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New Wave by 1pSSX0M


									Song Title                             Artist                   Tempo      Style           Year CD           Category
3                                      BRITNEY SPEARS           FAST                       2009 218-7        New Soul
#STUPIDFACEDD                          Wallpaper                Med                        2011 CD239-13     New Soul
1 Of The Month                         Bone Thugs & Harmony                                      CD88-3      New Soul
2 Step                                 UNK                      Med        Rap             2007 CD193-8      New Soul
2012 (It Ain't the End)(Clean Edit) Jay Sean F/Nicki Minaj      Fast                        2010 CD 229-10   New Soul
4Shure                                 Groove Theory            S-Med                      2000 CD65-11      New Soul
5 O'clock (feat Wiz Khalifa & Lily Allen)                       Med                        2011 CD239-20     New Soul
6 Foot 7 Foot                          Lil Wayne F./Cory Gunz   Med                        2011 CD 232-6     New Soul
7 Days                                 Craig David              Slow                       2002 CD106-21     New Soul
A Bay Bay                              Hurricane Chris          S-Med      Rap             2007 CD195-15     New Soul
A Little Bit                           Jessica Simpson          M-Fast                     2001 CD90-16      New Soul
A Song For You                         Christina Aguilera       Slow                       2005 CD175-13     New Soul
A Toast To Men                         Willa Ford               Med        Rap             2003 CD145-3      New Soul
A Whole New World                      Peobo Bryson                                        1993 CD36-17      New Soul
A Womans Woth                          Alicia Keys                                               CD114-16    New Soul
A.D.I.A.S.                             Killer Mike              Med                        2003 CD133-15     New Soul
A.S.A.P.                               T.I.                     Med        Rap             2005 CD167-19     New Soul
About Us                               Brooke Hogan             S-Med                      2006 CD183-9      New Soul
ACAPELLA                               KELLIS                   FAST                       2010 CD222-14     New Soul
Act A Fool                             Lil John                 Med        Rap/ Bad lyrics 2007 CD189-14
                                                                                                             New Soul
Act A Fool                           Ludacris                   Med        Rap           2003 CD136-6        New Soul
After Party                          Ozomatli                   S-Med                    2007 CD193-4        New Soul
Again                                Janet Jackson              Slow       Soul               CD86-16        New Soul
Ain’t It Funny                       Jennifer Lopez             S-Med                    2002 CD100-3        New Soul
Ain’t No Other Man                   Christina Aguilera         M-Fast                   2006 CD182-6        New Soul
Ain’t To Proud To Beg                TLC                                                 1992 CD79-6         New Soul
Ain't No Future In You Front         MC Breed                   Med        Soul          1991 CD79-7         New Soul
Aint Nothing But A G Thing           Snoop Dog                  Med        Clean         1999 CD49-6         New Soul
Air Force Ones                       Nelly                      Med                      2003 CD133-19       New Soul
AIRPLANES                            B.O.B. FEAT HAYLEY         MED                      2010 CD221-12
                                     WILLIAMS                                                                New Soul
AIRPLANES PT.2                       B.O.B. FEAT EMINEM         MED        WARNING       2010 223-7
                                                                           LYRICS                            New Soul
ALEJANDRO                            LADY GAGA                  MED-FAST                 2010 CD221-17
                                                                                                             New Soul
ALL EYES ON ME                       CLIPSE F/KERI HILSON &     FAST                     2009 CD216-10
                                     PHARRELL                                                                New Soul
All Falls Down                       Kayne West                 Med        Rap           2004   CD151-5      New Soul
All For You                          Janet Jackson              M-Fast                   2001   CD73-14      New Soul
All Good                             De La Soul                 M-Fast                   2000   CD66-3       New Soul
ALL I DO IS WIN                      DJ KHALED FEAT. T-PAIN,    MED                      2010   223-8
                                     LUDACRIS, SNOOP & R.
