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So far as I am able to judge, nothing has been left undone, either by man or nature, to make
India the most extraordinary country that the sun visits on his rounds. Nothing seems to have
been forgotten, nothing overlooked.
                                                                              - Mark Twain, Following the Equator
                        xplore an introduction

Adventure, the word connotes different meanings to different people. But one thing which remains common is
the unsurpassed feeling of being alive. But isn’t adventure associated with facing perils which may be potentially
hazardous? Exactly! That’s why one feels alive after staring and defying death. While these moments may be
experienced by some on surreal river bends while rafting, traversing barren landscapes on a jeep safari,
flying amidst clouds on a paraglider, diving deep into the ocean to explore its hidden wonders or hiking through thick
rainforests. For others the adrenaline rush may require nothing less than scaling the toughest mountain peaks
or plunging into a free fall deep into the earth’s womb! Yet there are still others who are thrilled by spending quaint
days on an easy trek or the simple act of jumping down a cliff on a bungee rope! Whatever the act may be, it’s these
moments where life momentarily flashes before your eyes, that qualify as adventure.
                                                                                      xplore activities defined

There are many activities that adventure trippers engage in to get that
adrenaline pumping. For them engaging in these activities is not a matter
of living these high moments just for the heck of it. For them it’s about
experiencing life as they know and understand it. After all what does a
mountaineer achieve spending his or her entire life trying to scale one peak? It’s
a conquest called life, which all the adventurers strive to fulfill, time and again
throughout their lives. While there are many for whom adventure becomes a
major pursuit in and of itself. At the same time there are several people who
do give into those adrenaline rushes, to feel alive. While there are numerous
options for the thrill seekers across the globe for every fathomable adventure
activity, there is a wide range of activities that the adventure enthusiast can
enjoy in the Indian sub-continent.
                                  xplore Scene in india

A   lmost everyone wants to engage in some kind of adventure travel these days. It is also no surprise that travellers
across the world have been satisfying their thirst for thrill. Though adventure is the latest travel mantra in India, it is yet to
become a trend. In India, we’ve just hit the tip of the adventure ice-berg. At the same time there is no doubt that India is
all set to become a hotbed for adventure sports. Both Indians and foreigners are looking to engage in some or the other
adventure activity. Holidays are not just about lazing around anymore. It is about undertaking that gruelling road trip or
opting for the dream trek or encountering rare wildlife. India’s 28 states and 7 union territories provide virtually every kind
of landscape and every kind of travel experience imaginable. The sub-continent has the potential to provide an exciting
array of adventure-travel products and experiences. With its myriad geography and abounding opportunities for adventure
sports and activities, adventure is the next phenomenon in the making in India. The country’s many majestic mountains,
dense forests, rocky terrains, gushing rivers and harsh deserts offer diverse adventure travel opportunities that suit
everyone. Here one can trek down the frozen Zanskar, scale Kanchenjunga, storm in a 4X4 in the desert, scale the highest
motorable road in the world amidst a stark lunar landscape, fly over the meadows of Kamshet, trek the quaint Western
Ghats, scuba dive in Lakshadweep or go rhino chasing in Kaziranga! The options are endless and opportunities countless...
                                                                xplore few facts

Adventure tourism constitutes

$95 Billion                                                                  50:50
                                                                             Male/Female Ratio
in   global spending

                   Adventure tourism                               are in the
                                                                   19-29 age
                   17% annually
                                 is accelerating at an
                               estimated growth rate of

     33%                                                            40%
                         of all travellers                                            are in the
                         opt for adventure
                         travel                                                       30-41 age
           tour operators are
           becoming increasingly                                are in the
           with several                                         42-51 age
           companies earning
           revenues upwards of US$100mn                         group                         ~ Source

                                                                                              2006 Adventure
                                                                                              Travel Industry
                                                                                              Research Round-Up
                                              xplore what is it about?

