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Attitudes & Online Retail Dynamics by

countries are :-
Mexico,various countries,China,Brazil,South
dia,UK,France etc.,

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Consumer Attitudes & Online Retail Dynamics in
various countries' provides in-depth analysis of the
latest trends in online consumer shopping, covering
drivers of online shopping, consumer insights, market
dynamics (covering 25 product categories) and
reviews of latest best practice in online retail site

Based on the latest data, the report not only provides
details of the size and growth of this increasingly
important channel, it also provides essential contexts
on the penetration of online sales by product groups,
how growth has developed over time and the key
drivers of this market in the future.

This report is the result of ICD’s extensive market research covering the online retail industry
in various countries. “Consumer Attitudes & Online Retail Development in various
countries” provides the magnitude, growth, share, and dynamics of the online retail market
and is an essential tool for companies either active in this sector or which are seeking to
target this channel.

The report provides core insights into consumer behaviour and highlights the latest online
trends and their impact on online product sales. Core data sets give both historical context
and a view into the future - providing data from 2005 through to 2015 and allowing marketers
to update their strategic planning and fill gaps in their knowledge about this rapidly evolving

By examining best practice from leading national large-scale online retailers (but specifically
excluding the likes of Amazon whose sites are well-known and vary little by country), as well
as reviewing innovative approaches from smaller players, the report also provides insights
and ideas about how best to approach growing online sales for your business.

Together these three core elements; market dynamics, consumer understanding and best
practice examples will allow readers to easily understand the nature and development of
online retail in various countries and provide insight into how best to exploit the opportunities
in the market.

The report analyses online consumer behaviour, market dynamics and best practice
approaches to online retail in various countries. In particular, core market data sets cover 8
product groups and 25 individual product markets within various countries.

Product Coverage:
Clothing & Footwear
Jewelry & Watches
Luggage & Leather goods
Printed Media
Stationery & Cards
Communications Equipment
Computer Hardware & Software
Consumer Electronics
Household Appliances
Photographic Equipment
Household Products
Packaged Food
Personal Care
Unpackaged Food
Floor Coverings
Gardening & Outdoor Living
Home Improvement
Home Wares
Games Software
Music & Video
Sports Equipment
Toys & Games

Reasons To Buy
This report provides readers with unparalled levels of detail and insight into the development
of online retail sales within various countries:

- Understand consumer behaviour and online trends in US
- Understand which products will be the major winners and losers in the coming years
- Assess the impact of economic recession and recovery on market growth
- Learn from best practice approaches outlined in the case studies of leading online retailers
- Improve market and strategic planning using highly granular, forward-looking market data

Key Highlights
The Korean government has played an important role in the development of the domestic
retail industry, with measures including the protection of Korean manufacturers against
global manufacturers and the acceleration of the growth of the e-commerce sector through the
Korea Institute for Electronic Commerce (KIEC). As a result of the global economic
downturn in late 2008, various countriesn GDP growth slowed to 0.2% in 2009. In the third
quarter of 2009, the economy began to recover, in large part due to export growth, low
interest rates, and an expansionary fiscal policy, resulting in growth exceeding 6% in 2010.
However, high income consumers continued to purchase products through online channels,
even during the recession, resulting in strong growth of the online retail sector throughout the
review period.

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