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                                      Skilled to Thrill Series 2010:
Andrew Kouroupis                           Introduction to ITIL
Cert. ITIL v2 & v3, BA English,
MS Instructional Systems Design        ( IT Infrastructure Library )

                                       ITIL v3 Foundation Certification
                                      & Relevance to BA/PM Practice
What to Expect

     All together, about 30 minutes of talk, and 20 minutes of listen
     Who I am, How I got here, and Why I care
     My Certification Experience (ITIL v2 in 2004, v3 in 2009)
     ITIL Objectives and Opportunity – Why You Should Care
     Core Concepts – a Common Mental Model
     ITIL Framework – a Service Management Lifecycle
     Further Qualification Levels
     Resources
     Discussion
My Journey of Becoming
an IT Business Analyst

      Aptitude, an analytic nature, and hard work lessons
      Managing electronic publishing and writing (BA in English)
      Instructional Designer (MS Instructional Systems Design – ISD)
      Knowledge Management Consultant (Wang New Zealand)
      ITIL v2, then ITIL v3 Foundation Certification
      BA, Project Manager, Process Engineer (Fonterra New Zealand)
      Business Systems Analyst (State of Florida and BCBSFL)
      Self-actualized, life-long learning makes a BA/PM
What is it?

IT Infrastructure Library
      ITIL is a non-proprietary approach and systematic framework
       for managing IT services.
      Developed by the UK Office of Government Commerce (OGC).
      Organizations around the world are using ITIL as the global
       standard for IT service management to improve efficiency and
       communication in IT services.
      Standard of good practice for defining, managing, and
       continually improving IT Services
Business Benefit
ITIL Objectives Provide Value to the Business

      Align IT objectives with business objectives
      Provide improved IT services
      Increase productivity
      Improve customer satisfaction
      Improve the use of skills and experience
      Improve the delivery of third party services
      Create clear and documented processes for IT Service Delivery
Business Benefit
Process Frameworks Map to ITIL

      COBIT (best practices for IT managers and auditors) mapped to ITIL.
      Rational Tivoli Unified Process reflects an IBM version of ITIL
      Microsoft Operations Framework: defines a limited ITIL
       implementation. MOF is mapped to ITIL as part of the documentation
ITIL Certification
Why Adopt ITIL as a BA or PM Professional?

IT Infrastructure Library
       A body of knowledge (books) providing a basis for professional practice
        and certification. (You mean like PMBOK and BABOK …? Yes !)
       Internationally accepted view of IT Service Management
       Standard of good practice for defining, managing, and
        continually improving IT Services
       Common frame of reference and terminology across IT roles
       Provides measurable value to the business
       An education track for professional development and certification in
        IT Service Management
       A competitive advantage for businesses and practitioners.
Why Adopt: Job Listings from Monster.com:
“ITIL” = 900+ hits, including …

  Application, Infrastructure, Support, Management roles:
     ─   Business Analyst
     ─   Business Systems Analyst
     ─   Project Manager
     ─   Program Manager
     ─   Support Analyst
     ─   Business Process Analyst
     ─   Workflow Systems Analyst
     ─   Software Process Engineer
     ─   Business Process Engineer
     ─   Quality Assurance Analyst
     ─   ITIL Consultant
Job Listings from Monster.com:
ITIL Certification Required or Preferred

Some BA, PM, QA Analyst, Systems Analyst role requirements:
   •   ITIL v3 Foundation Certification highly desired.
   •   ITIL/ISO 20000 Foundation Certification and CMMI experience also a plus.
   •   Use process quality standards, best practices and methodologies (such as Maturity
       Models, ITIL, CMM) that seek to improve processes that will enable innovation,
       operational excellence, effectiveness, and efficiency.
   •   Process Quality certification in one or more of the following areas: Six Sigma Black Belt,
       Six Sigma Green Belt, CSQE, CISA, ITIL, PMP.
   •   Utilization of structured Project Management Methodology/ ITIL training/experience.
   •   PMI and/or ITIL certification required.
Certification: Basic Level
ITIL Foundation v3