                                     ROSS                                                                    New Soul
All I Have                           Jennifer Lopez             Slow                     2002 CD131-6        New Soul
All My Life                          KC & JoJo                  Slow                     1997 CD6-1          New Soul
All Night Long                       Faith Evans                Med                      1998 CD27-14        New Soul
All Night Long                       Lionel Ritchie                                           CD115-9        New Soul
All of the Lights                    Kanye West F./Rihanna      Med                      2011 CD 232-7       New Soul
All That She Wants                   Ace Of Base                                              CD68-2         New Soul
All The Places                       Aaron Hall                 Slow       Soul          1998 CD26-1         New Soul
All The Small Things                 Blink 182                  Fast                     1999 CD54-16        New Soul
ALRIGHT                              PITBULL FEAT MACHEL        FAST                     2010 CD222-15
                                     MANTANO                                                                 New Soul
Always & Forever                     Heatwave                   Slow                     1978   CD35-9       New Soul
Always On My Mind                    Pet Shop Boys              M-Fast     Soul          1988   CD103-4      New Soul
Always On Time                       Ja Rule                    S-Med                    2002   CD100-1      New Soul
AM To PM                             Christina Milian           Med                      2002   CD100-14     New Soul
AMAZING                        KANYE WEST FEAT. YOUNG     MED                       2009 212-5
                               JEEZY                                                                   New Soul
AMERICAN BOY                   ESTELLE                    MED                       2008 202-8         New Soul
American Life                  Madonna                    Med        Rap            2003 CD135-21      New Soul
AMERICA'S SONG                 WILL.I.AM, DAVID FOSTER,   SLOW                      2009 210-18
                               BONO, MARY J. BLIGE
                                                                                                       New Soul
And                            Ciara                      Slow                      2005    CD169-16   New Soul
And Now You Don't Stop         Jay Z                      Med                       1998    CD27-17    New Soul
Angel                          Amanda Perez               Slow                      2003    CD132-15   New Soul
Angel of Mine                  Monica                     Slow                      1998    CD29-5     New Soul
Angle                          Shaggy                                               2001    CD71-2     New Soul
ANOTHER WAY TO DIE             ALICIA KEYS                SLOW-                     2008    CD207-5
                                                          MED                                          New Soul
Anyway                         Amber                      Fast                      2002    CD131-19   New Soul
Are You That Somebody          Aaliyah                    S-Med                     1998    CD24-4     New Soul
Area Codes                     Ludacris                   M-Fast                    2001    CD83-4     New Soul
Around The Way Girl            LL Cool J                  M-Slow   Soul             1991    CD78-12    New Soul
Aston Martin Music             Rick Ross F./Drake &       Slow/Med                  2010    CD228-13
                               Chrisette Michael                                                       New Soul
At Or With Me                  Jack Johnson               Med                       2010    CD228-3    New Soul
Atomic Dog                     George Clinton             Med                       1992    CD49-7     New Soul
Awnaw                          Nappy Roots                Med        Rap            2002    CD119-3    New Soul
AYO Technologies               50 Cent                    Med        Rap            2007    CD195-2    New Soul
Baby                           Brandy                     Slow                      1994    CD77-14    New Soul
BABY                           JUSTIN BIEBER FEAT         MED                       2010    220-17
                               LUDACRIS                                                                New Soul
Baby Boy                       Beyonce                    Med        Rap            2003    CD142-3    New Soul
Baby Come Over                 Samantha Mumba             Med                       2001    CD82-12    New Soul
Baby Got Back                  Sir Mix A Lot              M-Fast     Rap            1992    CD111-10   New Soul
Baby I'm Yours                 Shai                       Slow                      1992    CD111-8    New Soul
Baby It’s You                  JoJo                       S-Med                     2004    CD158-21   New Soul
Baby One More Time             Britney Spears             Med                       1999    CD29-1     New Soul
Baby, Don't Forget My Number   Milli Vanilli              Med        Soul           1989    CD86-11    New Soul
Back Again                     Dilated Peoples            M-Fast                    2006    CD176-7    New Soul
Back At One                    Brian McKnight             Slow                      1999    CD53-6     New Soul
Back Broke                     Jr. Princhers & Twinz Beat Fast                       2011   CD230-18   New Soul
Back In The Day                Missy Elliott              S-Med      Rap            2003    CD135-16   New Soul
Back Seat                                                 Medium
                               New Boyz f./the Cataracs & Dev                        2011   CD230-16   New Soul
Back That Thing Up             Juvenile                   M-Fast                    1999    CD54-7     New Soul
Back Then                      Mike Jones                 Med        Rap            2005    CD169-21   New Soul
Back to Life                   Soul 2 Soul                Med                       1989    CD102-2    New Soul
Back to the Grill              MC Search                  Med        Rap                    CD110-14   New Soul
Back To The Hotel              In 2 Deep                  Med        Rap            1992    CD110-15   New Soul
Bad Boy For Life               P. Ditty                   Med                       2001    CD84-5     New Soul
Bad Boy This & That            Da Band                    Med        Rap            2003    CD143-16   New Soul
Bad Boyz                       Shyne                      S-Med      Rap            2000    CD62-9     New Soul
Bad Girls                      Donna Summers              Fast       Soul           1979    CD112-3    New Soul
BAD HABITS                     MAXWELL                    SLOW-                     2010    220-7
                                                          MED                                          New Soul
