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									         December 2011      Volume 25 - Number 12       Kislev-Tevet 5772

                         OY VEYGAS!
                              Casino-Style Games
                         Catered Buffet  Silent Auction

                                 December 17, 2011
                                 6:30 pm - 10:30 pm

RSVP: December 11, 2011
Phone: 407-647-3055
E-mail: templeisrael@tiflorida.org
Online Reservations: www.tiflorida.org/vegasnight.htm
       Professional Staff                                         From Our Rabbi:                                                   From The President:
Rabbi............................. Joshua Neely
Education Director ............. Debra Kira
                                                                   By Rabbi Joshua Neely                                              By Richard Crane
Youth Director ..............Michael Weiss

   Executive Committee
                                                      There are many oddities when it comes to Jewish prayer          With December now upon us, 2011 is quickly coming to a
President ......................Richard Crane         but few are more unusual than the restrictions connected to     close. This allows us an opportunity to reflect on the year
1st Vice Pres. ......... Arlene van de Rijn           having a minyan, a quorum of 10 people, at the service. If      that has passed. It is amazing the effect that a single year
                                                      we don’t have a minyan, we skip all forms of the Kaddish,       can have on the course of our lives. This was certainly the
2nd Vice Pres................. Eric Hoffman
                                                      the Barchu, the Kedushah and the Torah service.                 case for me. I have been honored and blessed to be able to
VP Membership/Men’s Club Pres........                                                                                 serve as the President of Temple Israel. For someone who
........................................Mark Kluger   Since most faiths see prayer as a personal connection to        is a shameless delegator, and quite comfortable letting
VP Education ...... Michelle McCormack                God, limiting what we can do, eliminating what are seen         others share the mitzvah of volunteering their time and
                                                      as some of the most central prayers, because we have too        effort for the shul, I have to say that I have truly enjoyed
Comptroller...................Roz Weinstein
                                                      few people or are praying alone makes no sense. Why             my tenure as the TI President. To quote our famous sage,
Secretary ..................Fabienne Kaplan           should my prayer experience be diminished just because          Mel Brooks . . . “It’s good to be the king”.
Treasurer..................... Geanne Share           there are 6 people?
Sisterhood President ....... Valerie Kahn                                                                             In all seriousness, though, I find the most wonderful
                                                      Judaism sees prayer quite differently. While the personal       paradox about volunteering your time and effort to a cause
Past President...............Lauren Brown
                                                      experience is important, the communal expression is cen-        or organization is that you get back far more than you
                                                      tral and ultimately necessary for the personal experience.      give. For any of you who have been reluctant to
                 Trustees                             Jewish prayer seeks to transform the world through the          participate in the past, I would encourage you to join a
                                                      declaration of God’s primacy. This is often called Kiddush      committee or participate in Sisterhood or Men’s Club.
            Harvey Arnowitz                           HaShem – the sanctification of God’s name.                      This is a special community and you may be surprised
                Ed Calish                             Anytime we act in a way that brings honor to God and            how much you enjoy being more involved. Due to a
            David Danziger
              Jo Ann Farb
                                                      God’s Torah, we are sanctifying the Divine Name and             strong and committed Board of Directors, a hard working
           Andrew Feinberg                            bring the world closer to God.                                  Executive Committee, a dedicated professional staff, a
               Terri Fine                                                                                             legion of committed volunteers, and a wonderful
                Joe Ihns                              Therefore, it’s not surprising that Judaism does not allow      congregation, our small community has put forth an
              Bernie Kahn                             those prayers that focus on Kiddush HaShem without a            amazing amount of programming of adult education,
                Phil Karr
                                                      minyan. Without at least the representation of a                school activities, lunches, brunches, Shabbat dinners, guest
               Dick Katz
             Susan Morgan                             community, to whom are we proclaiming God’s holiness            speakers, community outreach, Tikkun Olam events, and
           Laurence Morrell                           to? Without 10 people willing to be in the room together,       so many others. We have maintained an ever-present and
          Harry Rein, Emeritus                        who would take God’s teachings seriously?                       vibrant Sisterhood, and built one of the most active and
             Heidi Savage                                                                                             engaging Men’s Club. We have grown as a synagogue
            Leigh Schwartz                            We have recently started our Sunday morning services,           and added dozens of new families to our community.
              Daniel Wise
                                                      our Shot of Spirit. I’m not going to ask you to join us to
                                                      make a minyan to help with those who are saying Kaddish         In a deafening and fantastic crescendo, however, the best
    Standing Committee                                (though that is a worthy reason in and of itself). I want you   is yet to come in December. Geanne Share and her
                                                      to help us make a minyan so we can perform Kiddush              committee are putting together the extravaganza of the
           Chairs                                     HaShem together. See you from 9:00 – 9:30. Show your            year in our second annual “Oy Veygas” night. This will
Adult Education .................... Joe Ihns         support by signing up online at signupgenius.com/go/            definitely be a night to remember and one you certainly
Budget & Finance .........Roz Weinstein               minyan1                                                         don’t want to miss. And don’t forget, it’s also our annual
Building & Grounds ............................                                                                       fundraiser, so your participation and ticket purchase is also
................................. Harvey Arnowitz     L’Shalom,                                                       a mitzvah!! If you won’t be able to make it in person this
School ................ Michelle McCormack
Endowment .................... Julian Meitin
                                                      Rabbi Joshua Neely                                              year, you are welcome to participate in spirit . . . and the
Ma’asim Tovim .............. Barbara Ihns             joshua.neely@gmail.com                                          price of the ticket still covers the mitzvah.
Marketing .............. Arlene van de Rijn
Membership..................... Mark Kluger                                                                           Finally, we have three wonderful and special B’Nai
Ritual ............................... Daniel Wise                                                                    Mitzvahs in December. Daniel and Rachel Brown will
Ways & Means............. Geanne Share
                                                                                                                      have their joint Bar and Bat Mitzvahs on December 10.
Youth...................... Amanda Hoffman
                                                                                                                      Then saving the best for last (okay, I’m a little biased),
                                                                                                                      Elijah Crane will have his Bar Mitzvah on December 31.
     Special Committee                                                                                                What better way to close out a truly magical and special
                                                                                                                      year. Thanks for the memories. I wish you all peace,
           Chairs                                                                                                     health and happiness in 2012.
Audit..............................Joe Lefkowitz
Beit Hamidrash                                                                                                        Shalom,
........................... Michelle McCormack                                                                        Richard Crane
Library .......................... Sylvia Schafer

