; The Most Common Psychic Scams
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The Most Common Psychic Scams


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									                            The Most Common Psychic Scams

      57%, a majority of Americans, believe in psychic phenomena such as
telepathy, ESP or experiences that can’t be clarified.

      These believers are not alone. For instance, let me tell to you a little about a
30 year veteran physicist named Dale Graf who worked on the Stargate program of
the Department of Defense. They use psychic ability known as remote viewing.

      This so called psychic power or ability and can describe a remote area, even
one     that     is     located      thousands     of     miles      away.      Click
http://www.psychictarot.us/common-psychic-scams to find The Most Common
Psychic Psychic Scams.

      At some point in his interview on Larry King Live, he said “It exists.
Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t. But it’s there and it is real, and it
cannot be shoveled away by skeptics.” Graf said.

      During that dialogue on the TV program with Larry he stated he worked on
the project for 30 years.

                                  The well-known Skeptics

      “The Amazing Randi” has to be the biggest skeptic who’s famous for his
standing offer of $1,000,000 for any person who can provide evidence that they
have real, psychic powers under laboratory conditions.

      Leon Jaroff,another skeptic called psychics as “a motley collection of
mystics, charlatans, hoaxers and smooth con artists who have successfully
buffaloed a good portion of the public into believing they have supernatural

                    Common psychic scam tricks and how they work

      Not merely unethical but clearly illegal tactics in which they try to swindle
and rip off people in a fragile emotional state that entails by playing on people’s
fears. It begins by means of them seeing a curse or a “darkness”, which in turn
might cause an onset of a disease, as a result. For a cost, the psychic can cure both
of these.

                                   Exclusion of Curse

       They will ask you to pay money for extraordinary candles, entreaty cards or
crystals which on average run approximately$150-$200. By the time this happens
the psychic has you believing that there are more than a few curses on you.

                                        Cursed Egg

      You’re requested to bring in egg to their subsequent reading. This is an age
old hoax that has been used for hundreds of years.

      With you observing, in a snap parlor magic they switch the egg. Just to
discover (when they crack the egg open) blood, or a slug in it! Tricky huh!

      Then they will advise you to bring $100′s of dollars on you and sometime
later they will tell you that the curse is not as good as what they thought.

      The psychic will tell you the money is cursed and by way of some more
parlor magic they act as if to tear it up once they have taken the cash in an instant
from you.

                              Their Cunning Aggressiveness

      They will jeer at, scream or threaten you if necessary when the bogus
psychic desires to go for the truly big money.

      Every so often they have someone else besides themselves in the room to
join forces on you such as the mom & daughter team which are family members,
which got me for over $2000 of cash.

      Don’t be a victim! It’s important. I am telling you to ask for answers. I can
have compassion with you, as I’ve been there.

      Search for a psychic that doesn’t lie to you only to craft a quick buck, except
for those who can set you on your course towards a good life.

      To continue reading the rest of the article and find out our
recommendations, please click here: http://www.psychictarot.us


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