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    For many parents, helping kids develop strong math skills                                                                                    Mary Gay Broderick, Melissa Favara,
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    kids. We’re here to help, with plenty of simple, easy-to-
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     e d ito r ’s note

                             Every Parent Needs Support
       When my son was 6 months old, his colicky fits          for Special Families (beginning on page 24), we
                                                               explore some of the ways special needs families are
       finally subsided enough that I felt I could brave
       the outside world and attempt to interact with          connecting locally, how to find the resources and
       other families. I headed to a new parents’ group        support that best fit your family’s needs, and how
       at Portland Impact (now Impact Northwest), not          finding a community that truly understands you
       knowing what to expect or even what I hoped             can benefit every member of your family.
       to gain from the experience. All I wanted to do              When I first walked into that new moms’ group
       was get out of the house and converse with other        nearly 11 years ago, I felt like the new kid in
       adults.                                                 school, not sure how I would fit in or if I would
           What I found was a group of new moms                make any friends. Everyone welcomed me gra-
       experiencing many of the same things I’d been           ciously, and there was one mom in particular with
       experiencing, in isolation, for the past six months.    whom I felt an immediate connection. We became
       Most of their babies seemed a lot calmer than           friendly in the group and began planning play
       mine, but all in all we shared the common ground        dates soon after. She and I are still close friends,
       of navigating parenthood for the first time and         and so are our sons. (Even our husbands get along
       finding ourselves, much of the time, in just a little   great!)
       over our heads. We talked about sleep depriva-               We’ve shared so much during the past 11 years,
       tion, our changing relationships with our partners,     I feel truly lucky to have her in my life and to have
       developmental milestones, feeding issues, in-laws       her boys in my son’s life. I can’t imagine how much
       and anything else that popped into our heads. I         we would have missed if I hadn’t taken that first
       was amazed how refreshing – how nourishing! –           step to get out of the house and try to connect with
       it was to connect with people who could relate to       other moms like me.
       all the things I was experiencing.                           Whether you’re going through the more typical
           Everyone needs a strong support network,            struggles that new parenthood brings – or you have
       perhaps never more than after we become parents.        children with special needs that bring additional
       But this month we pose the question: Where do           challenges – there’s a very good chance that there’s
       parents of special needs children find support?         support group out there that can lend a sympa-
       Imagine joining a group of new moms and dads –          thetic ear (and maybe a helping hand) to you. Take
       just like you! – whose experiences turn out to be       it from me – it will make the journey so much more
       nothing at all like yours. Imagine how lonely, how      enjoyable!
       helpless you would feel to realize your “peers”
       have no way of understanding anything you
       and your family are experiencing and no helpful
       advice to offer.
           Luckily, we live in an area rich with resources
       and support groups for every family, whatever our          Emily Puro, Managing Editor
       special needs might be. In our feature, Support               emily@metro-parent.com
                                                                                                         PHOTO BY STuDIO ESS

6   M etro Parent • metro-parent.com • SePteMber 2011
                                 pa r ent p o s tin g s

                                                                                                                                           be able to give much – but every               nual Teen Athlete Cardiac Screen-
                                                                                                                                           bit helps. Make a difference; do it            ing for students ages 13 to 19 is
                                                                                                                                           today!                                         set for Oct. 1. Registration is now
                                                                                                                                                                                              The $10 screening – which
                                                                                                                                             Our girls deserve better!                    includes an electrocardiogram
                                                                                                                                                                                          (ECG); height, weight and body
                                                                                                                                               Media messages constantly
                                                                                                                                                                                          mass index (BMI) measurements;
                                                                                                                                           bombard girls with the idea that a
                                                                                                                                                                                          and a cardiac physical exam –
                                                                                                                                           woman’s primary value lies in her
                                                                                                                                                                                          takes about an hour. Tests are
                                                                                                                                           youth, beauty and sexuality – not
                                                                                                                                                                                          performed by cardiologists, pe-

                                                                                                                                           in her capacity as a leader. Miss
                                                                                                                                                                                          diatricians and other health care
                                                                                                                                           Representation, an award winning
                                                                                                                                                                                          professionals. Results are given
                                                                                                                                           documentary, asks, “What can we
                                                                                                                                                                                          at the screening, with physicians
                                                                                                                                           do to change that?”
                                                                                                                                                                                          and other staff on hand to answer
                                                                                                                                               Join Girls Inc. of NW Oregon
                                                                                                                                           for the film’s premiere, followed
                                As the eldest child, Fatima, who lives in Kenya, collects five 5-gallon jerry cans every day and carries                                                      Preregistration is required and
                                them home – a journey that can take as long as two hours to complete. The Horn of Africa – an area         by a panel discussion, on Sept. 20
                                that includes Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia – is enduring its worst drought in 60 years.                                                                    a parent or guardian must accom-
                                                                                                                                           at the Bagdad Theater. This event
                                                                                                                                                                                          pany all participants. This screen-
                                                                                                                                           is a fundraiser for Girls Inc. of
                                                                                                                                                                                          ing does not take the place of a
                                Help stop the suffering                                refugee camps. And along the                        NW Oregon, which hopes to raise
                                                                                                                                                                                          school-mandated physical. Oct. 1,
                                      in Somalia                                       way, far too many are watching                      $15,000 to implement nine ses-
                                                                                                                                                                                          8:30 am to 1 pm. Memorial Coli-
                                                                                       their young children suffer and                     sions of Girls Inc. Media Literacy
                                    We’re matching donations                           die from hunger. (The estimate at                   with local groups. Tickets are $35.
                                                                                                                                                                                          seum. 503-335-3500; 360-487-
                                         to Mercy Corps                                press time, made by the U.S. Cen-                   A hosted reception begins at 5:30
                                                                                                                                                                                          3500. davidhellerfoundation.org.
                                    Nearly everyone we know                            ters for Disease Control, was that                  pm; film screening from 7 to 8:30                 Parent Postings continues on page 10
                                has been impacted by the current                       29,000 Somali children under age                    pm. Bagdad Theater,
                                recession. We’ve been laid off or                      5 had died in the past 90 days.)                    3702 SE Hawthorne
                                taken pay cuts. Our 401(k) plans                           If it all seems like too much,                  Blvd. girlsincnwore-
                                have tanked; our stock portfo-                         and you feel powerless to change                    gon.org.
                                lios are anemic. We worry about                        anything, we’re offering one easy
                                whether our children will be able                      way for you to make a difference.
                                to go to college. Indeed we ago-                       Log on to mercycorps.org/fund-                        Get your young
                                nize over the very future of our                       raising/metroparentmagazine or                        athlete’s heart
                                country.                                               go to metro-parent.com and click                         checked
                                    But nobody reading this                            on the Mercy Corps web button.
                                magazine has endured what the                          Metro Parent and our “sister”                           Even kids who

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    IMAGE COuRTESY OF LEGACY HEALTH
                                women of Somalia are dealing                           publication Portland Woman are                      seem healthy and
                                with. Weathering that country’s                        matching our readers’ donations                     have passed a physi-
                                worst drought in 60 years, thou-                       up to $1,500 (we’ll chip in $1,500                  cal may have heart
                                sands upon thousands of these                          for a total of $3,000) to Mercy                     problems, but the
                                brave mothers are walking for                          Corps to help stop the suffering in                 Children’s Hospital
                                days, or even weeks, to reach                          the Horn of Africa. You may not                     at Legacy Emanuel    Registration is now open for the Children’s Hospital at Legacy
                                                                                                                                           can help. Their an-  Emanuel’s annual Teen Athlete Cardiac Screening on Oct. 1.

                                8                                                      M etro Parent • metro-parent.com • SePteMber 2011
                                                     Specializing in
                                                        & surgical
                            G                           of urinary
                                                       & childbirth
                                                    pelvic floor injury.

M etro Parent • metro-parent.com • SePteMber 2011                          9
 pa r ent p o s tin g s

     Win big … for you and                                                                                                Green Sprouts             Free childcare provided. Sept. 18,
          your school                                                                                                        is back!               9:30 am or Sept. 22, 7 pm. 6651
                                                                                                                                                    SW Capitol Hwy. 503-246-8831
    For the ninth year in a row,                                                                                                 The ReDirect
                                                                                                                                                    or jgreenberg@nevehshalom.org.
Lloyd Center Mall will award                                                                                                 Guide’s Green
$6,000 to local area schools                                                                                                 Sprouts Natural
through its “Earning for Learn-                                                                                              Baby & Family
ing” (formerly “Tools for Your                                                                                               Fest returns for
School”) program. Here’s how it                                                                                              a sixth year to              Parent Education
works: Every time you make a                                                                                                 educate and enter-        New Parent Events at the
purchase at Lloyd Center through                                                                                             tain local families    Beaverton Library:
Sept. 25, bring your receipt to                                                                                              who want to live
                                                                                                                                                    New Parents Baby Event. Snacks,
the mall’s Customer Service Desk.                                                                                            a little – or a lot
                                                                                                                                                    stories and play time for parents
You can redeem each receipt (by                                                                                              – greener. Exhibi-
                                                                                                                                                    with babies under 1. Sept. 20, 2 to
Sunday the week of purchase) for                                                                                             tors will provide
                                                                                                                                                    3:30 pm.
an entry form on which you des-                                                                                              information on
ignate your (Portland) school of                                                                                             health products        Babies, Books, & Literacy
choice. A random drawing will be                                                                                             and services, out-     Games. Parents and children up
held each Monday to determine a                                                                                              door recreation,       to 18 months old enjoy games
winning school (receives $1,000)                                                                                             eco-healthy child      and literacy tips to enhance early
– and a winning individual ($50                                                                         Learn about living   care, natural birth,   literacy skills and love of reading.
                                                                                                    green with kids while                           Registration required: 503-350-
gift card). lloydcenter.com                                                                        enjoying an entertain-    education and
                                      PHOTO BY SHAN APPLEGATE

                                                                                                       ing day at the park   more. $3 dona-         3600. Sept. 28, 2 to 3 pm.
                                                                                                     at the Green Sprouts    tion. Sept. 25, 10
                                                                                                   Natural Baby & Family                            Early Brain Development. This
        Could you use a                                                                                   Fest on Sept. 25.  am to 5 pm. Pen-       workshop helps parents of chil-
      FREE wellness exam?                                                                                                    insula Park, 700 N     dren 6 and under plan brain-
                                                                                                                             Rosa Parks Way.        healthy activities, select brain-
    Metro Parent and Sprig Health                                                                                            503-231-4848.
                                                                        Special Olympics                                                            friendly foods, and support brain
are partnering to offer a FREE                                                                              redirectguide.com/greensprouts/
                                                                           Youth Games                                                              development through reading.
Women’s Wellness Exam to one                                                                                about.htm.                              Registration required: 503-350-
lucky reader. Your exam will                                        NIKE, Inc., and Special Olym-
                                                                                                                                                    3600. Adults only for this session.
include a basic preventive care                                 pics Oregon are hosting Youth
                                                                                                                                                    Sept. 29, 7 to-8:30 pm.
history, pap smear, heart and lung                              Games on Oct. 1 from 10 am to                        Raising kids in a
exam and much more. Value:                                      2 pm at the NIKE Campus. The                                                           Beaverton Public Library,
                                                                                                                        Jewish home?
$476. Sprig Health is a new                                     event is free to all registrants, and                                               12375 Southwest 5th St., Beaver-
company that offers health care                                 lunch will be provided. Sports                  Learn about Congregation            ton. 503-644-2197. beavertonli-
services at competitive prices to                               instruction and competition is              Nevah Shalom’s “Mothers’ Circle”        brary.org.
those without health insurance.                                 limited to youth between 7 to 18            at one of two free information
Joining the Sprig Health commu-                                 years old with intellectual dis-            sessions this month. This program
nity is free. Visit sprighealth.com                             abilities. For more information             empowers mothers to create Jew-            More parent education infor-
for details.                                                    and to register, visit soor.org/            ish homes whether or not they’re        mation is available in our Parents’
    Go to Metro-Parent.com to en-                               youthgames/.                                Jewish. The group meets twice           Calendar at metro-parent.com.
ter to win. Contest ends Sept. 22.                                                                          monthly to explore Jewish holi-
                                                                                                            days, practices, rituals and ethics.

10                                                              M etro Parent • metro-parent.com • SePteMber 2011
  a g e s & s ta g e s
                                                                                                                                         By Julia Silverman

   Making Sense                                                                                                Help Your Child
                                                                                                               Develop Strong
   of Math                                                                                                    Math Skills at Every
                                                                                                                 Age & Stage
                                                                                                             C     onfession time: I picked my
                                                                                                             university in part because it had no
                                                                                                             math requirements for my major,
                                                                                                             so I knew I’d never have to struggle
                                                                                                             through another geometry or algebra
                                                                                                             class. Now that I have kids, though,
                                                                                                             I’m essentially a math teacher, along
                                                                                                             with every subject in the book!
                                                                                                                If you’re anything like me – and
                                                                                                             plenty of adults are math averse –
                                                                                                             you’ve been crossing your fingers
                                                                                                             and hoping you’re doing right by
                                                                                                             your budding Einstein when it comes
                                                                                                             to supporting his or her math skills.
                                                                                                             The good news is, it doesn’t have to
                                                                                                             be drudgery for either of you. There
                                                                                                             are plenty of fun ways to help your
                                                                                                             kids develop a strong foundation
                                                                                                             in math, from the time they’re ba-
                                                                                                             bies to the time they, too, choose a
Playing with building blocks provides a wonder-
ful introduction to basic math concepts, includ-                                  The Early Years (Ages 2 and under)
ing shape, size and spatial relationships.
                                                                               Developing Pre-Math Skills
                                                       My friend and fellow twins mom Rachel calls it         Foolish you may feel, but all that chatter is
                                                   “sportscasting,” that constant patter that’s familiar   laying an important foundation your child will
                                                   to any parent of a baby or toddler, the bright nar-     need to one day master multiplication and conquer
                                                   ration that fills the day and occasionally makes        calculus.
                                                   you feel like a bit of an idiot:                           “So many people feel weird about it, but don’t
                                                       “Oh! It looks like we’ve got apple slices for       be afraid to talk out loud,” says Heidi Lamar,
                                                   snack today. I’m going to give you four of them.        infant-toddler coordinator at Growing Seeds Child
                                                   One. Two. Three. Four. Now, let’s see you take ONE      Development Community in north Portland. The
                                                   big bite. Yum!”                                         more you talk with kids and incorporate early

12                                                 M etro Parent • metro-parent.com • SePteMber 2011

math concepts like counting into your conversation the better, she
says, and soon enough, you’ll be able to ask your child to reach for
her own four apple slices and see her do just that.
    It can be tempting to buy a set of bright and shiny flashcards or
DVDs to teach babies and toddlers rudimentary mathematics, but
experts say it’s far better to follow your child’s cues and incorpo-
rate simple math concepts naturally into everyday play.
    Some toddlers may strike you as hoarders-in-training, but see-
ing how many toys a doll stroller can support is another experi-
ment in space and volume. Chrystal Godleske, who works at the
locally owned Spielwerk Toys, says parents who want to build
early math skills can’t go wrong with classic toys like stacking
pegs, which help kids master the concept of more than and less
than, and basic building blocks, which grow along with kids. (Yes-
terday’s counting toy is tomorrow’s airplane hangar or farm.)
    Godleske and Lamar both say
parents shouldn’t overlook tangen-
tially related arenas like art and        “(T)eaching math is
music to help young children de-
                                           really just inserting
velop math skills, too. When work-
ing with clay, for example, Lamar          math language
suggests talking to your toddler           while babies are
about shapes, sets and even simple
                                           exploring their
fractions. She likes to observe kids
at play and help narrate their choic-      environment.”
es: “You divided the clay into three                    — Renea Arnold,
                                                Multnomah County Library
small pieces!” or “You made that
piece of clay round like a ball.”
    Toddlers who enjoy being given
set tasks can help fold laundry, Lamar adds. Ask them to try fold-
ing washcloths in half, for example, or cloth diapers into thirds.
    When it’s time for music, clapping along to the beat and listen-
ing for the rhythm in a song will have your toddler counting with-
out even knowing it, while songs like “Five Little Monkeys” help
give context to numbers.
    Renea Arnold, an early childhood education specialist with the
Multnomah County Library system suggests reinforcing pre-math
skills with classic rhymes. During library story times aimed at this
age group, she says, librarians make it a point to play clapping
games and have toys available that reinforce early math skills –
not just balls, but big and small balls, hard ones and soft ones, and
nesting cups, to reinforce children’s burgeoning awareness of size
and relational comparisons.
    “Parents and caregivers should know that teaching math is re-
ally just inserting math language while babies are exploring their
environment, using a rich vocabulary of math words such as ‘pat-
tern,’ ‘size’ and ‘large’ and including kids in your conversations, so
it really becomes part of their play,” Arnold says. “Don’t sit down
with an 18-month-old with any intention of teaching them math.
Inspire their curiosity about the world with hands-on stuff.” Math,
she says, naturally will follow.

