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					         Hillsboro Kiwanis news
        The club address is P.O. Box 311, Hillsboro, Oregon 97123 and we meet Tuesdays (6:30PM) at the
     Coyote Bar & Grill, 5301 Baseline, Hillsboro Oregon, Oregon 97123. The phone number is (503) 640-7225.

 VOLUME 11 ISSUE 11                                                                           November 29, 2011
                                                             MEMBER’S IMPORTANT DATES
What The President Thinks –
The club has yet another month of successful
projects. I am grateful for the leaders of the club       Dec     16th Kerm & Linda Stine
                                                          Dec     30th Kas & Barbara Kachmarek
that continue to step up. The vitality of the club
depends on that continuing.                                                   BIRTHDAYS

I have proposed that the club considers a slightly        Dec     07th   Forest Encell
different meeting schedule. Some of you might             Dec     25th   James Gardner
not have been there or might have been ignoring           Dec     30th   Ron Powne
me so I want to bring it up again. Let’s have
membership meetings on the first and third
Tuesday of the month at the usual place and time.
Then have committees meetings on the second
Tuesday at the usual place and time, and the Board          Ron Powne was at the meeting Oct 25th
meeting on the fourth Tuesday, again at the usual                  and won the drawing.
place and time. Then when there is a fifth Tuesday
we either not meet or plan a social event. Here            Remember – you can’t win if you’re not at
are some benefits, I think, of such a schedule:                        the meeting!!

   1. Only two programs a month to plan rather
      than three or four.
                                                                                There is a
   2. Interclubs would come only when we have
      a program since we officially meet only               DIVISION COUNCIL MEETING ON
      twice a month. It is pretty boring for                       6 December 2011
      interclubs or other visitors to show up only
      for us to go into committee meetings.
                                                             Meeting is normally 7 AM at the
   3. We would still be actually meeting at least           Beaverton Elks Club. Come early at
      4 nights a month, fulfilling our commitment                6:30 AM for breakfast.
      to the restaurant. I hope that most
      members would come to the Board
      meeting. This may be the weakest
                                                           The District GOVERNOR will be there,
      assumption I am making.                                it would be good if you are too.
   4. The committees would not be limited to 10

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          or 15 minutes of meeting time. Each admin           RED CROSS BLOOD DRIVE:
          and each benevolent committee would
          have about ½ each.                                  The blood drive is scheduled next for December 9th
                                                              and Glencoe is expected to supply some Key Club
       5. The Board would have much more time and             members. HilHi will supply members on Jan 13 and
          not be exhausted (speaking for myself)              Century Feb 10 (Miller will be starting a Key Club and
          trying to meet at 8 or after when the               will join the rotation at that time).
          meeting ends. I know that I am usually
          looking to shorten the meeting rather than          The place is at the Comfort Inn, across from Hillsboro
          giving items the time that they should have.        Airport. The address is 3500 NE Cornell Road,
                                                              Hillsboro. Shifts are planned 1:00 to 4 and 4 to 6:30,
6. The committees would not be limited to 10 or 15            Key Clubbers are asked to be there as soon as
   minutes of meeting time. Each admin and each               possible.
   benevolent committee would have about giving

   items the time that they should have.
                                                                            Kas Kachmarek
   Of course some of these problems could be
   alleviated if committees and the board actually met
   at times other than the Tuesday meeting, but that
   rarely happens and the last thing most of us needs           Speeds Car Donation Program from
   is yet another meeting.                                      the fundraising committee
                                                                A new fundraising program which is soooo easy.
   Well, let me know what you think. If enough                  Just find cars people can’t sell or don’t want to
   people tell me it’s a dumb idea I will let it go. If         fix. They can Donate to Hillsboro Kiwanis
   enough people think it has merit we can schedule a           Foundation      by    contacting    Dorothy    at
   discussion.                                         or get in touch with
                         Mike                                   Carrie Wells Vehicle Donations Speed's Towing
                                                                (503) 234-5555 fax: (503) 235-5666e-mail:
                                                                or and let her
                                                                know it is for Kiwanis. We get the money after
   We had 40, count them, 40 volunteers show up at
                                                                their towing and auction expenses. They take
   Bicentenniel Park for the cleanup on Saturday,
                                                                cars running or not, complete boats with trailers,
   November 12th, from 10 AM to 12 Noon. All 3 Key
                                                                RVs screened for rot and running, wheel chairs -
   Clubs, Hillsboro Kiwanis and Miller Education
                                                                electric and manual, scooters, motorcycles just
   Center (MEC) participated in the event.
                                                                call Carrie at 503-234-5555 to see if the vehicle
                                                                qualifies. The Hillsboro Kiwanis Foundation gets
   We blew leaves, scattered sawdust at the
                                                                the money after towing and auction expenses.
   playground, spread barkdust around the trees and
                                                                They do need a title signed off but not dated and
   planted plants in several areas. It was a very
                                                                the keys.
   successful day. GOOD WORK EVERYONE.
   See pictures on pages 7 and 8.
                                                                              Dorothy Pasley
                   Bill Duerden
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                             Minutes of the Board of Directors of the
                                   HILLSBORO KIWANIS CLUB
                                        October 25, 2011