              From Our                                                           From Our
              Education Director                                                 Youth Director
              By Debra Ruth Kira                                                 By Michael Weiss

Shalom -                                                              Shalom Temple Israel!!!

          November was a great month to relax from the hectic         I want to start off by saying that as each month passes that I
holiday season. Our month began the first monthly Family              am here at Temple Israel, the more excitement I have. All of
Shabbat. The fourth and fifth graders lead some personally            you are so friendly and welcoming; it is hard for me to leave
selected English readings. All of the children beautifully lead       the building whenever I’m here! As another month went by
us in prayer. Each month going forward our Family Shabbat             since my last bulletin, the youth department has developed
will highlight a different class.                                     even more. Just as I begin to think that we are cruisin’ along,
          This month (December) we will highlight our sixth           we hit another current in the water and pick up speed.
and seventh graders as they reminisce about summer camp.
Join us on December 16th as melodies and prayers are                  This past month we were lucky enough to send six of our
introduced into the service that the children learned while at        Kadima children (grades 6-8) to a wonderful convention in
camp or at the Kadima Convention.                                     Jacksonville! We played games, met a whole bunch of new
          December 18th, we will hold our Religious School            Jewish faces, and most important of all, had so much fun. I
Chanukah party. We will have arts and crafts, games and finish        know we are all looking forward to having the next convention
the morning off with a Latke / Hamentashen debate. See why            come around sometime in spring.
some people think the Latke is better than the Hamentashen or
that the Hamentashen is better than the Latke. Come and root          With L’dor V’dor (grades 2-5), we are having an amazing pro-
for your favorite Jewish food.                                        gram on December 4th right after Hebrew school. Whether we
                                                                      dance, whether we sing, or whether we play some GaGa, when
                  Dates to Remember:                                  we are together we always know how to have a good time!
December 10, 2011                                                     This past month, USY (grades 9-12) has really become a blast.
       Rachel and Daniel Brown’s B’Nai Mitzvah                        Meeting on Thursday nights in the Youth Lounge, I don’t
December 16, 2011                                                     think we ever stop talking, except when we’re laughing of
       Family Shabbat                                                 course. We are trying to develop and program some great
December 18, 2011                                                     events in USY so if you have any good ideas, come stop by
       Chanukah Party                                                 and say hello, we love seeing new faces.
December 21 - December 28, 2011
       No Religious School                                            We now have three different youth groups for all different
December 31, 2011                                                     ages. If you or your children are in 2nd-12th grade and want to
       Elijah Crane’s Bar Mitzvah                                     have a good time at temple, please come by and join our youth
                                                                      group. If you have any questions or ideas please feel free to
Debra Ruth Kira                                                       contact me at israelusy@gmail.com !!!
educator@tiflorida.org                                                Happy Holidays,

             JEWISH                                                   Mike

             TRIVIA                                                                      NEEDED

Submit your name and answer on an index card by the 15th of
the month. A winner will be drawn from all of the correct
answers. Prizes will be awarded and the winners will be                                                    Digital Camera
named in the next bulletin.                                                                                  (to save memories)
1st Graders & younger please answer the following question:
         Chanukah candles must burn for at least how long?                                               Jewish Children’s
2nd - 4th Graders please answer the following question:
         What does Maoz Tzur mean?                                                                            Books
5th Graders & older please answer the following question:
         In the Story of Chanukah we celebrate the re-dedication of                                        Quiet Indoor
the Temple. When the Temple was originally dedicated how many
tribes were in attendance? What is each tribe’s name & symbol?
                                                                                                         Games & Puzzles

Receive a Comprehensive
First Aid Kit
with every donation of $18 or more
Visit www.mitzvah2011.com for details and
online ordering
Or bring a check to Temple Israel payable to:
American Friends of Magen David Adom

                                                            Rachel Brown
                                                    daughter of Lauren & Larry Brown
                                                          December 9-10, 2011
                                                              14 Kislev 5772

               December 10, 2011

                                                            Daniel Brown
                                                      son of Lauren & Larry Brown
          December 16, 2011                               December 9-10, 2011
                                                             14 Kislev 5772
 6:00 pm - Family Shabbat Dinner