                                Making Sense of Math continues on page 14

                                                                M etro Parent • metro-parent.com • SePteMber 2011   13
     Back-to-School    a g e s & s ta g e s
                      Making Sense of Math continued from page 13

                                                           The Preschool Period (Ages 3 to 5)

                                                Kindergarten Math Readiness
                           This is the age when math
                                                                A teachable mo-
                       really starts to click. All of a         ment: Have your
                       sudden, the thousands of times           preschooler set the
                                                                table for dinner,
                       you’ve counted to 10 and back            counting how many
                       will pay off. Kids this age will         forks and spoons
                                                                you’ll need.
                       start to master the concept
                       that numbers have real-world
                           Knowing to stop at 10 when
                       counting their toes, as opposed to
                       automatically counting as high
                       as they can, is one essential pre-
                       kindergarten skill, says Courtney
                       Hayes-Lattin, who teaches pre-
                       school at Childswork Learning
                       Center in southeast Portland.
                           To reinforce that, Mary Gage
                       Davis, an educator at the Opal
                       Charter School at the Portland
                       Children’s Museum, suggests us-
                       ing everyday household chores.
                       Have kids set the table for din-
                                                                                              teachers ask them to jump, clap or otherwise
                       ner, counting how many forks
                                                              Try putting                     move their body that number of times, to
                       they’ll need, or ask them to pick
                                                                                              help them connect the abstract to the actual.
                       peas from the garden, counting         together a string                   As kids get more advanced, Hayes-Lattin
                       as they go.
                                                              of blocks in alter- says, parents can start challenging them. As
                           Another key concept for this
                                                              nating colors                   an example, she suggests filling two cups
                       age group is patterning and
                                                                                              with beads, one with 30 small beads, the
                       sequencing, she says, which            – red, yellow,                  other with 10 large ones. Ask your child
                       help provide a foundation for
                       the math they’ll learn in grade
                                                              red, yellow,                    which cup has more beads in it. Those who
                                                                                              say it’s the cup with larger beads need more
                       school and beyond. Whereas in-         red – then ask                  help to master the concept of more than/less
                       fants and toddlers might work          your preschooler than, a key skill that signifies kindergarten
                       on grouping blocks of similar
                       colors, preschoolers can play          which color                     readiness.
                                                                                                  Most importantly, she says, take your
                       more of a guessing game. Try           comes next.                     cues from your child and look for teachable
                       putting together a string of
                       blocks in alternating colors –                                         moments. If you notice they’ve started pil-
                       red, yellow, red, yellow, red –                                        ing items on a scale, seize the opportunity
                       then ask your preschooler which color comes next.                      to teach more than/less than skills by piling
                                                                                    on items until the scale tips. Davis works on addi-
                           This also is the age when building can become
                                                                                    tion and subtraction with her own kids, now 2 and
                       less abstract and more focused, as children figure
                                                                                    5, while they’re gazing out their window at crows in
                       out which shapes can fit together to form a com-
                                                                                    a nearby tree. When a bird or two flies off, she asks
                       pleted structure. If you’re on the floor playing with
                                                                                    her kids to figure out how many are left behind.
                       blocks, for example, go ahead and build a train,
                       then see if your child can replicate it to see if they’re        The key, says Hayes-Lattin, is “finding the mo-
                       grasping the concepts of three-dimensional building.         ment when a child is making a discovery on their
                                                                                    own and capitalizing on when their brain is devel-
                           At CLASS Academy, a private school in north-
                                                                                    opmentally ready to take on a task.” As parents, she
                       west Portland, math and number learning are inte-
                                                                                    adds, we should ask ourselves, “How can I nudge
                       grated into the curriculum at all ages. Preschoolers
                                                                                    them toward the next step and give them opportuni-
                       learn to count to 50 by twos, fives and tens, a good
                                                                                    ties to reinforce the concept at the level they are?”
                       pathway to higher math, and they’re asked to count
                       stairs as they climb. CLASS Academy students get a
                       “number of the week” stamped on their hands, then                             Making Sense of Math continues on page 16

14                    M etro Parent • metro-parent.com • SePteMber 2011
     Back-to-School    a g e s & s ta g e s
                      Making Sense of Math continued from page 14

                                                            Elementary Concerns (Ages 6 to 10)

                                                    Mathematics in the Real World
                          Every so often, northwest Port-
                      land mom Heather Faucera dumps
                      out the big jar full of coins that her
                      family is constantly filling and lets
                      her 7-year-old daughter, Olivia,
                      do some dreaming-by-counting.
                      Sometimes, the money in the jar
                      is going toward a present for the
                      whole family, like a new barbe-
                      cue grill. Sometimes it’s earmarked
                      for a local charity they’ve chosen

                                                                                                                                                                      PHOTO COuRTESY OF THE FAuCERA FAMILY
                          It’s up to Olivia to track how
                      much is in the jar, so Faucera has
                      consciously taught her daughter to
                      count and sort by fives and tens,
                      nickels here, dimes there, quarters
                      in a big lump pile in the center.
                      Thanks to her day job as a math          Heather Faucera, who teaches math at Bridger Elementary in southeast Portland, uses everyday activi-
                      teacher at Bridger Elementary            ties such as counting change in the family’s coin jar and keeping score when playing board games to
                                                               help her daughter Olivia, 7, develop solid, practical math skills.
                      school in southeast Portland, Fau-
                      cera has math on the brain, so she tries to incorporate Yahtzee gives Olivia
                      mathematics principles into life with Olivia all the                practice at keeping                     Cooking, gar-
                      time.                                                               track of her score.                     dening, shop-
                          That’s exactly what the experts recommend. Op-                  When relatives give
                      portunities for teaching grade school students about                Olivia money for her                    ping and playing
                      the practical side of math abound, and even those of                birthday, she’s al-                     board games are
                      us who are the most math averse constantly use the                  lowed to spend half
                      basic building blocks of addition, subtraction, multi-              of it, while the rest
                                                                                                                                  all great ways
                      plication and division in everyday life.                            goes into a savings                     to work on math
                          Pat Kenschaft, a mathematics professor at New                   account. The catch is,                  skills with school-
                      Jersey’s Montclair State University and author of                   she’s got to figure out
                      Math Power: How to Help Your Child Love Math Even whether she can afford
                                                                                                                                  age children.
                      if you Don’t (Pi Press, 2005), says children this age are what she wants and
                      ripe for discussions about family finances, and for re- how much – if any –
                      ceiving an allowance to teach them about smart fiscal she’ll have left over.
                      decisions and math strategies.                                           And don’t let kids get away with a monosyllabic
                          “You want to be discussing how to get the most                  answers, Kenschaft adds. Make like a teacher and see
                      from a family’s money, how much you spend in a                      if they can explain their work. “Ask them, ‘Why do
                      week, does it pay to repair something or to buy a new you think that?’ and ‘Is there another way (to figure it
                      one or save money by putting up with it,” she says. In out)?’,” she says, calling these the “key questions” in
                      the supermarket, take the opportunity to pose math-                 teaching mathematics.
                      related questions in the guise of shopping, Kenschaft                    Faucera also is a fan of asking Olivia to explain
                      suggests. You might say, “I’ve got four cans of black               how she’s arrived at a particular conclusion, to keep
                      beans here, but I need six. How many more do we                     the math conversation going.
                      need?”                                                                   “Of course I sometimes go into teacher mode and
                          Another great place to practice math skills is in               give her different strategies of how to add up the
                      the garden, Kenschaft says. Older kids can help figure              numbers,” she says, “but I have to be really careful
                      out how many plants can fit in a particular area while that I am not trying to teach her. I want her to show
                      younger ones can help decide how many seeds to                      me how she is trying to figure things out, what makes
                      plant and count up the bounties of the harvest.                     sense to her. I have to really be careful that I stay in
                          Cooking is a great way to teach fractions, Faucera              parent mode and I allow her to learn on her terms.”
                      adds, and playing simple, classic board games like                                          Making Sense of Math continues on page 18

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M etro Parent • metro-parent.com • SePteMber 2011   17
 a g e s & s ta g e s
Making Sense of Math continued from page 16

                                              The Middle Ages (Ages 11 to 14 and beyond)

                         When Your Child’s Math Skills Surpass Your Own
     Quick quiz: Do you remem-
                                                                                                                                     North Portland mom
 ber anything from your high                                                                                                          Laura Lloyd enlisted
 school pre-calculus class? Any-                                                                                                        the services of her
                                                                                                                                    17-year-old son, John,
 thing at all?                                                                                                                      when her 11-year-old
     If your answer is no, you’re                                                                                                        daughter Aubrey
                                                                                                                                       (pictured), needed
 not alone. Most of us use basic                                                                                                         help with middle
 math every day, in one form or                                                                                                              school math.
 another, but higher math skills
 are a different story.
     Even if you couldn’t tell the
 difference between sine and co-
 sine if your life depended on it,
 your teen or ‘tween might be
 able to do so – or at least they
 might be learning how – and for
 the first time, when they ask for
 help with their math homework,
 you might come up short.

                                                                                                                                                              PHOTO COuRTESY OF THE LLOYD FAMILY
     Having your child vault
 ahead of you in terms of math
 skills can be difficult for par-
 ents, says Tom Bright, a teacher
 at Winterhaven K-8, a Portland
 Public Schools math and sci-
 ence magnet school in southeast
                                                                                                                If there’s no older sibling, Lloyd
 Portland. To address this, he suggests flipping the traditional dy-
                                                                                                            suggests checking in with neighbors
 namic. Instead of helping your child with his homework, ask him to           “Articulating your who have older kids. Other classmates
 help you decipher it.
                                                                               learning is one              also can be a big help for kids who are
     “I urge parents to ask their kids to see their work and to explain                                     struggling with higher math concepts.
 it (even if the parents don’t understand it themselves)”, Bright says.        of the most
                                                                                                            And like Bright, she stresses the impor-
 “Articulating your learning is one of the most powerful ways to im-           powerful ways                tance of talking with your child about
 prove it, so if your kid can explain their learning to you, it will keep      to improve it, so            her homework, even if you can’t always
 their understanding and interest up.”                                                                      follow what she’s talking about. It’s
     Parents who want to make sure their kids keep up with advanced
                                                                               if your kid can
                                                                                                            even better, she says, if you and your
 math concepts can work with their schools to see if older students            explain their                child can check in together with the
 are available to offer tutoring, Bright adds. Their knowledge of the          learning to you,             teacher every so often.
 math material is fresher, and it’s always good to develop cross-grade
                                                                               it will keep their               “If you’re present in the room and
                                                                                                            your child has any questions,” she says,
     Most schools in the Portland metro area now have online grad-             understanding                “you can see exactly where the issue is.”
 ing programs parents can access, so Bright suggests you monitor               and interest up.”                Pat Kenschaft, a mathematician who
 those carefully to spot any problems that might arise and get your                          – Tom Bright,
                                                                                                            teaches at Montclair State University in
                                                                                          Winterhaven K-8
 kids help when they need it.                                                                               New Jersey and has written a book on
     North Portland mother Laura Lloyd had a secret math weapon                                             helping kids learn to love math, says
 to help her middle school daughter Aubrey last year: her older son,                                        rather than agonizing over this one,
 John, a high school student. On drives home, the two kids would              parents should revel in watching their kids’ learning overtake their
 huddle in the back of the car, she says, and try to work out Aubrey’s        own.
 questions. Not only did Aubrey get the help she needed, but the sib-             “Of course, as parents, we can’t know everything,” she says.
 ling bond grew stronger and John received important reinforcement            “There’s a lot you can learn from your child, so rejoice in that.”
 of his own math skills.
                                                                               Julia Silverman is a Portland freelance writer and the mother of
                                                                                                               Making Sense of Math continues on page 20

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                                                    Making Sense of Math continued from page 18

                                                      New Standards for Math and More
                                                      As students in Oregon and southwest Washington head back to public
                                                      schools across the region, change is in the air. This year, public schools
                                                      formally begin updating and adapting their curricula to align with a new
                                                      and more challenging set of academic expectations for students in kinder-
                                                      garten through twelfth grade.
                                                      The new standards, known as the “common core,” are part of an unprec-
                                                      edented nationwide experiment in making sure kids across the country
                                                      face the same academic challenges, whether they’re in Portland, Maine or
                                                      Portland, Oregon.
                                                      At first glance, that seems to fly in the face of Oregon’s longstanding
                                                      tradition of local control, which has largely left curriculum and personnel
                                                      decisions up to the state’s nearly 200 individual school districts. But with
                                                      increasingly alarming reports showing that children in the United States
                                                      fare dismally when compared to their counterparts around the world,
                                                      there’s growing consensus from politicians and academic leaders alike
                                                      that change is needed.
                                                      Hence the new standards, which generally raise the bar of what children
                                                      are expected to learn in seven core subjects: English language arts, math,
                                                      health, physical education, science, a second language, social studies and
                                                      the arts. By 2014, for example, all Oregon high school students will have
                                                      to take three years of math in order to get a diploma, including Algebra 1
                                                      and two higher level courses, an increase from the previous requirement
                                                      which called for just two years of general math. Starting with the class
                                                      of 2013, Washington students must have at least three credits of math in
                                                      order to earn a high school diploma, up from two credits required previ-
                                                      ously. Some school districts have their own requirements that go beyond
                                                      these state minimums, too.
                                                      All this change hasn’t come without some pushback. The National Council
                                                      of Teachers of Mathematics, for example, has said that while it supports
                                                      the principles behind the changes, there are real concerns that the new
                                                      standards need more focus on technology and will push kids too far, too
                                                      fast and with too much emphasis on testing as opposed to richer concept
                                                      Closer to home, smaller and more rural school districts are worried they
                                                      won’t be able to afford the increased costs of the upgrade, especially at a
                                                      time when school budgets are still contracting. Oregon State Schools Su-
                                                      perintendent Susan Castillo has acknowledged that the path ahead won’t
                                                      be easy, but she says the state can’t wait “for better days to ensure our
                                                      kids are ready for life after high school.”
                                                      For detailed grade-by-grade requirements of the new achievement
                                                      standards in Oregon and Washington, visit ode.state.or.us/search/
                                                      page/?id=2860 (Oregon) or k12.wa.us/graduationrequirements/Require-
                                                      ment-Credits.aspx (Washington).

