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Laying hold of your Inheritance


									      Laying hold of your Inheritance    – way beyond your intellect –                    dversary the devil walks about           Not come with pitch fork
    4 Gospel?                              Thank God I obey that peace or                 like a roaring lion, seeking              and pony tail and red under ware
    Why – Matt – King – trace              absence of peace                               whom he may devour.9 Resist              I am not worrying – concern
    genealogy back to Abraham, Mark                                                       him, steadfast in the faith …            As if I care – must worry
                                         Shalom - more than just a                        NKJV
    – servant no genea, Luke – man –                                                                                               Actually, if I worry – endangering
    gen trace back to Adam, John –         guiding tool                                   Roaring lion – unusual – when
                                         Strong’s        Lexicon:       Shalom                                                     – d knows – where he can hurt you
    God – back to God                    (shaw-lome'): safe, well, happy,                    lion want to catch - why              most
                                         complete,         mainly:      health,              Seen animal documentaries –           D cannot devour – in peace
    The Peace that make you              prosperity, peace.                                  watch – lions tigers - Never seen     Cannot manage a peaceful
             whole                       English – peace of heart and                        – lion attack from afar – roaring     christian
                                                                                             – ahah                               How to cast our care unto the Lord?
Isaiah 54:9-10 "To me this is              mind                                              Only stupid lions does that
like the days of Noah, when I            Modern Hebrew: Nothing missing                                                           CAST - Instead – cast all care on
                                                                                             Come – real close – presence as
swore that the waters of Noah              nothing broken                                    inconspicuous as possible             wife – angry – quarrel – too
would never again cover the              Good for your brain – no missed                     Why – no power – no teeth -           macho
earth. So now I have sworn not                                                               defanged                              – burden our wife - Angry
to be angry with you, never to             connection - about you
                                         John 14:27         Peace I leave with            May devour – steal inheritance           Quarrel not becos for issue –
rebuke you again. 10 Though the                                                                                                    anxieties - weighing heart –Too
mountains be shaken and the              you, My peace I give unto you; a                    - if so powerful – will devour all
hills be removed, yet my                 peace that world cannot give. Let                                                         macho to say – I am worry – throw
                                         not your heart be troubled,                      Can't – those in peace                   temper
unfailing love for you will not be                                                        – therefore - find ways to keep
shaken nor my covenant of                neither let it be afraid.                                                                 How can you – how could you
peace be removed, "says the              MY peace – can't – wout him                             us from peace                     None of you do this
LORD, who has compassion on                – cannot have it – without him                 How does the enemy roar?                Phil 4:6a        Don't worry about
you.                                     World cannot give - aroma                                                                anything; instead, pray about
Cov of my peace - Shalom                                                                  i. Roar w circum - words                everything; …
                                           therapy – peace ends when
Mts shaken – does happen –                                                                                                        Pray! – but for prayer to be
                                           candles burns out – spa - osim                 Stir – unrest – upset – angry –
   Tsunami                                                                                                                         effective – stop worrying.
                                           Spa music                                       fearful - troubled
Love for you and peace                     Peace ends when music ends                                                              What lost – recover - when
                                                                                          News on CNN                              What you lost through unrest – you
Sworn – never angry - Best               Can – diet – but if heart is not                  Sas – Dengue – Chicken flu –            can recover through rest
   parent                                  restful – still suffer                          bird – cat - Oil – property – never     Read news, hear evil report – pray
   – dare not swear!                       Proverbs 14:30                                  stop                                    - give thanks – shield us from the
Why? P - founded on finished               A heart at peace gives life to the             Read some where 1 – 5 this or            anxieties and fear
   wk – Jesus perfect removed –            body, but envy rots the bones.                  that - 50                               Isaiah 61:3 … The oil of joy for
   no condemnation                         A relaxed attitude lengthens a                  If your dad – 50% chance                mourning, The garment of praise
   Peace is founded on the finished        man's life; TLB                                                                         for the spirit of heaviness …
                                                                                          Everyday – press here & there
   work – Jesus has perfectly            My Shalom – Jesus’ peace -                                                                Bombarded - Shield us from -
                                                                                           – feel little pain - Die die Ah         anxieties, fear – bitterness
   removed your entire life of sin         wholeness
   from the sight of a holy God          Never seen Jesus sick – health                    Get this pain – leg amputated –
– exhausted - not soft                     screen - broke – tax - 5000                                                            ii. Don’t wait circumstances -
                                                                                           die shortly – see yourself in black    right – speak WORD
   Exhaust all of God’s anger – no         Tax – mouth of fish - 5000 –                    casket – elisa doing the eulogy
   condemnation – Christ was               plenty left over                               Psychosomatic – dis ease –              Memorise – 91 – 3x healed
   condemned                             Hevenu shalom aleichem                                                                     – skin condition – been to docs –
   God not soft on sins –                                                                  long bef
                                         We bring peace to you                             Many disease – dis ease – lack of        western and chinese
Therefore, Grace and peace               Why release peace – what do?                      ease - rest                            Psalms 23:5
Isa 55:12 For ye shall go out                                                              Long before all symptom came –           You prepare a table before me in
with joy, and be led forth with          2. Jesus’ peace will sustain you                                                         the presence of my enemies. You
peace: … KJV                                                                               becos of unrest                        anoint my head with oil; my cup
                                         through tough circumstances                      Moment heart troubled – can             overflows.
