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									                                                                                                                                            Buzz          Issue 56 February 2005

                                                                                                                                                                 Historic double first   3
                                                                                                                                                                           Spin cycle    4
                                                                                                                                                                       The family sax    4
                                                                                                                                                                Miss India Worldwide     4
                                                                                                                                                                   Elgar celebrations    7
Dentistry student shows winning smile                                                                                                                                   Sports shorts    9

                                                                     Birmingham Dentistry student Amrita Hunjan beat competitors from Australia, Canada, France, Hong
                                                                     Kong, India, Germany, Trinidad and Tobago, Singapore, South Africa, Portugal, France, the Netherlands,
                                                                     the United Arab Emirates and the US to be crowned Miss India Worldwide at a Bollywood star studded
                                                                     gala event in Mumbai. See page 4 for the full story.

Birmingham’s £3.7million
boost to mental health training
The University is to create a £3.7 million teaching and learning centre dedicated to improving
the lives of people with mental health problems.

The Centre of Excellence in Interdisciplinary Teaching and       in higher education by rewarding staff for excellent
Learning (CETL) in Mental Health, which opens in late            contributions to teaching, and learning and will work            ‘It is claimed that on any one day
2005, will help develop the NHS mental health workforce          with higher education institutions nationally to support          we are subject to 15,000 advertising
by delivering and developing interdisciplinary mental health     and disseminate best practice.                                    messages. We can’t cope with that
teaching and learning. The Centre will also unite academics
from across the University and professionals from the higher     Programme Director, Diane Bailey, said: ‘Mental health is
                                                                                                                                   so we erect perceptual barriers.
education, health, and social care sectors. It will focus on     a multi-faceted issue and we need to work together to help        In this over-communicated society
existing partnerships with a range of organisations, including   improve the lives of people with mental health problems           we are going to depend even more
the Heart of England Mental Health Research Hub; Mental          in the UK. The mental health community embraces health,           on brand as a shorthand notation
Health in Higher Education Project (MHHE); the National          social care and education. This is a real opportunity for
                                                                                                                                   so that you see a name and instantly
Institute for Mental Health and the N H S University. Based      CETL, to develop highly influential teaching and research
at the Edgbaston campus, the new centre will continue            programmes and projects that will impact on interdisciplinary     you know so much.’
to build on the University’s excellent work in mental health     working and learning nationally and internationally.’
education; and the large scale of the CETL will bring                                                                             Professor Leslie de Chernatony, Professor of Brand
together academics and students from the schools of              The project is being funded by the Higher Education Funding      Marketing, Birmingham Business School
Education, Health Sciences, Medicine, Public Policy,             Council for England (HEFCE) at a rate of £500,000 for five
Psychology and Social Sciences. It will also develop             years and capital funding of £1.2 million. A total of 74 UK
innovations in interdisciplinary mental health education         higher education establishments have today been awarded
                                                                 funding to create CETLs, which promote excellence in             More about ‘the changing
                                                                 teaching and learning in higher education. The funds received
 The new centre will continue to build on                        by CETLs will be used to recognise and reward excellent          face of Birmingham’
 the University’s excellent work in mental                       teachers and enable institutions to invest in staff, buildings
 health education                                                and equipment, and support and enhance successful                on page 2
                                                                 learning in new and challenging ways.

                                                                The changing face of Birmingham
                                                                The University’s public face begins a radical transformation this week. After over two years of research,
                                                                consultation and development, the website, university publications and university stationery will
                                                                begin to change into the new design style developed between the University design team and brand
                                                                consultancy Wolff Olins. Vehicle livery will change over time as will uniforms, merchandise, identity
                                                                cards, sports kits and more.

                                                                When the University undertook a review of how it was                 communications, the University’s involvement in the Incubator
                                                                perceived both internally and in the outside world in 2002,          site planned at Pebble Mill and the new hospital at the top of
                                                                the words most closely associated with Birmingham included           campus; all continuing the development of the University’s
                                                                safe, worthy, cautious, proper, credible and follower. While         facilities and profile for the benefit of staff and students.
                                                                some of these associations were positive; being a proper
A quick word                                                    university for example, the idea of Birmingham being reactive,
                                                                                                                                        ‘At the core of the new design
                                                                or a follower or inoffensive did not tell the whole story. We
All change! In the tradition of a certain time-travelling       wanted to be associated with a broader spectrum of qualities            is a body of quotes drawn from
doctor, Buzz has emerged into the new-year with a new           that would include references to our research work. We wanted           our academic ancestors, as well as
look but the same mission (although not saving the world        to stop referring to our long history as our only mark of quality.
                                                                                                                                        people living and working here today,
from a Dalek invasion). The new design is part of the larger    It plays a part, but current and future research is what will
re-branding process that the University has been working        prove Birmingham’s status in a changing HE environment.                 researching into disciplines that will
towards, in conjunction with Wolff Olins, the agency                                                                                    change lives and society into the
behind the Tate gallery and Orange identities. From this        Some of these new values included, radical, proud, inquisitive,         future. These are the best example
month, you will notice many changes around the University       confident, independent and visionary, proactive and
                                                                                                                                        of the heart of the University.’
– from publications like Buzz and the prospectuses to the       confrontational. This sort of shift in perception required
website, merchandise and vehicle livery. Read more about        a major overhaul of both our design style and the way
the changing face of Birmingham opposite.                       in which the University described itself, in text, images
                                                                and colour.                                                          At the core of the new design is a body of quotes drawn from
Last month I was happy to report that Buzz had been                                                                                  our academic ancestors, as well as people living and working
nominated for an PRide Award. This month I am even              With so much focus on the design styles over the past few            here today, researching into disciplines that will change lives
happier to report that Buzz was awarded Silver at the           months, however, it has been easy to lose sight of the full          and society into the future. These are the best example of
recent Midlands Institute of Public Relations PRide Awards      breadth of this project. While the packaging is important, it        the heart of the University. The forthcoming undergraduate
in the 'best newsletter' category. The Barber Institute and     is far from being the whole story. Over the same period, the         prospectus, contains many quotes from students, alumni,
the University's Communications team were also finalists        University embarked on a number of projects that would also          employers, research active academics and benefactors,
in the awards in the 'best in-house campaign' and 'PR           contribute to changing the perception of Birmingham. The             demonstating that innovation and inspiration are thriving
Team of the Year' awards. Well done to all involved!            desire to invest in the look and feel of campus, the opening         at Birmingham.
                                                                of Shackleton with its brand new facilities for students,
Don't forget, Buzz will be reverting to its usual fortnightly   investment in Autumn 2004 in a new body of academic                  At a time when so much debate about HE is centred around
(during term-time) schedule. The deadlines for the rest of      staff, the welcoming of the BBC to the Selly Oak campus,             the issue of fees, it aims to move the discussion on, to give
this term are on page 11 and a full list of deadlines until     and the publication of research and academic strategies              readers a taste of being part of a community that is actively
the end of the academic year will follow shortly.               all chip away at the misconception of a university resting           engaged in the fight against cancer, in developing new ways
                                                                on its laurels.                                                      of learning, in nanotechnology, using cutting edge technology
 Sam Smith                                                                                                                           to develop our understanding of archaeology, or trying to
 Content Editor                                                 And the changes continue, with plans to develop the retail           understand the very beginnings of our solar system. It is
 s.smith@bham.ac.uk                                             facilities on campus, the internal communications audit that         these elements that will inspire people to come to Birmingham.
 0121 414 6948                                                  seeks to tackle the perennial problems around internal               This is more than we could ever express in a crest.

                                                                  Key dates
the Happiness lecture                                             February                                                           September 17
The 2005 Baggs Memorial Lecture on the theme                         Undergraduate Prospectus delivered to the University               Undergraduate Open Day – all undergraduate print and
of ‘Happiness’ will be given by                                      Open Day poster in new brand sent to UK                            display material in the new style
                                                                     secondary schools
Sue Lawley, OBE                                                      One Life magazine in new brand – sent to students               November 9
                                                                     receiving an offer of a place from the University                 Postgraduate Open Day – all school and central
on 21 June 2005 at 6.00pm in                                         First part of Virtual Tour launched on website                    postgraduate print and display material in the
the Great Hall, University of Birmingham                             (full tour completed by end February)                             new style
                                                                     New University map to replace old map
Tickets and further information from                                 First batch of vehicles rebadged in new style                   November 30
Katy Prakash on 0121 414 2950 or visit                               Launch of new website (top 750 pages in new brand)                Final deadline by which all remaining print/material is
www.newscentre.bham.ac.uk/events                                                                                                       converted to the new style (eg stationery, business cards,
                                                                  April 22                                                             CPD print, etc)
                                                                     Undergraduate Open Day – all school and central
                                                                     undergraduate print and display stands produced
 University staff Garden Club                                        in the new style

 Full enjoyment of Winterbourne during this
 exciting year for £3 per month
     Seven-day access                                             The Design and Publications Studio is currently focusing its activity on the design and production of all school
     Email news                                                   and central undergraduate print and display material for the April 22 Open Day. The volume of work currently
     Free gardening advice line                                   in the Studio is immense so you will need to allow a longer lead-time than normal when requesting both new
 Contact a.m.darbybham.ac.uk                                      print and quotations for costs of proposed print. We would ask for your patience and support when requesting
 Tel: 0121 414 5590                                               new design jobs.