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M etro Parent • metro-parent.com • SePteMber 2011   21

22          M etro Parent • metro-parent.com • SePteMber 2011
M etro Parent • metro-parent.com • SePteMber 2011   23
   Support                                                                                                                        How Special Needs Families
                                                                                                                                  Connect and Learn from Each Other

for Special f
                                                                                                                                                                                                           By Anne Laufe
                                                                                                                                     or years, JoAnn Bezodis and her husband, Chris, have dealt with the various
                                                                                                                                        mental health issues of JoAnn’s seven children, who range in age from 14

                                                                                                                                  to 25. One child was suicidal, another bipolar and a third had oppositional defi-
                                                                                                                                  ance disorder, making it nearly impossible for him to accept any authority figure
                                                                                                                                  in his life.
                                                                                                                                      Three years ago, their then 16-year-old
                                                                                                                                  daughter was diagnosed with borderline per-         “Because we’d never
                                                                                                                                  sonality disorder and placed at Pioneer School, met other parents
                                                                                                                                  a Portland Public Schools program for kids
                                                                                                                                  who are too disturbed to succeed in less restric- of kids with mental
                                                                                                                                  tive school environments.                           illness before, we
                                                                                                                                      That was when Chris and JoAnn, who live         never had anyone to
                                                                                                                                  in southwest Portland, found out about Talk It
                                                                                                                                  Over, a free support group for families of chil- talk to about it.”
                                                                                                                                  dren and teens suffering from mental illness,        – Chris Bezodis, southwest Portland
                                                                                                                                  sponsored by the Multnomah County chap-
                                                                                                                                  ter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness
                                                                                                                                  (NAMI). They went to their first meeting at Providence Hospital Child Center and
                                                                                                                                  have been attending the twice-monthly meetings ever since.
                                                                                                                                      “Because we’d never met other parents of kids with mental illness before, we
                                                                                                                                  never had anyone to talk to about it,” Chris Bezodis says. “I’d mention that our
                                                                                                                                  daughter was at Pioneer and other parents knew nothing about it. At the group,
                                                                                                                                  people know about these things.”
                                                                                                                                      Talk It Over isn’t the only local program for families with special needs. There
                                                                                                                                  are numerous groups across the Portland metro area offering adults a safe haven
                                                                                                                                  where they can talk freely about their experiences and cut through the isolation
                                                                                                                                  of raising a child who’s different than the norm, as well as groups and social
                                                              Joey Ford (left), 5,                                                clubs for special needs kids.
                                                              plays with brother
                                                              Ian, 9. When their
                                                                mom, Becky Sul-                                                   The Benefits for Families
                                                             livan, couldn’t find
                                                                a support group                                                        When she joined Westside Autism Moms several years ago, Beaverton mom
                                                           that met her family’s                                                  Belinda Hanson discovered a place where she didn’t have to feel guilty about her
                                                         needs – Joey has been
                                                             diagnosed with au-                                                   autistic son’s behavior.
                                                                                     PHOTO COuRTESY OF THE FORD-SuLLIVAN FAMILY

                                                          tism – she started her
                                                           own, ASD Caregivers                                                         “Play groups happen, but we stop going to them because our child is ripping
                                                                 Support Group.                                                   down the curtains and eating the banana peels and going through the garbage,”
                                                                                                                                  Hanson says of the typical groups mothers of young children attend. In contrast,
                                                                                                                                  she says, parents and children find acceptance when Westside Autism Moms
                                                                                                                                  open their homes to one another. It’s also easier for mothers to relax knowing
                                                                                                                                  the environment is safe for their kids, with potentially dangerous items sealed
                                                                                                                                  away and locks on the outside of gates, for example.
                                                                                                                                       “At the very least, you have a mom who says it’s no big deal if my kid messes
                                                                                                                                  something up,” Hanson says.
                                                                                                                                       Hanson’s daughter, Nina, 4, is not autistic like her brother, Christian, 6, but
                                                                                                                                  she’s benefited from the group as well. Nina has grown up with a network of au-
                                                                                                                                  tistic kids and often goes to group activities with Christian, which has helped her
                                                                                                                                  figure out how to interact with him more effectively.
                                                                                                                                        Across the Willamette River, when north Portland mom Becky Sullivan

                                                                                                                                   couldn’t find a local support group that met her needs, she started her own:

                                                                                                                                    ASD Caregivers Support Group. (ASD stands for Autism Spectrum Disorder.)
         F THE H

                                                                                                                                     “There are really good Internet email groups,” says Sullivan, whose 5-year-old
                                                                                                                                      son is autistic, “but I just felt that I needed to see someone.”
                     ESY O

                                                                                                                                          Connecting with other parents who go through the same things she does
              COuR T

                               Getting to know other children with autism – like her                                              has lowered Sullivan’s stress level and helped her feel supported in her own

                             brother, Christian, 6 – has helped Nina Hanson, 4, learn                                             emotional journey. She considers the members of the group her “found family”
                                       how to interact with Christian more positively.
                                                                                                                                  and says they often understand her struggles better than her actual relatives.

24                                                 M etro Parent • metro-parent.com • SePteMber 2011
                     A Workshop for Siblings
     While not nearly as prevalent as support groups for parents and children
 with special needs, support programs for siblings of special needs children
 can be equally beneficial. The Autism Society of Oregon (ASO) is hosting a
 special Sibling Support Workshop beg inning this month for children from
 12 to 14 years old. (PLEASE NOTE: The workshop is limited 12 children, so be
 sure to call to find out if space is still available.)
     The Sibling Support Workshop will give brothers and sisters of children
 with special needs a chance to receive peer support, discuss their sibling
 relationship and explore how having a sibling with special needs can be
 frustrating and inspirational. Sessions will be held on Saturdays, Sept. 10
 through Oct. 1, from 11 am to 1 pm at Moreland Presbyterian Church, 1814
 SE Bybee, in Portland. Cost is $40; lunch provided.
     ASO is tentatively scheduling another Sibling Support Workshop, this
 one for children from 9 to 11 years old, in spring 2012. Call 503-636-1676 for
 more information. ASO’s website is oregonautism.com.

   “The biggest benefit (of the support group) is hearing that your
kid is ‘normal’ within our own community,” says Sullivan, “and that
you’re certainly not alone.”

Beyond Emotional Support
    Whatever your child’s needs, help is out there, stresses Shauna Si-
gnorini, director of training and outreach for the Oregon Family Sup-
port Network (OFSN). Founded in 1991, OFSN supports families with
children and adolescents who have emotional, behavioral, mental
and/or physical challenges.
    OFSN offers a toll-free helpline; family-friendly activities for train-
ing, respite and recreation; support groups; and a state-wide lending
library. The group frequently holds trainings for both family members
and professionals covering topics such as accessing support in public
schools, developing a natural support system, coping with the holi-
days, and the sibling experience.
    A frequent discussion topic is the grief process that parents go
through when they realize their child isn’t “normal,” Signorini says.
They often experience a profound sense of loss and have to reframe
their dreams for their children.
    Signorini is especially proud of the many peer-delivered services
OFSN provides. “There’s power in having someone who speaks the
same language,” she says. “We learn from everybody, and it becomes
a journey to advocacy. We really want families to find their voice and
use that voice to help their kids.”
    Lynette Burke, an occupational therapist with Advanced Pediatric
Therapies, is one of the organizers of a support group for parents of
children with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) as well as seminars
on SPD (see “Special Needs Resources” on page 28 for details). She
says parents, grandparents and even teachers feel a great sense of re-
lief when they learn there is actually something identifiable prevent-
ing their “normal-looking” child from acting like his peers. The Sen-
sory Seminars she coordinates focus on adult networking and feature
speakers who connect families to resources.
    “The information just seems to be so powerful for these families,”
Burke says. “Then you have choices and you can make a plan of

Support for Special Kids
    It’s not only parents of children with special needs who can use
a little extra help. The kids themselves can derive huge benefits from
groups that cater to their different needs.
                              Support for Special Families continues on page 26

                                                                      M etro Parent • metro-parent.com • SePteMber 2011   25
                                                                            Support for Special Families continued from page 25

                                                                                             In southeast Portland, the Girl Power Support Group for girls
                                                                                         age 10 and older with any kind of disability, meets monthly to play,
                                                                                          enjoy crafts and work on their social skills. Although the group is
                                                                                          sponsored by the Autism Society of Oregon (ASO), ASO Executive
                                                                                          Director Genevieve Athens emphasizes that girls with other chal-
             Margaret Puckette                                                             lenges are welcome, too.
      facilitates the NAMI Talk                                                                The free group is facilitated by several different professionals
        It Over Support Group
        at Providence Portland                                                              who volunteer their time. According to Athens, the point of the
     Medical Center. Her adult                                                              Girls’ Support Group is to help the girls develop their language
     daughter was diagnosed
         with schizophrenia as
                                                                                             skills, increase their social interactions, work on taking turns and
                        a teen                                     THE PuCKETTE FA
                                                                                   MILY      find mutual interests with their peers.
                                                         uRTESY OF
                                                PHOTO CO
                                                                                            Other groups for special needs kids include a monthly Game Club
                                                                                        and a semi-monthly Teen+ Club for kids 13 and older, both spon-
                                                                                        sored by the Portland Asperger’s Network and both taking place in
                                                                                        West Linn. Activities include computer, video, board and card games,
                                                                                        as well as a potluck supper.
                                                                                            Teen+ Club coordinator Deb Paxton says the clubs are great “be-
                                                                                       cause these kids don’t have the skills to make friends on their own.
                                                                                       Here you have guys who all have the same interests, so from the first
                                                                                       day they have someone to talk to or play games with.”
                                                                                            Paxton also organizes occasional outings for the Teen+ Club,
                                                                                        which have included rafting trips, Halloween parties, fencing and
                                                                                        trips to the Family Fun Center in Wilsonville.
                                                                                            Paxton sums up the success of these clubs by sharing a simple an-
                                                                                        ecdote: “One evening after Game Club, an 18-year-old kid who had
                                                                                        been in the foster system said, ‘This is the only place I can be myself.
                                                                                        I don’t have to pretend here.’”

                                                                            Finding Support for Your Family
                                                                                With so many groups in the area, there’s usually one to fit each
                                                                            family’s needs. If there isn’t, parents say it’s not that difficult to start
                                                                            one that does.
                                                                                Renee Kerr and Paula Scheidler founded the Down Syndrome
                                                                            Network of Oregon when their children were toddlers. Now a large
                                                                            part of their mission is to visit hospitals, meet with medical staff and
                                                                            talk to genetic counselors to spread the word about the support they
                                                                                “We really like to get to the families early on so they know
                                                                            they’re going to be all right,” says Kerr. “It’s really frightening in the
                                                                                Some support groups put up notices in schools and early inter-
                                                                            vention programs as well in the offices of doctors and other profes-
                                                                            sionals. Networking with other parents also is a good way to find out
                                                                            what resources are available.
                                                                                Hanson heard about Westside Autism Moms from another mom
                                                                            she met at Building Bridges, a program providing services for chil-
                                                                            dren with autism and similar verbal, social or behavioral challenges,
                                                                            in southwest Portland. “At first I thought I didn’t have time for the
                                                                            group,” Hanson says, “but I finally went and I found this beautiful
                                                                            group of women.”
                                                                                A great deal of information is available online, too. Some groups
                                                                            simply list the times and dates of their meetings, while others have
                                                                            extensive websites with frequent updates and the latest information.
                                                                            Still others, such as the ASO Caregivers Support Group, connect on
                                                                            Facebook and other social networking sites.
                                                                                Whether families find a support group through word of mouth,
                                                                            a recommendation from a professional, or by searching the web,
                                                                                                              Support for Special Families continues on page 28

26                                M etro Parent • metro-parent.com • SePteMber 2011
M etro Parent • metro-parent.com • SePteMber 2011   27
     Support for Special Families
     continued from page 26                                                                  Many local groups host social events
                                                                                               for special needs families, like this
                                                                                                Easter Egg Hunt organized by the
                                                                                             Westside Autism Moms at the Autism
     parents who have benefited from these                                                    Research and Resources of Oregon’s
     nonjudgmental, open environments                                                            Westside Family and Community
     urge others to start the search for a                                                                   Center in Beaverton.
     good match as soon as possible.
         As Chris Bezodis, still a regular at-
     tendee of NAMI’s Talk It Over support

                                                                                                                                       PHOTO COuRTESY OF THE WESTSIDE AuTISM MOMS
     group, puts it, “I just really want to
     get the word out and let other people
     know about the group. It helped us
     a lot and I’m sure it can help other

     Anne Laufe is a Portland freelance
     writer and mom.

                      Special Needs Resources (Support Groups and More)
        Advanced pediatric therapies, Inc.: 11320 NE 49th St.,       Family and Community together (FACt): 619 SW 11th
        Vancouver, Wash. 503-245-5639. advancedpediatric-            Ave., Suite 102. 888-988-FACT (3228). factoregon.org.
        therapies.com. Co-sponsors support groups for parents        FACT is an Oregon nonprofit coalition of organizations
        of children with Sensory Processing Disorder in Portland     and individuals focused on issues of importance to
        and Vancouver as well as Sensory Seminars in down-           those with disabilities and their families.
        town Portland. Support groups are free ($5 donation          the National Alliance on mental Illness (NAmI): 503-
        for downtown group appreciated).                             228-5692 or 800-950-NAMI (6264). For information
        Ages & stages Questionnaires Oregon: 541-346-2580.           about NAMI’s free Talk It Over Support Group, contact
        asqoregon.com. This online questionnaire allows par-         Margaret Puckette, 503-289-7797. For other local sup-
        ents to check their child’s development – and helps con-     port groups, visit nami.org/Multnomah, click on “Get
        nect families to services if their children have develop-    Help,” then “Community Support Groups.”
        mental delays.                                               Oregon Family support Network: 503-675-2294. ofsn.
        ArC of Oregon: 1745 State St., Salem. 503-581-2726;          org. OFSN is a family-driven support network for fami-
        877-581-2726. arcoregon.org. Support and resources           lies who have children with special needs.
        for individuals with cognitive, intellectual and develop-    Oregon parent training and Information Center: 2288
        mental disabilities. Find your local chapter here: arcore-   Liberty Street NE, Salem. 503-581-8156. oregonrisecen-
        gon.org/chapter_contacts.htm.                                ter.org. Resources to educate and support parents and
        the Artz Center for Developmental Health & Audiol-           families in meeting the needs of children and youth
        ogy: 1675 SW Marlow Ave., Suite 200. 503-672-7857.           with the full range of disabilities.
        artzcenter.org. Offers free educational groups for par-      parents of Autistic Children of Oregon (pOAC): Autism
        ents of children with special needs.                         Oregon.org/support_groups. Comprehensive list of sup-
        AsD Caregivers support Group: 503-283-5513. asdcare-         port groups in Oregon and Southwest Washington for
        givers@becky.fastmail.us                                     families with autistic children.
                                                                     portland Asperger’s Network: aspergersnet.org. Parent
        the Autism project: theautismproject.org/Support-
                                                                     support groups, game nights and other resources for
                                                                     children and teens with Asperger’s.
        Autism society of Oregon (AsO): 888-AUTISM-1.
                                                                     swindells resource Center: 830 NE 47th Ave. 503-215-
        oregonautism.com. Family support groups and other
                                                                     2429. providence.org/childcenter. This program of Prov-
        resources. Search online for your local chapter. (Read
                                                                     idence Child Center connects families, caregivers and
        more about ASO on page 42.)
                                                                     friends of children with disabilities in Oregon and SW
        Disability rights Oregon: 620 5th Ave., Suite 500. 503-      Washington to resources, information and training.
        243-2081. disabilityrightsoregon.org. This nonprofit         spdconnect.com: A website for families of children with
        promotes opportunity, access and choice for individuals      Sensory Processing Disorder.
        with disabilities.
                                                                     United Cerebral palsy of Oregon and sW Washington:
        Down syndrome Network of Oregon: 503-636-4860.               11731 NE Glenn Widing Dr. 503-777-4166.; ucp.org/ucp_
        dsnor.org. Support and information for parents of chil-      local.cfm/129. Sponsors support groups, outings, advo-
        dren with Down Syndrome.                                     cacy, information and referral, and some respite care.
        easter seals Disability services: easterseals.com. Pro-      Westside Autism moms: health.groups.yahoo.com/
        vides a wide variety of interventions to individuals with    group/WestsideAutismMoms
        disabilities.                                                                                       — Anne Laufe

28   M etro Parent • metro-parent.com • SePteMber 2011
M etro Parent • metro-parent.com • SePteMber 2011   29
 By Metro Parent Staff

     the Places
     We’ll Go!
 W     e’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: The Portland
 metro area is a veritable Parenting Paradise – and our an-
 nual Reader Survey of the region’s family favorite spots
 is proof. Almost a thousand (!) readers let us know about
 their preferred “places to go with kids in tow.” While fa-
 vorites emerged in each category, it’s clear by the sheer
 variety of the nominations received – for example
 89 DIFFERENT restaurants were nominated for the
 “Happy Highchair” award alone – that this is a region                                                                   Laurelwood Public House &
 that caters to kids. With all of those great family-friendly                                                            Brewery wins the “Happy
                                                                                                                         Highchair” Award this year.
 eateries and coffee shops, dozens of cool toy stores, book                                                              Great beer, food and play areas
                                                                                                                         – what’s not to like?
 shops and more, area parents should never be heard mut-
 tering, “There’s no place to take the kids!”                                                  Family Favorite Restaurant
    The votes have been tallied – here are this year’s
                                                                                         Brewpubs continue their winning streak in this cat-
 winners:                                                                            egory with Laurelwood public House & brewery (Sandy
                                                                                     Blvd., Kearney and NE 40th locations; laurelwoodbrewpub.
                               Coffee Shop                                           com) earning this year’s “Happy Highchair” award. The at-
                                                                                     tributes cited most often: great beer, food – and the play
    In a 2010 survey by thedailybeast.com, Portland ranked second in the             areas. “Such a great place for families, and their food and
 country for the number of coffee shops per capita. We believe that the              beer - to die for!” Hopworks Urban brewery (2944 SE
 area’s parents are fueling much of that demand – pray tell, who needs               Powell Blvd.; hopworksbeer.com) came in a close second –
 caffeine more than a sleep-deprived Mom or Dad?                                     for similar reasons: “Great food and service. Also a great
    Despite the ubiquitous starbucks outlets, indie coffee shops still reign         area for play that’s accessible and easily monitored.” Our
 supreme among the area’s java-seeking parents. munchkin playland                    conclusion: Great beer and food + fun, handy play areas =
 (18335 NW West Union Rd.; munchkinplayland.com) once again took top                 happy parents.
 honors in this category, cited for their great coffee and clean play area. A            But comfort food is appealing to area families, too, it
 typical refrain: “Can enjoy mommy time while my son plays.” Café sip-               seems. Old spaghetti Factory (multiple locations; osf.com)
 n-play (3000 SE 164th Ave., Vancouver; cafesipnplay.com) came in sec-               rounded out the top three with comments like this that
 ond with similar praises: “My daughter loves to go here and it gives me a           scream “family friendly”: “Great food and really friendly
 good amount of time to sip a chai and catch up on emails.”                          and helpful servers. They don’t mind at all when the kids
                                                                                     make a mess.”