Bad Intentions                 Dr Dre                     Med                       2001 CD96-15       New Soul
BAD ROMANCE (RADIO EDIT)       LADY GA GA                 MED-FAST                  2009 218-15
                                                                                                       New Soul
BANG BANG BOOGIE               LIL' ROB                                              2009   209-13     New Soul
Banned In The USA              2 Live Crew                M-Fast     Soul            1990   CD89-8     New Soul
Basketball                     Bow Wow                    Med                        2002   CD124-5    New Soul
BATTLEFIELD                    JORDIN SPARKS              SLOW                       2009   213-15     New Soul
Be Easy                        Ghostface Killah           M-Fast     Rap/ Bad Lyrics 2005   CD173-10
                                                                                                       New Soul
BE ON YOU                      FLO RIDA                   MED                       2009 215-8         New Soul
BE WITH YOU                      AKON                     SLOW                    2009    213-11     New Soul
Be Without You                   Mary J. Blige            Slow                    2005    CD174-2    New Soul
BEAM ME UP                       TAY DIZM                 S-MED                   2008    CD206-17   New Soul
BEAMER, BENZ OR BENTLEY          LLOYD BANKS FEAT JUELZ   MED                     2010    CD221-10
                                 SANTANA                                                             New Soul
Beanie                           Beanie Sigel             S-Med                   2001 CD84-9        New Soul
Beat It                          Michael Jackson          Fast     Soul           1982 CD111-2       New Soul
Beautiful                        Christina Aguilera       Slow                    2002 CD131-5       New Soul
Beautiful                        Damian Marley            Med      Rap            2006 CD176-11      New Soul
Beautiful                        Snoop DOg                Med      Rap            2003 CD132-10      New Soul
Beautiful Girls                  Sean Kingston            S-Med                   2007 CD195-14      New Soul
Beautiful Liar                   Beyonce                  S-Med                   2007 CD192-17      New Soul
Beautiful Liar                   Beyonce                  S-Med                   2007 CD191-2       New Soul
Beautiful Liar                   Beyonce                  M-Fast                  2007 CD193-1       New Soul
Beautiful People ( dance mix )   Chris Brown              Fast                    2011 CD238-13      New Soul
Beautiful Stranger               Madonna                  Med                     1999 CD49-2        New Soul
BEAUTY IN THE WORLD              MACY GRAY                MED                     2010 CD222-10      New Soul
Because I Love You               Stevie B                 Slow     Soul                CD87-18       New Soul
BEDROCK                          YOUNG MONEY FEAT         MED      WARNING        2010 220-9
                                 LLOYD                             EXPLICIT
                                                                   LYRICS                            New Soul
Been Around The World            P Diddy                  Med      Rap             1999   CD28-17    New Soul
Been Around The World            Tina Novak               Med      Rap             2002   CD122-3    New Soul
Beep                             Pussycat Dolls           Med      Rap             2006   CD176-10   New Soul
Being With You                   Smokey Robinson          Slow     Soul            1981   CD46-3     New Soul
Belly Dancer                     Akon                     Med                      2005   CD172-13   New Soul
BEST BEST                        MISSY ELLIOTT            MED      RAP BAD         2008   CD204-9    New Soul
Best Friend                      Brandy                   Slow                     1995   CD77-15    New Soul
BEST I EVER HAD (CLEAN EDIT)     DRAKE                    SLOW                     2009   218-9      New Soul
Bet Your Man Can't               Fat Joe                  Med      Rap             1999   CD28-15    New Soul
Betcha Can’t Do It Like Me       D4L                      Med      Rap/ Bad Lyrics 2006   CD178-16
                                                                                                     New Soul
Between Me And You               Ja Rule                  M-Fast   Rap            2000    CD62-21    New Soul
Beware Of The Boys               Panjabi MC               Med      Rap            2003    CD135-13   New Soul
Big Bass Bomb                    Klubbheads               Fast                    2001    CD97-18    New Soul
Big Chips                        Jay Z                    Med      Rap            2004    CD160-3    New Soul
Big Head                         Ms Jade                  S-Med    Rap            2002    CD122-4    New Soul
Big Pimpin                       Charlie Wilson & Snoop   Slow                    2000    CD64-8
                                 Dog                                                                 New Soul
Big Poppa                        Notorious B.I.G.                                 1995 CD76-15       New Soul
BIG THINGS POPPIN                TRUSTID                  MED      RAP            2007 CD196-19      New Soul
BILLIONAIRE (POP RADIO EDIT)     TRAVIE MCCOY FEAT        MED                     2010 223-13
                                 BRUNO MARS                                                          New Soul
Bills Bills Bills                Destiny’s Child          S-Med                1999 CD51-5           New Soul
Billy Jean                       Michael Jackson          Med                  1983 CD34-15          New Soul
BIRTHDAY SEX (SUPER CLEAN UP     JEREMIN                  FAST     BAD CONTENT 2009 213-8
TEMPO)                                                                                               New Soul
Bizounce                         Olivia                   S-Med                   2001    CD73-15    New Soul
                                 Wiz Khalifa
Black and Yellow (Remix) **WARNING CONTENT & T-Pain       Medium                   2011   CD230-13   New Soul
Black Coffee                     Heavy D & The Boyz       Med      Rap            1994    CD87-19    New Soul
Black or White                   Michael Jackson          Med      Soul           1991    CD88-11    New Soul
Black Suits Comin                Will Smith               M-Fast                  2002    CD121-18   New Soul
BLAH BLAH BLAH                   KESHA FEAT 3OH3          MED FAST WARNING        2010    220-16
                                                                   LYRICS                            New Soul
BLAME IT (REMIX)                 JAMIE FOXX               SLOW/ME BAD LYRICS      2009 CD211-15
                                                          D                                          New Soul