Xplore is an effort by like-minded adventure enthusiasts to bring
home the heart of adventure travel in India to the readers.
Xplore aims at presenting an account of mind boggling experiences to both the die-hard
adventure enthusiast and the tame and the wannabe adventurer. It takes the reader through
thrilling accounts of adventure across the sub-continent as well as in the international arena.
It aims to present a hair-raising account of those moments that the writers and photographers
have lived themselves. But it's not only about experiences and journeys. It's the presentation
of a voyage into the realm of action and its associated paraphernalia for you. We aim at
presenting you with the entire gamut of adventure options in the sub-continent and a
comprehensive guide for those who’ve always wanted to experience life in its adventure
avatar but never knew how. With Xplore you can access all the requisite information and
undertake many memorable journeys down the adventure lane, as Xplore will serve as a one
stop guide, along with its web-portal, a repository of information and accounts. Xplore aims
to be the final word on adventure travel in the sub-continent.
                                                                                                                                    xplore DISTRIBUTION

                                                                     Annual expenditure on adventure travel in India                            Circulation
Xplore is for everyone! With Xplore we intend to target young                                                                                   Xplore gives you the opportunity to reach out to a large reader base
                                                                    25%                                                                         primarily comprising of:
and old readers alike. Typically our readers will include regular                                                                         23%
                                                                                                                                                •	 Young	travellers
travellers who are looking to Xplore adventure travel options       20%
                                                                                                                                                •	 Hotels
                                                                                                                                                •	 Travel	Agents
when opting for a holiday. We hope that Xplore will be able                                                              17%
                                                                                                                                                •	 Subscriber	base
to cater to that segment of the public for whom a good travel       15%                                                                         •	 Pan	India	Presence

magazine is quintessential for learning more about adventure                     11%                                                11%         We plan to print and circulate 15,000 copies for the first issue. We estimate
                                                                    10%                                                                         that the same will increase to 25,000 copies by the start of the second year.
options in India. We also hope to be of immense use to
                                                                                                                               6%               •	 We	are	aiming	at	achieving	a	50%	subscriber	base	at	the	end	of	the	
international tourists who come to the region to engage in            5%                                                                           first year
                                                                                                                                                •	 We	plan	to	distribute	25%	copies	free	of	cost	to	various	hotels	and	
adventure travel, as well as, hotels, resorts and guest houses.                                                                                    tour operators across the country in the first year of operation
We feel that our subscribers’ base would also include small and       0%                                                                        •	 The	magazine	will	be	prominently	displayed	at	all	major	book-stalls,	
                                                                                                                                                   kiosks and newspaper stalls and aiports
big travel companies in the sub-continent who would like to be                                                                                  •	 We	aim	to	have	tie	ups	with	retailers	and	chains	of	fast	food	outlets	
in touch with the latest in the adventure scene in India, besides                                                                                  and cafes for display of the magazine
                                                                                                                                                •	 We	aim	to	tie	up	with	a	low	cost	air	carrier	for	the	magazine	to	be	
being an interesting read for people from all walks of life.        ~ Source                                                                       kept in-flight and display in cafes and fast food joints

                                                                    2006 Adventure
                                                                    Travel Industry
                                                                    Research Round-Up

                                                                                    Prepared by:
                                                                                    Paige Schneider
                                                                                    Research Director
                                                                                    Xola Consulting
                                                                                    Ph.D. Candidate Michigan
                                                                                    State University
                                                                                    Christina Heyniger
                                                                                    Xola Consulting
                                                                                     xplore advertise

Top 7 reasons
                                                                                     edge technology
                                                                                     makes our
to advertise                                                                         content fresh
with XPLORE                                            and different from the rest, giving our readers
         India’s first                                 a sense of independence and discovery
      Outdoor                                          We have managed to break into areas no
    Adventure                                          other travel magazines has, like:
                                                       – physical fitness before the sport
     Magazine                                          – location information
                                                       – hotels, cafes, dining options

                 Content is a unique combination of:
                                                                                                We are not advertisement
                 – Thrilling adventure features                                                 ‘heavy’. That means you ad
                 – Sports and lifestyle                                                         will not be lost in a sea of
                 – Adventure gear and products                                                  advertising that riddles most
                 – Virgin and famous adventure                                                  magazines published today,
                                                                                                thus giving your ad premium
                   sports locations                                                             exposure

Our ad planning is as per the cover story              We promote cross over
and other features, so that reader                     between sports, therefore
can see the recommendations along with                 your product or service
supporting advertisements                              gains additional, lateral,
                                                                                                   xplore CONTENT

The editorial plan is divided into regular and
features sections.

