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									      Point of Sale System

Total solutions for…..
 Supermarkets
 Pharmacy
 Restaurants
 Fashion Shops
 Book Shops etc…
Why automate sales with Point Of Sale?

 Any good POS software can save you time,
 increase accuracy and control what happens at the
 sales counter.

 Using POS software you can show available stock
 balance at the movement. And value of stock too.

 And you can get accurate management decisions
 through system records.

   Easy To Use Interface
   Fast Lookups
   Security Levels
   Product Photos
   Multi-Currency
   Multi-Register
   Time Limited Specials
   Credit & Gift Card Processing
   Sales Commissions
   Suspended Sales
   All Reports can Exports To MS-Excel
Point of Sale system designed as two major parts

                                             Back Office (Server)

                            Front ends
Point of Sale system contains following main parts……..

 •   Stores Receive (GRN/Purchase)
 •   Purchase Return
 •   Sales
 •   Sales Return
 •   Stock Adjustments
 •   Reports
 •   Database Backup
Point of Sale System designed two major parts as Back Office and Front
Ends. Back office and front ends are link by network connection.

Back Office use for enter Purchase, Purchase Return, Stock Adjustment,
Price Changes, Database Backups, and all stock related reports and
accounts reports etc…..

Front ends are Cashier points. Using the front ends can enter sales, Sales
Returns, Received cash from credit customers. System allows one or
more cashier points. They are working individually. Cashiers can operate
their cashier point according to their password authorization.

     Ex: they can sales with normal rates, if they want give special
discount, system required administrator/ manager password.

Price changes or any changes of Item done from back office, by the
“RELOAD” operation which is run by front ends, update all edited details.

After run the “Day Close” process in back Office, all sales details are
update to main Database, separately in front end and cashier wise.
Stores Receive (GRN / Purchase) :

• Purchase is Back Office Operation
• When the Items purchase from the supplier, update stocks using
  Purchase form.
• Software allows to update stock using scan the barcode
• When the stock comes to store, it will paste barcode to non barcode
  items (barcode can print with software).
• In the GRN form can enter all details which are linked to Bar Code.
  (Ex. Supplier, GRN No, GRN Date, Product manufacture Details etc.)
• If cost price increase or change with price of current stock, system
  allow keep different batches according to price, or update current price
  as average price.
Stock Out (Sales) :
 When Items sales from Front Ends, system will allow get product details
 using scan the Bar Codes or enter the tem Code. After scan the Item,
 description, price, amount and other details which is linked to item,
 display in sales form automatically. And customer can show above
 details through customer display.

 System allows many payment methods (Cash / Cheques / Credit Card /
 Credit Sale)

 Cashier can look stock balance of selected item, and Rack no/ Bin no of

 Receipt will be print automatically after end the Bill from Receipt printer
 or any other printer.
Reports :
•   Daily/Monthly Purchase Details
•   Daily/Monthly Purchase Summary
•   Daily/Monthly Sales Details
•   Daily/Monthly Sales Summary
•   Cashier wise Sales Reports
•   Customer wise Sales Report
•   Stock Movement Report
•   Stock Balance Report
•   Transaction Summary
•   Transaction Details

    And any Report with any formats, which is customer
    requested. (Software Related)

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