Blame It On The Rain             Milli Vanilli            Med      Soul           1989 CD99-7        New Soul
BLANCO                           PITBULL F/PHARRELL                BAD LYRICS     2009 212-13        New Soul
Blow                             KeSha                    Medium                   2011 CD230-11     New Soul
Blow                           K$Sha                      Fast                     2011 CD233-14      New Soul
Blow It Out                    Ludacris                   Med      Rap             2004 CD153-20      New Soul
Blow The Whistle               Too Short                  Med      Rap/ Bad Lyrics 2006 CD179-17
                                                                                                      New Soul
Blowin Me Up                   JC Chasez               S-Med                      2002 CD132-5        New Soul
                                                                LYRICS                                New Soul
Blowing Kisses In The Wind     Paula Abdul             Slow     Soul              1991    CD89-12     New Soul
Body                           Faith Trent             Fast                       2002    CD131-7     New Soul
Body Bumpin'                   Feloney Davis           Slow                       1998    CD19-11     New Soul
BODY LANGUAGE (REMIX)          JESSE MCCARTNEY FEAT T- MED                        2009    CD216-6
                               PAIN                                                                   New Soul
Bon, Bon (We No Speak mix)     Pitbull                 Fast                       2011    CD231-16    New Soul
Bonnie and Clyde               Jay Z                   Med      Rap               2002    CD130-4     New Soul
Bonnie and Shyne               Shyne                   Med      Rap               2001    CD74-1      New Soul
Boom                           Lugo                    M-Fast                     2000    CD66-8      New Soul
Boom Boom Boom                 VengaBoys               Fast                       1999    CD51-4      New Soul
BOOM BOOM POW                  BLACK EYED PEAS         MED/FAST                   2009    CD211-4
                                                                                                      New Soul
Boom, Boom, Boom               Out Here brothers          Fast                    1995    CD54-10     New Soul
Boom, I'v Got Your Boyfriend   MC Lucious                 M-Fast   Rap            1992    CD78-8      New Soul
Boombastic                     Shaggy                     Med      Reggae         1995    CD99-18     New Soul
Booti Call                     Black Street               Med                     1994    CD110-13    New Soul
Bootylicious                   Destiny’s Child            M-Fast                  2001    CD75-11     New Soul
Born This Way                  Lady Gaga                  Fast                     2011   CD230-17    New Soul
Born This Way                  Lady Gaga                  Fast                    2011    CD 232-13   New Soul
Bossy                          Kellis                     Slow                    2006    CD178-8     New Soul
BOTTOMS UP                     TREY SONGZ FEAT NICKI      FAST     WARNING        2010    CD225-17
                               MINAJ                               EXPLICIT
                                                                   LYRICS                             New Soul
Bounce                         Sarah Conner               Med                     2004    CD152-9     New Soul
Bounce With Me                 Bow Wow                    M-Fast   Rap            2000    CD62-13     New Soul
Bow Chicka Wow Wow             Mike Posner F./Lil Wayne   Med                     2011    CD 232-12   New Soul
Bow Down                       Westside Connection                 Rap-Clean      1996    CD80-15     New Soul
Boy                            Mariah Carey               Slow                    2002    CD132-9     New Soul
Boys                           Britney Spears             Med                     2002    CD123-16    New Soul
BOYZ                           MIA                        MED      RAP            2008    CD207-16    New Soul
B-Please                       Snoop Dog                  Med      Rap            1999    CD54-6      New Soul
Braid My Hair                  Mario                      Slow                    2002    CD130-12    New Soul
Brass Monkey                   Beastie Boys               M-Fast                  1987    CD49-10     New Soul
Break It Off                   Rhianna                    M-Fast                  2007    CD190-9     New Soul
BREAK THE ICE                  BRITNEY SPEARS             MED                     2008    CD204-4     New Soul
BREAK YA ANKLES                E-40                       MED      LYRICS         2009    212-3       New Soul
Break Ya Neck                  Busta Rhymes                                               CD115-16    New Soul
BREAK YOUR HEART               TAIO CRUZ                  fast                    2010    223-10      New Soul
Breakup to Makeup              Ashanti                    Med      Rap            2004    CD151-11    New Soul
Breathe                        Blu Cantrell               Med                     2003    CD133-1     New Soul
Breathe                        Fabolous                   Slow                    2004    CD158-22    New Soul
Breathe & Stop                 Q-Tip                      M-Fast   Rap            2000    CD57-3      New Soul
Breathe Stretch Shake          Mase                       Med      Rap            2004    CD158-17    New Soul
Bright Lights, Bigger City     Cee Lo Green               Medium                  2011    CD233-17    New Soul
Bring Em Out                   T.I.                       Fast                    2011    CD235-15    New Soul
Bring It Back                  Travis Porter              Fast                            CD236-15    New Soul
Bring Out The Freak            Lil Rob                    S-Med    Rap/ Bad lyrics 2006   CD176-12
                                                                                                      New Soul
Buffalo Stance                 Neneh Cherry               M-Fast   Soul           1989    CD80-8      New Soul
BugABoo                        Destiny’s Child            Med                     1999    CD53-4      New Soul
Bulla Baby                     Chingy                     Med                     2004    CD163-11    New Soul
BULLETPROOF                    LA ROUX                    FAST                    2010    223-18      New Soul
Bump and Grind                     R. Kelly                     Slow                      1994    CD79-8      New Soul
Bump On The Beach                  Watasha                      M-Fast     Rap            2002    CD122-10    New Soul
Bump This                          LL Cool J                    S-Med      Rap            2006    CD183-5     New Soul
Bump. Bump. Bump                   B2K                          S-Med      Rap            2002    CD130-8     New Soul
Bumpy Ride (soca mix)              Mohomvi feat. Pitbull &      medium                    2011    CD235-20