ITIL V3 Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management
      Study one or more guides
      Take practice exams in the study guides
      Pay the exam fee
      40-question multiple-choice exam at a local training vendor site
      Demonstrate knowledge of the ITSM Lifecycle and ITIL concepts
      Pass the exam
ITIL Foundation Study Guides
2009 and later editions

      Art of Service ITIL V3 Foundation Complete Certification Kit 3rd Edition:
       Study Guide Book and Online Course ($90)
      Passing Your ITIL Foundation Exam (OGC) ($29)
      Measuring ITIL: Measuring, Reporting and Modeling - the IT Service
       Management Metrics That Matter Most to IT Senior Executives ($25)
ITIL Core Concepts
(and discussion)

     Service: A means of delivering value to customers by facilitating outcomes customers want to
      achieve without the ownership of specific costs and risks.
     Service Management: a set of specialized organizational capabilities for providing value to customers
      in the form of services.
     Service Package: A detailed description of an IT service that is available to be delivered to customers.
      Includes one or more core services and supporting services and a Service Level Package.
     Process Model: a process is a set of coordinated activities combining and implementing resources and
      capabilities in order to produce an outcome, which, directly or indirectly, creates value for an external
      customer or stakeholder.
        ─   A process takes one or more defined inputs and turns them into defined outputs.
        ─   A process may include any of the roles, responsibilities, tools, and management controls required to
            reliably deliver the outputs.
        ─   A process may define policies, standards, guidelines, activities, and work instructions.
        ─   Processes become strategic assets when they create competitive advantage and market
     Info Tech is not the business. Technology is not the service.
ITIL Service Lifecycle

      Service Strategy
      Service Design
      Service Transition
      Service Operation
      Continual Service Improvement
ITL Service Lifecycle
A Dynamic Service Lifecycle
ITIL Service Lifecycle

    Service Strategy                            Service Operation
      ─   Service Portfolio Management             ─   Event Management
      ─   Demand Management                        ─   Incident Management
      ─   IT Financial Management                  ─   Problem Management

    Service Design                                ─   Request Fulfillment
                                                   ─   Access Management
      ─   Service Catalogue Management
                                                 Continual Service Improvement
      ─   Service Level Management
      ─   Risk Management                          ─   Service Level Management
      ─   Capacity Management                      ─   Service Measurement and Reporting
                                                   ─   Continual Service Improvement
    Service Transition
      ─   Service Asset and Configuration
      ─   Service Validation and Testing
      ─   Evaluation
      ─   Release and Deployment Management
      ─   Change Management
      ─   Knowledge Management
ITIL Study Guides for Further Qualifications
OGC Publications
ITIL v3 Qualification Scheme Structure
Certification: Intermediate Level
ITIL Managing Across the Lifecycle

ITIL Intermediate Qualification (tailored to your career focus)
       Pass the ITIL Foundation exam.
       Demonstrate knowledge of one study stream matching your career goals:
          ─   ITIL Lifecycle Stream (5 certifications)
                •   Service Strategy
                •   Service Design
                •   Service Transition
                •   Service Operation, and
                •   Continual Service Improvement
          ─   ITIL Capability Stream (4 certifications)
                •   Service Offerings and Agreements
                •   Release, Control and Validation
                •   Operational Support and Analysis
                •   Planning, Protection and Optimization
ITIL Resources

ITIL Official Site (itil-officialsite.com)
       Source for all official word on certification schemes, publications, and
IT Service Management Forum USA (itSMF USA)
       Non-profit professional membership organization founded on ITIL
        practice, also supports ITSM frameworks such as ISO20000,
        COBIT, and Six Sigma
Art of Service (training vendor)
       Books, implementation tools and guides, online learning

                                        Skilled to Thrill Series 2010:
Andrew Kouroupis                            Introduction to ITIL
Cert. ITIL v2 & v3, BA English,
MS Instructional Systems Design         ( IT Infrastructure Library )

                                        ITIL v3 Foundation Certification
                                        & Relevance to BA/PM Practice

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