30                                   M etro Parent • metro-parent.com • SePteMber 2011
                            Pizza Parlor

   We added Pizza Parlor to our categories this year because, well,
who doesn’t love pizza? And since it’s one of those few things that
most every kid will eat, it makes for the perfect family night out
   You might think of Hillsboro’s Out of this World pizza (6225 NW
Century Blvd., Hillsboro; 503-629-8700; outofthisworld.net), the top
vote getter in this category, as a bit Out of The Way but from all ac-
counts, it’s worth the drive – both for the pizza and the WAY-better-
than-average play area. Here’s a typical comment: “The floor plan
makes it easy for kiddos to play with their own age group. I’m so
happy there are no video games to munch up my quarters!”
   papa’s pizza (16321 SE Stark and 15700 NW Blueridge Dr., Bea-
verton; papaspizza.net) came in second, confirming that any pizza
parlor interested in cornering the family market needs a play area.
Here’s a testimonial: “Gotta love a play area and good pizza!”

              Ice Cream (Yogurt /Gelato) Parlor

    Well, THIS is interesting: No ice cream parlors made the cut! (How
Portland is THAT!) First place goes to Lucky spoon, a frozen yogurt
spot in downtown Portland (780 SW Jefferson; luckyspoonyogurt.
com) garnering praise for great yogurt with healthy toppings and a
kid-friendly ambiance. One reader suggests that families make an
“educational day” of it: hit the Historical Society and the Art Mu-
seum (close by) and then stop for a yogurt treat.
    staccato Gelato (232 NE 28 and 1540 SE Bybee; 503-231-7100;
www.staccatogelato.com) was close behind. A reader’s recommenda-
tion: “Great gelato. Nice play area. My son loves it!”

                             Toy Store

   The region’s Toy Trifecta includes the same players this year –
Finnegan’s, piccolo mondo and thinker toys – but in a different
order. thinker toys (7784 SW Capitol Hwy; thinkertoysoregon.com)
grabbed the top spot with readers citing their great selection and
friendly, helpful staff (over and over). One summary: “Fabulous se-
lection, playhouse, hand-on toys and free gift wrap!” piccolo mondo
                               Oh, the Places We’ll Go! continues on page 32

                                                                  M etro Parent • metro-parent.com • SePteMber 2011   31
                            Thinker Toys climbed to first place in the toy store category this year.                                                “Quintessentially Portland” – Powell’s City of Books once again
                            Why? Great selection, friendly staff, free gift wrap – and more.                                                     takes top honors as the area’s family favorite children’s book shop.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                        PHOTO COuRTESY OF POWELL’S
                         Oh, the Places We’ll Go! continued from page 31
                            (4768 SW Bethany Blvd.; piccolomondotoys.com) came in a very close                                                Kids’ Clothing/Shoe Store
                            second – for similar reasons, plus readers love their game lending li-
                            brary. One reader gave nearly the ultimate compliment: “This is the toy                          A sign of the (economic) times: our first place winner in this cat-
                            store I’d want to have if I owned one!” Finnegan’s (922 SW Yamhill;                          egory, beezoo exchange (2390 NW Thurman; beezooexchange.com)
                            503-221-0306; finneganstoys.com), has earned a permanent spot in                             carries both new and recycled items. Along with a children’s play area
                            parents’ hearts with their “unique” selection of play things – “some-                        (which seems to be a theme among ALL family-friendly businesses),
                            thing for everyone.”                                                                         this comment sums up our readers’ sentiments: “Huge selection, great
                                Learning palace (multiple locations; learningpalace.com) almost                          prices, high quality, friendly staff.”
                            broke into the top three with comments like this one: “Our ‘go to’ spot                          Hanna Andersson (Outlet store: 7 Monroe Parkway, Lake Oswego,
                            for unique and educational toys and gifts. Great play area keeps our                         and Washington Square store; hannaandersson.com) ranked second,
                            daughter busy while we shop too!”                                                            with readers lauding their “super soft durable organic cotton clothing.”
                                                                                                                         buttons ‘n bows (1001 Seventh St., Oregon City; buttonsnbowsonline.
                                                                                                                         com), another resale shop, came in third, praised for their “clean, qual-
                                                                   Movie Theater
                                                                                                                         ity, gently used (& new) clothing” (and, again, for the play area). Clogs-
                                There was another flip-flop in this category with the Academy the-                       n-more (multiple locations; Clogs-n-More Kids, 3435 SE Hawthorne
                            ater (7818 SE Stark; academytheaterpdx.com) taking top honors and                            Blvd.; clogsnmore.com) rounded out the top vote getters, with kudos
                            last year’s first place winner, mcmenamin’s Kennedy school (5736 NE                          for their excellent variety and helpful staff.
                            33rd; mcmenamins.com) coming in a close second. The bottom line on
                            the allure of Academy Theater: “Babysitting, beer and pizza and great                                                        Bike Shop
                            movies for cheap; what else can you ask for?” And Kennedy School
                            was, once again, lauded for its Mommy Matinees – and those comfy                                 The bike Gallery (multiple locations; bikegallery.com) again took
                            couches.                                                                                     the top honors for this category but Clever Cycles’ (903 SE Hawthorne
                                                                                                                         Blvd.; clevercycles.com) fans clearly are more passionate, judging from
                                                                                                                         their comments, like this one: “This store is so devoted to family biking!
                                                                       Book Shop
                                                                                                                         I love all of their practical (yet stylish) bikes and accessories and they
                                We’re not sure that powell’s (1005 W Burnside and other locations;                       have great customer service!”
                            powells.com) will ever be de-throned – and rightly so. The reasons?
                            The seemingly endless selection of both new and used books (at great                                                 Birthday Party Place
                            prices), comfortable children’s book area seating – and its almost inde-
                            scribably enticing ambiance. One reader summed it up thusly: “Quint-                             As Yogi Berra would say, “it’s like deja vu all over again”: the
                            essentially Portland!”                                                                       Little Gym (17890 SW McEwan Rd., Lake Oswego; tlglakeoswegoor.
                                Our second place winner, Annie bloom’s (7834 SW Capitol Hwy;                             com) again claimed top honors in this category. Why? Well executed,
                            annieblooms.com) earned praise for their selection and service. “Great                       fun and stress-free parties: “What I loved most was the structured fun
                            children’s section and plenty to keep (our daughter) entertained.                            and how easy it was for the parent.” Runner-up Club sport (18120 SW
                            Friendly, helpful staff” – a friendly kitty was mentioned, too.                              Lower Boones Ferry Rd., Tigard; clubsports.com) earned similar praise:
                                                                                                                         “All the hard work is done for you!” Finally JJ Jump (9057 SE Jannsen
                                                                                                                                                            Oh, the Places We’ll Go! continues on page 34

                            32                                                    M etro Parent • metro-parent.com • SePteMber 2011
M etro Parent • metro-parent.com • SePteMber 2011   33
                                                                                                  Déjà vu all over again:
                                                                                                The Little Gym took top
                                                                                                honors as the best birth-
                                                                                                day party venue and the
                                                                                                    best children’s gym.

                                                                                                                            PHOTO COuRTESY OF THE LITTLE GYM
                                              Oh, the Places We’ll Go! continued from page 32

                                              Rd., Clackamas and 7500 NE 16th Ave., #2-D, Vancouver; jjjump.
                                              com), our third place spot, also garnered kudos for friendly staff
                                              guiding fun parties.

                                                                          Children’s Gym

                                                  the Little Gym again (and, again, overwhelmingly) took the top
                                              spot in this category in which the quality of the staff appears to be
                                              a paramount concern for parents, receiving lots of comments like
                                              this one: “They are the best for positive feedback and working with
                                              the kids on their own levels!” Second place winner the Children’s
                                              Gym (1625 NE Sandy Blvd.; childrensgym.com) also earned praise
                                              for their great staff – and their spacious new digs: “nice, clean open
                                              space with lots of staff.”

                                                                           Fitness Center

                                                  The availability of child care is de rigeur when it comes to fam-
                                              ily-friendly fitness centers. Club sport (18120 SW Lower Boones
                                              Ferry Rd., Tigard; clubsports.com) prevailed as the winner here, with
                                              comments like this: “Amazing childcare. Beautiful facility. Great
                                              programming. Professional staff.” 24 Hour Fitness (multiple loca-
                                              tions; 24hourfitness.com) was the runner-up – the kids’ play area
                                              was mentioned over and over.

                                                                           Place to Swim

                                                  Probably due to our (euphemism alert!) blessedly mild weather,
                                              we like our indoor pools. And the more amenities, the better! North
                                              Clackamas Aquatic park (7300 SE Harmony Rd., Milwaukie; clacka-
                                              mas.us/ncprd/aquatic) was the individual pool named most often
                                              in our survey for pool amenities, lessons – and now rock climbing.
                                              “Great place for swim lessons – nice areas for little kids. Family
                                              dressing rooms are also a plus!’’ But portland parks & rec (multiple
                                              locations; portlandonline.com/parks) pools collectively garnered
                                              the most votes, with Wilson Pool, in particular, receiving numerous
                                              mentions, like this one: “Love the Lazy River, Vortex and slides. The
                                              lifeguards are very attentive and friendly to the kids.”
                                                  The (really big!) new kid on the block, Wings & Waves Water-
                                              park (460 NE Captain Michael King Smith Way, McMinnville; ever-
                                              greenmuseum.org/waterpark) barely had time to make an impression

34   M etro Parent • metro-parent.com • SePteMber 2011
(opened in June) but did so with its multiple amenities including its
H2O museum: “Visiting is an all-day event! Love that the water mu-
seum makes the experience both fun AND educational.”

                 Indoor (Rainy Day) Destination

    Maybe for some areas of the country – say Palm Springs or Phoenix
– this category isn’t terribly important. But here in the Great North-
west, rainy day venues are essential to parental sanity. Once again,
OmsI (1945 SE Water Ave.; omsi.edu) triumphed in this category. The
bottom line: it’s the ultimate win-win destination – a fun but highly
educational place that children clamor to visit. “Kids love OMSI! Our
kids could be there for hours!” Newcomer playdate pDX (1434 NW
17th; playdatepdx.com) earned praise like this: “Three stories of fun
and a ball shooting pit and light up dance floor!” And portland Chil-
dren’s museum (4015 SW Canyon Rd.; portlandcm.org) ranked high as
well, lauded for its entertainment factor, cleanliness and tons of fam-
ily-friendly events.

                       Outdoor Destination

   Something (our reader survey, actually) tells us it’s all happening at
the Oregon Zoo (4001 SW Canyon Rd.; oregonzoo.org). Families raved
with comments like: “Can’t be beat ... animals, trains, sand, dinos ...
what more can you ask for?” (Insider tip: On nice days, take MAX.
Parking can be brutal.) After the animals, our marvelous parks were
named most, with Jamison Square (810 NW 11th; Portlandparks.org)
most frequently singled out.

                   Family Vacation Destination

    Another upset in this category: sunriver (resort: sunriver-resort.
com; area: sunriverchamber.com) edged out the Oregon Coast for the
top spot (couldn’t have anything to do with the weather, could it? Fam-
ilies seeking the SUN?). The endless smorgasbord of activities – and the
weather, of course – were cited most: “Hands down best family vaca-
tion destination in Oregon. Camp for kids, swimming, sun, biking ev-
erywhere, horses, kayaking/canoeing, music events. It has everything!”
The spectacular Oregon Coast was mentioned by numerous readers,
described as, “the world’s biggest sandbox!” by one parent.

                             DIAPER SERVICE & Infant Furniture
                                                                                     September 30
                                       Bring in this ad for                              8 pm
                                 1 FREE WEEK DIAPER SERVICE                    Curious Comedy Theater
                                      with 4 prepaid weeks                          5225 MLK Blvd

                                 One Coupon per customer, please                         Visit
                                                                                       for info
                                     Vancouver (360) 694-9456
                                       Salem (800) 540-4547
                                      Portland (503) 777-3856

                                                                M etro Parent • metro-parent.com • SePteMber 2011   35
  out & a b out

                                                                                                                                                Picking your own fruit is
                                                                                                                                             just one of the kid-friendly
                                                                                                                                               activities along the Hood
                                                                                                                                                         River Fruit Loop!

     A Fruitful Day
        of Fun
                                By Sarah Pagliasotti

                                                                                                                                                                             PHOTOS COuRTESY OF THE PAGLIASOTTI-NEWMAN FAMILY
i   magine one of those rare unscheduled fall                     Fruit
weekends. You have the whole day to enjoy to-
gether as a family, but you don’t want to expend
too much energy or spend a lot of money. The
perfect answer? The Hood River Fruit Loop!
    The Fruit Loop is a 35-mile, incredibly sce-
nic tour through the area between the Columbia Gorge
and the base of Mt. Hood. It encompasses so many fruit                                                                               Mt. Hood and the dazzling colors
stands, wineries, restaurants and other amenities, there’s                                                                           of the flower fields. This is also
something to delight everyone.                                                                                                      where we usually take our picnic
    Heading south on Hwy. 35 from Hood River, one of                                                                                break, re-apply sunscreen and
the first places you’ll come across is the Gorge White                                                                              make use of the porta-potties.
House (thegorgewhitehouse.com), a family farm                                                                                          Particularly In the fall, you’ll
marked by a large historic home with majestic views                                                                                want to follow the loop west onto
of Mt. Hood and lots of u-pick blueberries. Kids will                                                                              Base Line Dr. through Parkdale,
love the easy-access berry picking amid wide, frolic-                                                                             where two orchards and fruit
friendly rows. We brought our own towel-lined                                                                                     stands will make you wish you had
berry-picking baskets, which some vendors request                                                                                a vacation home in the Hood River
and which delight both Josie, 6, and Julia, 4.                                                                                   Valley so you could come back ev-
    Next stop, the fields at Hood river Lavender                                                                                 ery weekend in September and Oc-
Farms (lavenderfarms.net). Each July, the large, certi-                                                                         tober. On Clear Creek Road is Kiyo-
fied organic farm hosts the Lavender Daze Festival                                                                             kawa Family Orchards (mthoodfruit.
with music, crafts, kids’ booths, food, drinks and – of                                                                        com), where apples and pears take
course – lavender picking. We’re here at a quieter time                                                                        center stage, and where kids can
of year, when we have lots of room to compare the                                                                              play in the play area, go on hay-
look and smell of the different varieties, pick bouquets                                                                        rides and taste turnovers and other
for Grandma and for making sachets, and even run                                                                                yummy treats. Next take a short de-
through the sprinklers!                                                                                                          tour onto Old Parkdale Road to visit
                                        You can’t visit                                                                          mountain View Orchards and Fruit
   If You Go                        the area without a                                                                           stand (mtvieworchards.com), a fes-
                                    stop at Cascade Al-                                                                           tive place to pick cherries, peaches,
   the 411: hoodriverfruit-                                               Fresh berry shakes, BBQ and room to play make the       pears and apples and sample the
                                    pacas (foothillsyarn.                        Apple Valley Country Store a family favorite.
   loop.com. 541-386-7697.                                                                                                       owners’ homemade jams, fudge
                                    com), where you can
   map It: You can download         meet the alpacas and feel the                                                                and other goodies. The kids’ play
   a map of participating           yarn that fills their Foothills Yarn       area, apple slicing and cider press, and the fresh pies a la mode are sure
   farms on the Fruit Loop          & Fiber store. The colors will dazzle      to entice young ones. Regular fall events at both orchards, including
   website, or download the         even non-knitters, and it’s a great        Desserts Galore at Kiyokawa and the Swiss German Party at Mountain
   MyChamber App on your            opportunity to teach kids about how        View, take the fun up a notch. (See “Fall Family Fruit Loop Events” on
   Smartphone (mychamber-           fibers turn into clothes.                  page 37 for more information.)
   app.com; select the Hood
                                        Draper Girls Country Farm (drap-            We usually end our tour at Apple Valley Country store (apple-
   River County Chamber) to                                                    valleystore.com), where on weekends you can get a meal of mouth-
                                    ergirlscountryfarm.com) is always a
   view most of the stands                                                     watering pulled pork or other barbeque plus sides. We add fresh berry
                                    must-stop for our family. The girls
   on the Fruit Loop. Listings                                                 milkshakes and spread a blanket on the grass near the tire swing, whil-
                                    love the unpasteurized cider samples
   include business name, link
   to the website, one-touch
                                    and the small petting zoo near shady ing away a sleepy late afternoon. It’s a great end to an easy day that
                                    picnic tables. The farm has a good         combines restful driving, active picking, lots of eating and endless fam-
   GPS to the store or farm,                                                   ily fun.
  one-touch calling to the          variety of u-pick produce, but we’ve
  business, and any available          always just enjoyed shopping the              Sarah Pagliasotti is a Portland freelance writer, mom and Metro Parent’s
  deals or discounts.                  farm store and taking in the view of          Family Fun Editor.