Historic double first                                                                                                               News in brief
discovered in archives                                                                                                             Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences’ John Kings
                                                                                                                                   was spot on in his prediction of a white Christmas across
                                                                                                                                   Birmingham and the West Midlands region last year.
Rare footage, which dates back over 100 years, featuring Birmingham’s first graduation ceremony and its
founding Chancellor, Joseph Chamberlain, has been discovered and was last month shown on BBC 2.                                    Meteorologist John, who operates the University weather
                                                                                                                                   facility, correctly predicted the snowfalls on Christmas Day
                                                                                                                                   with the following forecast: ‘We will experience an unsettled
                                                                                                                                   and changeable week leading up to Christmas… some
                                                                                                                                   prolonged snowfall will occur early Christmas morning and
                                                                                                                                   again during the evening of 25 December. Temperatures
                                                                                                                                   will remain below freezing until 29 December … then a
                                                                                                                                   change to wet and windy yet mild conditions come the
                                                                                                                                   New Year.’ Any chance of a summer sun prediction, John?

                                                                                                                                   Leading Birmingham theologian and broadcaster Robert
                                                                                                                                   Beckford presented a two-hour documentary investigating
                                                                                                                                   the origins of the Bible in a documentary broadcasted by
                                                                                                                                   Channel 4 on Christmas Day.

                                                                                                                                   In Who Wrote the Bible? Dr Beckford set out on a voyage
                                                                                                                                   of discovery from Birmingham to the West Bank, from
                                                                                                                                   Jerusalem to Turkey, from Rome to Bible-belt America to
                                                                                                                                   reveal the truth behind how the word of God has been
                                                                                                                                   interpreted by the human hand, from Genesis to the
                                                                                                                                   King James version of the good book and beyond.
                                                                       ‘The stewards heroically led the way
                                                                       right into the teeth of the cinematograph,                  During the programme, Robert met fellow Birmingham
                                                                       in front of the fountain, along the                         academic Dr Mark Goodacre in Rome, where they
                                                                                                                                   discussed the Gospels and the New Testament in the
                                                                       Victoria Square, Paradise Street
Workmen clearing out a derelict shop in Blackburn                                                                                  ancient surroundings of the catacombs and St Peter’s Square.
discovered 800 reels of film which give an unrivalled                  and Ratcliff Place.’                                        The two theologians discussed the writings of Matthew, Mark,
visual account of late Victorian and early Edwardian British                                                                       Luke and John in turn, addressing questions including who
life. The film was shown for the first time as part of the                                                                         they were, when they were writing, what their sources were,
BBC’s series The Lost World of Mitchell and Kenyon.                 of the fountain, along the Victoria Square, Paradise Street    how they depict Jesus, and whether they were witnesses.
                                                                    and Ratcliff Place.’
The second programme of the series featured moving
pictures of the University’s first graduation ceremony on           Archivist Philippa Bassett, has been helping the BBC to        Watch This Theatre Company, recently acclaimed at the
Saturday 6 July 1901 at which the Chancellor, Joseph                identify the people in the film. Philippa says: ‘I was able    Edinburgh Festival, last month performed Strange Shadows
Chamberlain, presided. It also included footage of the              to find student record cards for three of the four women       a play written by Birmingham playwright and lecturer, Tom
University’s first women graduates, Caroline Edith Morgan           and also discovered that Miss May was the first woman to       Davis and local writer Deidre Burton, at the MAC.
(BSc), Gertrude Elsie May (MA), Margaret Mellard Hawkes             receive a Master’s Degree from the University. I found some
(BA) and Anne Jane Marchant (BA).                                   pictures of two of the graduating women from other sources     The play is a wistful comedy set in a hairdressing salon
                                                                    along with detailed descriptions of academic dress at that     featuring a barbershop quartet and plenty of glitter spray. Tom
The 1901 Birmingham Magazine, the students’ magazine                time and a register of the graduates from this particular      said: ‘We hope people will get as much pleasure from seeing
at the time, has a report about the degree procession and           ceremony with all their signatures. I am delighted that        this play as we did from writing it; if they do, it’s because of
actually refers to the filming, stating: ‘The stewards heroically   such an insightful and fascinating record of this time at      the remarkable power and professionalism of the cast.’
led the way right into the teeth of the cinematograph, in front     the beginning of the University’s life has been unearthed.’
                                                                                                                                   Deidre and Tom have worked together as a writing team for
                                                                                                                                   four years and have written songs, short stories, poems and

University supports Radio                                                                                                          film scripts. Strange Shadows is their first collaboration with
                                                                                                                                   Watch This Theatre Company.

Aid’s Tsunami appeal                                                                                                               Congratulations to Glynis Hale and Tracy Greensmith from
                                                                                                                                   the School of Physics and Astronomy who recently raised
The University took part in last month’s Radio Aid to raise money for the Tsunami survivors when                                   £370 for Children in Need by dressing up in their favourite
Kerrang! 105.2 broadcast live from the Guild of Students.                                                                          costumes. Thank you to staff and students who gave a
                                                                                                                                   donation in the School of Physics and Astronomy and
More than 200 UK radio stations, including Birmingham-              James Anthony, President of the Guild of Students, said:       the Academic Office.
based Kerrang! participated in Radio Aid; a 12-hour                 ‘Our thoughts and deepest sympathies go out to everyone,
broadcast featuring Chris Evans, Johnny Vaughan and                 including alumni, students and staff, who have been affected
Tony Blair. All the stations involved donated one day’s             by the Tsunami. We were delighted to be able to help with      Representatives from Microsoft visited the University earlier
profits to the Tsunami appeal, and listeners were encouraged        this appeal.’                                                  this month for the Gen’05 event. The event focused on how
to donate an hour of their time or money.                                                                                          Microsoft products and technologies can help maximise
                                                                                                                                   potential. Visitors to the event were given the opportunity to
At Birmingham, staff and students have already raised                ‘Our thoughts and deepest sympathies                          play with technologies, ask questions, listen to presentations
thousands for the appeal. Carnival – the fundraising arm             go out to everyone, including alumni,                         and discuss recruitment opportunities at Microsoft. The event
of the Guild of Students – has reported an ‘overwhelming             students and staff, who have been                             was one of only five similar events happening at university
response’ and a variety of events are planned, including a                                                                         campuses across the UK.
                                                                     affected by the Tsunami.’
24-hour football match.