                                   Machel Montano                                                             New Soul
Burn                               Usher                        Slow                       2004 CD154-3       New Soul
Burn Rubber                        Gap Band                                                     CD117-21      New Soul
Burning Up                         Faith Evans                  Med        Rap             2002 CD124-1       New Soul
Bust A Move                        Young M.C.                   Med        Rap                  CD39-11       New Soul
Butta Love                         Naughty By Nature            Slow                       1998 CD20-6        New Soul
Butterflies                        Michael Jackson              Slow                       2002 CD113-2       New Soul
Butterfly                          Crazy Town                   Med        Rap             2001 CD72-4        New Soul
Butterfly Kisses                   Shades Of Grace              Slow                       1997 CD63-14       New Soul
Buttons                            Pussycat Dolls               S-Med      Rap/ Bad Lyrics 2006 CD184-9
                                                                                                              New Soul
Buy U a Drink                      Swanty Snappin               Slow                      2007    CD193-2     New Soul
Buy U A Drink                      T-Pain                       Slow       Bad Lyrics     2007    CD194-2     New Soul
Bye Bye Bye                        Nsync                        S-Med                     1999    CD55-7      New Soul
CALIFORNIA GURLS                   KATY PERRY FEAT. SNOOP       FAST                      2010    CD221-7
                                   DOGG                                                                       New Soul
California Love                    2Pac                         Med                       1995    CD45-1      New Soul
Call My Name                       Prince                       Slow                      2004    CD154-6     New Soul
Call On Me                         Janet Jackson                S-Med                     2006    CD182-14    New Soul
Camera Phone                       Da Muzicianz                 M-Fast     Rap/Bad Lyrics 2006    CD179-19
                                                                                                              New Soul
Can I Get A                        Jay Z                        Med        Rap             1999   CD28-14     New Soul
Can I get A What                   Jay Z                        M-Fast     Rap             1998   CD27-15     New Soul
Can I Have It Like That            Pharrell                     S-Med      Rap             2005   CD171-17    New Soul
Can I Live                         Sisqo                        Med                        2001   CD82-17     New Soul
Can I Take You Home                Jamie Foxx                   Slow       Bad Lyrics      2006   CD183-14    New Soul
CAN WE CHILL                       NE-YO                        MED                        2007   CD196-1     New Soul
Can’t Believe                      Faith Evans                  Slow                       2001   CD75-16     New Soul
Can’t Deny It                      Fabolous                     Med                        2001   CD84-7      New Soul
Can’t Get You Out of My Head       Kylie Minogue                                           2002   CD114-15    New Soul
Can’t Hold Us Down                 Christina Aguilera           Med                        2003   CD138-10    New Soul
Candy                              Mandy Moore                  Med                        2000   CD57-9      New Soul
CANDY KISSES                       AMANDA PEREZ                 SLOW                       2007   CD196-13    New Soul
Candy Shop                         50 Cent                      Med        Rap/ Bad Lyrics 2005   CD165-11
                                                                                                              New Soul
CAN'T BELIEVE IT                   T PAIN                       SLOW                      2008 CD204-18       New Soul
CAN'T BELIEVE IT (REMIX)           T-PAIN FEAT. JUSTIN          SLOW       BAD LYRICS     2008 CD208-09
                                   TIMBERLAKE                                                                 New Soul
CAN'T LEAVE EM ALONE               CIARA                        SLOW                      2007    CD199-17    New Soul
Cantaloop                          US3                          Med      Rap              1993    CD88-7      New Soul
Car Wash                           Christina Aguilera           M-Fast                    2004    CD157-17    New Soul
Care 4 U                           Aaliyah                      Slow                      2002    CD130-14    New Soul
Carmel                             City High                    Med      Rap              2002    CD106-23    New Soul
CARRY OUT                          TIMBALAND FT. JUSTIN         MED FAST                  2009    219-9
                                   TIMBERLAKE                                                                 New Soul
Case Of The Ex                     MYA                          M-Fast                    2000    CD64-14     New Soul
Cash, Money, Cars, Clothes         Ruff Endz                                              2001    CD85-25     New Soul
Castle Walls                       T.l. F./Christina Aguilera   Med                       2011    CD 232-11   New Soul
Castles In The Sky                 ian Van Dahl                 Fast                      2001    CD73-12     New Soul
Cat Daddy "Warning" (clean edit)   Rej3ctz                      Med/Slow                          CD237-23
                                                                                                              New Soul
Caught Up                          Ja Rue                       S-Med      Rap         2005 CD165-7           New Soul
Caught Up                          Usher                        Med                    2004 CD163-17          New Soul
CAUSE A SCENE                      TEAIRRA MARI FEAT FLO        MED        BAD CONTENT 2009 213-16
                                   RIDA                                                                       New Soul
Celebration              Kool and the Gang       M-Fast     Soul                 CD32-5     New Soul
CERTIFIED                GLASSES MALONE          MEDIUM     RAP          2008    CD200-18   New Soul
Cha Cha Slide            Chelo                   Med                     2006    CD179-8    New Soul
Cha Cha Slide            Mr. C                   Med        Cha-Cha      2004    CD163-4    New Soul
Chain Hang Low           Jibbs                   Med        Rap          2006    CD186-17   New Soul
Champagne Life           Ne-Yo                   Medium                   2011   CD230-15   New Soul
Change Clothes           Jay Z                   S-Med                   2003    CD146-22   New Soul
Change Me                Rueben Studdard         Slow                    2006    CD183-19   New Soul