             $10 Per Family

       7:00 pm - 6th-7th Grade
      Simcha Shabbat Services

     Please RSVP to the office:                              Elijah Crane
          407-647-3055 or                            son of Kristin & Richard Crane
     templeisrael@tiflorida.org                          December 30-31, 2011
                                                              5 Tevet 5772

     Temple Israel’s Gift Shop

We have gifts for the memories you will cherish…

              Children’s Chanukah Bazaar
                   December 11, 2011
  The children will have a chance to shop at our Gift Shop during
  Religious School. Please don’t forget to give your children some
               “gelt” so they can do some shopping.
                        Gift Shop Hours:
                 Wednesdays 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm and
                   Sundays 9:30 am - 12:00 noon
 (during Religious School) or call for an appointment 407-647-3055.
                      An Experience of History and Destiny
                              Attention all 11th graders!!!
  Join thousands of Jewish teens from around the world on a two-week, life-altering journey that
                    marks the tragedy of the Holocaust in Poland followed by a
          celebration of the establishment of the State of Israel in the Jewish Homeland.
                                        April 16-30, 2012
                         For more information go to: www.bbyo.org/march
              Scholarship for students of Temple Israel families are
                  available through the Tess and Abe O. Wise
              March of the Living Temple Israel Endowment Fund.
            Contact the synagogue office at 407-647-3055 for more information.

                  This December, Get Caught Caring!
      Ma’asim Tovim has a few ways for you to show that you care this winter
   holiday season. Please join Temple Israel in supporting these two great projects:

                  Nikki’s Blankets 2011 gives blankets to homeless people in the
                  Central Florida area. Please make a donation this month of new
                  and gently used blankets.

Jewish Family Services provides families facing financial, health
or other hardships the ability to have gifts for their children and
buy food for a holiday meal. Please make a donation of toys
and gifts, gift cards or non-perishable food; for details and gift
ideas please see below.

Drop donations in any of our TI collection bins in the lobby, office and Social
Hall. Monetary donations may be handed in to the office.

Greetings Fellow Congregants!

Sisterhood is going strong so far this year. The bus trip to South Florida was lots of fun! Do you think we should do it again
next year? My vote is absolutely yes.

We try and try and still there are errors in the Calendar Book. We will be publishing a correction sheet that can be easily stapled
in the back of your book. If you noticed an error, please email me at vkahn54@gmail.com and I will include your correction. It
will also include the newest members of the synagogue. There are many members who haven't picked up their books. I hope
some of you can find the time to get them when you are at the synagogue for another activity. If not, we will have to mail them
and it is expensive. Please try to pick yours up, it would be great!

The Book and Movie Club is really off to a great start! 12 women showed up at my house to discuss "The Help".
It was very interesting to hear our members recall the days in the 50's and 60's with their memories. It was a lively
discussion. Look on the TI website for future books, movies and the dates for the events.

This year the Women's League for Conservative Judaism has launched a project called Hiddur Mitzvot. Our Sisterhood was
given special attention in this project because of our service to our community and the League. Hiddur Mitzvot is an innovative
way to enhance the observance of mitzvot. Through programs, projects, creative arts and educational materials all members will
find guidance to renew their commitment to mitzvot. Our Sisterhood will do a special outreach project for Chanukah and again
in the Spring. This is a great way for our members to increase or enhance their acts of loving kindness.

I know everyone is wondering about the gift shop and if it will be open. We are definitely having a huge clearance sale and
Chanukah sale for both adults and the children on December 11th. Before and after the annual meeting, we will be selling
merchandise for the adults. Also, that same Sunday, we will have a separate sale for the kids to shop. We will also be
introducing a registry for Bar/Bat Mitzvah students for gifts they would like to have. You may contact me at
vkahn54@gmail.com if you are interested in signing up for the registry. We are also thinking about an exchange party for
judaica we all have to trade with one another. Some of us have duplicate religious objects and it would be fun to exchange with
each other for something new, right? I'll have more information about it soon. So, look for flyers for the big sale and clearance
at synagogue. If you have any questions or want to help us please call me at 407-539-1815.

Thanks so much,


Temple Israel Calendar Book                                                                    Calendar Book
Temple Israel's Sisterhood has worked very hard to present the Calendar Directory              & Directory
to you. Please patronize our advertisers whenever possible.
                                                                                                 5772 - 5773
                                                                                                 2011 - 2012

This book will provide you with significant dates on the Jewish calendar and
important activities as well as times for Shabbat candle lighting and when to
celebrate Havdalah on Saturday nights.
We hope you will enjoy this book and use it every day. If you can, we would
accept $6.00 donations towards the cost of producing the calendar directory.
Thank you again for your continuing support of Sisterhood projects.
Valerie Kahn
Chairman of Calendar Directory Book

           $30.00 plus $5.00 for shipping and handling

             If you would like to have a copy of our sisterhood cookbook,
                                   please let us know.

           Synagogue Office: 407-647-3055, templeisrael@tiflorida.org
               Marion Daitzman: 407-843-3406, daitzm@aol.com
                   Sandy Oser: 407-295-3393, tzaindl@aol.com
       Proceeds will benefit the charitable projects supported by Sisterhood.