36                                        M etro Parent • metro-parent.com • SePteMber 2011
        Fall Family Fruit Loop Events
Labor Day peach Celebration and Country bbQ: Apple Valley Coun-
try Store (applevalleystore.com), Sept. 3-5
Family Fun on the Farm: Draper Girls Country Farm (drapergirlscoun-
tryfarm.com), Sept. 6-30
pear Celebration: Throughout the Fruit Loop (hoodriverfruitloop.
com/calendar/pear.html), Sept. 17-18
Desserts Galore: Kiyokawa Family Orchards (mthoodfruit.com), Sept.
pumpkin Funlandtm: Rasumussen Farms (rasmussenfarms.com),
Oct. 1- Nov. 11
Hood river Valley 29th Annual Harvest Fest: (hoodriverfruitloop.
com/calendar/october.html), Oct. 15-17
Gorge Fruit and Craft Fair: Hood River County Fairgrounds (hoodriv-
erfair.com/events.htm), Oct. 15-16
Fiesta Days: Kiyokawa Family Orchards (mthoodfruit.com),
Oct. 15-16
Swiss-German “edelweiss Day”: Mt. View Orchards (mtviewor-
chards.com), Oct. 22
Hood river County Fruit Loop Heirloom Apple Celebration:
(hoodriverfruitloop.com/calendar/heirloom.html), Oct. 22-23
Apple Cider Overboard: Packer Orchards and Bakery (packer
orchardsandbakery.com), Oct. 22-23
For events in other months, visit hoodriverfruitloop.com and select
          the month from the “Events Calendar” menu.

                                                               M etro Parent • metro-parent.com • SePteMber 2011   37
     f   ood carts are all the rage in the Port-
     land metro area, but how do you find one that’s sure
                                                              Family Fare
     to please even the pickiest young palates? Just head to the
     Grilled Cheese Grill, where they elevate the classic kids’ meal to
     new heights while still offering the plain cheese-on-bread variety
     many little ones prefer. (They’ll even cut the crusts off for you!)
         What I love about the Grilled Cheese Grill, in addition to the
     vast and creative array of grilled cheese sandwiches they serve, is
     that the food is flavorful without going overboard. There’s plenty
     of cheese, but the sandwiches aren’t so heavily loaded you’ll
     need an antacid chaser when you’re done. (Though I have to ad-
     mit, I haven’t yet sampled The Cheesus, a burger served between
     two grilled cheese sandwiches instead of a bun!)

     What’s Cooking: The name says it all, with grilled cheese
     sandwiches playing the starring role,
     but even with such a narrow focus your
     options are anything but limited. You’ll
     find everything from the plain grilled                                                                     Kids will enjoy dining in the
                                                                                                                double decker bus (above) at
     cheese (American or Tillamook ched-                                                                        the Grilled Cheese Grill on SE
     dar on Portland French White or Dave’s                                                                     28th Ave. Everyone will enjoy the
                                                                                                                amazing variety (left) of grilled
     Killer Cracked Wheat, crusts on or off) to                                                                 cheese sandwiches available.
     classic combos like four cheese, meatball
     marinara with ricotta and mozzarella,
     and sautéed mushrooms and Swiss, to                                                                  ringing It Up: Sandwiches
     more unusual creations including The                                                                 begin at $3.50 for The Kinder-
     Hot Brie (melted brie, roasted red pep-                                                              gartner (just cheese) and top
     pers, fresh tomato and spicy brown mus-                                                              out at $6.25, not including
     tard), The Thriller (turkey marinated in                                                             add-ons. (Add-ons range from
     “Secret Aardvark Jerk Sauce” with Colby                                                              tomato, avocado, grilled on-

                                                         The Grilled
     jack, red onion and tomato), The BABS                                                                ions, sauerkraut, potato chips,
     (Bacon, sliced apples, crumbled bleu                                                                 pickles, mushrooms, sliced
     cheese and Swiss), and plenty more.

                                                        Cheese Grill
                                                                                                          apples and roasted jalapenos
         You’ll also find vegan and wheat-                                                                to bacon, turkey, ham, salami,
     free options, as well as The Cheesus                                                                 fried egg and extra cheese.)
     (see above) and its spicier cousin, The                                                              The Cheesus and The Quesus
     Quesus. Sides include potato chips and a                                                             ring in at $8 with a bag of
     very tasty tomato soup. The menu also               For the Hungry Kid in All of Us                  chips. Soup is $2.50, as is the
     features some sweet grilled sandwiches,                                                              kids’ grilled cheese (a smaller
     with combos like mascarpone, Nutella and grilled banana on       sandwich with American cheese on white bread). Read on for
     cinnamon swirl bread; brie and apple butter served with a cup of special combo prices.
     apple sauce for dipping; and The Elvis, with grilled banana and
     creamy peanut butter. (Add bacon to make it a Fat Elvis!)        Keep In mind: Check out the combos for an even better family
                                                                      meal deal. With The Hungry Kid you get two kids’ sandwiches, one
      Liquid refreshment: Both locations serve soda, iced Tazo tea,   add-on (pickles, tomato, mushrooms or grilled onion) plus a cup of
     apple juice and milk. At the southeast location, Coalition Brew- soup or chips and a drink for $6. The Fromage A Trois gives you
     ing runs an outdoor bar and patio serving beer and wine just a   any three sandwiches (excluding The Cheesus and The Quesus) and
     few steps away.                                                  either two soups, two chips or one of each for $17.50.

     What’s Cool for Kids: It’s a restaurant dedicated to grilled            Where and When: The School Bus is located at the corner of NE
     cheese sandwiches. If that’s not a kid’s dream come true, I don’t       Alberta just west of NE 11th; 503-206-8959. The Double Decker
     know what is! They’ll also enjoy dining in the converted school         is at SE 28th just south of SE Ankeny; 503-206-7018. Open Tues.
     bus at the NE Alberta location, the double decker bus at the SE         & Thurs. 11:30 am to 9 pm, Fri. & Sat. 11:30 am to 2:30 am, Sun.
     28th location, or at the covered outdoor picnic tables at both          11:30 am to 3:30 pm. (Reduced winter hours begin in Feb.; check
     locations for a super casual, kid-friendly meal.                        website for details.) grilledcheesegrill.com.

38                                    M etro Parent • metro-parent.com • SePteMber 2011
M etro Parent • metro-parent.com • SePteMber 2011   39
     g oin g p l a c e s w ith r a mon a
                                                                                                                                         By Melissa Favara
                                                                                                         ANYONE not finding that entertaining,

w     e’ve been lucky in that Ramona shares our
taste in friends. When I met a smart, funny fellow
                                                                                                          charming and uncanny? And in Pinocchio’s
                                                                                                          Playhouse, animatronic puppets reenacting
                                                                                                           the classic story held the kids in thrall while
                                                                                                           I remarked to my co-mom that the words
teacher in the faculty lounge three years ago and                                                           didn’t match the woodenly moving jaws.
learned she had two kids, a boy one year older than                                                                              Fun for everyone!
Ro and a girl one year younger, we started play-
                                                                                                                                    The kids were in less
dating to beat the band. Laurens and Verena, like
                                                                                                                                of a position than we were
their mom, Geneva, speak

                                                                                                                                to appreciate the other
English and French, are hi-
                                                                                                                                non-Disney quality of En-
larious and love language.
                                                                                                                               chanted Forest – it is as-

Like Ramona, they dig pre-
                                                                                                                               tonishingly noncommercial.
tend play and berries of all
                                                                                                                               Hot dogs are a couple of
types. Over the years, we’ve
                                                                                                                               dollars, there is no immedi-
assaulted parks citywide,

                                                                                                                              ately obvious merchandis-
torn up the stationary bike
                                                                                                                              ing, and most of the kiddy
race at OMSI, and shared
                                                                                                                              rides cost under two dollars.
dessert in astonishingly
                                                                                                                             It may have been those rides
messy ways at Staccato
                                                                                                                             that the kids enjoyed most –
                                                                                                                            and that I will best remember
    Geneva recently took a job teaching in Los                                                                              from our grand day out.
Angeles, beginning this fall. While I regret our
                                                                                                                                 Humans in the 5 and
friends moving on, we decided to celebrate
                                                                                                    under set can ride three different rides ALL BY
their new adventure and live it up with them
                                                                                                    THEMSELVES: the kiddy bumper boats, kiddy Fer-
while we could. Geneva and I figured seizing
                                                                                                    ris wheel and kiddy train are dear little miniatures
the day meant road tripping together one last
                                                                                                    that our dear little miniatures went wild for. Ra-
time and checking out a good old-fashioned
                                                                                                   mona and Laurens cuddled in the tiny car on the
roadside attraction.
                                                                                                   Ferris wheel. Ro smiled serenely as she piloted her
    We pass the Enchanted Forest just outside                                                      bumper boat. All three grinned and cackled on the
Salem when we drive to Ashland to visit the                                                        train, which tooled around a short circular track
grandparents and have always told Ramona,                                                         through brightly colored microscopic villages. Ge-
as she gesticulated at the exciting sign featuring a PRINCESS CASTLE,        neva and I felt we were re-experiencing childhood through our kids’
that we’d stop there Sometime. But Sometime was always postponed as          eyes, remembering how short it was in retrospect and how eternal it felt
we hurried down I-5. It took this parting for us to make Sometime hap-       when we were children.
pen. In August, we finally got Enchanted.
                                                                                 We didn’t talk about this being our last great adventure for now, but
    With three car seats strapped into the backseat of Geneva’s Honda, a     we drank in every moment and every discovery. Ramona thinks En-
lot of string cheese and carrot sticks, and the perfect frame of mind for    chanted Forest was worth the wait, but I’m sorry it took us so long to
a jaunt, we hit the road. We pulled to the side of the road FOUR TIMES       take that trip. And I’m sorry that Ro and I are losing easy access to our
for timeouts before we reached the outskirts of Salem, as Ramona and         friends, but what we both know is that we can always make more time
Laurens and Verena variously stole one another’s stuffed animals,            for each other and our friends and make Sometime come sooner.
over-tickled, smacked each other, or invoked the term “STUPIDHEAD
                                                                                 “Mommy,” she asks, “will I ever see Laurens and Verena anymore?”
POOPY!” Yet we prevailed, taking exit 248 to a whole new experience.
                                                                                 Answer: Yes, but not very often.
     The Enchanted Forest is my dream tourist attraction. It was started
in the 1970s by an Oregon family who still run it, and it is NOT Dis-            “Mommy, will Laurens still love me?”
ney’s theme park. First of all, it’s actually in a FOREST. Tall conifers         Answer: Yes.
line the paths that took us from Ye Old World Village to the Western             “Mommy, can we go to Disney Sometime?”
Town to the kiddy rides. Every neighborhood of Enchanted Forest made             Answer: Yes, and Sometime will be this winter. Disneyland is in
the kids squeal and Geneva and me a little verklempt – because the           Anaheim, not too far from our friends’ new home in L.A.
place has that quality of being a little cheesy, a lot imaginative, and
slightly off-kilter in a way that appeals to innocent children (timeouts     If You Go
notwithstanding) and hardened academics alike.                               Enchanted Forest, 8462 Enchanted Way SE, Turner
    For example, Ye Old World Village, with its Tudor facades and col-       503-371-4242; enchantedforest.com
orful, smiling mannequins in the windows, is realistic enough to feel
                                                                             $9.95 adults; $8.95 ages 3 to 12; Free ages 2 and under. Tickets cost
like a real village to the kids and just off enough to strike Geneva and
                                                                             $0.90 each; rides range from 1 to 4 tickets. Unlimited bracelets
me as charmingly creepy. Then there’s the Blackbird Pie Show, in which       available.
24 blackbird puppets each wearing a different kind of hand-crafted
                                                                             NOTE SEASONAL HOURS: Open daily through Labor Day, then week-
hat pop from a paper mache pie to sing jazz classics. Can you imagine
                                                                             ends only in September. Check website for hours.

40                                   M etro Parent • metro-parent.com • SePteMber 2011
    v ie w p oint

w                         Sowing
                        the Seeds
        hen it came
time to plant the
veggies, there

                          of Good
were no shov-
els or trowels.
No fancy out-

door garden tools
or even gloves.
All the children
needed were

                                                                                                                                                                                PHOTO BY MARY GAY BRODERICK
some seeds, starter
plants and the OK
from their day care
provider and they were
off, happily digging with
their fingers in the newly-built
                                                                       Involving children in gardening from an early age is a great way to get them excited about fruits and
40-square-foot raised garden beds on a sunny summer day.               vegetables!
     “Who likes carrots?” someone asked. A chorus of “I do!” came
the reply.
     “What about tomatoes, beans and strawberries?” “Me, me,                    and nutrition while encouraging young children to eat vegetables and
me!” the group replied in unison.                                               fruit, says Garden Program Manager Rodney Bender.
     Here in the backyard of Melody Norris’s home in outer south-                    After her garden primer, Norris went online, watching videos on
east Portland, where Norris looks after up to a dozen children ages 6           everything from better gardening techniques to how to build a trel-
months to 7 years, the kids are beneficiaries of an initiative launched         lis for her peas and squash. When CCIP Program Manager Marylyn
by the Child Care Improvement Project (CCIP) to introduce gardening             Goodman arrived with several boxes filled with veggies ready to go in
to the youngest city residents.                                                 the dirt – cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, green beans and carrots – both
                                                                                Norris and the children were ready to plant.
     CCIP, operated by the nonprofit Neighborhood House, provides
quality improvement support for in-home childcare providers in Port-                 Even after the planting is done, the gardening lessons continue. At
land. The organization receives funding from the Portland Children’s            circle time, the toddlers learn how to tell the difference between veg-
Levy, the Portland Development Commission and the state’s Child Care gies and weeds, how to water and harvest their crop, and how to pick,
Division to enhance the in-home childcare experience for those pro-             wash and, best of all, prepare the veggies and fruits for snack time.
viding it and the children receiving it.                                             At another southeast Portland home, daycare provider Adriana
     Growing fresh vegetables and fruit is a first for the majority of          Rasmussen is already seeing the fruits of her labor – literally – with
these providers, as well as the young ones they look after. It’s a learn-       the zucchini, spinach, green pepper and strawberries growing nicely.
ing experience for both generations, with many practical applica-               “I’ve never had a garden before and I’m liking it,” she says. “It’s fun
tions. The garden project provides a hands-on science project for the           and I’m excited to see the results.”
youngsters; a fun outside activity; a good reason to let the children                Goodman has been able to fund five home garden sites throughout
get their hands dirty; and a lesson in healthful eating for the kids and        the city this summer and hopes for more next year. She also has her
their families. (Families can take home any extra homegrown bounty!) fingers crossed that the seed she planted with her budding gardeners
It’s also a way to cut down on grocery expenses for low-income CCIP             will grow as they gain confidence to carry on what they’ve learned.
parents.                                                                             As Rasmussen notes: “I’m glad they’re doing this for us. It’s an
     “I think it’s great because it’s not something I would have done for       amazing experience and I love it.”
myself,” says Norris as she looks over the assortment of peas, straw-                Learn more about CCIP at nhweb.org. For more information about
berries, cucumbers and squash ready to go in the ground. “We’re re-             Growing Gardens, visit growing-gardens.org. Find out more about the
ally excited.”                                                                  Portland Children’s Levy at portlandchildrenslevy.org.
     The daycare providers participated in an “Intro to Gardening 101”
class led by Growing Gardens. Brought in by CCIP, Portland-based
                                                                                                              Mary Gay Broderick has more than 25 years of
Growing Gardens is dedicated to promoting organic gardening to im-
                                                                                                              experience in journalism, public relations and
prove nutrition, health and self reliance while enhancing the quality
                                                                                                              marketing, covering all aspects of education,
of life and the environment for individuals and communities.
                                                                                                              children’s issues, social services and public af-
     According to Growing Gardens staffers, studies show that children                                        fairs. She has been communications director of
who are involved in growing vegetables are more likely to eat them.                                           the Portland Children’s Levy since 2005.
Gardening is an excellent hands-on learning experience for children,
providing an education on Portland’s natural environment, plants

                                                                         M etro Parent • metro-parent.com • SePteMber 2011                                                 41
 a n g e l s a mon g us