Change The Game          Jay Z                   S-Med      Rap          2001    CD73-17    New Soul
Check It Out             Beastie Boys            M-Fast     Rap          2004    CD153-9    New Soul
Check On It              Beyonce                 S-Med                   2005    CD174-3    New Soul
Cheers (Drink to That)   Rihanna                 Medium                          CD237-22   New Soul
Cherry Bomb              1 Plus 1                Fast                    2000    CD62-14    New Soul
Cherry Pie               Sade                    Slow                            CD110-6    New Soul
Chicken Noodle           Webstar                 Med        Rap          2006    CD188-1    New Soul
CHILLIN'                 WALE FEAT LADY GAGA     FAST                    2009    213-7      New Soul
CHING A LING             MISSY ELLIOTT           MED        RAP          2008    CD201-7    New Soul
Chop Me Up               Justin Timberlake       Med        Rap          2008    CD200-1    New Soul
CIRCUS                   BRITNEY SPEARS          MED-FAST                2009    209-4
                                                                                            New Soul
Cleopatra's Theme        Cleopatra               Slow                    1998 CD20-13       New Soul
Clint Eastwood           Gorillaz                Med      Rap            2002 CD100-15      New Soul
CLOSER                   NE-YO                   MED-FAST                2008 203-10
                                                                                            New Soul
Clothes Off              Gym Class Heroes        Med                     2007 CD195-16      New Soul
Club Banger              Petey Pablo             Med        Rap          2003 CD132-21      New Soul
CLUB CAN"T HANDLE ME     FLO-RIDA FEAT DAVID     FAST                    2010 CD225-11
                         GUETTA                                                             New Soul
CLUB THING               YOAU                    SLOW-                   2008 CD200-17
                                                 MEDIUM                                     New Soul
Clumsy                   Fergie                  Medium                  2007    CD199-2    New Soul
C'mon Ride The Train     Quad City D.J.          M-Fast                  1996    CD112-8    New Soul
Cold Hearted Snake       Paula Abdul             M-Fast     Soul         1989    CD112-11   New Soul
Come And Talk To Me      Jodeci                  Slow       Rap          1992    CD78-10    New Soul
Come Back In One Piece   Aaliyah                 M-Fast     Rap/DMX      2000    CD59-6     New Soul
Come Get Some            TLC                     M-Fast     Rap          2003    CD147-8    New Soul
Come Get With Me         Keith Sweat             S-Med                   1999    CD28-16    New Soul
Come Go With Me          Expose                  Fast       Soul         1987    CD76-9     New Soul
Come On Eileen           Dexy's Midnight…                                        CD111-12   New Soul
Come On Over Baby        Christina Aguilera      M-Fast                  2000    CD61-12    New Soul
Comforter                Shai                    Slow                    1993    CD76-4     New Soul
Coming Back Home         Bebe                    Slow                    2000    CD66-6     New Soul
Coming Undone Wit It     Dem Franchise Boyz      Med        Rap          2006    CD181-5    New Soul
Confessions              Destiny’s Child         M-Slow                  1999    CD53-5     New Soul
Confessions 2            Usher                   Slow                    2004    CD158-3    New Soul
Confessions 3            Usher                   Slow                    2004    CD163-8    New Soul
Conga                    Miami Sound Machine     Fast                    1985    CD37-3     New Soul
CONGLOMERATE             BUSTA RHYMES FEAT LIL   MED                     2009    215-5
                         WAYNE & JADAKISS                                                   New Soul
Connected For Life       Mack 10                 Med        Rap          2002    CD125-3    New Soul
Contagious               Isley Brothers          Slow                    2001    CD91-18    New Soul
Control Myself           LL Cool J               Med        Rap          2006    CD176-12   New Soul
Copacabana               Barry Manilow           S-Med                   2004    CD163-15   New Soul
CORONA AND LIME          SHWAYZE                 MED                     2008    CD205-20   New Soul
Country Glamour          Nelly                   Med        Rap          2000    CD61-15    New Soul
Country Thang            Colt Ford               Medium                  2011    CD231-2    Country
CRACK A BOTTLE           EMINEM FEAT. DR DRE &              BAD LYRICS   2009    210-3
                         50 CENT                                                            New Soul
Crahin’ A Party          Lumidee                 Med        Rap          2003 CD143-17      New Soul
CRANK DAT BATMAN         POP IT OFF BOYZ         MED        RAP          2008 202-16        New Soul
CRANK THAT                      SOLJA BOY                MED      RAP            2007     CD196-17   New Soul
Crazy                           Gnarls Barkley           Med                     2006     CD181-6    New Soul
Crazy                           KC & JoJo                Slow                    2000     CD70-18    New Soul
Crazy For You                   Eboni Foster             Slow                    1998     CD19-10    New Soul
Crazy For You                   Madonna                  Slow     Soul           1985     CD81-1     New Soul
Crazy In Love                   Beyonce                  M-Fast   Rap            2003     CD136-5    New Soul
Cream                           Prince                   Med      Soul           1991     CD88-1     New Soul
Creep                           TLC                      Med      Soul           1994     CD79-4     New Soul
Cross The Border                Philly's Most Wanted     Med      Rap            2001     CD73-18    New Soul
Cry Me A River                  Justin Timberlake        S-med                   2002     CD133-20   New Soul
CUPID                           112 (ONE TWELVE)         SLOW                    2010     223-19     New Soul
CUPID SHUFFLE                   CUPID                    MED      RAP            2007     CD196-8    New Soul
Cupid's Choke Hold              Gym Class Heros          S-Med                   2007     CD192-1    New Soul
Curious                         Tony Yayo                Slow                    2005     CD171-5    New Soul
CURTIN CALL                     NINA SKY                 SLOW                    2008     CD205-11   New Soul
Cutie Pie                       One Way                  Med      Soul                    CD112-6    New Soul
CYCLONE                         BABY BASH                MED      BAD/RAP         2007    CD197-14   New Soul
D.J. Girl                       Katalina                 M-Fast                   1996    CD80-17    New Soul
D.O.A (DEATH OF AUTO-TUNE)      JAY-Z                    MED                      2009    215-9      New Soul
