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Northern California Corvette Association


                                        MARCH 2009
                                        Volume 52 # 03

Northern California Corvette Association
        Americas Oldest Corvette Club
                NCCA BOARD of DIRECTORS
President:     Bob Ashbaker                 Publications:       George Robinson
               510-521-9471                                     650-508-8747
V.P. Events:   Lloyd Peoples
               510-278-7763                 Public Relations:   Don Henning
V.P. Drags:    Rob Wigand
               510-582-3219                 Historian:          Neal Golding
Secretary:     Sandy Wigand                           
          BMAL:               Ken Rabello
Membership:    Carole Robinson                        
        WSCC Rep:           Steve Bisset
Social:        Lora Rapini                            
            Motor Sports Rep:   Lori Brandt
Social:        Dolores Peoples                        
                                            Charitable          Doug Knudson
Treasurer:     Mary Grodin                  Foundation:         925-855-0901

Treasurer:     David Northrop               Webmaster:          Jim Wells
Assistant      925-250-0458                                     925-443-2707
                             GENERAL BUSINESS MEETING
                                    March 3, 2009
President Bob Ashbaker called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.

     Carole introduced guests at tonight’s meeting: Tim Boone from Boardwalk Chevrolet.


MINUTES: Secretary: Sandy Wigand
     Minutes from the February meeting were approved as published in the “K.”


Treasurer: Mary Grodin
      Mary reported on the financial status of the Club as of 2/21/09.

VP Events: Lloyd Peoples
     Lloyd reported that Legends is moving right along. Flyers are available. Plaques and name-
     plates have been ordered. Ricky’s is paying for a full-page ad in the San Leandro Times. We are
     still waiting to hear from some of the police departments regarding their participation. Lloyd asked
     for all members help on the day of Legends. We have some raffle prizes, but still need more.

      With regard to Vette Magic, we need help from members in getting new sponsors. Due to difficult
      economic times, this has not been easy. Lloyd especially thanked Boardwalk Chevrolet and Tim
      Boone for their generosity in supporting NCCA.

VP Drags: Rob Wigand
     Rob echoed Lloyd’s request for help from members in getting new sponsors and donations. He
     further reported that the T-shirt order is going in next week for printing. Raffle tickets are avail-
     able tonight. Bruce and Bonnie Bourne will be in charge of ticket sales – thank you very much,
     Bruce and Bonnie. And a big thank you to Doug for securing the generous donation for the raffle
     from The Palace Poker Casino. Everything we make from the raffle will benefit the Charitable
     Foundation. Trophies and plaques for Vette Magic are in the process of being ordered.

Membership: Carole Robinson
    Carole reported she has had some requests for information regarding the Club, but had nothing
    else to report at this time.

Social: Lora Rapini/Dolores Peoples
      Dolores reported in Lora’s absence tonight. Recent events reviewed included: Daytona 500 at
      Craigs (2/15). Good food as always and a great crowd. Thank you to the Craigs.
      Bowling (2/21). Fun time. Great trophies made by Lloyd.

      Upcoming Events include: Gamblers Run (3/14-15); Go-Karting (3/28); Skeet Shooting (4/11);
      Winemaker’s Dinner (4/17); Golf Day (4/25); Legends Bag Stuffing (4/26).

Public Relations: Don Henning
      Don discussed publicity for Vette Magic and Legends.

Publications: George Robinson
      Get your flyers to George by the end of the week for the March “K.” George asked members to
      send him pictures and stories.

Historian: Neal Golding
      Neal asked for additional pictures from Social/Social, Daytona, and bowling; and also for pic-
      tures from upcoming events when he cannot attend.

BMAL: Ken Rabello (Absent)
    No report.

MotorSports: Lori Brandt (Absent)
     No report.

      Bob reported that WSCC made some changes on autocross dates. See the website and/or the
      “K” for updates. Santa Clara Corvettes is still working on a joint autocross with NCCA to be held
      at the Coliseum or the old Alameda Naval Air Station.

WebMaster: Jim Wells
    Jim reported that he created an E-Board E-mail address that can be used to reach E-Board
    members, individually or as a group. See the website.

WSCC: Steve Bisset
    Steve brought some flyers regarding the WSCC convention.

Charitable: Doug Knudsen
      Doug reported we had a great raffle last month thanks to Bonnie Bourne who made a Corvette
      quilt and donated it as a prize (which Sandy Wigand won). Thank you, Bonnie. Thanks to eve-
      ryone for their support.