                                                    Autism Society of Oregon
 T    he mission of the Au-
 tism Society of Oregon
                                                                                                                                                                       rooms, a support group
                                                                                                                                                                       for young adults on the
 (ASO) is to empower in-                                                                                                                                               autism spectrum, a social
 dividuals with autism,                                                                                                                                                meeting group in Eugene,
 their families and service                                                                                                                                            game clubs for teenagers,
 providers to improve                                                                                                                                                  a support group for girls
 the quality of their lives                                                                                                                                            to practice social skills
 through support and infor-                                                                                                                                            and a support group for
 mation. ASO was started                                                                                                                                               grandparents. This month,
 in 1981 by a group of                                                                                                                                                 ASO is hosting a Sibling
 parents with children with                                                                                                                                            Support Workshop as
 Autism Spectrum Disorder                                                                                                                                              well. (See “Support for
 (ASD). Not many services                                                                                                                                              Special Families” on page
 existed then, making these                                                                                                                                            28 for more information
 parents true pioneers. ASO                                                                                                                                            about support groups for
 is the state chapter of the                                                                                                                                           special needs families.)
 national organization Au-
                                                                                                                                                                       Autism Walk-A-thon:
 tism Society.
                                                                                                                                                                       ASO hosts the Autism
     ASO works with people
                                                                                                                                                                       Walk-a-thon each April,
 across the autism spectrum
                                                                                                                                                                       the largest autism event
 and across the lifespan. As                                                                                                                     PHOTO COuRTESY OF ASO in Oregon. In 2011, over
 a statewide organization,
                                 ASO’s annual walk-a-thon, held each year in April, drew over 3,500 people in 2011 to raise awareness about autism and money for       3,500 people participated
 we have volunteer chap-         important ASO programs.                                                                                                               in this fun event held
 ter representatives across
                                                                                                                                                                       at Oaks Park. The walk
 Oregon who advocate for
                                                                                                                                                                       helps boost awareness
 and support people in their communities.
                                                                                                     of autism and provides a venue for families to meet each other and
     Autism is the fastest growing disability in the United States and in
 many other countries around the world. In the U.S., 1 in 110 people
 live with autism. Oregon has one of the highest rates of ASD in the                                 Adult support: ASO recognizes that Autism is a lifelong disability.
 country.                                                                                            Much planning is required for people with ASD in the areas of em-
     Autism is a lifelong disability, requiring lifelong supports for some                           ployment, housing, health care, social connections, mentoring and
 people. A sobering statistic is that there are 1.5 million people living                            transportation. In the past few years, ASO has increased adult supports
 with autism in the U.S., 80 percent of whom are under the age of 20.                                considerably. ASO has on its board an adult self advocate to help us
 For this emerging population of adults with ASD, ASO offers support,                                stay tuned into adult issues. It has two panels in the Portland metro
 advocacy and education via adult support groups and educational                                     area composed of young adults on the autism spectrum who discuss
 opportunities.                                                                                      their lives and obstacles they faced in school and in the community.
     What does ASO do for the autism community? Here are some of                                     We host support groups for adults in both Portland and Eugene. In Oc-
 our programs:                                                                                       tober, ASO is sponsoring a conference in Redmond, Oregon, on easing
                                                                                                     transitions into high school and beyond.
 early Intervention: When parents and caregivers first get the diagnosis
 of ASD, it can be overwhelming. ASO helps families by providing free                                Family support: ASO recognizes the needs of parents, caregivers and
 early intervention packets that address special education, county de-                               siblings who live with autism everyday. In addition to support groups,
 velopmental disability services, private therapies, biomedical treatment we provide a free DVD from the 2006 Severe Autism Challenges semi-
 and emotional support for the whole family.                                                         nar addressing emotional support for the family.
 Conferences: ASO has hosted conferences covering topics like special                                ‘take a break on AsO’: We also offer this program which provides a
 education, behavioral interventions, biomedical intervention, adult                                 restaurant gift certificate, two movie tickets and pays for respite (baby-
 issues, puberty and sexuality, transition strategies, keeping children                              sitting) care so parents can go out and recharge their batteries! Over
 with ASD safe, housing and more. The conferences educate and inform 350 families in Oregon have benefited from this program.
 those living with ASD as well as parents, agencies and professionals.
                                                                                                         For more information about ASO, visit oregonautism.com, call
 support Groups: What a lot of parents want is to connect with other                                 1-888-AUTISM1, email info@oregonautism.com.
 parents to network and share resources. ASO has several online chat

42                                              M etro Parent • metro-parent.com • SePteMber 2011
  fa mi ly c a lend a r
        Livestock shows – think llama, sheep, goats                                                                                                                     Peninsula Park in north Portland will be humming with FuN
          and alpaca – are just the beginning of the                                                                                                                          on Sept. 25 for this year’s Green Sprouts celebration.
         kid-friendly entertainment planned for this
         year’s Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival, taking

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       PHOTO COuRTESY OF GREEN SPROuTS
           place Sept. 24 and 25. Admission is free!

Flock and Fiber Festival. Animals
(lots of llamas, sheep, goats, alpacas
and more!), music, demos, hands-on

                                                                                                            PHOTO COuRTESY OF FLOCK & FIBER FESTIVAL
activities and crafts, dozens of work-
shops on fiber arts and more. 9 am-
5 pm Sept. 24. 9 am-4 pm Sept. 25
(plus workshops on Sept. 23). FREE.
Clackamas County Fair-
grounds, 694 NE 4th
Ave., Canby. 503-                      In the                                                                                                                                                         Family
628-1205. flockandfi-
                                     Spotlight                                                                                                                                                       Favorite
                                                                                                                                                       Green sprouts Festival. This
muddy boot Festival.                                                                                                                                   fun and extremely family-friendly festival celebrates
Workshops, kids’ ac-                                                                                                                                   natural and healthy options for expectant parents and
tivities, entertainment,                                                                                                                               young families. Games, entertainment and family
all with a sustainable                                                                                                                                 activities plus lead awareness and poisoning preven-

                                                                                                               PHOTO COuRTESY OF MuDDY BOOT FESTIVAL
focus. Noon-9 pm Sept.                                                                                                                                 tion, eco-friendly products and so much more. Check
10, noon-6 pm Sept. 11.                                                                                                                                out the website for schedule and specifics. 10 am- 5 pm
$5 per day, free ages                                                                                                                                  Sept. 25. FREE. Peninsula Park, 700 N Rosa Parks Wy.
0-12. St. Philip Neri                                                                                                                                  503-231-4848. redirectguide.com/greensprouts/port-
Catholic Church, 2408                                                                                                                                  land/about.asp.
                                     Muddy feet – and lots of fun! – are all part of the merriment
SE 16th Ave. 503-736-                at the Muddy Boot Festival on Sept. 10 and 11.
1383. muddyboot.org.

                                                                                    M etro Parent • metro-parent.com • SePteMber 2011                                                                                          43
  fa mi ly c a lend a r
         Need more
     family fun ideas?

                                            September Family C
     You’ll also find mANY,
  mANY more events – and
    further details on those
  listed here – in our online
  calendar at metro-parent.
               com.                                                             Visit Metro-Parent.com for an expanded ca

        Thursday, Sept. 1              ton Park. Sept 16: Irving Park. Sept.
                                       23: Mt. Tabor Park (not stroller                                   Too much fun! Families can enjoy a pirate-guided canoe tour
Oregon state Fair. Fair fun! 10                                                                             during Columbia Slough’s Aquifer Adventure. See Sept. 17.
                                       friendly). Sept. 30: Pendelton Park.
am- 10 pm Sept. 1, 4, 5. 10 am-11      $3 per preschooler. 503-823-3601.
pm Sept. 2, 3. $11 adults, $6 ages     portlandonline.com/parks.

                                                                                                                                                                        PHOTO COuRTESY OF COLuMBIA SLOuGH WATERSHED COuNCIL
6-12, free ages 0-5. Rides, concerts
extra charge. 2330 17th St. NE,        movie Night at Café sip-n-play.
Salem. 800-833-0011. oregonstate-      Family-friendly movies. 5 pm Sept
fair.org.                              2, 3: Aladdin. Sept. 9, 10: Cinder-
                                       ella. Sept. 16, 17: Ratatouille. Sept.
swift Watch. Watch thousands           23, 24: Bambi. Sept. 30, Oct. 1:
of Vaux’s swifts swirl into the        Beauty and the Beast. FREE. 3000
chimney at Chapman School during       SE 164th Ave., Vancouver. 360-
September. 8 pm Sept. 1-30. 1445       896-4446. cafesipnplay.com.
NW 26th Ave. audubonportland.
org.                                   target Free First Friday. Make a
                                       multi-media self-portrait at the
Oregon symphony. 5 pm Oregon           Portland Children’s Museum. FREE
Youth Philharmonic, 7 pm Oregon        from 4 -8 pm. 4015 SW Canyon
Symphony, fireworks. FREE. Tom         Road. 503-223-6500. portlandcm.                                                    Guided Nature Walk. Explore
McCall Waterfront Park, 1020 Naito
                                                                                        Saturday, Sept. 3
                                       org.                                                                               Tryon Creek park. All ages, but
Pkwy. 503-228-4294. orsymphony.                                                 OmsI reptile & Amphibian show.
                                                                                                                          grown-up must be w/kids. 10-11:30
org.                                   story and stroll. Naturalist led         Watch, learn – and even touch             am Sept. 3, 10, 17, 24. FREE. 11321
                                       walk, story time. Ages 2-6 w/            some slithery creatures. 9:30 am-7
browsing for beavers. All about                                                                                           SW Terwilliger Blvd. 503-636-4398.
                                       grown-up. 1-2 pm Sept. 2, 9, 16,         pm Sept. 3, 4, 5. Free w/admission:
beavers. Ages 5+. 1:30-2 pm. FREE.                                                                                        tryonfriends.org.
                                       23, 30. FREE, pre-registration           $12 adults, $9 ages 3 to 13 and
Tillamook Forest Center, 45500         required. Tryon Creek State Park,                                                  Forests for All. Stroll with natural-
                                                                                seniors. OMSI, 1945 SE Water Ave.
Wilson River Hwy. Tillamook. 503-      11321 SW Terwilliger Blvd. 503-                                                    ist and learn about the forest. 11 am
                                                                                503-797-4000. omsi.edu.
815-6800. tillamookforestcenter.org.   636-9886 xt. 225. tryonfriends.org.                                                Sept. 3, 5. FREE. Tillamook Forest
                                                                                portland pirate Festival. Avast!
Farm tunes. Caleb Klauder Band.                                                                                           Center, 45500 Wilson River Hwy.
                                       tillamook Forest Center. Letter-         Entertainment, inflatables, games,
6:30-9:30 pm. $10 car. Kruger’s                                                                                           Tillamook. 503-815-6800. tilla-
                                       boxing, join in this navigational        treasure hunts and more. Costumes
Farm, 17100 NW Sauvie Island Rd.                                                                                          mookforestcenter.org.
                                       treasure hunt. 11 am. Tree talk.         encouraged. 10 am-midnight Sept.
503-621-3489. krugersfarm.com.         Ages 5+. 1:30-2 pm. FREE. Tilla-                                                   Champoeg Farmstead Day. Churn
                                                                                3, 10 am-10 pm Sept. 4. $12 adult,
mo@milagros. Mo Phillips music.        mook Forest Center, 45500 Wilson         ages 0-12 $6. Waterfront, St. Hel-        butter and other old-time skills,
10:30 am. Sept. 1, 8, 15, 22, 29.      River Hwy. Tillamook. 503-815-           ens. 503-292-3418. portlandpirate-        entertainment, living history demos.
$3 donation per walking human.         6800. tillamookforestcenter.org.         festival.com.                             1-4 pm. FREE. $5 to park. Cham-
Milagros Boutique, 5433 NE 30th                                                                                           poeg State Heritage Area, 8239
                                       Friday Fun Night. Swimming               Fastest Ice Cream in the West.
Ave. 503-493-4141. milagrosbou-                                                                                           Champoeg Rd. NE, St. Paul. 503-
                                       (grades 1-5), gymnastics, dodgeball,     OMSI’s science chefs quick freeze
tique.com.                                                                                                                678-1251. champoeg.org.
                                       games, more. Ages 4-12. 6:30-            ice cream. 3 pm. FREE. Plaza at
movies in the park. Movies at          10:30 pm Sept. 2, 16. $12.95. Kids       1945 SE Water Ave. 503-797-4000.          Kids Dig. Mock archaeological dig.
dusk, entertainment at 6:30 pm.        Club Fun and Fitness, 13914 NW           omsi.edu.                                 Ages 8-12. 11 am-1 pm. Free w/ad-
FREE. Sept. 1: Columbia Park. Sept.    3d Ct., Vancouver. 360-546-5437.                                                   mission: $5 family, $3 adults, free
                                                                                Art in the pearl. Art to see and buy,
2: Director Park. Sept. 3: Wallace     kidsclubfunandfitness.com.                                                         ages 0-14. Fort Vancouver, 1001 E
                                                                                entertainment, kids’ art making. 10       5th St., Vancouver. 360-816-6230.
Park. Sept. 8: Elizabeth Caruthers     Carnival trains. Ride the train then     am-6 pm Sept. 3, 4. 10 am-5 pm            nps.gov/fova.
Park. Sept. 9 Multnomah Arts           ride the carnival rides. Trains 1, 3,    Sept 5. FREE. Park Blocks between
Center. Sept. 10: April Hill Park.     5, 7 pm Sept, 2, 3, 4. Train fare $5,                                              Giant Kite show. Watch the pros
                                                                                W Burnside and NW Glisan. 503-
503-823-7529. portlandonline.com/      rides extra. Mt. Hood Railroad, 110                                                (weather permitting). 11 am-5 pm
                                                                                722-9017. artinthepearl.com.
parks.                                 Railroad Ave, Hood River. 800-872-                                                 Sept. weekends. FREE. D-River
                                                                                Vulture Awareness Day. Stories,
                                       4661. mthoodrr.com.                                                                Wayside Park, Lincoln City. 541-
                                                                                info, crafts and a meet and greet         994-1004. oregoncoast.org.
         Friday, Sept. 2               Oregon state Fair. See Sept. 1.          with Ruby the turkey vulture. 11
Ladybug Nature Walks. Naturalist-                                               am-3pm. FREE. Audubon Society,            Oregon state Fair. See Sept. 1.
                                       movies in the park. See Sept. 1.
led walks. Ages 2-5. 10-11 am. Sept                                             5151 NW Cornell Rd. 503-292-              movies in the park. See Sept. 1.
2: Alberta Park. Sept. 9: Washing-                                              6855. audubonportland.org.

44                                     M etro Parent • metro-parent.com • SePteMber 2011
                                                    Metro Parent believes all calen-
                                                       dar information to be correct
                                                       as of the date of publication;

                                                     however, you may want to call
                                                    to confirm events as scheduling
                                                      and other changes may occur.

  Carnival trains. See Sept. 2.                    Tuesday, Sept. 6
  movie Night at Café sip-n-play.       portland Children’s museum.
  See Sept. 2.                          Don’t forget the museum closes
                                        today for 10 days for a scrub down.
             Sunday, Sept. 4            Reopens Sept. 17. portlandcm.org.

  OmsI $2 Day. Explore OMSI for $2      baby Hour. Gallery tour, coffee
  every first Sunday. 9:30 am-7 pm.     hour follows. For grown-ups w/ba-
  Parking $2. 1945 SE Water Ave.        bies ages 0-1. 10 am. $5 members,
  503-797-4000. omsi.edu.               $12 non-members. Portland Art
                                        Museum, 1219 SW Park Ave. 503-
  Camp Champs. Skits about forest       226-2811. pam.org.
  recreation and camping. Ages 5+.
  1:30 pm. FREE. Tillamook Forest       story time at Café sip-n-play. Sto-
  Center, 45500 Wilson River Hwy.       rytelling, music, ABCs. Ages 0-5.
  Tillamook.                            10 am Tues. FREE. 3000 SE 164th
                                        Ave., Vancouver. 360-896-4446.
  Family tours. Explore the art         cafesipnplay.com.
  museum with docent. 12:30 Sept. 4,
  11, 18, 25. Free w/admission: $15     preschool rides mornings.
  adults, kids ages 0-17 always free.   Kiddy rides, snack and story. Ages
  Portland Art Museum, 1219 SW          0-6.9:30-11:30 am Tues & Wed.
  Park Ave. 503-226-2811. pam.org.      $6.50 per child. Oaks Park, 7805
                                        SE Oaks Park Way. 503-233-5777.
  Oregon state Fair. See Sept. 1.       oakspark.com.
  Carnival trains. See Sept. 2.
  Art in the pearl. See Sept. 3.               Wednesday, Sept. 7
  reptile & Amphibian show. See         Zipper Jewelry. Make adornments
  Sept. 4.                              out of old zippers. Ages 11+. FREE.
                                        4:30-6 pm Sept. 7: Midland LIbrary,
  portland pirate Festival. See Sept.   805 SE 122d Ave. 503-988-5392.
  3.                                    3:30-5 pm Sept. 21: Rockwood
                                        Library, 17917 SE Stark St. 503-
             Monday, Sept. 5            988-5396. 6-7:30 pm Sept. 21:
                                        Albina Library, 3605 NE 15th Ave.
  I Like to move It, move It. Move      503-988-5362. multcolib.org.
  your body fun. 10 am-4 pm. Free
  w/admission: $9 ages 1 and up.        Wondrous Wednesday. $3 admis-
  Portland Children’s Museum, 4015      sion to the World Forestry Center
  SW Canyon Road. 503-223-6500.         Discovery Museum every first Wed.
  portlandcm.org                        10 am-5 pm. 4033 SW Canyon
                                        Road. 503-228-1367. worldforest-
  Let’s Get Crafty! Nature crafts.      rycenter.org.
  1:30 pm. FREE. Tillamook Forest
  Center, 45500 Wilson River Hwy.       Honeybee Happenings. Nature
  Tillamook. 503-815-6800. tilla-       walk. Ages 1-6 w/grown-up. 10-11
  mookforestcenter.org.                 am Sept. 7, 14, 21, 28. $2 per child.
                                        Leach Botanical Garden, 6704 SE
  Oregon state Fair. See Sept. 1.       122d Ave. 503-823-1671. leachgar-
  Art in the pearl. See Sept. 3.        den.org.
  reptile & Amphibian show. See         preschool rides mornings. See
  Sept. 4.                              Sept. 6.
  Forests for All. See Sept. 3.

