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					                          Do Psychics Have a Code of Ethics?

      Certainly, there are modified
“Code of Ethics” for psychics. Psychics themselves devised and pledge to them as
it acts as a psychic’s recognized rule-book.

      It serves as a simple description for the clients who wish to appreciate the
Psychic’s essential philosophies and it basically contains the most basic Dos and
Dont’s of which the Psychic chooses to follow as an instruction guide.

      For himself/ herself, as a psychic a code of ethics is similar to a statement of

      At the beginning of his/ her practice it controls the psychic from
transgressing from the restrictions put on them.

      To account ”The client shall be guaranteed of full confidentiality, and that
the reader will not compel the client into making any extra purchase of some kind”
is an example of the statements integrated in a Code of Ethics which was published
by the American Board of Tarot Certification.

      From a psychic reader and the consultation as a whole, the Code of Ethics
protects the client by allowing them to completely recognize what is to be expected
and what is not.

      The reality of the code of ethics is additionally beneficial for the persons
being read as this code of ethics controls the information that is given to them.

      To talk about things that are beyond the persons’ control and that are
physically and psychologically destructive is an example of this. Psychics may
encounter information such as an approaching death or accident; however it is
normally not in favor of their code of ethics.

      If they protest the information, the standard is that they follow the code
despite the fact its restricting information is reflecting on what the outcome will be.
If the individual obtains this information will it add any importance or benefit?

      Only if it is told to the person and the psychic makes an effort to present a
few beliefs and ideas on how to perk up a demanding or testing situation will they
consider that it will not violate the code of ethics.

          A few other generally acknowledged statements in the code of ethics

      - will not by any means give the wrong impression and/or information to the
public and incorrectly publicize his/ her services, promising only what the psychic
can truly make available.

      -With regards to the amount they will have to compensate at the end of the
session I will make certain that my charges are plainly stated and the clients are
entirely aware of precisely.

       -For any type of advice I will firmly keep away from making my client
become dependent upon me. To allow my clients to go and make their own
choices and decisions. I will in its place carry out everything in my control.

       - With regards to all the information, I will make certain that it is protected
and by no means shall it leak out to any source since my client’s confidentiality is
of a paramount importance.

       - With the intention that I am able to provide successful psychic readings by
way of as much transparency as possible, I will look after myself personally. As a
result of the ever-increasing restrictions of my own gift I will not allow that my
client suffer.

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