Da Butt                         E.U                      Med      Soul            1989    CD111-13   New Soul
Da Dip                          Freak Nasty              M-Fast   Rap             1996    CD80-16    New Soul
DAMAGED                         DANITY KANE              MED                      2008    CD204-3    New Soul
Dance For Me                    Sisqo                    M-Fast                   2001    CD83-3     New Soul
Dance With Me                   Debelah Morgan           Med                      2000    CD64-11    New Soul
Dancing Crazy                   Miranda Cosgrove         Medium                    2011   CD230-14   New Soul
DANCING ON MY OWN               ROBYN                    FAST                     2010    CD226-14   New Soul
Danger                          Erykah Badu              S-Med    Rap             2003    CD142-7    New Soul
Danger                          Mystical                                          2001    CD71-5     New Soul
DANGEROUS                       KARDINAL OFFISHALL       MED                      2008    CD205-5    New Soul
DANGEROUS                       KARDINAL OFFISHALL       M-FAST                   2008    CD206-14   New Soul
Dangerous                       Ying Yang Twins          S-Med    Rap/ Bad Lyrics 2006    CD186-9
                                                                                                     New Soul
Dare                            Gorillaz                 Med                     2005 CD173-1        New Soul
DAY DREAMING                    DRAMA FEAT. SNOOP,                               2009 210-2
                                AKON & T.I.                                                          New Soul
Day Dreaming                    Tatyana Ali              S-Med                   1998 CD22-19        New Soul
DAY 'N' NITE                    KID CUDI                 SLOW                    2009 CD211-5        New Soul
DAY N NITE (CROOKERS REMIX)     KID CUDI                 FAST    WARNING         2009 217-14
                                                                 EXPLICIT                            New Soul
Dazzy Dukes                     Duice                    M-Fast  Rap             1993 CD89-10        New Soul
DEAD AND GONE                   T.I. FEAT JUSTIN         SLOW/ME BAD             2009 213-2
                                TIMBERLAKE               D       LYRICS/CONTE
                                                                 NT                                  New Soul
Deeper Shade Of Soul            Urban Dance Squad        Med     Soul            1991 CD89-6         New Soul
Déjà vu                         Beyonce                  M-Fast  Bad Lyrics      2006 CD182-9        New Soul
Delirious                       Prince                   Fast                         CD5-12         New Soul
DELIRIOUS (CLEAN REMIX EDIT)    VISTOSO FEAT SOULJA BY   MED                     2009 215-14
                                TELL 'EM                                                             New Soul
Deliverance                     Bubba Sparx              Med      Rap            2003 CD138-13       New Soul
Desperate Girls & Stupid Boys   Kimberly Caldwell        Fast                     2011 CD230-8       New Soul
DEUCES                          CHRIS BROWN FEAT TYGA    MED                     2010 CD227-12
                                & K MCCALL                                                           New Soul
Dey Know                        Shawty Lo                Medium   Rap            2008     CD201-1    New Soul
Diamond In The Back             Ludacris                 S-Med    Rap            2004     CD153-3    New Soul
Diamonds                        Kanye West               Med      Rap            2005     CD167-17   New Soul
Did It On 'em *warning*         Nicki Minaj              Medium                  2011     CD233-11   New Soul
Diddy                           P. Diddy                 Med                     2001     CD97-10    New Soul
Die Another Day                 Madonna                  M-Fast                  2002     CD129-4    New Soul
Differences                     Ginuwine                 Slow                    2001     CD97-16    New Soul
DIGITAL GIRL                     JAMIE FOXX FEAT DRAKE,     MED                      2009 CD216-9
                                 KANYE WEST & DREAM                                                    New Soul
Dilemma                          Nelly                      S-Med                      2002 CD124-23   New Soul
Dime Piece                       Nick Cannon                Med        Rap/ Bad Lyrics 2006 CD178-21
                                                                                                       New Soul
Dip It Low                       Christina Milian           Fast                     2004   CD155-18   New Soul
Dirrty                           Christina Aguilera         Med        Rap           2002   CD128-9    New Soul
Dirt Off Your Shoulder           Jay Z                      Med        Rap           2004   CD149-1    New Soul
DIRTY PICTURE                    TAIO CRUZ FEAT KESHA       FAST       WARNING       2010   CD227-17
                                                                       LYRICS                          New Soul
Disco Inferno                    50 Cent                    Med        Rap           2004 CD163-18     New Soul
DISTURBIA                        RHIANNA                    MED-FAST                 2008 CD204-14
                                                                                                       New Soul
Ditty                            Paper Boy                  Med        Rap           1993 CD112-7      New Soul
DIVA                             BEYONCE                    SLOW                     2009 CD211-17     New Soul
DIVA (KARMATRONIC VOCAL          BEYONCE                    MED                      2009 CD211-3
REMIX)                                                                                                 New Soul
DJ GOT US FALLIN' IN LOVE        USHER FEAT. PITBULL        FAST                     2010   CD225-15   New Soul
Do                               Toya                       Med                      2001   CD97-14    New Soul
Do It To It                      Cherish                    Med        Rap           2006   CD181-1    New Soul
Do Me                            Bell Biv Devoe             Med        Soul          1990   CD58-3     New Soul
DO YO DANCE                      CUPID                      MED                      2007   CD196-14   New Soul
Do You                           Funkmaster Flex            Med        Rap           2000   CD65-17    New Soul
Do You Want Me                   Salt n Pepa                M-Fast     Soul          1990   CD78-11    New Soul
Does'nt Really Matter            Janet Jackson              Med                      2000   CD59-4     New Soul
Don’t Break My Heart Again       Pat Green                  Slow                     2004   CD158-16   New Soul