                     Potato Latkes                                                 Doughnuts or Soofganiyot
This latke recipe is so easy since you don't peel the potatoes.                 1/3      cup            sugar
   2                   potatoes -- washed, unpeeled and                         1 1/2    tablespoons    Crisco shortening
                       grated                                                   1                       egg
                       salt and pepper -- to taste                              1/3      cup            whole milk
   1    small          onion                                                    2        cups           flour
                                                                                2        teaspoons      baking powder
   1    tablespoon     flour
                                                                                1/8      teaspoon       cinnamon
   1    tablespoon     water                                                    1/16     teaspoon       mace -- a spice
   1                   egg                                                      1/2      teaspoon       salt
                                                                                1/8      teaspoon       cloves
Wash well but do not peel the potatoes. Grate potatoes and                                              confectioner's sugar
onions. If using food processor, add water and egg to                 Cream sugar and Crisco. Add well-beaten egg and milk; mix
processor bowl and use chopping blade. Add the remaining              well. Mix and sift all dry ingredients. Add to first mixture and
ingredients. Fry in oil in fry pan until crisp and delicious.         mix thoroughly. Turn out on a floured board and roll into 1/2
                                                                      inch thickness. Cut with doughnut cutter and fry in deep, hot fat
NOTE: We make hundreds of them and freeze them (without               until a delicate brown. Drain on unglazed paper. Sprinkle with
touching) on cookie sheets. When completely frozen we put             confectioner's sugar before serving.
them in plastic bags. Then they're ready for the biggest of
Chanukah parties. Just reheat at 400˚F until hot and crispy.          Serving Size: 24
                                                                      This recipe is from Marguerite Cadwallader Gabrielson,
Submitted by Cory Schneider                                           Valerie Kahn's Great Aunt. Aunt Marguerite made these
Past International President, Women's League for                      doughnuts for my brothers and sister at every visit. She also
Conservative Judaism                                                  made Scuppernong wine for my parents.

                                                                      Submitted by Valerie Kahn, Sisterhood President

Monthly “Conversations with the Rabbi”
Sunday, January 22 @ 4:00 pm

Topic: Funny Jews -
Comedy from the outside in
Event Location:

Lake Mary/Heathrow
1210 International Parkway South Suite 110
Lake Mary, FL 32746
                                                     Image from the 11/6/11 “Conversations with the Rabbi”
Questions? Contact- 407-672-2049

                                                            Lauren & Jason Caplan
                                                            Allison & Kevin Hayden

          December birthday party at the Boys & Girls Club in
         Altamonte Springs, Tuesday, December 13, 4:30 pm
   For info or to participate, call Arlene van de Rijn at 407-761-1243.

                                  Sisterhood Book Club
                                Thursday, December 15 at 7:00 pm

                                   Book: The Zookeepers Wife
                                         Location: TBA

 Temple Israel Sisterhood members are sporting
    beautiful new aprons thanks to a generous
          donation from Bette Ann Leider.
 Sisterhood is selling them as a fundraiser in our
 gift shop for a low price of $12. Be a part of the
   "Hood" and pick one up to spread the joy of
       Sisterhood from our kitchen to yours.

New at Temple Israel Services
Sunday Shot of Spirit
9:00 am -9:30 am Every Sunday-Morning Services (Chapel)
Please use the signup to help us guarantee a minyan (10 people) at the service.
You can check the signup anytime to see how we're doing.
Friday, December 2, 2011
6:30 pm - Meet and Greet (Lobby)
7:00 pm - Shabbat Matters - find out why (Sanctuary)
Saturday, December 3, 2011
9:30 am - Classic Shabbat (Sanctuary)
11:00 am - Junior Congregation (Chapel)
12:30 pm - Judaism in a Nutshell (Social Hall)
6:00 pm - Havdalah Service and Cupcakes (Sanctuary & Social Hall)
Friday, December 16, 2011
6:00 pm - Family Shabbat Dinner (Social Hall)
        $10 per family. This will include a casual family meal. Reservations Required
7:00 pm - Simcha Shabbat Services (Sanctuary)
Friday, January 6, 2012
6:30 pm - Meet and Greet (Lobby)
7:00 pm - Shabbat Matters - find out why (Sanctuary)
Friday, January 13, 2012
6:00 pm - Shabbat Dinner (Social Hall)
6:30 pm - Meet and Greet (Lobby)
7:00 pm - Musical Simcha Shabbat (Sanctuary)

                     Saturday, December 3 - 6:00 pm in the Sanctuary

 Havdalah, meaning “separation,” is the ceremony marking the end of Shabbat. Jewish
families around the world usher in the new week with the Havdalah service. Please join
   us for this special occasion as we dim the lights, smell the spices, and listen to the
                      beautiful blessings led by Rabbi Joshua Neely.

                      Following this brief service, we will adjourn to the Social Hall
                           where children will decorate their own cupcakes and
                            the adults can visit and enjoy various other sweets.