Committee Reports:
    The Bylaws Committee: Steve Bisset reported that the changes in the bylaws were published in
    the February “K” and there will be a presentation and a vote taken at the April meeting.

Old Business:
      JJ King that arrangements have been made to hold our June GMB at Kasabian Motors at their

New Business:
     Discussion was held regarding the Bent Hubcab Award and criteria for awarding it. This discus-
     sion will be continued.

     Steve Bisset is collecting old cell phones for the troops overseas.

Next Meeting:       E-Board 3/31/09 at Ricky’s
                    GBM 4/7/09

The meeting was adjourned at 8:35 p.m.
   Notes from the Editor
                George Robinson

This month’s cover and back page are a concept design of what the C7 may
look like. There is also a page inside supplied by Buzz Marston showing pho-
tos and a short write up on the concept. That same page has a survey he
would like NCCA members to respond to on the engine for the C7. Don’t miss
this opportunity to get your opinion tabulated and submitted to the decision
makers at General Motors.
      I added a Vettes & Pets page to the K this month. If people like it I’ll
run it again as I get pictures and info from members. Anyone who wants to
send me a photo of their pet with their corvette and some info on both will
have them worked in as I have space for them. The K is now done in a book-
let format which means I have to do pages in multiples of 4. For this reason
the content will vary from month to month as the number of flyers, event
photos and other information available is provided. If you are doing any
work on your cars and would like to document it with photos I’ll add this also
as we have room. If anyone has suggestions for other pages let me know.
There have been issues with print quality that I’m working on… hopefully I’ll
have a solution soon and that will improve the quality of our newsletter.

 June NCCA Meeting will be at                  Advertise in the
       Kassabian Motors
                                           Full Page        $400.00
                                           Full Page      With WEB Link $500.00
                                           Half Page        $200.00
       6080 Dublin Blvd                    Quarter Page     $100.00
       Dublin Ca. 94568                    Business Card $ 40.00
            7:30PM                         Rate is for 12 months
                                       Membership News
                                                Carole Robinson
                                               Membership Director

  At the April meeting members will review bylaws changes presented in
  the February K and vote on them… be sure you are at this meeting to

  We are holding the JUNE meeting at Kassabian motors for something new
  and different! Mark your calendars as this will be interesting to any car

  I have also sent an email to the membership to encourage everyone to
  help in our effort to attract new sponsors and donations for our raffle.
  This is the support we need for our events.

   Rob needs volunteers for Vette Magic, you drag racing junkies… please
  contact him… Thank you in advance for volunteering.!

   Tim Boone from Boardwalk Chevrolet was our guest at the GM meeting.

                  March & April Birthdays
Karen Gomes         Mar 1               Bob Reynolds          Apr 1
Ron Hall            Mar 2               Connie Carlson        Apr 7
Jason Clark         Mar 3               Bonnie Bourne         Apr 16
Steve Lamb          Mar 9               Ken Rebello           Apr 17
Connie Hall         Mar 9               Marilyn Elwart        Apr 17
Penny Bisset        Mar 20              Ed Butzbach           Apr 22
Frank Manibusan     Mar 22              Bob Garcia            Apr 18
Bob Ashbaker        Mar 22              Chuck Gerughty        Apr 3
John McWilliams     Mar 27
                  DAYTONA 500

      Fun was had by all at the Craig's Daytona Party
Despite the rain a few brave NCCA members took their corvettes to
the Daytona 500 party graciously hosted by Kathleen and Rick.
Those not so brave took their metal cars, don’t they know they
rust? The food, wine, beer and company were GREAT!!! It also
rained in Florida shortening the race but not the good time.
NCCA Bowling

      Men’s High Game: Steve Bisset—176
      Men's Most Strikes: Doug Knudson—12
      Women's High Game:       Sandy Wigand—110
      Women's Most Strikes:    Wendy Mathews—5
      Most Gutter Balls:       Aretha -22
      Charitable Foundation:   $75.00
      Number of Participants:  13
      Trophies donated by:     Lloyd Peoples
Pre order your Vette Magic
        Shirts !!!!!!