Spin Cycle                                                    Exploring the family sax
In the media this month: Philosophy’s Iain Law spoke to       MPhil student Ben Palmer is exploring unfamiliar and exciting territory with Chimes, his new piece for
the Guardian about moral theory; Psychologist Gary Wood       the National Saxophone Choir of Great Britain (NSC). The work utilises no fewer than eight different
took part in the recording of the first episode of the new    members of the sax family – an almost unprecedented combination.
‘Trisha Goddard’ show on FIVE. He is the featured
psychologist and life-coach in Trisha’s ‘Campaign for
Change’. He was also interviewed for Glamour magazine
about the forthcoming film on Alfred Kinsey, featured as
a contemporary sex and relationships researcher in an
article about Kinsey for THES and was interviewed for
Wedding Day magazine for an article on intimacy, on top
of appearing in his regular ‘tamed psychologist’ slot on
BBC Radio WM’s The Late Show discussing ‘getting
over relationship break-ups’. Chris Game from the Institute
of Local Government Studies gave an interview to BBC
Northern Ireland TV’s ‘Spotlight’ news and current affairs
programme on the province’s proposed new water tax;
Rob Rowlands from the Centre for Urban and Regional
Studies gave interviews about the homelessness strategy
to Heart FM, Saga 105.7FM and Housing Today. Rob
also gave an interview to BBC Midlands Today regarding
how increased incidents of crime in housing areas can
be a prime factor for residents moving away; John Kings       The standard sax quartet of soprano, alto, tenor and baritone    Ben will conduct the Birmingham-based NSC in his new
from the School of Geography, Earth and Environmental         may be familiar but the tiny sopranino and massive bass          work at the Gala Concert of the 2005 British Saxophone
Sciences gave interviews to Heart FM and Saga 105.7FM         are far scarcer – the preserve largely of university and         Congress at Birmingham Conservatoire on February 13.
about his predictions that Birmingham would have a white      conservatoire sax departments. To have the miniscule             The 30-strong choir, which attracts first-rate players from all
Christmas. He also gave comment to Saga 105.7FM               soprillo (the world’s smallest sax) and the mighty tubax         over the country, brings with it enormous but controlled power
regarding climate change and the floods in Carlisle. John     (a form of contra-bass) available too is not quite unique,       and a great sense of theatre, qualities that are exploited with
was also a guest on the BBC Radio WM Late Show                but it’s certainly not an opportunity to be missed.              resonant panache in Ben’s new music.
discussing climate change and the geographical effects
of tsunami, which he followed up on BBC Radio                 ‘My first thought on hearing the NSC was that I’d love to         Sax Congress Gala Concert
Coventry & Warwickshire. David Keen spoke to the              write a new work for them,’ Ben explained. ‘I really wanted       6.15pm
Leamington Courier, BBC Radio WM, the Coventry                to make the most of both the virtuosity and musicality of the     Sunday 13 February
Evening Telegraph and Leamington Observer about               performers and the versatility and agility of the instruments.    Birmingham Conservatoire
the discovery of a paleolithic handaxe in a quarry in         Chimes aims to explore the sonorities of all the saxes, but       Tickets £8 (£5)
Warwickshire; Gurharpal Singh from Theology gave              especially the amazing and rarely heard tubax and soprillo.’      Tel: 0121 236 5622
media comment to various newspapers and radio stations
regarding the protest surrounding the play that was
cancelled at Birmingham Rep by Sikh playwright Gurpreet
Kaur Bhatti, including a major article in the Guardian.
Gurharpal also featured in BBC 2’s Asian arts and culture
programme, Desi DNA on the same topic. Mike Cruise
                                                              Dentistry student ‘crowned’
spoke to BBC Radio WM (Breakfast Show) regarding
the Hugyens space probe entering Titan’s atmosphere;          Miss India Worldwide
Theology and Religion’s Jorgen Nielsen was interviewd by
Denmark Radio on Islam and democracy and by the weekly        Birmingham dentistry student Amrita Hunjan last month made
magazine of the Cairo newspaper, Al-Ahram, on relations       a triumphant return to the city after being crowned Miss India
betweem Islam and the West                                    Worldwide at a Bollywood star-studded gala event in Mumbai.
                                                              Amrita was the Miss India UK entrant in the international
                                                              contest. She was awarded maximum points for her rendition
                                                              of Maria Mckee’s song ‘Show me heaven’.
The Bratby Bar is now
                                                              Other contestants came from Australia, Canada, France, Hong
a no-smoking area                                             Kong, India, Germany, Trinidad and Tobago, Singapore, South
                                                              Africa, Portugal, France, the Netherlands, the United Arab
Special offers:                                               Emirates and the US. All graduates or university students,
                                                              with professions ranging from doctors to lawyers and tax
Monday evenings                                               accountants, contestants went through several segments
All bottled beers and Alco pops £1.50 each                    over three days, including talent items and modelling eastern
                                                              and western wear.
Tuesday evenings
Double trouble spirits (2-4-1 offer)                          The judges included Bollywood personalities Dino Morea,
                                                              Preeti Jhangiani, Sanjay Suri and Aarti Chabria.
Wednesday evenings                                                                                                             the Miss India Worldwide crown in Mumbai is truly a fairytale
A large glass of wine                                         Sam Samra, Director of Miss India UK, says: ‘Amrita is a rare    ending. I am truly delighted.’
(175ml) for the price                                         talent. She stood out from the rest of the finalists and her
of a small glass                                              performance was simply outstanding. This, combined with          Amrita flew to Dubai directly after winning the contest for five
                                                              her charisma and beauty has now put the world at her feet,       days to promote Al Liali Jewellers (sponsors of Miss India
                                                              she deserves it and so does the UK.’                             UK) during the Dubai Shopping Festival. She has also had
                                                                                                                               numerous international media interviews and squeezed in
                                                              Amrita, who lives in Selly Oak, says: ‘There was a lot of        some sightseeing. Further duties as Miss India Worldwide
                                                              expectation on me in the UK to win this event so winning         will fit around her University commitments.

Knowing ourselves better –                                                                                                       An inspiring
developing internal communications                                                                                               programme of
'PR' has recently been re-branded as 'Communications' to       Just as this edition went to press, a further written
extend our remit. One of our first jobs is to look seriously   questionnaire was canvassing the opinions of a further
at how the University communicates with itself.                100 staff. All this will now be analysed by DTW to ensure         Information Services has recently added its first film
                                                               that the University captures the ideas in order to see how        prop to its collections. The prop is a framed notice
In order to give us some clear information about exactly       we can improve things in future. We're also ensuring that         that appeared in the film Love’s Labour’s Lost
what makes up our current internal communications - as         the suggestions are tested against best practice – both within    directed by Kenneth Branagh in 2000.
well as ideas about how best to improve them - I have          and indeed also outside higher education. Proposals for how
been working with consultants Chris Taylor and Ross            to take the work forward in terms of what might specifically      The opening of Shakespeare’s play shows the King of Navarre
Forbes from consultancy company DTW and the Staff              be based within my directorate will be ready for the 05/06        setting up a learned academy which has a number of strict rules,
Development Unit. IIP champions Bob Bushaway, David            planning cycle. And there's no doubt that whatever those          including the abjuration of the company of women.
Miller and Rachel Canty have also helped lead the project      proposals may ultimately be, they will be critically dependent
over the past weeks. It's a three-part process: an audit,      on you and on the involvement of the wider community as           Our court shall be a little academe,
analysis and action plan. So far Chris and Ross have           a whole. I am therefore particularly grateful both to all those   Still and contemplative in living art.
undertaken interviews with all the senior management           who have taken part so far and also to all who will be involved   You three, Biron, Dumaine, and Longueville,
team and heads of budget centres, and run focus                in future.                                                        Have sworn for three years’ term to live with me,
groups involving around 60 staff representing all                                                                                My fellow-scholars, and to keep those statutes
sections of the community.                                     Sue Primmer, Director of Communications                           That are recorded in this schedule here.

                                                                                                                                  The notice includes a number of rules
Bridget Macdonald                                                                                                                 but the most important for the plot of
                                                                                                                                  the film is raised in bold type and reads
                                                                                                                                  ‘No Women’.

                                                                                                                                 In Branagh’s film this news is relayed by a Pathé News voiceover:
                                                                                                                                 there is a close-up on the framed notice, described in non-
                                                                                                                                 Shakespearean language as ‘an inspiring programme of self-
                                                                                                                                 improvement’. The notice includes a number of rules but the
                                                                                                                                 most important for the plot of the film is raised in bold type
                                                                                                                                 and reads ‘No Women’. Of the remaining rules, some of the
                                                                                                                                 more colourful are:
                                                                 Drawings 1998 – 2004
                                                                 17 January – 20 March 2005                                      Not to yawn during the day.
                                                                 The Rotunda, Aston Webb Building                                To devote a minimum of ten hours a day to study.
                                                                 University of Birmingham, Edgbaston, Birmingham                 To swim each morning whatever the weather.
                                                                 Opening hours: Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm                       To drink only water during the week, on Sundays
                                                                 Admission free                                                  a cup of fruit tea may be taken.
                                                                 Contact University of Birmingham Collections
                                                                 Tel: 0121 414 6750                                              The notice includes lifestyle choices, clearly not mentioned
                                                                 www.artfirst.co.uk                                              in Shakespeare’s original text, and demonstrates both a
                                                                                                                                 remarkable level of detail from the set designers and an
                                                                                                                                 obvious enjoyment in the exercise.

Double celebration for                                                                                                           The framed notice was donated to the Shakespeare Institute
                                                                                                                                 Library by Professor Russell Jackson, who has worked as a
                                                                                                                                 textual advisor on a number of honorary graduate Kenneth

local human rights lawyer                                                                                                        Branagh’s Shakespeare projects.

Birmingham graduate and regular guest lecturer Phil Shiner has had two reasons to celebrate recently:
not only was he named Human Rights Lawyer of the Year 2004, but he has also won an historic human
rights test case in the High Court relating to the Iraq war.

Phil, who graduated with a law degree from Birmingham           to those being detained by British troops in Iraq. This
in 1978 and regularly lectures at the Centre for the Study      significant ruling relates directly to nine Iraqi prisoners
of Global Ethics, won a High Court ruling stating that the      who were allegedly tortured by British troops in Basra,
European Convention on Human Rights could be applied            but has far wider implications in calling for an investigation
                                                                into whether a torture policy exists within the UK military.

  This significant ruling... has far                            Phil said: ‘I am delighted with the High Court ruling as there
  wider implications in calling for an                          must now be a fully independent and thorough investigation
                                                                into all torture cases involving troops where the UK has
  investigation into whether a torture
                                                                control. The evidence suggests that Britain may well have
  policy exists within the UK military.’                        its own Guantanamo Bay or Abu Ghraib situation.’

