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									                                                                     Kevin Riedl

                                                                     Fisher Controls International LLC
                                                                     205 South Center Street
                                                                     P.O. Box 190
                                                                     Marshalltown, Iowa 50158-0190
                                                                     T (641) 754-3718
                                                                     F (641) 754-2154

Kevin Riedl

   Industrial Technology, Manufacturing option

   I am in my 3rd year and I have 3 semesters left.

   My Co-Op experience started in January and goes through August of 2006.

   I saw this job on CMS and I signed up for an on campus interview without even talking to

     them at the career fair. The interview went well and they offered me the job a couple

     weeks later.

   There is a lot to learn about Manufacturing that you can’t pick up in the classroom and it is

     overwhelming at first, but everyone here is very nice and helpful. Also this company has

     a lot of interns and co-ops every semester so they are used to dealing with college kids.

   I have been performing many different duties for a many different departments which is

     cool because I am doing a variety of things and it has helped me to get to know the

     whole process a lot better. I’ve done: 6S training, TPM training, QA projects,

     Ergonomics/Efficiency, Shop Layout, Cost Analysis, AutoCad and others.
 I have really enjoyed working at Fisher controls because they are a big time company that

   is the world leader in control valves, also they are very good to work for as they are quite

   helpful with everything

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