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Vaser Hi Def Liposuclpture for Men

VASER Hi Def liposculpture for men helps to mold a more muscular and well-defined
appearance. A number of men do hours of strenuous exercise at the gym, yearning
to get that picture perfect, athletic, well-contoured look.   Hi def liposuction and
sculpting using VASER can remove excess body fat and skin and give men the looks
they desire.

Body Contouring the Hi Def Way

The VASER technique of high definition liposculpture is a more recent development
than VASER liposuction. It was invented and introduced in Bogota, Columbia by
Dr. Alfredo Hoyos in 2002. Dr. John Millard was the first plastic surgeon in the US to
perform the procedure. Unlike the ordinary liposuction technique that only debulks
(reduces body circumference or volume), liposculpture does away with both deep
and superficial fat surrounding the muscle groups to provide the additional benefit of
muscular definition and shape. The procedure is ideal for the male abdomen, arms,
chest, back, flanks and thighs.

VASER Lipo® is a product of Sound Surgical Technologies LLC. This advanced
product combined with the physician’s own artistic vision and caliber ensures the
success of the liposculpture technique. The system utilizes ultrasonic energy to
displace and emulsify localized fat without harming other important tissues. This
ability to distinguish targeted fat from nerves, connective tissue, blood vessels and
other important elements is an important benefit of the device. Another significant

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benefit is that it helps to keep fat cell viability intact for the purpose of harvesting.
What’s more, precise fat removal improves discernability of the underlying
musculature. All this is done in a minimally invasive manner, reducing bleeding from
the healing site and promoting a smoother, faster recovery. Other benefits of the
procedure are:

   •   Well-contoured appearance

   •   Only local anesthesia is used

   •   Enhanced skin tightening

   •   Minimal pain

   •   Small as well as large scale sculpting is possible

   •   Inconspicuous scars

Get the Procedure Done Only by an Experienced Hand

As this is a relatively new cosmetic surgery procedure, you should get it done by a
surgeon who has performed it a sufficient number of times and with good results.
Try to get in touch with any patient who has undergone liposculpture to ask him/her
about the physician and the experience of surgery. You would also have to do a lot of
background research on the physician owing to the newness of the procedure and
the degree of skill it requires.

Attain the Ideal Male Contours

Thanks to VASER hi def liposculpture for men, it is easier now to achieve the
ideal male contours now than it was before. So if you’re interested, get in touch with
a qualified and experienced physician or plastic surgery center to find out if you are a
candidate for this surgery.

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