i. Led forth w peace – p will lead       Threat – deep peace – no fear                     steal                                  God prepares a table – while
                                                                                           Cannot work apart from                   enemy still around
–     what to invest – not invest –      D tries – ways – steal peace                      restlessness
      who spend time w – who make        1 Peter 5:7-9                                                                            How come still pain here there
                                          … casting all your care upon                    Worries come –subtle – pitch            Altho – new creation - Old still
      friends with, not to – help make   Him, for He cares for you. 8 Be                   fork – concern – as if -
      decision                           sober, be vigilant; because your                                                           alive
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Jet lag                                  Not married                                    Don’t focus – keep thinking          Peace starts from inside out
  Different place – feel same time of    Just becos married – don’t mean –              Can't help hearing– keep             How does peace start from inside out?
  previous zone – need to readjust       teach on marriage – just prod kids              pondering– don’t have to            Be still first on the inside –
  body clock                             – Paul
                                         Just becos prod kids – know how                 repeat it                              outside out – calm
Stand on declaration                                                                     Wake up feel pain – looks like      Kiasu - Kiasee
  Lincoln signed – Declaration of        to be good father
                                         Paul – never married – wrote – not              symptoms of diabetes!               Kiabor - Kiaboh
  Emancipation – wasn’t until slaves                                                     D bring fearful thots – going to
  stood firmly on that declaration       his words -Anointed to bring it                                                        Kiachenghu
                                         forth                                           die young                              Kiasu (scared of losing)
  Ignorance as slaves for many years                                                    Often – lying symptoms –
2 Corinthians 5:17                       Heaven – rapture, business                                                             Kiasee (scared of dying)
  Therefore, if anyone is in Christ,     Cannot preach on heaven – rapture               press – die -doc – paint worst         Kiabor (scared of wife)
he is a new creation; the old has        Cannot preach on business – not                 Press press press – finally found      Kiaboh (scared of having nothing)
gone, the new has come!                  running a business – actually adv –             one – ah – what – trust me – you       Kiachenghu (scared of
                                         rely on anointing                               body got a lot of funny things –       government)
iii. New creation – speak new            Preach by rev – man not live by                 seeds                               If you are the type – always want
language                                 bread alone                                     Sometimes, doc didn’t help –           justice, fairness – no peace
                                                                                         little purging – jump gun – paint      As long as we are in this world –
God given you auth as kings and         3. The peace will change your                    worst scenario - scope – health        tainted with sin – we are going to
  priests                               circumstances                                    screen – bone scan                     experience unfair treatment – time
2 Chronicles 30:27 The priests                                                          Dhinakaran – you wife is OK -           to time
and the Levites stood to bless          Mark 4:39       Then He arose and
the people, and God heard them,         rebuked the wind, and said to the                reli                                   If you wait – everything to be fair
for their prayer reached heaven,        sea, "Peace, be still!" And the                  Sometimes ago, wife – pain             – to be happy – you will always be
his holy dwelling place.                wind ceased and there was a                      certain area – doc put to many         upset
Bro Dhinakaran – Sister Stella –        great calm. NKJV                                 test                                   Do what you can to get a fair
  Smith Wigglesworth                    Quiet be still                                   Called Dhina – reply – Ok              situation, but do not wait for the
                                        Mega Storm – experienced                         Another Doc told me - Very             situation to be fair before you are
  Without child – on way to ch –                                                                                                happy.
  flooded – cross through muddy           fishermen – one word – peace                   profitable business
  road – reached ch – dirty – but                                                        Need doc: enc - rare – most case    Best way – give thanks –
                                          – shalom – all waves obeyed –                  nothing – don’t worry - New
  pastor prophecies – God put a                                                                                                 whatever you have.