Enterprisefest –  Electronic composition
Birmingham’s best enCOMPASSes theatricality
Innovators and inventors from the University are being given          Birmingham postgraduate and composer Tom Littlewood (pictured) last month saw the first professional
an opportunity to move their best business ideas forward at           world première of his work En Clôture, performed by Birmingham Contemporary Music Group (BCMG)
EnterpriseFest 2005, an entrepreneurial event organised by            alongside pieces by Stravinsky, CBSO composer-in-association Julian Anderson and others as part of
the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Centre (EIC), aimed at            the University’s annual COMPASS prize
staff and students interested in setting up a new business –
now or in the future.                                                                                                                Tom says: ‘For me, En Clôture was the pinnacle of
                                                                                                                                     my achievements as an undergraduate, and while I
The event is supported by the Royal Society for the                                                                                  have moved on technically and artistically since then,
Encouragement of Arts, Manufacturers and Commerce                                                                                    I am still very proud of it. The COMPASS Prize was
(RSA) and will also include the winners of Bizcom – a business                                                                       a welcome bonus after the hard work I’d done.’
competition designed for students to develop their innovative
ideas. Six shortlisted entrants will pitch their ideas to delegates                                                                  Theatricality is integral to En Clôture with the percussionists
and a prize of £50 will be awarded to the best presentation.                                                                         called upon to be actors as well as musicians. Tom explains:
The overall winner, as decided by the competition judges,                                                                            ‘The piece works as a quasi-installation, in that it begins
will receive a prize of £1,000. Entrepreneurship Development                                                                         when each audience member enters the auditorium,
Officer Dr Jamie Elliott believes this is an opportunity for                                                                         but they cannot leave at will. The title translates as ‘In
the University’s finest to shine. He said: ‘Birmingham has the                                                                       Confinement’, and the audience are made to feel some
best minds in the country and this is the perfect opportunity                                                                        angst because they are shut in to the auditorium, helping
 for dynamic individuals to move these ideas on to the                                                                               them to relate to the plight of the trapped protagonists
next level. This event is about harnessing that innovation                                                                           in the drama. In this way, the piece was conceived as
and helping people at our own university to develop                                                                                  a self-contained event, so that by the end, the audience
their potential.                                                                                                                     feels a sense of relief by being let out.’

                                                                                                                                     The independent nature of En Clôture made programming
  ‘This event is about harnessing                                                                                                    it difficult. The piece lasts 15 minutes – not enough to fill a
  innovation and helping people to                                                                                                   standard concert half but Stephen Newbould (BCMG Artistic
  develop their potential.’                                                                                                          Director) came up with the perfect solution: presenting it
                                                                                                                                     as a late-night ‘third half’ of the concert.

‘EntepriseFest celebrates the best in entrepreneurship and                                                                           Tom’s achievements as an undergraduate were rewarded
business. Now in its fifth year, it is a hugely successful event –    BCMG is the ensemble-in-residence of COMPASS –                 with a School of Humanities scholarship allowing him to
and this year promises to be bigger and better than ever. Not         the University’s Centre for Composition and Associated         continue his composition studies. He is now midway through
only are we welcoming a range of speakers and exhibitors, but         Studies. Each year, final year undergraduate and               an MPhil in Composition with Scott Wilson and remains
we have the support of influential organisations, including the       postgraduate composers are given the opportunity               active as a composer, having co-founded a contemporary
RSA. So whatever your plans or inventions, the University is          to write for the ensemble, culminating in a weekend            music workshop group which meets regularly during term-
definitely the place to be on 15 March!’                              of workshops, from which a composition is selected             time and encourages co-operation between composers
                                                                      for public performance.                                        and performers of different peer groups.

Band aid time for music
In the light of recent questioning over the validity                  The first Band Aid single sold 3.55 million copies in
of the current music charts and the top-of-the-                       comparison to the new Band Aid 20 single that has                Teenagers are spending less money
charts success of the latest Band Aid single                          so far sold approximately 600,000 copies in a declining          on music in favour of free, illegal
(20 years after it first reached number one)                          UK singles market.
                                                                                                                                       downloads as music competes for
new research from the University is asking
whether music is still as powerful a force as                         In a pilot study of the practice of consuming music and          their attention among more popular
it once was among youngsters.                                         other leisure items among 220 15- to 16-year olds in             leisure pursuits.
                                                                      Birmingham, Sociology’s Dr Peter Webb found teenagers
                                                                      are spending less money on music in favour of free, illegal
                                                                      downloads, as music competes for their attention among         it seems that other consumption areas are taking up their
                                                                      more popular leisure pursuits, including fashion, mobile       time and money.
                                                                      phones and computer games.
                                                                                                                                     ‘Music vies for attention within these competing arenas of
                                                                      Preliminary research reveals the majority of youngsters buy    consumption for these teenagers. The other worrying fact
                                                                      CDs on a monthly basis. Of the 63% who download music,         for the music industry is that not one of them has used
                                                                      none of the teenagers have ever paid for the service. While    a pay-for-download site. These sites are set up by the
                                                                      most of the participants agreed it is of great importance,     industry to combat free peer-to-peer file sharing. Overall
                                                                      only 41% spend money on music, compared with 78%               it seems that music is still important to teenagers but that
                                                                      on clothes, 67% on going out, 59% on mobile phones and         their social, creative and leisure practice is taken up with
                                                                      48% on computer games.                                         activities that demand more of their attention and money.’

                                                                      Dr Webb said: ‘The general trends here are that this age       The study is being used as a pilot for a much
                                                                      group still values music as important or very important        larger study that will look at the same issues
                                                                      but that they buy music on a less than regular basis.          over a much larger sample group and over
                                                                      Downloading is an issue, as two-thirds download music          a range of age groups.
                                                                      from a variety of file-sharing services but more importantly

Space: final frontier surfaces
in new Barber show
‘Remember that a picture – before being a war horse, a nude woman or some anecdote – is
essentially a flat surface covered with colours assembled in a certain order. Maurice Denis, 1890

One of the central issues of art – the dilemma of how to             ‘The second type is called ‘abstract art’ and is concerned
depict a three-dimensional world on a two-dimensional                with surface composition, colour, and formal elements,
surface – is explored in a thought-provoking new exhibition          while the first type is perceived as purely about the
at the Barber Institute.                                             illusionistic representation of the object.

Based on the Barber’s permanent collection, and including            ‘People divide art into the
works by Poussin, Rossetti, Whistler and Gauguin, Space
Versus Surface: Illusionism and Abstraction in Art examines           sort that depicts objects
the techniques and tricks artists from all eras have employed
to ensure their depiction of the ‘real’ world makes sense             and the sort that doesn’t.’
                                                                     ‘That is so far from the truth; art that depicts objects can
Abstract art was born in the early 20th century with                 also be seen as abstract. Although it might not have been
the work of Kandinsky and Mondrian, who believed that                mentioned before 1910, these concepts have always
painting could provoke an intellectual and emotional reaction        been recognised – artists just didn’t talk about them.’
independently of its relationship to the objects of the
external world. Later painters developed this, convinced             Space versus Surface runs until 2 May 2005
that art should not merely depict a scene or tell a story,
but engage the eye and stimulate the mind to contemplate             For further information contact Andrew Davies
its raw materials – line, colour, form and brushwork.                Tel: 0121 414 2946 or 07769 958 114
‘People divide art into the sort that depicts objects and            Email: andrewdavies@barber.org.uk
the sort that doesn’t,’ said Barber Director Richard Verdi.

Centenary celebrations
honour Professor Elgar
Sir Edward Elgar, one of Britain’s best-loved composers, delivered his inaugural lecture
as the University’s first Professor of Music on 16 March 1905.