•	   News	and	Updates                            Content plan calendar     October-November 2012
•	   Product	Watch                               April-May 2012            Cover Story
•	   Adventure	Fashion                           Cover Story               Backpackers Paradise
•	   Resort	View                                 Top Treks in India        Leh
•	   Gear	&	Accessories                          North:	Chadar             McLeodganj
•	   Fitness	                                    East: Kanchenjunga        Goa
•	   Food                                        West: Kamshet Karla       Munnar
•	   Book	Review                                 South: Talathmane         Hampi
•	   Wild	Craft                                  June-July 2012            Darjeeling
•	   Online                                      Cover Story               December-January 2012
•	   Hot	deals                                   Trans-Himalaya            Cover Story
•	   Contest                                     Riding	in	Kibber          Skiing Destinations
•	   Ultimate                                    Rafting	in	Zanskar        Auli
                                                 Trek to Stok Kangri       Gulmarg
Features                                         Scaling	Chong	Kumdan      Solang
50%	of	the	magazine	will	carry	features,	        August-Sep 2012           Narkanda
articles and stories related to adventure        Cover Story               Yumthang
travel in India. Foreign features will consist   Top Road Trips in India   February-March 2012
of	not	more	than	10%	of	the	features.	           Manali-Leh                Cover Story
Features section will include a detailed         Guwahati-Tawang           Diving in India
cover story with many references. The            Bangalore-Goa             Lakshadweep
other sections will have features on various     Mumbai-Kolkata            Andaman
adventure travel options in India. Every issue                             Goa
will also have a photo feature or a book
extract section.
                                                                                                                                               xplore profILE
Vision                                          agencies. He has travelled to some of the        and leading education companies. She juggles between colours and         Yusuf Zaman
To fill the void of adventure travel            remotest and unexplored regions in the           numbers with equal ease while indulging in her love for poetry and       Yusuf	is	a	Public	Relations	professional	with	over	14	years	of	rich	
publications in India by presenting India       Himalayan and trans-Himalayan regions and        travelling to off beat places.                                           experience that he acquired working with national and international
specific content regarding thrilling accounts   has documented some rare wildlife on film                                                                                 brands	of	repute	like	Airtel,	Idea,	Oracle,	LG,	ICC	and	Seagrams.	
of adventure travel and to act as a source of   during his travels.                              Nitin Pasricha                                                           Apart from travelling extensively in India, he has widely travelled
valuable adventure related information and                                                       Nitin	Pasricha	hails	from	a	family	of	photographers,	being	exposed	      across Asia and the Africa. Though he sometimes prefers a laidback
serve as a one stop solution to all adventure   Shalini Shisodia                                 to some stellar photographs from an early age. Having picked up the      holiday, Yusuf is an avid roadie and an occasional contributor to travel
travel needs of travellers.                     A designer by heart, Shalini is a highly         camera only very recently, it was during an excursion to the Himalayas   magazines and blogs.
                                                innovative and creative designer who has         that he discovered his passion for photography. Ever since then he
The Team                                        worked with some of the leading national         has been honing his skill constantly clicking. His love for nature and
Xplore consists of a team of experienced        and international publishing houses and also     music	are	clearly	evident	in	the	photographs.	A	MCA	on	paper	and	        Col NS Rawat
and qualified journalists, photographers,       with some of the leading corporates in India.    a Web Designer by profession for 7 years, with no formal training,       Col	Rawat	comes	with	a	vast	experience	of	organising	adventure	
designers and industry experts.                 A prolific artist since childhood she moved on   designing was self-taught. Having being experienced in the web           activities in his colourful army career, across the length and breadth of
                                                to the world of media and print design early.    designing business has led him to understand the need for a smooth       India.	During	his	service	in	the	Kumaon	and	Naga	regiments,	he	was	
Gaurav Schimar                                  A travel aficionado and photographer herself,    user experience and usability, which is what he primarily focusses on.   posted	in	remote	areas	of	Ladakh,	North-East	and	Andaman	–	the	
A travel photographer and writer by choice,     she always goes that extra mile to put her                                                                                same being the hot-bed of adventure activities in the country today.
Gaurav’s passion for his work is evident in     ideas into action.                                                                                                        He	has	been	organising	adventure	trips	–	treks,	expeditions,	safaris	
the quality of his photographs and style                                                                                                                                  and	camping	–	after	retirement,	in	the	sub-continent	and	his	expertise	
of writing. Gaurav sees travel writing and      Mridula Harshvardhan                                                                                                      is sought after by many tour and travel operators.
photography as a distinctive medium of          A strategist and marketing specialist with a
individual expression. He has vast editorial    background of economics and accountancy,
experience in leading travel magazines in       Mridula is passionate about media and
India and has been a regular columnist in       making a difference to people’s life. For
national dailies. His guidance and              more than a decade Mridula has worked as
suggestions on adventure travel and sports      advisor, trainer, sales professional and as a
is sought by many travellers and travel         communication expert with media houses
                                                                                                                                                                           xplore RATE CARD
                                                                                                                            205 mm Bleed Adv                                                                                                                                 410 mm Bleed Adv

