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Experience The Rajasthani And Princely Life At The Jaisalmer Hotels


									Comfort and luxury well and truly come alive at the Narayan Niwas Palace,
one of Jaisalmer's foremost heritage hotels.
Built in the nineteenth century, this is a heritage property which has
managed to retain its pristine glory throughout all these years.

At our end, we have pulled out all stops to ensure that you have a very
pleasant and comfortable stay at the Jaisalmer Narayan Niwas Palace,
offering a wide range of completely customized packages which can
together ensure that every penchant is fulfilled very well.

Overall, we feel that if you are visiting the Golden City of Jaisalmer
and are on the lookout for a suitable luxurious and comfortable place to
stay and relish Jaisalmer at its very best; Narayan Niwas Palace would be
the ideal destination for you.

Accordingly, please feel free to get in touch with us whereby we will
design a special package for the Jaisalmer Narayan Niwas Palace, tailored
to your specifications and requirements.

In the desert city of Jaisalmer, whose name itself personifies that of a
fortified structure, you will unlikely find a better option to stay, than
the Killa Bhawan.
Accordingly, we have put together a wide range of packages which can
together ensure that while you are staying at the Hotel Killa Bhawan
Jaisalmer, you are completely comfortable and basking in the glory of
complete convenience and luxury, at every step.

One of the unique initiatives which we have taken is to leave our
packages as flexible as possible, so that you can very well pick and
choose the options which seem most suitable to you. Further, no budget
would be too low - we have taken into consideration the demands of
discerning budget travelers and accordingly made sure that our Killa
Bhawan packages remain as affordable as possible.

On the whole, with us, you will completely enjoy your stay at the Hotel
Killa Bhawan Jaisalmer in every possible way.

A prestigious property of the HRH Group of Hotels, Gorbandh Palace is one
destination you would very likely want to consider as your preferred
place to stay, while in Jaisalmer. In particular, you will find that we
have such a wide range of packages for the Gorbandh Palace Jaisalmer that
no matter how eclectic an assortment of preferences you may have, we will
be able to ensure they are fulfilled, no questions asked!

Flush with as many as 83 different rooms, including 03 ultra luxurious
suites, no matter how big a group you may have, we can ensure that
everyone is accommodated together at the Hotel Gorbandh Palace Jaisalmer
in complete comfort.

Given all the tours that we organize around the hotel, Gorbandh Palace is
one experience that you will surely cherish all the more with us.
So feel free to contact us whereby we can design a unique Gorbandh Palace
Jaisalmer package especially for you, keeping in mind all your unique

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