His lecture, ‘A Future for English Music’, was the first of a        the manuscript full score of The Music Makers (1912) and
series in which he presented an uncompromising and highly            the fascinating diary of Elgar’s wife, Alice, which paints a vivid
controversial appraisal of the strengths and weaknesses of           picture of the successes and tribulations of rehearsals and
musical life in early 20th century Britain. Like professorial        premières in the city and at the University.
colleagues in other subjects, Elgar felt that the quality of music
education (and hence of composition and performance) in              The programme continues with two evenings (each comprising
England should rival the best that was then available on the         a lecture, buffet supper and concert) taking Elgar’s lectures as
continent – in Germany. Although he resigned from the chair          their theme. On 16 February, Elgar’s biographer and Sunday
in 1908 (he was not cut out for academic life), he had by then       Telegraph music critic, Michael Kennedy, discusses the views
laid the foundations of the Department of Music, the University      expressed by Elgar. This will be followed on 23 February
Music Library and the University Music Society.                      when Richard Morrison, chief music critic of The Times,
                                                                     considers the future for English music 100 years after
The Department of Music and the Barber Institute will this year      Elgar’s appointment.
celebrate the centenary of Elgar’s appointment with a variety of     The lectures will be followed by performances by the Endellion
events, musical, social and academic. The celebrations began         Quartet featuring the music of Elgar, Britten and Haydn as well
earlier this month with the opening of the exhibition Edward         as Thomas Adès’s acclaimed Arcadiana (which includes the             The Music Department’s Dr Matthew Riley, organiser of the
Elgar and Birmingham at the Barber. Among the artefacts              movement O Albion – based on Nimrod, from one of Elgar’s             Elgar exhition and conference, who is himself writing a book
displayed, most of which have not been on public view before, is     most popular works, the Enigma Variations).                          on Elgar and nostalgia, said: ‘Today Elgar seems part of the
                                                                                                                                          fabric of our national life, but in his day he caused heated
                                                                     Bringing together former students and staff of the Music             controversy with both his music and his outspoken remarks
‘Today Elgar seems part of                                           Department, the Grand Reunion (19 March) will conclude               as Professor. The concerts promise a wonderful feast of
                                                                     with a programme of English music, including the Enigma              Elgar’s music, while the exhibition and lectures will reveal
 the fabric of our national                                          Variations, performed by the University Choir and Symphony           an unexpected side to this great composer.’
 life, but in his day he caused                                      Orchestra conducted by the Peyton and Barber Professor
                                                                     of Music, Colin Timms, at Symphony Hall.                             Tickets for Barber Concerts are available from the
 heated controversy with                                                                                                                  Barber Institute (tel: 0121 414 7333) and for the Symphony
                                                                     Centenary events continue from 1 to 3 July when the University       Hall Concert from the Symphony Hall Box Office
 both his music and his                                              will host an Elgar Conference, where delegates from Britain and      (tel: 0121 780 3333). For further information please
                                                                     the US will present research on diverse topics such as Elgar’s       contact Jo Sweet tel: 0121 414 5791,
 outspoken remarks.’                                                 intellectual background and ideas, his use of harmony and            email: j.e.sweet@bham.ac.uk
                                                                     rhythm, and the reception that the press gave the composer.

  Bringme an                                                                                Main Library self-service                                       School of Law
  early reminder                                                                            prize draw                                                      Issues in Criminal Justice
                                                                                                                                                            Tuesday 8 March
  Bringme offers all members of staff access                                                The winners of the Main Library self-service prize draw         5.00pm
  to a wide range of goods and services                                                     (held on 8 December 2004) are:
  at discount prices, including discounts                                                                                                                   The Challenge of Reducing Reoffending
  on days out, shopping and a range of                                                      1st prize: Jemma Jones (English)
  financial services.                                                                       2nd prize: Paul Brown (Sociology)                               Mr Martin Narey, Chief Executive of the National
                                                                                            3rd prize: Natalie Littlehales (Sociology)                      Offender Management Service
  Some of the latest special offers:
                                                                                            Students were invited to enter the draw by writing their        School of Law
     Valentine’s Day – gift ideas from CDs, fragrances,                                     University ID number on the back of their receipt issued        Convenor: Professor Stephen Shute
     jewellery and much more                                                                by the self-service machine. The draw was made by               Admission free
                                                                                            Matthew Marshall, the Guild Vice-President for Education,
     Great gym offers – enjoy special rates with no                                         who was assisted by Wendy Mallaband, Information                If you wish to attend, it would be helpful if
     joining fee and a free Fitness Starter pack worth                                      Assistant, Main Library. The winners were presented             you could contact Miss Kelly Chilton
     £60 with Fitness First 1                                                               with Waterstones vouchers, donated by 3M, the                   Tel: 0121 414 6282
                                                                                            manufacturers of the self-service machine.                      Email k.chilton@bham.ac.uk
     New set of wheels – save up to 17.5% on
     purchases or take advantage of one of Wheelies                                         The draw was held as part of a promotion for the recently       Practitioners who attend will be able to claim one
     Direct’s start buys with up to 20% off a range of                                      installed ‘patron select’ self-service machine located          CPD hour per lecture.
     bikes and cycling accessories                                                          in the Photocopy Hall (Zone GA). This enables
                                                                                            students to issue, renew and return their books
     Treat yourself – book a holiday with Thomas Cook                                       and videos themselves.
     and receive an additional 6.5% discount 2

     February free prize draw – a £250 V Gratifying
     Options voucher from Virgin Experience                                                 Old masters and new technology
  For more information please contact Jenny Cotterill                                       Professor Mike Sharples (pictured) from The Centre for
  tel: 0121 414 3851. Offers are subject to availability.                                   Educational Technology and Distance Learning (CETADL)
  Terms apply: see www.bringme.co.uk                                                        and his team have completed a successful trial of their
  1 Fitness First: £30 admin fee will apply. No need for an annual contract, only a three
                                                                                            Mobilearn Mobile learning system at the Botticelli Room
  month commitment is required.                                                             in the Uffizi Gallery, Florence. This is part of CETADL's
  2 Thomas Cook: The bringme Travel Club discounts cannot be applied to Thomas Cook         Mobilearn Project – a worldwide European-led research
  Tours, British Airways Holidays, ski packs, travel insurance or scheduled flight only
  bookings. The 6.5% discount cannot be applied retrospectively or combined with any
                                                                                            and development project exploring context-sensitive
  other promotional offer. High street refers to the tour                                   approaches to informal, problem-based and workplace
  operator savings being offered in a Thomas Cook
  shop at time of booking with the bringme Travel Club.                                     learning by using key advances in mobile technologies.
  National call rates apply. For the purpose of                                             The project explores new ways to use mobile environments
  monitoring customer service,
  calls may be recorded.                                                                    to meet the needs of learners, working by themselves
  A 2% (max £50)
  handling fee will be
                                                                                            and with others.
  levied on all credit card
  transactions. All holidays are subject
  to availability and tour operator
  booking conditions.

                                                                                            A Victorian education
                                                                                            The Department of English is continuing its popular Victorian Studies seminar series in 2005.
A new ETHOS for theses
                                                                                            The series is run by Birmingham’s Dr Marion Thain in          Burne-Jones stained glass in St Philip’s Cathedral and
The University is pleased to announce its                                                   collaboration with Dr Rosie Miles, Dr Richard Pearson and     the collection of paintings at the Birmingham Museum
involvement in a new national e-theses project,                                             Rhian Williams. Marion has established a postgraduate         and Art Gallery.
EThOS (Electronic Theses Online Service), aimed                                             forum within the English Department and topics studied
at delivering, over a period of 18 months, a fully                                          by her PhD students include 19th century British women        The MIVSS organising committee is: Rhian Williams,
operational, easily scaleable and financially viable                                        writers, the representation of women in literature, Gothic    University of Birmingham (deputising for Marion Thain
prototype UK e-theses online service.                                                       fiction and Victorian poetic responses to Shakespeare’s       during 2004-5); Rosie Miles, University of Wolverhampton;
                                                                                            sonnets. Last year her students put together a graduate       Richard Pearson, University College, Worcester.
The service will enable end-users to access the full text of                                study day entitled ‘Victorian Faiths and Doubts’ in
electronically stored theses via a single web interface, in                                 collaboration with the Midlands Interdisciplinary Victorian   The seminars for 2005 are as follows:
secure format and free of charge. It will enable Birmingham                                 Studies Seminar (MIVSS) that included a number of
and other HE institutions, in partnership with the British                                  visiting speakers and a tour of                               Saturday 26 February
Library, to ensure a much higher level of national and                                      Birmingham’s Pre-                                             ‘Sentences Liable to the Imputation of Indecency: Charles
international visibility for the UK postgraduate research                                   Raphaelite heritage,                                          Darwin’s The Descent of Man and Obscenity in Victorian
output, as well as its preservation in perpetuity.                                          including the                                                 Britain’ and ‘Cinderella Revisited: The Good Stepmother in
                                                                                                                                                          19th Century Fiction’.
The project partners are the Universities of Cranfield,
Birmingham, Glasgow (lead site), Edinburgh, Southampton                                                                                                   Saturday 18 June
and Warwick; the British Library; the National Library of                                                                                                 ‘Theatricals in a Quiet Life: New Light on Lewis Carroll’ and
Wales; the Robert Gordon University; and SHERPA                                                                                                           ‘Firm Roots and Strong Shoots: Elizabeth Gaskell’s Garden’.
(consortium led by the University of Nottingham).
                                                                                                                                                          The seminars run from 2.00 – 5.00pm and take place in the
Jill Russell, Academic Team Manager (Arts, CLL and                                                                                                        Shakespeare Memorial Room, Central Library, Birmingham.
Education) is the lead contact on the project for Birmingham.
                                                     Information                                                                                                                                      Sport

International Office visits                                          Sports shorts
The International Office is currently in a period of intensive       Charlotte Moore                                                        Andrew Gooderham
recruitment campaigning, with all of the officers embarking on       Charlotte is in her second year of a Psychology degree. She            Andrew has just started a degree in Sport, Physical Education
trips to a wide range of countries. The officers will be attending   has already had a distinguished career in athletics, having            and Community Studies at the Selly Oak campus. He has
recruitment exhibitions, visiting schools and universities,          reached the Manchester Commonwealth Games 800m final,                  already proved himself a vital part of the University hockey
meeting with international agents and delivering presentations       aged just 17. Charlotte represented Great Britain in the last          team as a goalkeeper. Andrew plays for the England Under
on opportunities for international students at the University.       World Championships held in Paris and last year captained              18 team and Cannock hockey club. He follows a great tradition
They will be meeting students who have already applied to            the ladies Great Britain World Junior team in Italy. She hopes         of Birmingham goalkeepers, including former sport scholars
study at Birmingham, as well as those who are considering            to follow in the footsteps of Kelly Holmes, as she is also a           and current England first and second choice goalkeepers
applying here.                                                       highly accomplished 1500m runner.                                      James Fair and Jonathan Ebsworth.

