Narratology (PowerPoint) by dfhdhdhdhjr


• Between roman a clef and invented narrative
  on urban politics (NY, others) or politics in
• Bildungsroman in context of “careers fall
• Dominant fable or counter-fable?
• Struggle between conflicting narratives
             Political Junkies
• Calhoun as example
• Young, idealistic, hard-working, ambitious
• Involved in campaign, usually for the reform
  candidate against the party establishment
• From campaign to executive assistants to
  politicians (mentor/protégé relationship)
• Then run for office (e.g. Stephen Harper)
     Dominant or Counter Fable?
• Negative on politicians: corrupt, self-seeking
  (Yes Minister (80s), The Candidate (1971), All
  the President’s Men (1976), Wag the Dog
• Idealistic view of politicians (The West Wing,
• Tragic view of politicians: City Hall (1996),
  Oliver Stone’s Nixon (1995)
              Erikson’s model
• intimacy versus isolation: Calhoun
• Generativity versus stagnation: Calhoun, Stern
• Three views of generativity: Erikson (caring for
  next generation), Pappas-Calhoun (caring in
  politics), Enron traders
• Integrity versus despair: Stern, Pappas,
  Anselmo (?)
           City Hall as product
• Critics liked various scenes and performances,
  but overall reactions less favourable
• Political film or investigative thriller?
  (truthfulness or truthiness?)
• Cost approximately $40 million, grossed
  approximately $33 million
1. Give a comprehensive explanation for the failure of
   gOVWORKS.COM, looking at such factors as
   strategy, leadership, execution, marketing,
   competition, etc.
2. is an example of direct (fly-on-the-wall)
   cinema. What entrepreneurial and aesthetic
   problems did its creators (Jehane Noujaim, Chris
   Hegedus) have to solve in terms of conception and
   implementation and how did they solve them?

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