Mel Adams reported on the club budgeting software that he was able to obtain.


(1)    A donation of $140 to Project Eliminate will be made to Kiwanis International from the benevolent fund.

(2)   The Directors and Officers liability insurance premium payment of $500 will be paid from the
Administrative Fund.

                               Minutes of "The Silver Dollar Club" Satellite Club
                                         November 27th at Gustav's

Visitors included Mel Adams, John Hudspeth ,Scott Pasley as well as three prospective members.
Main discussion centered around a possible fundraiser for the club to begin so it can plan on supporting Kiwanis
projects as well as its own. The members agreed to look into a wine raffle as their main source of funds.

The members are very interested in supporting the Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp and are planning on working with us
to fill a table at the camp auction in April. It was suggested that they might consider sponsoring a campership,
which all agreed was a great idea.

They are also wanting to attend our upcoming social functions.
Their next meeting will be on January 7. Place to be announced.


510 campers attended Mt Hood Kiwanis Camp for 8 one-week sessions this year! The campers’ profiles included
48% with developmental disabilities, 27% with Autism/Asperger’s, 20% with Down Syndrome, and 100% enjoying
a place where they can experience the freedom of the outdoors and empowerment. The MHKC board has
                 approved a budget for 2012 that includes revenue from a major fundraiser - the Speakeasy
                 Gala Dinner and Auction which will be held on April 14, 2012. There are many opportunities
                 to help that include sponsoring a table, providing silent auction gift baskets, or purchasing
                 individual tickets. Ideas for gift baskets – A Night at the Theatre, Spa Treatment, Fine Wines,
                 Romance Basket, Sports Fanatic (Ducks, Beavers, Timbers or Blazers?). If you know of a
                 potential corporate sponsor or want more information contact me.

                                      John Hudspeth, MHKC Board Member
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   The New URL for our website is "" go there and see it.


Hopefully many of our Kiwanis members and friends of Kiwanis read the November 6 Oregonian article on
the camp titled " A Camp that gives Confidence and Joy". It referred to Kara Romanaggi who is 29 years
old, was born with Down syndrome and has attended the camp for the past 13 years. The camp is a must
for her and she excitedly looks forward to it each year.

She and her other friends with disabilities can enjoy opportunities to hike, fish, ride horses, white-water
raft, canoe, attend dances and many outdoor activities with the safety and supervision of 225 volunteer
counselors, many of whom are PSU seniors. Disabilities include traumatic brain injuries, mental retardation,
cerebral palsy, autism and Down syndrome.

Hillsboro Kiwanis has supported this camp for nearly 50 years with contributions, work parties and members
who have served on the camp's board. Currently John Hudspeth is our representative on this board.

Next major fund raiser for the camp is the SPEAKEASY GALA, Saturday, April 14 "The Cotton Club" at the
Red Lion, Jantzen Beach, Doors open at 5:30 PM.


 SMART reading is well underway with 5 weeks of reading being completed in our elementary schools this
month. Schools operating the program include Free Orchards, Lincoln, Minter Bridge, Mooberry, McKinney
and Henry.

At our November 22 meeting Stacy Goodwin and Robyn Bruun from SMART asked our members to consider
getting involved. The need is great and its fun. Give it a try: one hour, once a week. Currently we have a
core of readers including Gary Ellsworth, Don Lacy, Carmen Pasley and Al Deck but we need more!