                                                                          M etro Parent • metro-parent.com • SePteMber 2011   45
 fa mi ly c a lend a r

                                                          Enjoy the Tirolean Dancers gliding around the May Pole, chicken dance contest and much more at
                                                          Oaks Park Oktoberfest. See Sept. 23.

                                                                                                                                                           PHOTO COuRTESY OF OAKS PARK
                                                                    Thursday, Sept. 8                         Aviation and Space Museum, 500
                                                                                                              NE Capt. MK Smith Way, McMin-
                                                          rick Huddle. Zany pirate adven-
                                                                                                              nville. 503-434-4185. evergreen-
                                                          ture. 10 am. Free w/paid admission                  museum.org.
                                                          to play area. Cafe Sip-n-Play, 3000
                                                          SE 164th Ave., Vancouver. 360-                      peace and Justice Fair. Entertain-
                                                          896-4446. cafesipnplay.com.                         ment, exhibits, kids’ activities. 9
                                                                                                              am-5 pm. FREE. Esther Short Park,
                                                          movies in the park. See Sept. 1.
                                                                                                              8th/Columbia St., Vancouver. 360-
                                                          mo@milagros. See Sept. 1.                           696-4840. vancouverpeaceandjus-
                                                                       Friday, Sept. 9                        Junior Gardener Club. Make salsa.
                                                                                                              Ages 5-10, w/adult. 10 am. $5
                                                          mad science Water. Wacky water
                                                                                                              per child, plus admission. Oregon
                                                          program. Ages 6-11. 3:30 pm.
                                                                                                              Garden, 879 W Main St., Silverton.
                                                          FREE. Beaverton City Library,
                                                                                                              503-874-8100. oregongarden.org/
                                                          12375 SW 5th St. 503-350-3600.
                                                                                                              Children’s Discovery Carnival.
                                                          Twi-Lite. Golden Garter presents
                                                                                                              Explore Johnson Creek at five in-
                                                          this spoof on the popular books/
                                                                                                              teractive crafting stations and more.
                                                          movies. Ages 4+. 7:30 pm Sept.
                                                                                                              1 pm-4 pm. FREE. Sellwood Park,
                                                          9, 10, 16, 17, 23, 24. 2 pm Sept.
                                                                                                              SE 7th Ave and Miller St. RSVP:
                                                          11, 18, 25. $12. 126 Loves Ave.,
                                                                                                              503-652-7477 or amy@jcwc.org.
                                                          Woodland, WA. 888-473-7869.
                                                                                                              Under the Autumn moon Festival.
                                                          music together. Try fun demo
                                                                                                              Lion dance, crafts, games, enter-
                                                          classes. Ages 0-5. FREE. Sept. 9:
                                                                                                              tainment, more. 11 am-5 pm. FREE,
                                                          SW. Sept. 12: SE. Sept. 13: Mt.
                                                                                                              vendors charge. Lan Su Chinese
                                                          Tabor. Details on reservation. 503-
                                                                                                              Garden offers free admission for
                                                          236-4304. musictogether-pdx.com.
                                                                                                              ages 0-12 and 64+ during festival.
                                                          Ladybug Nature Walks. See Sept. 2.                  NW Flanders/NW 2nd. 503-709-
                                                          movies in the park. See Sept. 1.
                                                                                                              1728. ocom.edu.
                                                                                                              second saturday. Celebrate the Co-
                                                          story and stroll. See Sept. 2.
                                                                                                              lumbia Flyway Wildlife show with
                                                          movie Night at Café sip-n-play.                     bird activities and more. 1-3 pm.
                                                          See Sept. 2.                                        FREE. Water Resources Education
                                                                                                              Center, 4600 SE Columbia Way.
                                                                    Saturday, Sept. 10                        360-487-7111. cityofvancouver.us/
                                                          evergreen star party. Movie, kids’
                                                          crafts, presentation, stargazing                    belmont street Fair. entertainment,
                                                          follows. 6:30 pm. $14. Evergreen                    vendors, more. Special kids’ area.

46                 M etro Parent • metro-parent.com • SePteMber 2011
Noon-8 pm. FREE, vendors charge.              Sunday, Sept. 11
33d to 37th on Belmont. belmont-
                                      boring Celebration. Pony rides,
                                      dunk tank, face painting, music,
safety saturday. Learn about          classic car show and more. 10 am-4
safety, tour the Historic Belmont     pm. FREE, vendors charge. Boring
Firehouse. 10 am-3 pm. FREE. 900      Middle School, 27801 SE Dee St.
SE 35th Ave. 503-823-3615. jef-       503-663-1853. traveloregon.com.
fmorrisfoundation.org.                Academia Duellatoria Demo.
Family Day. Make a book, learn        Swordplay and historical warfare
about pioneer toys. 10 am-2           demo, handle weapons, experi-
pm. FREE. Washington County           ments. 10 am-2 pm. Free w/Narnia
Museum, 17677 NW Springville          admission: $14 adults, $11 ages
Rd. (PCC Rock Creek Campus).          3-13. OMSI, 1945 SE Water Ave.
503-645-5353. washingtoncounty-       503-797-4000. omsi.edu.
museum.org.                           muddy boot Festival. See In the
tree-mendous 2nd saturdays.           Spotlight.
Story 11 am, crafts 11 am-noon,       Golden Garter. See Sept. 9.
science lab 1-2 pm, walk Hoyt
Arboretum 2-3 pm. Free w/admis-       Family tours. See Sept. 4.
sion: $8 adults, $5 ages 3-18, free
ages 0-2. World Forestry Center,              Monday, Sept. 12
4033 SW Canyon Rd. 503-228-
                                      momtopia. Safari fun for kids 0-6
1367. worldforestry.org.
                                      and treats for parents. 10-11 am.
mid Autumn Festival. Asian            FREE. 1st Level by Legacy Funland,
cultural fun, make paper lanterns.    Lloyd Center Mall, 2201 Lloyd Cen-
FREE. 2-4 pm Sept. 10: Gregory        ter. 503-282-2511. lloydcenter.com.
Heights Library, 7921 NE Sandy
Blvd. 503-988-5386. 3:30-5 pm
Sept. 12: Woodstock Library, 6008
SE 49th Ave. 503-988-5399. mult-
Little Kids’ Jamboree. Lorna
Miller’s music fun. Best ages 0-8.
4-5 pm Sept. 10, 24. $5 per family.
Mississippi Pizza, 3552 N Missis-
sippi Ave. 503-288-3231. littlekid-
music in Action!/musica en
accion! Rich Glauber’s bilingual
fiesta of songs, comedy. FREE.
2-2:45 Sept. 10: Central Library,
801 SW 10th Ave. 503-988-5123.
10:30-11:15 am Sept. 16: Capitol
Hill Library, 10723 SW Capitol
Hwy. 503-988-5385. 10:30-11:15
am Sept. 24: Albina Library, 3605
NE 15th Ave. 503-988-5362. mult-
muddy boot Festival. See In the
movies in the park. See Sept. 1.
twi-Lite. See Sept. 9.
Guided Nature Walks. See Sept. 3.
movie Night at Café sip-n-play.
See Sept. 2.

                                                                   M etro Parent • metro-parent.com • SePteMber 2011   47
   fa mi ly c a lend a r

tiny tots. Story, songs, play-                                                                     reptile show. 9     503-352-2283. FREE, charge for
time. Age 1 w/grown-up. FREE.                Why is this girl                                      am-1 pm. FREE.      food. Pacific University Campus,
                                             smiling? Find out at
Mondays. 10-10:45 am: Gresham                OMSI’s Reptile and                                    Water Resourc-      2043 College Way. 503-357-3006.
Library, 385 NW Miller Ave. 503-             Amphibian Show.                                       es Education        forestgrove-or.gov/calendar/.
988-5387. 10:15-11 am: Hillsdale             See Sept. 3.                                          Center, 4600 SE
                                                                                                                       mt. Angel Oktoberfest. See Sept.
Library, 1525 SW Sunset Blvd. 503-                                                                 Columbia Way,
988-5388. 11:15 am-noon: Holgate                                                                   Vancouver.
Library, 7905 SE Holgate Blvd.                                                                     360-487-7111.       ringling bros. and barnum &
503-988-5389. multcolib.org.                                                                       cityofvancou-       bailey Circus. See Sept. 15.
                                                                                                   ver.us/water-       Twi-Lite. See Sept. 9.
music together. See Sept. 9.
mid Autumn Festival. See Sept. 10.                                                                                     Guided Nature Walks. See Sept. 3.
                                                                                                   portland Veg-
                                                                                                   Fest. Yummy         Shrek The Musical. See Sept. 13.
           Tuesday, Sept. 13                                                                   samples, work-          movie Night at Café sip-n-play.
Shrek The Musical. Big laughs,
                                                                                               shops, kids’            See Sept. 2.
great dancing and 19 Shrek-                                                                    activities. 10
taculous new songs. 7:30 pm Sept.                                                              am-6 pm Sept
                                                                                               17, 18. $6, free                Sunday, Sept. 18
13, 14, 15, 16. 2, 7:30 pm Sept. 17.
1, 6:30 pm Sept. 18. $30 and up.                                                               ages 0-10. Or-          Little Gym Open House. Get
Keller Auditorium, 222 SW Clay.        PHOTO COuRTESY OF OMSI                                  egon Conven-            a taste of the fun at The Little
503-248-4335. broadwayacrossa-                                                                 tion Center, 777        Gym, Lake Oswego. 2-5 pm. Call
merica.com/Portland.                   Shrek The Musical. See Sept. 13.                        NE MLK Blvd.            for details. 503-595-9702.17890
                                                                              503-746-8344. nwveg.org.                 SW McEwan Rd., Lake Oswego.
$4 Zoo tuesday. Visit the Oregon       mo@milagros. See Sept. 1.
                                                                              Family Day. Music, crafts, rock mu-      tlglakeoswegoor.com.
Zoo for $4 per person. 9 am-6 pm.
4001 SE Canyon Road. 503-226-                                                 sic fun. 11 am-3 pm. 2 kids free w/1     Family poker-themed bike ride.
                                                    Friday, Sept. 16          paid adult $11. Multnomah County
1561. oregonzoo.org.                                                                                                   Bike to five different locations to
                                       music in Action!/musica en ac-         residents always FREE. Oregon His-       collect each of your unique John-
preschool rides mornings. See          cion! See Sept. 10.                    torical Society, 1200 SW Park Ave.       son Creek Watershed playing cards.
Sept. 6.                                                                      503-222-7141. ohs.org.                   Prizes for all. 9 am-1 pm. FREE.
                                       mt. Angel Oktoberfest. See Sept.
story time at Café sip-n-play. See     15.                                    parents’ survival Night. Kids have       Johnson Creek Watershed Council,
Sept. 6.                                                                      fun with fitness, crafts, snack, while   1900 SE Milport Road Suite B;
                                       Ladybug Nature Walks. See Sept.        parents get some “me” time. Ages         Milwaukie. RSVP: 503-652-7477 or
music together. See Sept. 9.           2.                                     3-12. 6-9:30 pm. Call for pricing,       amy@jcwc.org. jcwc.org.
                                       ringling bros. and barnum &            directions. The Little Gym, Lake         Kids in Nature. Salamanders. Ages
      Wednesday, Sept. 14              bailey Circus. See Sept. 15.           Oswego. 503-595-9702. tlglakeo-          3-7 w/grown-up. 10-11:30 am. $10
preschool rides mornings. See                                                 swegoor.com.                             child, pre-registration required.
                                       Twi-Lite. See Sept. 9.
Sept. 6.                                                                      toy trains. CD release party. 5 pm.      Tryon Creek State Park, 11321 SW
                                       story and stroll. See Sept. 2.                                                  Terwilliger Blvd. 503-636-9886 xt.
Shrek The Musical. See Sept. 13.                                              $5 adults, $2 kids, free ages 0-2.
                                       Shrek The Musical. See Sept. 13.       Curious Comedy Theater, 5225 NE          225. tryonfriends.org.
Honeybee Happenings. See Sept.                                                MLK Blvd. 503-477-9477. toy-
                                       Friday Fun Night. See Sept. 16.                                                 mt. Angel Oktoberfest. See Sept.
14.                                                                           trainsband.com.                          15.
                                       movie Night at Café sip-n-play.
                                                                              Do the right thing and reAD!             portland VegFest. See Sept. 17.
           Thursday, Sept. 15          See Sept. 2.
                                                                              Entertainment, book making,
                                                                              storytelling, more. Free books while     ringling bros. and barnum &
mt. Angel Oktoberfest. Kindergar-
                                                  Saturday, Sept. 17          supplies last. 11 am: Northstar Na-      bailey Circus. See Sept. 15.
ten with petting farm, wiener dog
races (11 am- 6 pm Sept. 17, 18). 11   Aquifer Adventure. Games, canoe        tive American Dance. 11 am-2 pm.         Twi-Lite. See Sept. 9.
am-midnight Sept. 15, 16, 17. 10       rides, music (1-3 pm), prizes and      FREE. North Portland Library, 512
                                                                              N Killingsworth St. 503-988-5394.        Shrek The Musical. See Sept. 13.
am-9:30 pm Sept. 18. Most events       more – all celebrating groundwater.
FREE. $4 parking. Downtown Mt.         Wear your pirate togs. Noon- 4pm.      multcolib.org.                           Family tours. See Sept. 4.
Angel, off Hwy 214. 855-899-6338.      FREE. Portland Water Bureau canoe      star parties. Autumnal equinox
oktoberfest.org.                       launch, 16650 NE Airport Wy. 503-      viewing. Dusk. $5 to park. Stub                  Monday, Sept. 19
ringling bros. and barnum &            281-1132. columbiaslough.org.          Stewart State Park, 30380 NW Hwy
                                                                                                                       truck Day. See big trucks up close.
bailey Circus. BOOM A RING, this       National Gymnastics Day. Ac-           47, Buxton and Rooster Rock take
                                                                                                                       Ages 0-6. 10:30-11:30 am. FREE.
year’s greatest show on earth. 7:30    tivities, demos, giveaways. 1-4 pm.    exit 25 off I-84. 503-797-4610 xt 2.
                                                                                                                       Beaverton City Library, 12375 SW
pm Sept. 15, 16, 17. 11:30 am,         FREE. Rose City Rhythmic, 5803         omsi.edu/starparties.
                                                                                                                       5th St. 503-350-3600. beavertonli-
3:30 pm Sept. 17. 1, 5 pm Sept. 18.    SW Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy. 503-       sidewalk Chalk/Corn roast. Cre-          brary.com.
$10-$42, plus service charge. Rose     902-4812. rosecityrhythmic.com.        ate a chalk masterpiece or watch.
Garden, One Center Court. 503-797-                                                                                     tiny tots. See Sept. 12.
                                       sturgeon Festival. Fishy fun,          9 am-5 pm. $10 to chalk, FREE to
9619. rosequarter.com.                                                        gawk. 2022 Main St., Forest Grove.

