Imperialism by ewghwehws


									European Imperialism in
    Africa and Asia
Have you ever witnessed a situation when
 someone bullied someone else?

Who did the bully choose to pick on?

What did they want?

Were they able to get it? How?
        What is “Imperialism”?
   A strong country dominates the
    political, economic, or cultural life of
    a weaker country.
   This is similar to a “bully” situation.
    • Stronger nation = bully
    • Weaker nation = victim
              Who is Involved?
   European nations will begin to take
    over parts of Africa, Asia, and the
         Great Britain
         France
         Germany
         Japan
         Russia
         Italy
       Reasons for Imperialism
   Nationalism!
    • Pride and devotion to one’s country or
    • Strong countries thought their nations
      would appear even STRONGER if they
      took over other countries.
   Social Darwinism
    • Regular Darwinism = survival of the
      fittest (science)
    • Social Darwinism = it is natural for
      strong countries to dominate weaker
    More Causes of Imperialism
   Make money!!!!
    • Obtain natural resources (e.g. spices,
      oil) to supply factories.
         Factories had grown large during the
          Industrial Revolution. Nations needed new
          sources to fuel these factories.
    • New markets
         The more places you have to sell goods, the
          more money you will make
         White Man’s Burden
   Poem written by Rudyard Kipling
    about imperialism.
   What is a “burden”?

   Who do you think the “white man”
 Part of “White Man’s Burden”
  Kipling’s Version:             Easier-to-Read
Take up the White Man's
          burden--            Take up the European’s
   Send forth the best ye           responsibility-
           breed--             Send out the best men
    Go bind your sons to              you have -
  To serve your captives'       Go force your sons to
            need;                         go
 To wait in heavy harness,          To serve your
    On fluttered folk and         prisoners' needs;
            wild--                 To take care of,
  Your new-caught, sullen       On fluttered folk and
          peoples,                      wild--
 Half-devil and half-child.       Your new-caught,
                                   angry peoples,
                                 Half-devil and half-
More of “White Man’s Burden”
  Kipling’s Version:                Easier-to-Read Version:

Take up the White Man's         Take up the White Man's burden--
The savage wars of peace--         The violent wars of peace--
Fill full the mouth of Famine    Feed the hungry native people
And bid the sickness cease;         And make them healthy;
    And when your goal is
             nearest               And when your have almost
 The end for others sought,            reached your goals
  Watch sloth and heathen
              Folly                 And others are still trying,
    Bring all your hopes to      Watch laziness and stupidity (of
                                           the natives)
              .                 Cancel out everything you did for
          White Man’s Burden
   How does this poem depict the native
    people of Africa, Asia, and the Americas?

   What does the poem say is the Europeans’

   Europeans would use this poem to justify
    taking over parts of Africa, Asia, and the
          European Takeover
   It was not difficult for European
    countries to take over parts of Africa
    and Asia.
   European nations had better
    technology that the Africans and
    Asians, so they were unable to resist
    the Europeans.
    • Stronger armies
    • Better and more effective weapons.
Europe takes over Africa
               Which two countries took
                over the most land?

               Circle the only independent
                area in Africa.

               How do you think the
                Europeans will be able to
                keep control over these
Europe Takes Over Asia
               -Which European country
                 took over the most
                 land in Asia?

               -Why do you think there
                 was so much more
                 independent land in
                 Asia than in Africa?

               -How is the geography of
                 Asia different from
                 European Efforts
   European nations would spread western
    ideas like
          Religion (mostly Catholic)
          Education
          Clothing styles
          English language
   Europeans thought they were doing the
    native people a huge service as they tried
    to make them just like Europeans.
    • Would the natives necessarily want this? Why
      or why not?
         Effects of Imperialism
   European nations take over parts of
    Africa and Asia.
   Western ideas spread to these areas
    and natives lost traditions.
   Transportation, education, and
    medical care in colonies did improve.
   Many economies relied on a single
    cash crop (like tobacco).
    • Why is it bad to rely on one crop only?
Political Cartoon Practice!
                 Who is in the

                 Is the cartoonist
                  for or against

                 What are some
                  improvements that
                  have been made?
      Political Cartoon Practice!

   Who is in this cartoon?

   What is the U.S. trying to do? Does the
    African want to go?
   What parts of the world did Europe

   Why did Europe want to take over
    these areas?
            Think About It!!
   How was imperialism negative for
    Africa and Asia?

   How was imperialism positive?

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