 Sweatshirts are available for Pre
            Order ONLY
  Henley T Shirts can also be pre
 ordered or purchased at the event
      Bonnie Andreasen 925-828-1679
       Fay McWilliams 925-837-5724
  There will be a sign up sheet at the March Meeting
                        Vettes & Pets

Car:      06 Convertible

Owner:    George / Carole Robinson

Pet:      Precious
          5 ft Ball Python—a heat
          seeking animal

                                        Car: 07 Z06
                                             Ron Fellows

                                        Owner:    Dan / Patty

                                        Pet: Mullie—Boxer
                                             named after
                                             Chris Mullin of
                                             the Warrior’s

Car: 70 Convertible
     (before painting)

Owner:    Lori / Eric

Pets:     Maggie &
          Pepper (RIP)
Future Vette –What do YOU want?
We are doing a club survey on the "next" Corvette, even though this may not be the actual C7 and that a
new body change might not be until 2014 the way things are going, but GM is looking as to what the
Corvette Community wants. The next Corvette as will all new GM vehicles need to make at least 27
mpg average, so what do Corvette people want in the next Corvette? The question was posed to me
while in Detroit:
 A hot V-6 (possibly turbocharged) with higher hp than what the Powertrain has now..
 A V-8 with something like a 5.3L with as much hp that they can get and still get over 27 mpg
 Superchargers are out due to the mileage requirement
Buzz Marston—Motorsports West

                                   NCCA Member Survey
Do you want to see the Next Generation Corvette with a:
1. High Performance V6—Higher horsepower than the current model
2. A V8 with about 5.3 ltr and as much horsepower as can be had maintaining 27mpg

                 Email your response to:
               The results will be tabulated and sent to Buzz who will pass it on to GM

                     Global Design VP, Ed Welburn unveils Corvette Concept
                                      CLARKS HOME AND GARDEN
                                                  DOUG KNUDSON
                                         BARK, COMPOST, SANDUST, TOPSOIL
                                    SAND BRICKS, RAILROAD TIES, STEPPING STONES
                                        DECORATIVE ROCKS, BUILDING BLOCKS
                                             YOU PICK-UP   WE DELIVER
                                           VISA MASTERCARD DISCOVER
                                       23040 CLAWITER RD HAYWARD CA 94545
                                      9370 MACARTHUR BLVD. OAKLAND CA 94605
                                         WWW.CLARKSHOMEAND GARDEN.NET

                                                WE ROCK THE BAY

                  Kassabian Motors
#1 Seller of Corvettes, Classics and Muscle Cars in California
          Buy, Sell or Consign – We do it all for you
    925-829+2825—800-900-0227- 925-829-5670 FAX
                       News You Can Use
While we do not have formal confirmation of this it seems to be pretty
good info that production will go down and prices will go up on Cor-
vettes after the Bowling Green plant resumes manufacturing the Cor-

The scuttlebutt we have received is that production will go down to
12,000 / 15,000 cars per year and as a result the prices may go up to
in the range of $70,000 for the C6 and $85,000 for the Z06.

There is currently a glut of inventory on the market and the shutting
down of the plant was to burn off some of that inventory. The deals
now are probably as good as they are going to get so if you are think-
ing of a getting an 09 or left over 08 you might want to really think
about it NOW…

Contact one of our sponsors for what they have in stock and tell
them you are an NCCA member
      General Membership
                                                                               Board of Directors
        Meeting Schedule
                                                                               Meeting Schedule
     First Tuesday of Every
                                                                            LAST Tuesday of Every
     Castro Valley Women’s
                                                                             Ricky’s Sports Lounge
                                                                           15028 Hesperian Blvd. San
     18330 Redwood Road,
          Castro Valley
                                         Lloyd & Dolores Peoples

                                           March 2009
     Sun            Mon            Tue                Wed            Thu          Fri          Sat
1              2              3 7:30 Gen-        4              5            6            7
                              eral Meeting

8              9              10                 11             12           13           14 Gambler’s

15 Gambler’s 16               17                 18             19           20           21

22             23             24                 25             26           27           28 Kart

29             30             24 31 Board

                                             April 2009
     Sun            Mon            Tue            Wed               Thu           Fri          Sat
                                             1              2                3            4

5              6              7:30 General   8              9                10           11 Skeet
                              Meeting                                                     Shooting

12             13             14             15             16 Thunder-      17 Wine-     18 Onion
                                                            hill Corvettes   maker Dinner Peel Auto-
19Nord Fjord 20               21             22             23               24           25 NCCA
Autocross                                                                                 Golf

26 Legends     27             28 Board       29             30
Bag Stuffing                  Meeting
PO Box 6332
Hayward, CA 94544

                    FIRST CLASS

                       MAR                         2009

                    Northern California Corvette Association
                          Incorporated May 9, 1957

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