Adult Education Classes
“Judaism in a Nutshell” with Rabbi Joshua Neely
Saturdays - 12:30 pm - In the Social Hall
No class: December 10th & 31st
Lunch and Learn with Rabbi Joshua Neely
Wednesdays - 12:00 noon - 1:00 pm - In Meeting Room 1

                       On Chanukah, the first dark night,/ Light yourself a candle bright.
                       I'll you, if you will me invite/ To dance within that gentle light.
                       (Nicholas Gordon)

                       Happy Chanukah from the Temple Israel Library


Tawil, Hayim, and Bernard Schneider. Crown of Aleppo: The Mystery of the Oldest Hebrew Bible
Codex. Philadelphia: Jewish Publication Society, 2010.

                     In her review in the Forward of The Crown of Aleppo, Tamar Yellin, herself a noted author
                     writes, “The idea of discovering the original manuscript of the Bible — even supposing such
                     a thing ever existed — is an impossible fantasy, but the aura surrounding the Aleppo Codex
                     has something of the same power”. Completed around 930 C.E., the codex was, until the
                     finding of the Dead Sea Scrolls, the oldest-known handwritten copy of the Hebrew
                     Scriptures in existence. In their succinct exposition of the book’s history, "Crown of Aleppo,"
                     Hayim Tawil and Bernard Schneider also make the case for its being the most
                     authoritative….The Crown, as it became known, was the supreme achievement of the
                     Masoretic scribes of Tiberias, Shlomo ben Buya’a, who produced the text, and Aharon ben
Asher, who notated it...The history of the Crown is a very complicated one, and the authors do well to present
it in a way that is both coherent and suspenseful. For the story involves a good deal of suspense and mystery,
possible theft, forgery, smuggling and other skulduggery, mixed in with the minutiae of scholarship and the
overall tragedy of the tale. From Tiberias, the Crown traveled to Jerusalem and, at the Sack of Jerusalem by
the Crusaders, to Fostat in Egypt, where it was studied by Maimonides and given his imprimatur of perfection.
Then, in 1479, it turned up in Aleppo — no one knows how — where it was to remain for nearly 500 years…
How that sojourn in Syria ended, with the pogrom and attack on the Great Synagogue in which the Crown was
apparently lost, is sadly well known. “ The mystery of its recovery and reconstruction is yours to enjoy in this
beautifully-written book, as is the original which is now available online. This book is on our library shelves in
the Bible Section.

If you need assistance in finding a book, or obtaining a blue Library Patron Card, please contact your Librarian,
Sylvia Schafer, at 407-388-9933, or raamses@cfl.rr.com.

                        The Library is open for your convenience on
            Sundays from 10:30 am - 12:00 noon and other times by appointment.

                                       Everyone is invited!
                                         Poker & Bridge Night
                          Monday, December 12 - 7:00 pm in the Youth Lounge
                    Bring a friend and come for a fun & entertaining evening.
             Snacks & drinks will be available! Please RSVP to Ed Calish at 407-682-2653.

 Sunday, December 18, 2011
 9:30 am -
 Meet up in
 Temple Israel’s
 parking lot

A very important aspect of Sisterhood is to raise money
for the WLCJ Torah Fund campaign. Your donation to the
Torah Fund is used in countless ways to assure that our
Conservative/Masorti traditions, rituals and culture
continue to thrive.
                                                              Sunday, December 11, 2011
With a donation of $180 or larger you will receive the
5772 Torah Fund pin (titled Hiddur Mitzvah).                   9:30 am - In the Social Hall
If you have any questions please contact Carol Albert
Temple Israel Sisterhood, Torah Fund Chairman
carol@mindspring.com / 407-862-2868
                                                              We will be voting on the
                                                               2012 budget and the
                                                                 rabbi's contract.
                                                               We need a quorum.
    5772 Torah Fund pin
                                                              There will be bagels and coffee.

                                    Oy Veygas
                         A Yummy International Buffet
This year Oy Veygas will feature a heavy cocktail buffet, but not your standard cheese and
crackers and fruit. The idea was to keep everyone in the Social Hall instead of sitting in the
double classroom with a “sit down dinner”. For the sushi lover, we have a wide variety of
vegetarian and fish sushi, catered from Fuji Sushi. For those who do not eat sushi, there are
many other options created from TI Catering. We will have a lovely pasta dish with several
sauces, roasted vegetables, marinated mozzarella, spanacopita, hummus, brie, wrapped
asparagus and of course dessert and coffee. There will be a TI Cash bar. Please come and
join us for a fun evening and invite your friends. The entire evening benefits OUR temple.

                       Casino- style games at Oy Veygas
We have added another horse race to the exciting and popular video horse racing. A total of 4
races! Name your horses, $12 a piece, by December 11th. No need to be in attendance for the
horse naming but it is so much fun to cheer your filly on! Another addition this year is the
Trivia Wheel. Rabbi Neely, Harry Rein, Stuart Farb, and Howie Oser are working on the
Temple Israel and Judaic trivia. Find out how much you know about our “history”. Impress
your friends and win big. There will be random trivia also.

The Samuel Meitin Black Jack Tournament returns. Can you beat last year’s winner
Mark Kluger? Come and try your luck. Don’t forget the entire evening benefits Temple Israel.

Adult B’nai Mitzvah Program
Our Adult B’nai Mitzvah program will cover approximately 18 months of study. Anyone is
welcome to participate in any part of the study even if they do not wish to be in the culminating
ceremony. Non-members are welcome to study, but cannot be part of the culminating ceremony.