If you would like more information on the forthcoming trips or       Philip West                                                            Francesca Grassi-Mantelli
feel that you would like to pass the information on to applicants    Philip is in his first year of a degree in Sport and Exercise          Francesca is studying for a Masters in Political Science, having
who may be interested in meeting officers in person, please          Sciences. He is a senior international fencer, specialising in foil.   graduated over the summer in International Studies. She
contact the International Office.                                    Philip has already won a British Universities Sports Association       comes from Turin, Italy, and is a very talented volleyball player.
                                                                     individual bronze and is looking to do well at the international       Fran has represented English Universities for the past three
The following is a list of countries to be visited by the            fencing tournament hosted at the University over Easter.               years and captains the University volleyball team. She hopes
International Officers in the coming weeks:                                                                                                 to one day represent the highly successful Italian national team.

14-18 February
Countries Prague, Czech Republic; Budapest, Hungary;
Warsaw, Poland; British Council, exploratory visits.
Officer Jochen Pichler

16 February
Countries Tokyo, Japan; Individual counselling
at British Council.
Officer Gail Armistead

17-21 February
Countries Manila, Philippines; British Council Exhibitions.
                                                                     (l-r) Charlotte Moore, Philip West, Andrew Gooderham,
Officer Gail Armistead                                               Francesca Grassi-Mantelli

17-24 February
Countries Mexico City, Monterrey, Agualascientes,
Mexico; British Council Exhibitions.                                 Healthy Campus Questionnaire
Officer James Barker
                                                                     In November 2004 all staff were sent a questionnaire                   After a few hiccups with the popular web-based version
                                                                     investigating the possibility of setting up a ‘Healthy Campus’         and a bombardment of internal mail, the raw data has been
  Dante Alighieri                                                    programme. The survey was carried out by Anita Toogood,                gathered and is in the process of being analysed. Anita
                                                                     MBA candidate and Senior Manager (Sports Medicine,                     would like to take this opportunity to thank the 1,500+ staff
  Society                                                            Human Performance and Fitness Services Unit) at University             who took the time to fill out the questionnaire and who were
                                                                     Sport Birmingham.                                                      so positive in their replies.
  March 10 – 7.30pm

  David Lodge will be speaking on
  ‘Henry James in Italy and Italy in                                 Scrum mothers do ‘ave em
  Henry James’.
                                                                     The men's rugby 1st XV have just reason to be proud of
  All those interested are welcome                                   their achievements this season. After narrowly escaping
  to come and join us in Room 442,                                   relegation last season, the team has enjoyed an impressive
  Department of Education.                                           turnaround of fortunes. Their recent winning streak was
                                                                     capped with a hard-fought victory over defending champions
  For further details please contact                                 Durham on their own turf, something that has not been done
  Shirley Clarke (Hon Sec)                                           for the last 30 years.
  Tel: 0121 472 1510
  Email shirshey7@aol.com

                                                                     Scholar’s success at Commonwealth Youth Games
                                                                     Silver sports scholar, Somto Eruchie, sprinted to silver medal         More good news for Birmingham is that gold medallist
  Staff Christian Group                                              success in the 200m at last year’s Commonwealth Youth                  Julian Thomas hopes to begin studying at the University
                                                                     Games in Bendigo, Australia. First year Medical Science                in September 2005. If he does, we should have quite a
  If you would like to find out more about our monthly Bible         student Somto was the fastest qualifier in the heats with              formidable sprint duo.
  study group, open lectures or fellowship meetings,                 a time of 21.32 seconds.
  please contact Libby Leadbeater Tel: 0121 414 6694                                                                                        Somto’s silver medal helped England finish second in the
  or email e.r.leadbeater@bham.ac.uk                                 Somto dealt with the pressure of the final extremely well,             overall medals table with 86 medals. They were beaten by
                                                                     running a time of 21.37 seconds, to finish in silver medal             the host nation, Australia, who managed to notch up an
  ‘And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it               position behind Julian Thomas of Birchfield Harriers. The              incredible 129 medals.
  all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God            experience of running in a Commonwealth final will stand
  the Father through him.’ Colossians 3:17                           Somto in good stead for what promises to be a very
                                                                     exciting future.

February Diary
10                                                                          16                                                            1.00pm School of Health Sciences seminar – Evaluating
12.30pm University Retired Members’ Association                                                                                           the use of dramatised patient experiences to facilitate
– Lunch in Staff House (without talk). Booking required:                    Elgar Centenary                                               interpersonal skills development: does such work improve
enquiries to r.w.whitworth@bham.ac.uk                                                                                                     patient’s experiences of care? – Brigid Reid, Consultant
1.00pm Molecular Cell Biology research theme seminar                        Celebrations                                                  Nurse, East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust. Lecture Theatre
– Skeletal muscle stem cells and fibre type selection –                                                                                   1, School of Health Sciences. Refreshments: Room S207
Janet Smith (MCB Internal). Lecture Theatre 301,                            7.30pm Barber Celebrity concert – The Endellion               at 12.30pm. Enquiries: 0121 414 3865. All welcome
School of Biosciences                                                       Quartet (pictured) and Ian Brown. Tickets £10,                1.10pm Barber Institute Lecture – The Artistic Roots
                                                                            £7.50 concessions, £5 Friends, £2 students                    of Degas – Paul Spencer-Longhurst. Barber Lecture
11                                                                                                                                        Theatre. Free
9.30am – 5.00pm Centre for the History of Medicine                                                                                        4.30pm School of Chemistry seminar – Membranes,
Division of Immunity and Infection – Darwin Day: A birthday                                                                               Scaffolds and Surfaces – Professor Stephen Evans
symposium to celebrate the work and influence of                                                                                          (Leeds). Host: Prof Jon Preece. Lecture Theatre 203,
Charles Darwin. Institute of Biomedical Research. For more                                                                                the Haworth Building
details contact Professor Mark Pallen Tel: 0121 414 7163                                                                                  4.30pm Molecular Microbiology research theme seminar
Email m.pallen@bham.ac.uk                                                                                                                 Single-molecule analysis of transcription initiation and
                                                                                                                                          elongation – Achilles Kapanidis (Oxford). Host: Steve
12 13                                                                                                                                     Busby. Lecture Theatre 301, School of Biosciences.
10.00am - 4.00pm Still Life Study Days: Artist Angela                                                                                     Seminar organiser: s.d.minchin@bham.ac.uk
Gladwell leads an oil-painting workshop for adults inspired by                                                                            5.15pm Elgar Centenary Celebrations – Richard Morrison
the Barber’s fine still life paintings. Tel: 0121 414 7335                                                                                music critic of The Times considers the future for English
                                                                                                                                          music one hundred years after Elgar’s inaugural lecture.
14                                                                                                                                        Admission free but booking required 0121 414 7333
University Women’s Club – Afternoon literary group in the                                                                                 7.30pm Barber Celebrity concert – The Endellion Quartet.
home of Janet Emery – A House Unlocked by Penelope                                                                                        Tickets £10, £7.50 concessions, £5 Friends, £2 students
Lively. Tel: 0121 472 4390
15                                                                                                                                        1.00pm Regional Genetics Laboratory seminar.
1.10pm Barber Institute concert. Final year recitalists –                                                                                 1.00pm Molecular Cell Biology research theme seminar
                                                                 Photo: Richard Holt