  ` 100                                          VOL 1 | MARKETING ISSUE

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                                 TOP 5 SKI

                                                                                                                             255 mm Non-bleed Adv

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   255 mm Non-bleed Adv
                                AULI, GULMARG, SOLANG
                              NARKANDA AND YUMTHANG
DIVING IN LAKSHADWEEP | RIDING IN KIBBER | SAILING IN NEW ZEALAND                                                                                                                                                                                     190 mm Non-bleed Adv

                                                                                                                                                                                                                             127.5 mm Non-bleed Adv
Specs and requirements                     Material specs
Language English                           File format:                                2/3 page advertisement                                                                  1/2 page advertisement                                                                                  1/4 page advertisement
Frequency Bimonthly                        HIGH-RES,	TIFF,	EPS,	PDF
Print run 20,000                           Density of picture files:            Split Banner Ad Rates                                                                      1 Issue                  2 Issues                                                   3 Issues         4 Issues          6 Issues      12 Issues
                                           300	DPI                              Double Spread                                                                              210000                   200000                                                     170000           150000            135000         115000
Magazine specs                             Notify                               Full	Page                                                                                  120000                   100000                                                      90000            80000             70000          60000
Trim: 205 x 270 mm                         marketing@xploreadventure.com        2/3	Page                                                                                    95000                    85000                                                      75000            65000             55000          40000
Bleed: 4 mm extra bleed margin                                                  1/2	Page                                                                                    70000                    60000                                                      50000            40000             30000          18000
after above trim size                      Mailing address                      1/3	Page                                                                                    55000                    48000                                                      40000            32000             23000          15000
Safety: all live matter should be          Xplore Media                         1/4	Page                                                                                    25000                    22000                                                      18000            12000             10000            9000
5 mm inside from trim size                 A-22,	Vikaspuri                      Premium Position Rates
Spread trim: 410 x 270 mm                  New	Delhi-110018                     Front Gatefold                                                                             350000                   325000                                                     300000            270000            240000        200000
Spread bleed: 4 mm extra bleed margin      T: +91 9871511133                    Back Gatefold                                                                              350000                   325000                                                     300000            270000            240000        200000
after above trim size                                                           Front	Cover	Inside                                                                         180000                   170000                                                     155000            140000            125000        100000
                                                                                Front	Cover	Inside	Right                                                                   150000                   140000                                                     130000            120000            110000        100000
                                                                                Inside	Back	Cover                                                                          150000                   140000                                                     130000            120000            110000        100000
                                                                                Back	Cover                                                                                 200000                   190000                                                     180000            170000            155000        140000

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