Part I Hebrew
Sundays - 11:00 am - 12:00 noon
Approximately 6 months
Meeting room 1
The first couple weeks will involve intense aleph-bet learning. After that we will progress to
fluency practice. The last few months of the course will emphasize techniques to UNDERSTAND
the Hebrew of prayer at least. It won’t prepare you much for ordering dinner in Tel Aviv, but the
course will help you pray in Hebrew with more understanding and feeling.

                                     October 2011 Donations
ADULT EDUCATION FUND                                                MARLENE A. DAVIS ART EDUCATION FUND
In Memory Of                   Donor                                In Memory Of             Donor
Etta Baum, mother              Miriam B. Cohen                      Jack Rozen, husband      Beatrice Rozen
                                                                    Marilyn Spoon            Elliott Davis
In Honor Of                    Donor                                ONEG KIDDUSH FUND
Susan & Jerry Roth’s 40th wedding anniversary                       In Memory Of                      Donor
                               Nancy & Dick Katz                    Bernice Levitt, mother            Rosalind Levitt
                                                                    Jacob Rahimoff, father            Andrea & Bijan Ravinoff
CEMETERY FUND                                                       Joseph Lehman, father             Ruth Goldhar
In Memory Of                   Donor                                In Honor Of                       Donor
Betty Leonard, mother          Phyllis Englander                    Lori Pearson Wise’s birthday      Daniel Wise
Frank Stein, father            Merle & Louis Feinberg               Phyllis Kamenoff’s birthday       Ellen Kamenoff
Howard Stone                   Susan & Arnold Signer                                                  Phyllis Kamenoff
Jan Paul Feinberg, brother     Merle & Louis Feinberg
Rita Jacobson                  Barbara Weinreich                    SISTERHOOD FUND
Samuel Leonard, father         Phyllis Englander                    In Memory Of                      Donor
Tami Grant, sister             Merle & Louis Feinberg               Gertrude Hosid, mother-in-law     Helen Hosid
Zelda Stein, mother            Merle & Louis Feinberg               Jack Hosid, husband               Helen Hosid
In Celebration Of              Donor                                In Honor Of                       Donor
Bernice Sulman’s new residence Gitta & Bryson Engel                 Rosalind Levitt’s 90th birthday   Helen Hosid

GENERAL FUND                                                        TORAH PRESERVATION FUND
In Memory Of                     Donor                              In Memory Of                    Donor
Betty Toll, mother-in-law        Judi Cope                          Abraham Jabitsky, father        Helen Hosid
Celia Cassel, mother             Rita Coenson                       In Celebration Of               Donor
Jack Hosid, father               Naomi & Brent Williams             Rosalind Levitt’s 90th birthday Edith Fenster
Jay Schreiber, brother           Roberta & Barry Schreiber
Paul Eggers, brother             Joan Goldberg                      RABBI’S TZEDAKAH FUND
Peggy Donenfeld, daughter-in-law                                    In Memory Of                      Donor
                                 Ruth Donenfeld                     Rita Jacobson, mother             Judith Kowatch
In Honor Of                      Donor                                              mother            Steve Jacobson
                                                                    Seymour Lustig, husband           Elaine Lustig
Carol Albert and the Bikkur Cholim Committee
                                                                    In Honor Of                       Donor
                                 Binnie & Paul Alpert
                                                                    The prayers at the TI cemetery
Being honored with an Aliyah Saul Rose                                                                Helen Hosid
The High Holidays                Lawrence Hersch                    In Appreciation Of                Donor
                                 Marsha & David Schrob              Rabbi Neely                       Roberta Schreiber
                                 Natasha Agee & Jonathan Chisdes
                                 Tina & Neil Finkler                The Kiddush Luncheon was sponsored this month by:
                                                                     Penelope and Rabbi Joshua Neely - In honor of their anniversary
In Memory Of                   Donor                                October Kiddush Luncheon Hostesses:
David Sokolow, husband         Mildred Sokolow                          Lauren Brown                      Phyllis Kamenoff
In Appreciation Of             Donor                                    Marion Daitzman                   Fabienne Kaplan
Their High Holiday honor       Gloria & Harvey Titen                    Sara Danziger                     Rosanne Karr
                                                                        Julia Fineberg                    Andrea Ravinoff
                                                                        Sandy Gillman                     Sarabecca Rosier
                                                                        Shirley Gold