                                                   Al Deck

  Hillsboro Kiwanis has supported an elementary education program called Lets Read Math primarily for the 1st,
2nd and 3rd grade kids in the Hillsboro School District. It has been offered as an after school program at Lincoln
and McKinley elementary, but also at the Boys and Girls Club of Hillsboro and the Shute Park Library in
the summer. The purpose is to reinforce math skills through the use of worksheets, visual aids and specific stories
with related math concepts. The 2 hour class usually has from 14-18 young wiggly, loveable kids who experience
math in a new format and go home with projects they have put together in class. The response from staff at all
schools has been positive and encouraging. The faculty at McKinney has our AAUW team scheduled thru June
next year. Our team is made up of volunteers, retired teachers and friends. We are the only Branch on the west
coast teaching Lets Read Math and we hope to continue this in the years ahead. Thank you Hillsboro Kiwanis.

                                               Carmen Pasley

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All 3 clubs, Hillsboro Kiwanis and Miller Education Center (MEC) participated in this event. See article on pg 2 and
pictures on pages 7 & 8.


Nov 18th is a CAMPUS CLEAN-UP at the school, the time is 3:30 to 4:45 PM.
Nov 22nd the club is participating in the Parks & Rec TURKEY TROT at Hare Field, the time is 2:30 to 6:30 PM.
Dec 9th is the BLOOD DRIVE at the Comfort Inn, across from the Hillsboro Airport. Shifts are 2:30 to 4:00 PM
       and 4:00 to 6:30 PM.
Dec 10th members will be participating in the SALVATION ARMY BELL-RINGING at the Esplanade Safeway. Shifts
       are 10:00 AM to 12 Noon, 12 Noon to 3:00 PM and 3:00 to 6:00 PM.
Dec 13th members will be taking part in the GOOD SHEPHERD CHRISTMAS PARTY at 527 NE Birchwood Place, the
       time is 7:15 to 8:30 PM.

Jacob Pavlik, President, had some success in the Speech Tournament at Willamette when Jacob and Brett Morgan
took first in Public Forum debate. Jacob also took fourth in extemporaneous speech and teamed with Brett and
T.J. Miller to win Speaker Awards in debate. Jacob then went on to the tournament at Sprague High School,
where he and Brett took first in Public Forum debate and Public debate.


This winter Hilhi Key Club is working on multiple projects. Our most recent one is collecting donations and
delivering a thanksgiving meal to a local family in need. We will be doing something similar to this in December
for Christmas except we will be gathering presents for multiple families in need.

We will be launching our Pennies for Patients campaign in January, a program launched by the Leukemia and
Lymphoma Society. We will be doing various fundraisers to raise money for this cause during the month of


We are off to another wonderful start this year, at the end of October, Century Key Clubbers had over 30
participants attend Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF which raised over $300, all of our proceeds will be sent off to
UNICEF. Dues have been slowly trickling in and we have almost 50 members turn in dues so far.

Many members are also new and underclassman excitedly participate in our events this month, such as the
turkey trot, an elementary school bazaar, 2 park clean-ups, and childcare services at an elementary school for
parents partaking in monthly PTO meetings. Officers are plaNning to throw a holiday party before winter break
which would include food, refreshments and games, a giving tree to provide gifts/toys for less fortunate children,
as well as plans to participate in a soup kitchen and/or volunteer at the Oregon Food Bank.

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We are in the process of chartering another Hillsboro Kiwanis sponsored Key Club at Miller Education Center.
There are around 20 students on the roster, out of 70 students enrolled at the school, and their advisor is Joe
Vermeir. Joe is excited about Key Club and has many great memories about his experiences in Key Club in
Montana and Circle K at Linfield College. We are very lucky to have Joe with his experience, passion and drive for
Key Club to help the youth get a club started. The group has already participated in a Blood Drive and
Bicentennial Park cleanup. This is a very exciting time for our club as well as the Miller Education Center
students. We’ll update you with their charter progress!

                Make a Memory this “Century”
              Century High School Ensembles are
              now scheduling appearances for your
              personal, business or civic group’s
              holiday enjoyment December 1st
              through December 16th.
              We offer 20—30 minute sets of holiday music
              performed by your choice of one of our
              ensemble groups:
              Bassic Harmony 17 member Men’s

              Treble Makers 34 member Women’s

              Counterpoint 17 member Select Mixed

              The cost per set is $150. To schedule an appearance
              by one of the choirs, please contact Leslee Hansen at
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              We received help from 40 volunteers of the Key
                Clubs of Century, Glencoe, HilHi, MEC and
                          Hillsboro Kiwanis Club.

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