                                          mega calm – entered - land                     creation
  child in the womb – that nite she                                                                                          Move on
                                        With Jesus in the boat - Ending                  Some super religious –
  was conceived – child – Paul                                                                                                  Chose to be happy in every
  Dhinakaran.                             always good – testimony                        Oh – don’t worry – worst cancer        situation
                                        Ps 23:6           Surely or only                 – you know where you are going         Take no thot for tomorrow
You have auth over spouse -             goodness, mercy shall follow me                 Not saying – don’t take                 Matthew 6:34 Take therefore no
  Stella                                all the days of my life, and His
                                        presence shall be my dwelling                    medicine – eat anything                thought for the morrow: … KJV
  Dinakaran was very sick –
  preparing wife heart – Stella         place. AMP                                      Don’t be conscious – sickness           Live one day at a time
  declared – you will not die             Stricken with a disease –                      – kids running                         Love your neighbour – as yourself
1 Corinthians 7:14                        medication for months – d’s work              Don’t be conscious of death -           One at a time
  14 For the unbelieving husband          – met doc – arrange a very special             cake – ticker                          Party: Don’t try to be friendly to
has been sanctified through his wife,     blessing – worth more than a                   Villages – running around – rain       everybody
and the unbelieving wife has been         million dollars                                – no underw – laughing – nose          Time w one person
sanctified through her believing        What part you need to play to release                                                   Mother Theresa: If you can't feed
husband.                                                                                 running– don’t get sick
                                         God’s peace in your heart?                      Kids run into rain – catch cold         a thousand, then feed one
  Can't preach healing – someone
  prayed – didn’t get healed – since                                                     We – si sis s                       4. The peace will make you
                                        i. You have a part to play                       From young – hear
  when - TV
                                                                                         Dying for the cake                  whole
  Since when we believe healing          - Let not trouble, afraid - begin
  becos people are healed                                                                Lying for the cake                  Luke 8:47-48
                                          Troubled – sm - Afraid – big                   Ticker me
  Believe – Word says                     Begins with – not troubled - sm                                                     And when the woman saw that she
  TV – against healing – healing        Isa 43:18-19 "Do not remember                   When the world talks like this –      was not hid, she came trembling,
  preached and sneezes                  the former things, Nor consider                  OK – no hope - – but when            and falling down before him, she
  Don’t let lack of manifestation       the things of old. 19 Behold, I will             believers                            declared unto him before all the
  holds you back - anointing            do a new thing,                                 – gave away your inheritance –        people for what cause she had
  The anointing not circum              Now it shall spring forth. NKJV                                                       touched him and how she was
                                                                                             new creation
  Oh you cannot teach on marriage -     Not that – we become unrealistic                                                      healed immediately.
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48 And he said unto her,                  Favour – shalom – health – pros
Daughter, be of good comfort:             How multi? Some people think -
thy faith hath made thee whole;
go in peace. KJV                            Disney
  Why awe and trembling?                    when Swiss Alps - Disney land –
  Goodness – abundant prosperity            can still quarrel – angry – distress,
  and peace                                 oppressed - right in midst of
  Jeremiah 33:9                             Mickey
  9 Then this city will bring me            Through knowing
  renown, joy, praise and honor             loveliness of Jesus
  before all nations on earth that        Dam? reservoir of water –
  hear of all the good things I do for      workers check
  it; and they will                         Looking for cracks – hairline crack
  be in awe and will tremble at the         matters – why? Can be a mini
  abundant prosperity and peace I           fracture – wall crack – water burst
  provide for it.'                          out
Healed – iaomai – healed                    Oh cannot have peace – can't live
How to remain whole?                        this type of life
Whole – sozo – healthy                      Just a need a small crack for his
One month – sick came back                  river to flow
Bet - Healing or health? 50 – 1?          Like jump start dead bactery
  Actually – no catch – health –          My peace I give unto you
  don’t need healing                      is the peace that the world cannot
  when failed in one – he provides        give
  the other                               is the peace that the world cannot
What is key to health? Into               understand
  peace                                   peace to know, peace to live
 - Not farewell - house                   My peace I give unto you.
  Make shalom your house
Diagnosed – blood pressure
  Avoid alcohol, run, salt –
  Borderline. Went into peace - not
  worried – what eat
  Check – perfect!
Pre tense - imperative
  Do this and continue doing
  Being this and continue being
  How you – multiply - get that?
How do we go into and dwell in peace?
2 Peter 1:2-5 Grace and peace
be multiplied to you in the
knowledge of God and of Jesus
our Lord.
 3 as His divine power has given to
 us all things that pertain to life and
 godliness, through the knowledge
 of Him who called us by glory and
 virtue,4 by which have been given
 to us exceedingly great and
 precious promises, that through
 these you may be partakers of the
 divine nature, having escaped the
 corruption that is in the world
 through lust. NKJV
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