                                                               1     Joshua Korshak
                                                               1     Sarah Okun
                                                               1     Seema Zimmerman
                                                               4     Laurie Feenburg
                                                               4     Nathan Morrell-Rosenberg
                                                               7     Aaron Sherman
                                                               8     Jes Baru
                                                               10    Rachel Brown
       From left to right: Geanne Share, Elliott Davis,
                                                               12    Sheri Denberg
                                                                                                We hope to
        Adrian Share, Debbie Meitin & Larry Gutter                                              see you at
                                                               12    Rosanne Karr
                                                               15    Hal Shimkoski                Simcha
Thank you for supporting Temple Israel by holding up our       15    Dana Shimkoski
            banner at The Jewish Pavilion's                                                      Shabbat
                                                               17    Amy Gutter
               A Walk In The Park Event                        18    Rachel Brammer             at 7:00 pm
                                                               19    Margaret Buxbaum           on Friday,
                                                               19    Robin Reilly             December 16.
                A big THANK YOU goes out                       20    Jenna Ehrlich
                                                               20    Aristotle Luck                Your
                    to Sylvia Schafer for                      21    Elijah Crane              anniversary,
                purchasing a janitor cart and                  21    Helen Hosid                 birthday,
                                                               21    Charles Katz
                  vacuum for the Temple.                       21    Melanie Minear-Lazar      or any other
                                                               22    Natasha Agee              simcha, will
                                                               22    Robert Goetz             be recognized,
                         A big THANK YOU to                    23    Paula Cohen
                                                               23    Howard Oser
                                                                                             and you will be
                            Marion Daitzman                                                    blessed from
                                                               23    Ya'arah Pinhas
                 for her time, energy and love that she        24    Daniel Stein               the pulpit.
                   puts in to baking challah bread for         25    Henry Danish
                  everyone at Temple Israel to enjoy.          25    Carole Kraw
                                                               26    Ross Katzman
                                                               26    Michael Reilly
        A big THANK YOU to                                     27    Bette Ann Leider
Roz and Bernie Weinstein for helping the                       28    Justin Lampel
  Catering Committee every week by                             30    Alexandra Friedman
      picking up the bagels for the                            31    Bernard Kwastel
          Kiddush Luncheons.

                     A big THANKS goes to the                  December
                   Crane Family for their numerous
                           donations of toys                   5      Melanie Minear-Lazar & Arnold Lazar
                       for our religious school.               17     Lenny & Howard Roland
                                                               20     Valerie & Bernard Kahn
                                                               23     Gail & Randy Coverman
                 Thank You!                                    24
                                                                      Judy & Frank Fine
                                                                      Brenny Goldberg & Chris Preisler
                                                               25     Fran & Bill Kahn
      Joel Adelman, Kris Crane, Joe Ihns,                      26     Rhea & Harry Rein
        Sandy Oser, Cheryl Perlmutter,                         27     Arlene & Murray Schwartz
     Penelope Neely & Arlene van de Rijn.                      28     Susan & Jeff Morgan
                                                               30     Cari & Scott Kramer
         For volunteering in the office
        during the month of November.                           If we missed your birthday or anniversary,
    If you are interested in being an office                    please call the office at 407-647-3055 and
                                                                        we will add you to the list.
     volunteer, please call 407-647-3055.

Business Card - 1/8 page black & white...... $25/issue

(3.5” w x 2.17”h) ................................................... $125/year

1/4 page black & white .................................. $35/issue

(3.5”w x 4.28”h) or (7.34”w x 2.17”h) ................................ $175/year

1/2 page black & white .................................. $50/issue

(7.34”w x 4.28” h) or (3.65”w x 8.688”h) ...................... $250/year

Full page black & white ................................ $75/issue

(7.34”w x 8.688” h) ................................................ $375/year
                                                                                         Get Spotted!
Full page color ............................................. $125/issue

(7.34”w x 8.688” h) ................................................ $625/year          407-647-3055
   Board’s                                                        Di s c u s
                                                                             s ed ?

       let in”
                                                         n Issu                  on th
                                                    ant A
                                                   W                   m  eone
                                                                ail so
                                                                 m              o   n the
                                                            or e-         e put
                                                     e call          can b
                                                Pleas        e issu
                                                       so th           a.
                                                board            agend

                                                                ot of
                 e t i ng                               ay Sh                   ay-
       Boar d Me                                   Sund
                                                              ME    very

Nex t                                                   30 A                   el)
                                                   0-9:                  (Chap
                     er 6                      9:0                vices             arant
            Decemb         ll                           ing Se
                                                                              us gu
                     ial Ha                        Morn
Tue   sday,    Soc                                          signu
                                                                   p to            ervic
                                                                            the s
     pm in the pen to                           e use
                                                                    ple) a
                                                                                       to se
7:00           eo                         Pleas             0 peo              ytime
          gs ar
         in                                   a min
                                                    yan (
    (meet        ion.)                                         the s
        congregat                                   n che
                                                           ck             doing
                                             You ca
                                                            how    we're             inyan
                                                                           om /go/m

                                Be sure to bring your raffle
                                  tickets into the office.