48                                     M etro Parent • metro-parent.com • SePteMber 2011
                                                                                                   Fall Festivities

           Tuesday, Sept. 20            Oktoberfest at der rheinlander.
                                        Music and more in festive tent.
senior safari. Seniors and 1 com-
                                        5-10 pm ages 21 and over. Cover
panion receive FREE Zoo admis-
                                        $5, part of proceeds go to North-
sion and train ride. Music, petting
                                        west Down Syndrome Assoc. Der
zoo, animal talks, more. 9 am- 3
                                        Rheinlander Restaurant, 5035 NE
pm. Oregon Zoo, 4001 SW Canyon
                                        Sandy Blvd. 503-249-0507. rhein-
Road. 503-226-1561. oregonzoo.
                                        Dancing in the square powWow.
preschool rides mornings. See
                                        Drum groups, dancers, grand entry
Sept. 6.
                                        3:30 pm, Native American info
story time at Café sip-n-play. See      booths. Noon-7 pm. FREE. Pioneer
Sept. 6.                                Courthouse Square, 701 SW 6th
                                        Ave. 503-228-4185. npaihb.org.
      Wednesday, Sept. 21               professor banjo release party. 6
                                        pm. $8 adults, $6 kids, free ages
Ladybug theater. Live theater for
                                        0-3. Secret Society Ballroom, 116
little kids. Ages 2/12+. 10:30 am
                                        NE Russell St. 503-493-3600.
Sept. 21, 22, 28, 29: Finding Mother
Goose. $4, reservations please.
8210 SE 13th Ave. 503-232-2346.         Cascade of rocks and Gems.
ladybugtheater.org.                     Demos, exhibits and more. 10 am-6
                                        pm Sept. 23, 24. 10 am-5 pm Sept.
And then…Creative writing work-
                                        25. $5, free ages 0-12. Washington
shops. Ages 8-11. 3:30-4:30 Sept.
                                        County Fairplex, 873 NE 34th Ave.,
21, 28, Oct. 5, 12 (attend 1 or all).
                                        Hillsboro. 971-570-5456. portland-
FREE, pre-registration. Sherwood
Public Library, 22560 SW Pine St.
503-625-6688. sherwood.plinkit.         Ladybug Nature Walks. See Sept.
org.                                    2.
preschool rides mornings. See           Twi-Lite. See Sept. 9.
Sept. 6.                                story and stroll. See Sept. 2.
Zipper Jewelry. See Sept. 7.
                                        movie Night at Café sip-n-play.
Honeybee Happenings. See Sept.          See Sept. 2.
                                               Saturday, Sept. 24
       Thursday, Sept. 22               Oktoberfest Family Day at der
superKids resale event. This giant      rheinlander. Music, arts & crafts,
kids’ consignment sale features         balloon artist, face painting and
60,000+ quality, gently used items.     more. Noon-5 pm (5-10 pm ages
9 am-8 pm Sept. 22, 23. 9 am-5 pm       21 and over). Cover $5 adults, $2
Sept. 24, 25. FREE admission. Plaza     ages 4-12, free ages 0-3, part of
205, behind Office Max. superkid-       proceeds go to Northwest Down
sresale.net.                            Syndrome Assoc. Der Rheinlander
                                        Restaurant, 5035 NE Sandy Blvd.
Ladybug theater. See Sept. 21.
                                        503-249-0507. rheinlander.com
mo@milagros. See Sept. 1.
                                        taborFest. Annual open house (10
                                        am-6 pm) with free kids’ activities,
           Friday, Sept. 23             workshops, yoga, music, raffle and
Oaks park Oktoberfest. Oom-
                                        more. Community Barbecue: 5-7
pah music, dancing, pretzel toss,       pm. Square Dance: 7-9 pm. Free;
contests, wiener dog races, more.       donations accepted. TaborSpace,
Kinderplatz: noon-5:30 pm Sept.         55th & Belmont. 503-704-3272.
24, 25. 3 pm-midnight Sept. 23. 11      Taborspace.org.
am-midnight Sept. 24. Noon-7 pm         mcmenamins Oktoberfest. Special
Sept 25. $5 ages 16+, $2 ages 0-15.     kids’ entertainment, music, fun. All
7805 SE Oaks Park Way. 503-233-         day. FREE. Sept. 24: Grand Lodge,
5777. oakspark.com.                     3505 Pacific Ave., Forest Grove.

                                                                   M etro Parent • metro-parent.com • SePteMber 2011   49
  fa mi ly c a lend a r

503-992-9533. Sept. 25: Edgefield,      Twi-Lite. See Sept. 9.                  Oaks park Oktoberfest. See Sept.                American sign Language
                                                                                                                             Workshops, Playgroups & Story Times
2126 SW Halsey St., Troutdale.                                                  23.
                                        Guided Nature Walks. See Sept. 3.                                                       With Local Children’s Author
503-669-8610. mcmenamins.com.                                                                                                Dawn Prochovnic, MA / 503.223.5622
                                                                                Family tours. See Sept. 4.
                                        Little Kids’ Jamboree. See Sept. 10.                                                   www.smalltalkLearning.com
smithsonian Free museum
                                                                                Snake With Seven Heads. See                     ~Teaching Children to Sign~
Day. Download a pass to get into        Cascade of rocks and Gems. See
                                                                                Sept. 24.                                              ~Since 1999~
museums FREE. Local participants        Sept. 23.
                                                                                                                                          BuSINESS OPPORTuNITIES
include: Oregon History Museum,         Oaks park Oktoberfest. See Sept.
Portland Art Museum, World                                                                 Monday, Sept. 26                     Work from home on your
                                        23.                                                                                         own schedule.
Forestry Center Discovery Museum                                                march Fourth marching band.
                                        movie Night at Café sip-n-play.                                                   We specialize in helping busy moms earn
and more. smithsonianmag.com/                                                   Vaudville-ish music for Mondays           reliable income from home. Impeccable
museumday.                              See Sept. 2.                                                                      record with BBB, top-notch comp plan,
                                                                                on the Mall. Noon-2 pm. FREE. 6th
polish Festival. Music, dance, polka                                            and Oak. portlandmall.org/events.           great team support and mentoring.
                                                                                                                          DreamtobeHome.com 541-510-7211
contests, children’s village – and              Sunday, Sept. 25
                                                                                tiny tots. See Sept. 12.                                                       PRESChOOlS
GREAT food! FREE, charge for food.      sunday parkways. 8 miles of street
11 am-10 pm Sept. 24. Noon-6 pm         closed in northeast Portland for
                                                                                                                                                 Co-op preschools
Sept. 25. 3900 N Interstate Ave.                                                           Tuesday, Sept. 27                           Call or email PCPO for the
                                        biking, walking, fun. Noon-5 pm.                                                                   parent participation
503-287-4077. portlandpolonia.org.      FREE. Going/Ainsworth/Simpson.          preschool rides mornings. See                             preschools near you.
National public Lands Day. Work         503-823-5185. portlandsundayp-          Sept. 6.                                            (503) 293-6161, pcpo@pcpo.info
parties around the nation. All          arkways.org.                                                                                  www.oregonpreschools.org
                                                                                story time at Café sip-n-play. See
National park sites are free. Fort                                              Sept. 6.
                                        World Animal Festival. Music,                                                   ADVERTISERS INDEx
Vancouver will have demos. 9 am-5
                                        dance, storytelling, crafts, more.
pm. 1501 E Evergreen Blvd., Van-                                                                                        A Child’s Time                         Harmony Road/Westside                  Our World Learning
                                        10 am-4 pm. Free w/admission:                 Wednesday, Sept. 28               2 Explore ......................20     Music ...........................39    Center ............................6
couver. 360-816-6230. fortvan.org.
                                        $10.50 adults, $7.50 kids 3-11, free                                            ABC Doula......................9       Healthy Starts Children’s              Out of this World
Leach Botanical Gardens celebrates                                              preschool rides mornings. See           Academy Theater ..........33
                                                                                                                                                               Center @ OHSU............21            Pizza.............................33
                                        0-2. $2 to park. Oregon Zoo, 4001                                                                                      Help Eliminate Learning                Paladan Elementary
with authors of new children’s                                                  Sept. 6.
                                                                                                                        Advanced Pediatric
                                                                                                                        Therapies ......................27
                                                                                                                                                               Problems ......................27      School ..........................22
                                        SW Canyon Road. 503-226-1561.                                                                                          Hopworks Urban                         Pediatric Associates of the
book A Pika’s Place. 1-3 pm. FREE.                                                                                      AHSC Yu Miao Chinese                   Brewery .......................39      NW.................................2
                                        oregonzoo.org.                          Honeybee Happenings. See Sept.          Immersion Preschool ....22
6704 SE 122d Ave. 503-823-1671.                                                                                         AMHA-OR.org ..............10
                                                                                                                                                               House ad (contest)........23           Pediatric Therapy
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Services ........................26
leachgarden.org.                        rosh Hashana on the Farm. Crafts,       14.                                     Amiguitos Preschool .....22
                                                                                                                                                               Italian School of
                                                                                                                                                               Portland .......................16     Pediatric Urgent Care....23
                                                                                                                        Artz Center ...................25
Autumn on the Farm. Penny’s             stories, sample veggies. Families       Ladybug theater. See Sept. 21.          Autism Society ..............25
                                                                                                                                                               JLM Insurance ................8        Penney’s Puppets ..........51
                                                                                                                                                               Lakewood Center .........47            Piccollo Mondo Toys .....34
Puppets perform. 11-11:45 am.           with kids 2-6 years. 2:30-4 pm.                                                 Bamboo River                           Laurelwood Public                      Portland Christian
                                                                                And then… See Sept. 21.                 Marketing .....................23      House ...........................39    Schools ........................17
Hillsdale Library, 1525 SW Sunset       FREE, pre-registration. Sauvie Is-                                              Beezoo Exchange .........34            Learning Palace ............22         Portland Symphonic

Blvd. 503-988-5388. multcolib.org.      land Organics, address on registra-                                             The Blosser Center ........26          Little Garden Preschool.14
                                                                                                                        Bob Eaton Magic ..........51                                                  Portland Veg Fest ..........47
                                        tion. 503-245-6219. jewishportland.            Thursday, Sept. 29               Buttons ‘n Bows ...........33
                                                                                                                                                               The Little Gym...............33
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Powell’s ........................31
Snake With Seven Heads. Play            org/pjlibrary.                                                                  Childbloom® Guitar
                                                                                                                                                               Little Smiles ....................2
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Pregnancy Memory
after Play presents this story from                                             sUrprIse! pictures. Make fold out       Program..........................9
                                                                                                                                                               Living Wisdom School .....9            Sculpture ......................31
                                                                                                                                                               Lloyd Center .................21
South Africa. Ages 2-8. 10 am Sept.     sundays for Families. Drop-in art       pictures. Ages 5-10. 3:30-4:30 pm.      Children Cancer Assoc. .10
                                                                                                                                                               Mad Science .................51
                                                                                                                                                                                                      The Reading Toolkit ......14
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Riverdale Academy .......19
                                                                                                                        The Children’s Clinic........6
24, Oct. 1, 8, 15. 2 pm Sept. 25,       12:30-3 pm, tours at 12:30 pm. Free     FREE. Belmont Library, 1038 SE          The Children’s Gym.......35
                                                                                                                                                               Oktoberfests .................39
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Rose City Rythmic ..........2

Oct. 2, 9, 16. $7, free ages 0-2. The   w/museum admission $15 adults,          39th Ave. 503-988-5382. multcolib.      The Children’s Hospital
                                                                                                                        Legacy Emanuel............11
                                                                                                                                                               Micha-el School ............13
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Southwest Music
                                                                                                                                                                                                      School ..........................21
Brooklyn Bay, 1825 SE Franklin St.      $12 students, free 17-0. Portland       org.                                    Child’s View
                                                                                                                                                               Mt. Hood Adventure Park
                                                                                                                                                               at Skibowl ....................39
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Sprig Health..................23
                                                                                                                        Montessori ...................19
503-772-4005. playafterplay.com.        Art Museum, 1219 SW Park Ave.           Ladybug theater. See Sept. 21.          CLASS Academy............15
                                                                                                                                                               Multisensory Learning
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Success Group for Women
                                                                                                                                                                                                      - Michaele Dunlap ..........9
                                                                                                                                                               Academy ......................16
                                        503-226-2811. pam.org.                                                          Classical Ballet                       Multnomah Education
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Sunnyside Montessori ...13
Cider squeeze. Your apples or                                                   mo@milagros. See Sept. 1.               Academy ......................14       Service District ..............27      SuperKids Resale ..........22
                                                                                                                        Clever Cycles ..................9
theirs to press. Games, blacksmith,     sole support. Walk for Parkinson’s                                                                                     Music Together ...............6        Sweet Peas
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Kidzone ..................19, 51
                                                                                                                        Clogs -N- More Kids .....33            Musikgarten .................28
music. 10 am-4 pm. $5 person, $20       disease. Entertainment, kids’ activi-                                           Columbia Slough                        Northwest Primary Care..9
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Sylvan Learning Center .20

family. Philip Foster Farm, 29912       ties following walk. 12:30 pm. $20                  Friday, Sept. 30            (Aquifer Adventure) ......46
                                                                                                                                                               Northwest Surrogacy
                                                                                                                                                                                                      TaborFest ......................47
                                                                                                                        Couples Counseling ......23            Center ............................6   Tears of Joy...................37
SE Hwy 211, Eagle Creek. 503-637-       ages 6+, free ages 0-5. Willamette      Greek Festival. Dancing, music,         Creative Children’s                    NW Children’s Theater ..37             Thinker Toys ................. 31
                                                                                                                        Center ..........................22
6324. philipfosterfarm.com.             Park, SW Macadam Ave/Nebraska           great food. Children’s corner (10       Dentistry for Kids ............5
                                                                                                                                                               Oaks Park Oktoberfest ..46             Thorsen’s Surrogate
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Agency .........................28
                                        St. 503-496-3175. solesupport.org.      am-8 pm Sept. 30, noon-8 pm Oct.        Dentistry for Teens ..........3
                                                                                                                                                               Odyssey School .............17
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Tidee Didee...................35
Harvest Fun. Music, scarecrow                                                                                           Der Rheinlander............45
                                                                                                                                                               OHSU Doernbecher
                                                                                                                                                               Children’s Hospital..........7         Tillamook State
making, face painting, corn shuck-      Green sprouts Festival. See Family      1, 2) small charge for children’s ac-   D’Onofrio & Associates .25             OHSU Kohl’s

ing and more. 10 am-4 pm. FREE.         Favorite.                               tivities. 10 am-10 pm Sept. 30, Oct.    Draper Girls
                                                                                                                        County Farm .................49
                                                                                                                                                               Safety Seat....................29      Time Out:
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Mamalogues ................35
                                                                                                                                                               OMSI ......................31, 43
Clark County Historical Museum, at                                              1. Noon-8 pm Oct. 2. Holy Trinity       EcoMaids......................19       Oregon Children’s
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Tucker Maxon School ....17
                                        Flock and Fiber Festival. See In the    Cathedral, 3131 NE Glisan St. 503-      Evergreen Wings &                      Theater ........................43     U of O Early Intervention
the 78th Street Heritage Farm, 1919                                                                                     Waves ..........................51                                            Program........................27
                                        Spotlight.                              234-8202. goholytrinity.org.
                                                                                                                                                               Oregon Flock and Fiber
NE 78th St., Vancouver. 360-993-                                                                                        Finnegan’s Toys.............33         Festival .........................47
                                                                                                                                                               Oregon Gymnastics
                                                                                                                                                                                                      University of Washington
                                                                                                                        Finnegan’s Village Toys .34
5679. cchmuseum.org.                    mcmenamins Oktoberfest. See             Ladybug Nature Walks. See Sept.         Franciscan Montessori
                                                                                                                                                               Academy ......................29       Urogynecology
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Associates ......................9
                                                                                                                        Earth School .................13       Oregon Hope Chinese
Flock and Fiber Festival. See In the    Sept. 24.                               2.                                      French American
                                                                                                                                                               School .................... … 13       The Vancouver Clinic .......2
                                                                                                                        School ..........................21    Oregon Music Teachers                  Vancouver Water
Spotlight.                              Twi-Lite. See Sept. 9.                  story and stroll. See Sept. 2.          French Prairie Gardens ..49
                                                                                                                                                               Association ...................29      Resources Ed Center
                                                                                                                                                                                                      (Sturgeon Festival) ........45
                                                                                                                                                               Oregon Pacific
                                                                                                                        German Saturday                        Railroad....................... 51     Vibe of Portland ...........16
music in Action!/musica en ac-          Cascade of rocks and Gems. See          movie Night at Café sip-n-play.         School ..........................14
                                                                                                                                                               Oregon Partnership.......27            Village Home ................17
                                                                                                                        Girls Inc ........................20
cion! See Sept. 10.                     Sept. 23.                               See Sept. 2.                            Green Sprouts: Natural
                                                                                                                                                               Oregon Repertory                       Wendy’s Wonderful
                                                                                                                                                               Singers .........................22    Kids ..............................23
                                                                                                                        Baby & Family Festival...52

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