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					                                                                                            Culinary Arts                                        Culinary Arts
                                                                                            Certificate Program                                  Certificate Program

  Entry level employment:
  Graduates from DVC’s culinary arts program en-
  ter the field well prepared, many going on to start
  their own business or find positions in restaurants
  and hotels. DVC alumni can be found working in
  properties like Wente Winery and Peasant and
  the Pear in Danville. Hospitality and culinary arts
  studies always offer many opportunities to work/
                                                                                    Enrollment Information
  travel around the world.                                                          Call the Culinary Arts Department,
                                                                                    925-685-1230, ext. 2555,
  When are classes offered?                                                         or visit
  The culinary arts certificate program offers an                                   DVC website:
  intensive learning experience requiring a commit-                                 Admissions Office: 925-685-1310
  ment of approximately six hours of class time per                                 Counseling Office: 925-685-1230, ext. 2276 or 2278.
  day, four days, Monday through Thursday. The
  schedule is a combination of daytime and evening                                  Where can I get more information?
  laboratory/lecture classes.
                                                                                    For additional questions and a tour of our facilities/
                                                                                    program contact Cinthia Chavarria, Program Coor-
  How long will it take to earn a
                                                                                    dinator at 925-685-1230, ext. 2555.
  It takes approximately two years at DVC to
                                                                                    revised 8-11
  complete the required course work.                                                                                                                                     more choices
                                                                                                                                             DIABLO VALLEY COLLEGE
                                                                                                                                             321 Golf Club Road, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523
Diablo Valley College is passionately committed to student learning through
the intellectual, scientific, artistic, psychological, and ethical development of
its diverse student body. Diablo Valley College prepares students for transfer
to four-year universities; provides career and technical education; supports
the economic development of the region; offers pre-collegiate programs; and
promotes personal growth and lifelong learning.

This project was funded fully or in part by Carl D. Perkins Career Technical
Education Act of 2006, awarded to Diablo Valley College and administered
by the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office. It is the policy of
Diablo Valley College not to discriminate against any person on the basis
of race, color, national origin, sex or disability in all of its educational and
employment programs and activities.
                                                   Students in the culinary arts
                                                   program learn:
                                                     • foundational knowledge and technical
                                                       skills required for success in the culinary
                                                       and hospitality industry by participation,      Why consider the culinary arts
                                                     • teamwork, planning, purchasing, produc-         program?
                                                       tion and service through practice,
                                                                                                       For nearly four decades, DVC has been success-
                                                     • leadership, communication, problem solv-
                                                                                                       fully preparing students for professional culinary
                                                       ing, critical thinking by application,
                                                                                                       careers. Accredited by the American Culinary Fed-
                                                     • about opportunities available in Califor-
                                                                                                       eration since 1990, Diablo Valley College’s culinary
                                                       nia’s hospitality and culinary industry
The culinary arts program is…                          from successfully industry professionals,
                                                                                                       arts program offers an in-depth, hands-on curricu-
  • an accredited ACFEF (American Culinary                                                             lum in which students gain technical knowledge
                                                     • an appreciation for excellence in food, in
    Federation Educational Foundation)                                                                 supported by application and practical industry
                                                       service, with an exceptional standard of
    Program recognized by this national                                                                experience.
                                                       quality in production and presentation,
    organization of professional chefs for its       • options for transfer to articulated four year   Culinary arts students work and learn in a fully-
    excellence in preparing students for entry         colleges/universities offering degrees in       equipped food production kitchen, a demonstra-
    into a culinary career or transfer to an up-       Hospitality/Culinary Studies.                   tion laboratory, a retail pastry shop, and a 130-seat
    per division four-year degree program in                                                           restaurant that is open to the public. In addition to
    hospitality related studies,                                                                       training at the DVC facilities, students are required
  • a flexible, career/technical education                                                             to work outside the college through an industry
    program providing the workforce skill set                                                          internship or co-op program.
    required by local or world wide industry
    and employers,
  • a collaborative team-oriented hands-on                                                             What can I do with a culinary arts
    learning experience that mirrors the culi-                                                         certificate?
    nary and hospitality industry,                                                                     Transfer to a four year program:
  • an opportunity to learn the scope of careers                                                       Many DVC courses transfer to four-year colleges
    available in the hospitality and culinary                                                          that offer hospitality and culinary arts degrees.
    industry and principles of professional                                                            Among them are University of Nevada, Las Vegas
    practice leading to successful management,                                                         and Johnson & Wales University.
  • a chance to work alongside successful
    culinary experts and respected hospitality
    industry professionals that offers quality
    resume building experiences.

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