                              December 1 - 31, 2011                                                                         5 Kislev - 5 Tevet 5772
            Sunday                             Monday                            Tuesday                        Wednesday                          Thursday                           Friday                            Saturday
                                                                                                                                          1                                2                                  3
                                                                                                                                        • 7:00 pm : Ritual Committee     • 10:30 am : Marketing Committee   • 9:30 am : Shabbat Services
                                                                                                                                        Meeting                          Meeting                            • 11:00 am : Junior Congregation
                                                                                                                                                                         • 6:30 pm : Meet & Greet           • 12:30 pm : Judaism in a Nutshell
                                                                                                                                                                         • 7:00 pm : "Shabbat Matters"      • 6:00 pm : Havdalah and Cup-
                                                                                                                                                                         Services                           cakes
  4                                 5                                  6                                7                                8                                 9                                  10
• 9:00 am : Religious School                                         • 7:00 pm : Board of Directors   • 12:00 pm -1:00 pm : Lunch and                                    • Bar Mitzvah Daniel Brown         • Bar Mitzvah Daniel Brown
• 9:00 am -9:30 am : Morning                                         Meeting                          Learn with Rabbi Neely                                             • Bat Mitzvah Rachel Brown         • Bat Mitzvah Rachel Brown
Service                                                                                               • 4:00 pm : Religious School                                       • 6:30 pm : Meet & Greet           • 9:30 am : Shabbat Services
• 9:15 am : Sisterhood Exercise                                                                       • 4:00 pm -6:00 pm : Gift Shop                                     • 7:00 pm : Shabbat Services       • 11:00 am : Junior Congregation
Class                                                                                                 • 4:30 pm : Sisterhood Exercise
• 9:30 am - Ways & Means                                                                              Class
Committee Meeting
• 9:30 am -12:00 pm : Gift Shop
• 10:00 am -12:00 pm :
Sisterhood Meeting
• 10:30 am -12:00 pm : Library
  11                                 12                               13                                14                                15                               16                                 17
• 9:00 am : Religious School       • 7:00 pm : Men's Club Poker and • 4:30 pm : Boys and Girls Club   • 12:00 pm -1:00 pm : Lunch and   • 7:00 pm : Adult Education      • 6th & 7th Grade Shabbat          • 9:30 am : Shabbat Services
• 9:00 am -9:30 am : Morning       Bridge Night                     Birthday Party                    Learn with Rabbi Neely            Committee Meeting                • 6:00 pm : Family Shabbat Din-    • 11:00 am : Junior Congregation
Service                                                                                               • 4:00 pm : Religious School      • 7:00 pm : Sisterhood Book Club ner                                • 12:30 pm : Judaism in a
• 9:15 am : Sisterhood Exercise                                                                       • 4:00 pm -6:00 pm : Gift Shop                                     • 6:30 pm : Meet & Greet           Nutshell

Class                                                                                                 • 4:30 pm : Sisterhood Exercise                                    • 7:00 pm : Simcha Shabbat         • 6:30 pm -10:30 pm :
• 9:30 am : Annual Congrega-                                                                          Class                                                              Services                           Oy Veygas
tional Meeting
• 9:30 am -12:00 pm : Gift Shop
Chanukah Shopping Bazaar
• 10:30 am -12:00 pm : Library
  18                                19                                 20                               21                                22                               23                                 24
• 9:00 am : Religious School                                         • Erev Chanukah                  • No Religious School             • Chanukah - Day 2               • Chanukah - Day 3                 • Chanukah - Day 4
Chanukah Party                                                                                        • Gift Shop Closed                • 1st day of Winter              • 6:30 pm : Meet & Greet           • 9:30 am : Shabbat Services
• 9:00 am -9:30 am : Morning                                                                          • Chanukah - Day 1                                                 • 7:00 pm : Shabbat Services       • 11:00 am : Junior Congregation
Service                                                                                               • 12:00 pm -1:00 pm : Lunch and                                                                       • 12:30 pm : Judaism in a
• 9:15 am : Sisterhood Exercise                                                                       Learn with Rabbi Neely                                                                                Nutshell
Class                                                                                                 • 4:30 pm : Sisterhood Exercise
• 9:30 am -12:00 pm : Gift Shop                                                                       Class
• 9:30 am : Men's Club Bike Ride
• 10:30 am -12:00 pm : Library
• 11:00 am : Ways & Means
Committee Meeting
  25                                 26                                27                               28                               29                                30                                 31
• No Religious School              • Rosh Chodesh Tevet              • Rosh Chodesh Tevet             • No Religious School                                              • Elijah Crane Bar Mitzvah         • Elijah Crane Bar Mitzvah
• Gift Shop Closed                 • Chanukah - Day 6                • Chanukah - Day 7               • Gift Shop Closed                                                 • 6:30 pm : Meet & Greet           • 9:30 am : Shabbat Services
• Chanukah - Day 5                                                   • 7:00 pm : Sisterhood Board     • Chanukah - Day 8                                                 • 7:00 pm : Shabbat Services       • 11:00 am : Junior Congregation
• 9:00 am -9:30 am : Morning                                         Meeting                          • 12:00 pm -1:00 pm : Lunch and
Service                                                                                               Learn with Rabbi Neely
• 9:15 am : Sisterhood Exercise                                                                       • 4:30 pm : Sisterhood Exercise
Class                                                                                                 Class
• 10:30 am -12:00 pm :
Library Open
The Temple Israel Bulletin is a Monthly Publication                              Non-Profit Organization
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                                                                                  PERMIT #51009
                                                                                  MID-FLORIDA, FL

                                 munity Since
                  Building Com                     L 32708 -300
                                    ter Springs, F
                     s Road • Win : 407-647-8542
        50 South M os -647-3055 • Fax
                  407                             a.org
                  E mail: te mple

                       RTICLES Dday, December 9
             BULLETIN A Bulletin: Fri
                           ry 2012
         For the Janua
                                                         Current Resident or

                                    Shabbat Dinner
                                    Friday, December 23, 2011
                                    6:00 pm - Shabbat Dinner
                                    Catered by:

                                    $10 Adults, $5 Children 4 - 10 years,
                                    Free for Keepers of the Flame and Children 3 years & under
                                    7:00 pm - Musical Shabbat Service

RSVP by Monday, December 19th to the synagogue office:
phone: 407-647-3055 or online reservations: www.tiflorida.org/shabbatdinner.htm


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