Alison Porter (soprano) and Emma Beecham (flute).                                                                                         Building and remodelling adhesion during tissue
Admission free                                                                                                                            morphogenesis. Host: Alicia Hidalgo – Thomas Lecuit
5.30pm Behind the Scenes tour of Winterbourne.                                                                                            (Marseille). Lecture Theatre 301, School of Biosciences
Includes a look at the archives and a free glass
of wine. Free. Open to all staff. Meet at Botanical                                                                                       25
centre at Winterbourne, Car parking available.                                                                                            AUT @ Staff House
Email p.k.smith@bham.ac.uk                                                18                                                              1.10pm Barber Institute concert. Final year recitalists –
6:30 for 7:00pm Automobile Division of the Institution                    The Sock Man sale – Staff House                                 Graham Du Pleiss (cello) and CEMPR students (recorder
of Mechanical Engineers Chairman’s Address – Are you                      1.10pm Barber Institute concert. University Chamber             consort and soloists). Admission free
sitting Comfortably – Design, development and manufacture                 Orchestra – Edmund Bussey and Victoria Elwich conductors.
of car seats – Penny Taylor, Chairman – AD Division.                      Admission free                                                  27
Lecture theatre G28, Mechanical Engineering/Civil                                                                                         2.30pm Sunday Tour – Join a Barber guide for a tour of
Engineering Building                                                      20                                                              the galleries. Meet in the foyer under the portrait of Lady
                                                                          3.00pm Charity event by students at the Barber Institute.       Barber. Free
16                                                                        Orchestral Concert – William Edwards (conductor) and
University Women’s Club – Coffee in the home of Wendy                     Edward Furse (cello). Admission free: retiring collection
Sterling. Tel: 0121 454 6565                                              in aid of a cancer charity
1.00pm Cancer Research UK external seminar –
Structures of CD28/antibody complexes: insights into                      22
antibody-mediated T cell activation – Dr Simon Davies                     7.30pm Barber Institute concert. Final year recitalists –         What’s on at
(Oxford). Host: Dr Ben Wilcox. Seminar Room S104,                         Emily Richards (viola) and Holly Cook (flute). Admission free
Cancer Studies                                                                                                                              Exhibitions (all admission free)
1.10pm Barber Institute lecture – The Anti-Abstractionists                23
– Richard Verdi. Barber Lecture Theatre. Free                             University Women’s Club – Coffee in the home of                   January – 2 May
4.30pm School of Chemistry Seminar – Redox-Active                         Bridget Wallace. Tel: 0121 472 6345                               Space versus Surface: Illusionism and Abstractionism
Macrocyclic Complexes: But Where is the Electron?                         10.00am - 4.00pm Birmingham Buildings Series.                     in Art. An exploration of the techniques and tricks artists
Professor Martin Schroder (Nottingham). Host: Dr Zoe                      Morning lecture and afternoon coach/bus trip                      use to portray the three-dimensional ‘real’ world on
Pikramenou. Lecture Theatre 203, the Haworth Building                     Medieval Churches 1100-1600. Birmingham                           the two-dimensional world of the picture plane.
5.15pm Elgar Centenary Celebrations – Michael Kennedy,                    Central Library, Chamberlain Square
author of Portrait of Elgar and music critic of the Sunday                12.30pm University Retired Members’ Association.                  18 February – 15 May
Telegraph discusses Elgar’s inaugural lecture, ‘A Future                  Lunch in Staff House followed by talk by the Vice-Chancellor,     Reunited: Degas and ‘Miss La La at the Cirque Fernando,
for English Music’. Sold out                                              Professor Michael Sterling, in Aston Webb G33. Booking            Edgar Degas’ spectacular circus-themed painting of an
7.30pm Barber Celebrity concert – The Endellion                           required: enquiries to r.w.whitworth@bham.ac.uk                   acrobat dangling from her teeth comes to the Barber on
Quartet and Ian Brown. Tickets £10, £7.50 concessions,                    1.00pm Division of Primary Care, Public and Occupational          loan from the National Gallery.
£5 Friends, £2 students                                                   Health divisional seminar – Environmental tobacco
                                                                          smoke and asthma – Dr Marita Jaakkola, Senior Clinical            4 February – 3 April
17                                                                        Lecturer in Respiratory and Occupational Medicine.                Edward Elgar and Birmingham
1.00pm Regional Genetics Laboratory seminar –                             G04 and 5, Public Health                                          A fascinating display of original score manuscripts,
Defects of Protein Glycosylation – Dr George Gray,                        1.00pm Cancer Research UK external seminar – HIV                  diaries, lecture drafts, pictures and other memorabilia
Birmingham Children’s Hospital. Seminar Room                              assembly in the endocytic pathway: Immue-evasion and              to coincide with the University’s celebrations of the
1.00pm Molecular Cell Biology research theme seminar –                    targeted infection – Professor Mark Marsh MRC-LMCB                centenary of Elgar’s appointment as first Professor
TBC. Steve Publicover (MCB Internal). Lecture Theatre 301,                (London). Host: Dr Fedor Berditchevski. Seminar Room              of Music.
School of Biosciences                                                     S104, Cancer Studies

 Fairtrade fortnight                                                              Staff news                                                         Small ads
 A 100g jar of roast ground coffee costs                                          Congratulations to Cleaning and Porters’ Colin Parker (pictured    Accommodation
 £1.30 yet an Ethiopian coffee farmer gets 7p.                                    below) whose photograph of the University clocktower made it       Venice. Central luxury apartments, air cond., terrace/
                                                                                  into the finals of the Birmingham Evening Mail’s ‘Best image of    garden available. Reasonably priced. Call owner any time.
 Don’t like the bitter taste of poverty?                                          Birmingham’ competition. Keen amateur photographer Colin’s         Tel: 01536 416448 www.qudu-venice-apartments.com
                                                                                  photo was printed in the Mail alongside other favourites in the
 Support the University’s Fairtrade events during                                 run–up to Christmas.                                               Are. Sweden’s premier mountain resort. Lake, stunning
 Fairtrade Fortnight March 1 - 13.                                                                                                                   scenery. Luxury apartment from £300 per week.
                                                                                  Colin said: ‘I’ve always had an interest in the clocktower         Call owner any time. Tel: 01536 416448
 Buying Fairtrade products helps to improve the                                   ever since I was a schoolboy. I went to school in Northfield       www.qudu–venice–apartments.com
 position of poor and marginalised producers in                                   and in those days the clocktower dominated the city skyline
 the developing world. It ensures that producers                                  but it was only two years ago when I started work at the           Apartment, Villaricos, Almeria, Spain. Sleeps 3/4,
 receive a fair price for the goods they produce                                  University that I had the chance to view it from up close.’        pool. Small fishing village. Car recommended. Details
 and that money is invested in their communities                                                                                                     and availability: jill.francis@bristol.ac.uk
 to improve education, health etc.
                                                                                                                                                     Costa del Sol. Luxury Marbella apartment to let, sleeps 6.
 This year we are planning to hold sales of                                                                                                          Ideal for golfers and families alike. www.MAD4SPAIN.com
 Traidcraft Fairtrade products, and coffee                                                                                                           Tel: 0121 4147288 or 07974 186986
 events. The Guild’s Ethical Trade Society
 is also organising a series of events.                                                                                                              Holiday flat for two in the Roseland, Veryan, Cornwall.
 www.about.bham.ac.uk/fairtrade.htm                                                                                                                  1 mile from beautiful beaches. Self contained. £100 per
                                                                                                                                                     week. Tel: 01872 501 440

  Keep in touch                                                                                                                                      Tax return back in the in–tray? Mynette & Co (est 1976)
                                                                                                                                                     offer a local, personalised accountancy/tax advisory service.
  The Development and Alumni Relations Office is                                                                                                     Call 0121 449 7322 or email: ajm@kinvara.fsnet.co.uk
  currently producing the 2005 Alumni Newsletter
  and would be delighted to hear about alumni news,                                                                                                  Shower tray for sale, white, 760mmx760mm, £70.
  activities and reunions organised by alumni and staff.                                                                                             Contact Tim Jackson 47506 or t.j.jackson@bham.ac.uk

  Please send your items to Gemma Wicks at                                                                                                           DPM Roofing Services. Built–up felt roofing specialists
  g.s.wicks@bham.ac.uk. The deadline for copy                                                                                                        UPVC, fascias, soffits and guttering. All work guaranteed.
  is 28 February.                                                                                                                                    Tel: 07739 553574

                                                                                                                                                     Soft furnishings. Suites re–covered. Also custom-made
                                                                                                                                                     curtains and soft furnishings. No job too small.
Buzz on the street                                                                                                                                   Tel: 07866 973011

