Bull,


      The third phase in the advancement of mankind is Gemini in which is
attracted to comprehend the universe and in progressing their intellect. They
convey their modern ideas willfully though their first and foremost concern is
gathering information.

      A Gemini can turn into a vigilant researcher and a serious scholar. They turn
into immature and kind of “jack of all trades but master of none”, without them
having the appropriate guidance.

      Gemini person is typically conversational and quick witted and moreover the
sign is ruled by Mercury.


      The fourth phase in the advancement of mankind is Cancer. Survival in the
course of the perpetuation of order is the necessity for cancer and not only a person
survival. It is a symbol of fertility and nature.

      They are exceedingly close to their private relationships and are family
oriented. Cancerians accomplish whatever thing they situate their mind to; they
react sensitively to situations, and are known doers.

      Furthermore, the sensibleness of circumstances comes to their mind soon
after. Concerning personal matters Cancerians can be externally sociable and
reserved. Moon is the symbol that rules for Cancerians.


      In the advancement of mankind the Leo symbolizes the fifth phase and to
develop the innovative urge of man is their primary desire. The symbol is an
expression of man’s ‘ego’ even though their sign is not totally expressive.

      An ideal balance involving mind and heart with which represents the man’s
final personality. They tend to turn into oppressive and self – centered, obstinate
and unreceptive if their egos are hurt.

      Leos gain happiness in serving others and are expected entertainers.
Additionally, they recognize how to take pleasure in life. The symbol is ruled by
the Sun.

      The sixth sign and symbolizes the necessity to develop man’s innovative
potential and distinctiveness, which is the sixth sign and is as well the signal of
service. By pursuing service-sector careers they make an effort to make things

      The Virgo is excellent in communication and has a logical approach to life,
too. The majority of Virgos are loquacious and are also creative in nature. The
symbol is ruled by Mercury.

      The seventh sign is Libra which represents the stability involving society
and individual. The individual seeks to compromise among passion and
intelligence, as a Libran, although it is not merely a mark of partnership.

      Libra can be cold and impassive occasionally, on the other hand they are
typically appealing and loving. Librans appreciate beauty in all forms as its symbol
is ruled by Venus.

      They enclose notable physical energy and staying power and additionally
have excellent manners and do uphold high level of tactful attitude.


      The eight sign which is the Scorpio, in every matter signifies a superior
improvement of emotional participation.

      They take part in an inspiring role in the progression of life and death in
view of the fact that they have innate perceptive of human emotions.

      Occasionally that is not of its own making, a Scorpio is obstinate and
unreceptive to change. In everything, Scorpions have the predisposition to counter

      Naturally, they are physically powerful and competitive and their
individuality is magnetic and powerful. The symbol is ruled by Pluto.


      The ninth sign is Sagittarius, through their knowledge they seek to manage
emotional power. Having concern to cover a wide range of issues they are
equipped by means of an intellectual inquisitiveness and are additionally realistic
in nature.

      When enclosed by circumstances they don’t have interest in, Sagittarians
happen to easily get bored and agitated. Jupiter, the planet of excellent luck and
fortune is the one that ruled the sign.

      They are wholehearted sportspersons and they are sanguine and affable in
nature as well.


      The tenth sign is the Capricorn which signifies the need for authoritarian
control. They the Capricorns are assuming the guiding principle that “the end
justifies the means” and are to a certain extent conventional in nature.

      Capricorns can be blameworthy occasionally of not following the
regulations they make. Capricorns are indomitable to accomplish things they set
their mind to and they are achiever in nature, like other astrological signs.

      They are bound by policy and regulations and they uphold appropriate
behavior all the way through their life. The symbol is ruled by Saturn.


      The eleventh sign is Aquarius which signifies the character of building the
societal organizations function. The motives why they tend to draw many friends
and associates in life are because of their faithfulness and societal orientation.

      They are not concerned in gathering great wealth as they are “people
persons”. They are occasionally unpredictable on the other hand, like-minded in
nature. The sign is previously ruled by Saturn, but now it’s by Uranus.


      The twelfth sign is Pisces which with the aim to achieve perfection it
signifies entirely what has been learned and incorporated. Amid personal and
humanity as a single unity, the final sign is figurative of existence.

      They enclose the entire sensitive character found in man as the sign is ruled
by Jupiter and lately Neptune.

      They desire for knowledge and understanding in view of the fact that it is a
sign related by way of spirituality.

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