We’re constantly cleansing our data and updating our records.                                                                                        For sale. Hotpoint tumble drier. Aquarius TL61 reverse
Please let Sam (below) know if you want extra copies of Buzz                      Congratulations to Law’s Dr Julian Lonbay who has been             action. Venting hose supplied. Very good condition. £70.
or if you think we need to amend your distribution details.                       appointed as European Adviser to the Law Society of                0121 414 5355
                                                                                  England and Wales. Dr Lonbay will advise the Society –
Printed Version                                                                   which regulates both admission to the profession of solicitors     For sale. Three–quarter size Shimro violin with
Publication Date: 1 March 2005                                                    and their practices – on European law and developments.            case – £50. Rear mounted bike carrier – £25
Deadline: 14 Feb 2005 mid-day                                                     His role will focus on matters affecting entry to the legal        j.a.grove@bham.ac.uk 0121 414 5602
                                                                                  professions and the operation of European law, as well
Publication Date: 14 March 2005                                                   as relevant national developments in member states that            Exhibition of Fine Art Paintings. What: original paintings
Deadline: 28 Feb 2005 mid-day                                                     affect access.                                                     for sale by artist Colin Carruthers. Where: In the foyer
                                                                                                                                                     of Staff House. When: throughout the month of February
News, Views, Pictures                                                             Dr Lonbay said: ‘I’m delighted to take on this challenging         2005. Visit www.purplegallery.com to view more fine
Sue Primmer, Editor                                                               and diverse role. This appointment will allow me to observe        art work
s.j.primmer@bham.ac.uk                                                            and guide in the practical application of European law,
Tel: 0121 414 6680                                                                while adding a new dimension to research.’                         Piano Teacher, Nicholas Johnson BMus, ARCO, LTCL,
Sam Smith, Content Editor                                                                                                                            ABRSM Examiner, beginners welcome, near Quinton,
s.smith@bham.ac.uk                                                                                                                                   nicholaspjohnson@hotmail.com or tel: 0121 422 6325
Tel: 0121 414 6948                                                                Congratulations to Manufacturing and Mechanical
                                                                                  Engineering’s Dr Kyle Jiang who was recently made a                New art course for beginners. Adult Education –
Diary, Notices and Adverts                                                        visiting Professor at Tianjin University in an effort to improve   Learn to Paint and Draw, Saturday afternoons 2.00 –
Sam Smith                                                                         information and technology transfer in the field of MEMS           4.00pm. Sandon Rd Family Church, Corner Barnsley
University-Buzz@bham.ac.uk                                                        or Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems and micro-engines.             Road Edgbaston. Cost £46 per term (£15 concessionary).
Tel: 0121 414 6948                                                                                                                                   Further details: janecarruthers@blueyonder.co.uk
                                                                                  This award builds on his previous success in the                   Tel: 0121 475 1066
Small Ads                                                                         advancement of the MicroEngineering and NanoTechnology
University members: £5.00 per 20 words                                            Centre of Birmingham, having already formed research               Items for sale. Garden shredder. Designed for shredding
Non-members: £10 per 20 words                                                     collaborations with other top Chinese institutions.                small branches and twigs. Only used about twice. £50.00.
Payment in advance required.                                                                                                                         De–humidifier. Height approximately 2 feet. £50.00.
                                                                                  He commented: ‘At present, manufacturing industry                  Men’s leather jacket. Black with elasticated waistband.
Display Ads                                                                       is booming in China and new technology is constantly               Size medium. Never been worn. £30.00. For details
Ratecard available on request.                                                    required. This collaboration provides a good opportunity           please call 0121 414 4320/4285 between 9.00am
                                                                                  for Birmingham to promote and transfer its patent                  and 5.00pm alternatively call mobile 07974157612,
Views expressed in the newsletter are not necessarily those of the University
                                                                                  technology to companies in that region, and in turn                any time until 10.00pm
or a statement of University policy. The publication of advertisements does not
imply any endorsement by the University of the goods or services advertised.      finance our research moving forward.’
All submissions may be subject to editing. The Editor’s decision is final.

Picture of the month
As Valentine’s Day approaches, February’s picture in focus tells a tale of love from the
realms of Greek mythology. At the Barber Institute, this painting can be seen as one of
a pair, along with its companion piece, The Metamorphosis of Daphne.

It is presumed that the two paintings were originally panels       In The Metamorphosis of Daphne, the nymph
which formed part of a marriage chest, or cassone. The             is shown with branches growing from her
mythology of the classical world afforded Renaissance              upper body. Having no more strength to
furniture painters exciting allegorical material, involving        continue her flight, she pleaded with her
topics of chivalry, love and chastity.                             father, the river god Peneus, for assistance.
                                                                   Instantly she was rooted to the spot, boughs
                                                                   sprang from her arms and she was changed
  The more observant visitor may note                              into a laurel tree. Apollo forever mourned
  that Apollo’s clothes differ in the two                          this lost love and wore a crown of laurel
  paintings, giving rise to speculation that                       leaves in remembrance.
  more than one artist worked on them.
                                                                   Not all of the tale is depicted and only the
                                                                   key moments are shown, a fact which
                                                                   necessitates a viewer’s knowledge of the whole story. The more
The legend of Apollo and Daphne is taken from Ovid’s               observant visitor may note that Apollo’s clothes differ in the two
Metamorphoses. Apollo was one of the 12 Gods of Olympus,           paintings, giving rise to speculation that more than one artist
the embodiment of male beauty and the classical Greek spirit.      worked on them. However, the pictures do give an account of
In this painting, he fervently chases the reluctant nymph          unrequited love which may strike a chord with some of our
Daphne, the first and most celebrated of his loves. However,       readers at this time of year.
according to Ovid, this devotion was unrequited following a                                                                               Daphne pursued by Apollo
spiteful prank by Cupid, who struck Apollo with a golden arrow,    Daphne pursued by Apollo and The Metamorphosis of Daphne               by the Master of the Judgement of
producing overwhelming feelings of love toward Daphne.             can be seen at the Barber Institute of Fine Arts, open from
Conversely, Daphne was hit by a leaden arrow resulting in her      10.00am – 5.00pm Monday to Saturday and
                                                                                                                                          Paris (mid-fifteenth century).
aversion to Apollo.                                                12.00noon – 5.00pm on Sundays.

                                                                   Provided by Joanna Wallace, Gallery Assistant.

If you go down to the garden today…                                                                                                     Picture This
2005 promises to be an exciting year for Winterbourne. The garden starts its 102nd year with a                                          Fancy yourself as a bit of an art connoisseur? You could
restoration programme which will see much-loved features such as the Japanese bridge and pergola                                        win yourself sets of the Barber’s stunning postcards,
restored to their former glory. The bridge and the pergola were added to the garden in the 1930s, before                                prints and posters.
University ownership, by John MacDonald Nicolson, but recent years have seen both the bridge and
pergola closed for safety reasons. Replacements will be exact green oak copies of the original structures.                              Identify the work from which the detail below is taken,
                                                                                                                                        (you’re welcome to come along to the Barber and find the
                                                                                                                                        picture or sculpture yourself), and write down its title and
                                                                                                                                        the name of the artist(s) responsible.

                                                                                                                                        Mark your entry ‘Picture This’ and either email it to
                                                                                                                                        andrewdavies@barber.org.uk or post it to Andrew
                                                                                                                                        Davies, The Barber Institute of Fine Arts, University
                                                                                                                                        of Birmingham, Edgbaston, Birmingham B15 2TS.
                                                                                                                                        Entries must be received by 14 February.

                                                                                                                                        The first correct entry picked at random after the closing
                                                                                                                                        date will be the winner. The winner will be announced in
                                                                                                                                        the March edition of Buzz, and will be entitled to choose
                                                                                                                                        their prize from the following alternatives focusing on the
                                                                                                                                        Barber’s permanent collection or exhibitions: either ten
                                                                                                                                        Barber postcards or three Barber prints or two exhibition
                                                                                                                                        posters. There is no cash alternative.

In particular, the new bridge will open up the woodland walk       over the last year or so. The Petal garden, so called because
along the edge of the nature reserve, a walk which shows the       of the flower-like layout of paths and beds, has been restored.
varied environments at Winterbourne and provides a view            Paths have been raised and re-laid and the area made more
point to the Japanese Tea House, one of the best views of          accessible. This year, the area will once again showcase our
the garden.                                                        tropical planting display from May to September, after which
                                                                   permanent planting will demonstrate both the historic and
Tenders for the work are expected to go out this month and it      current thoughts on plant classification.
is hoped that both will be completed during May, in time for the
Edwardian splendour of the annual Fete weekend (June 4 - 5).       Work has started on the Scree garden, removing over-mature             Congratulations to Peter Hancox, winner of January’s
                                                                   and unsuitably planted conifers to regain the structure and            Picture This competition, who correctly identified the detail
The bridge and pergola are milestone projects in the garden’s      conditions suited to alpine plants. Alpine species will be             from Daphne pursued by Apollo by the Master of the
restoration but regular visitors to the garden will know that      planted in this area to once again recreate the Scree                  Judgement of Paris; see above.
restoration work has already been carried out by garden staff      garden planted by Nicolson in the 1930s.

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