Don’t Care                       Ricky Martin               Med        Rap           2005   CD170-13   New Soul
Don’t Cha                        PussyCat Dolls             Med        Radio         2005   CD168-13   New Soul
Don’t Cha                        PussyCat Dolls             Med                      2005   CD168-2    New Soul
Don’t Feel Right                 The Roots                  Med        Rap           2006   CD181-11   New Soul
Don’t Forget About Us            Mariah Carey               Slow                     2006   CD176-20   New Soul
Don’t Go Breaking My Heart       O.D.B                      S-Med                    2005   CD175-10   New Soul
Don’t Lie                        Black Eyed Peas            S-Med                    2005   CD169-12   New Soul
Don’t Mess With My Man           Nivea                      Med                      2002   CD131-4    New Soul
Don’t Phunk With My Heart        Black eyed Peas            M-Fast                   2005   CD166-17   New Soul
Don’t Say Nothin                 The Roots                  Med        Rap           2004   CD153-4    New Soul
Don’t Stop                       Mariah Carey               Med                             CD96-21    New Soul
Don’t Wanna Know                 Mario Winans               S-Med                    2004   CD151-7    New Soul
Don’t Wanna Try                  Frankie J                  Slow                     2003   CD136-4    New Soul
Don't Be Cruel                   Bobby Brown                Med        Soul          1988   CD47-8     New Soul
Don't Call Me Baby               madison Ave.               M-Fast                   2000   CD59-3     New Soul
Don't Make Me Over               Sybil                      Med        Soul          1989   CD80-5     New Soul
Don't Matter                     Akon                       S-Med      Rap           2007   CD192-4    New Soul
Don't Stop The Party             The Black Eyed Peas        Fast                     2011   CD234-20   New Soul
Don't Stop 'Til Tou Get Enough   Michael Jackson            M-Fast     Soul          1979   CD111-3    New Soul
Don't Tell Me                    Madonna                    S-Med                    2001   CD72-2     New Soul
Don't Think I'm Not              Kandi                      Med                      2000   CD70-17    New Soul
Don't Turn Around                Ace of Base                M-Fast                   1994   CD102-8    New Soul
Doo Wop                          Lauren Hill                Med        Bad Lyrics    1998   CD26-18    New Soul
Dooky Booty                      DJ D. Man                             Rap           1996   CD80-11    New Soul
Double Time                      Drama                      M-Fast                   2000   CD60-8     New Soul
Down                             Juelz Santana              S-Med      Rap           2003   CD147-16   New Soul
DOWN                             JAY SEAN FEAT. LIL WAYNE   FAST                     2009   217-9
                                                                                                       New Soul
Down A Chick                     Ja Rule                                             2002   CD118-19   New Soul
Down For U                       IRU Gotti                  S-Med                    2002   CD123-17   New Soul
Down Low                         R. Kelly                   Slow                     1995   CD79-15    New Soul
Down On M **Warning**            Jeremih F./50 Cent         Med                      2011   CD 232-8   New Soul
Drank (Clean Edit)               Girlicious F/Spose         Fast                     2010   CD228-9    New Soul
Dress You Up                    Madonna                     Fast       Soul             1985   CD115-7    New Soul
DROP                            YING-YANG TWINS             MED        RAP              2008   CD201-19   New Soul
DROP AND GIMME 50               MIKE JONES                  MEDIUM     RAP              2007   CD199-20   New Soul
Drop It Like Its Hot            Snoop Dog                   Med        Rap              2004   CD163-9    New Soul
DROP IT LOW REMIX               ESTER DEAN F/CHRIS          MED                         2009   218-10
                                BROWN                                                                     New Soul
Drop It On Me                   Ricky Martin                M-Fast                      2005   CD174-11   New Soul
DROP STOP DIP                   DAZ DILLINGER               SLOW       BAD              2008   CD205-4    New Soul
Drowning                        Backstreet Boys             S-Med                       2002   CD100-18   New Soul
DYNAMITE                        TAIO CRUZ                   FAST                        2010   224-13     New Soul
E.I.                            Nelly                       S-Med      Rap              2000   CD63-3     New Soul
Easy                            Groove Armada               Fast                        2003   CD138-2    New Soul
Easy Breezy                     Utada                       Slow                        2004   CD158-19   New Soul
EENIE MEENIE                    SEAN KINGSTON & JUSTIN      MED                         2010   CD221-15
                                BIEBER                                                                    New Soul
EGO                             BEYONCE FEAT KANYE          MED        WARNING          2009 215-4
                                WEST                                   CONTENT                            New Soul
Eight Zero Eight                Blaque                      M-Fast                      1999 CD51-10      New Soul
Electric Boogie                 Marcia Griffiths            M-Fast                      1990 CD37-14      New Soul
ELEVATOR                        FLO-RIDA                    MED-FAST RAP-BAD            2008 CD201-12
                                                                                                          New Soul
Emotion                         Destiny’s Child             Slow                        2002 CD100-16     New Soul
EMPIRE STATE OF MIND            JAY Z FEAT ALICIA KEYS      MED                         2009 219-13       New Soul
EMPIRE STATE OF MIND(PART 11-   ALICIA KEYS                 SLOW                        2009 219-14
BROKEN DOWN)                                                                                              New Soul
Encore                          Eminem                      Med        Rap              2004   CD163-6    New Soul
End Of The Road                 Boyz 2 Men                  Slow       Soul             1992   CD81-6     New Soul
Enjoy Yourself                  A+                          M-Fast     Rap              1998   CD27-12    New Soul
Enuff                           DJ Shadow                   Med        Rap              2006   CD184-21   New Soul
Erase Me                        Kid Cudi F./Kanye West      Med                         2010   CD228-19   New Soul
Erotic City                     Prince                      Med                         1994   CD55-5     New Soul
Escapade                        Janet Jackson               Med        Soul             1989   CD78-4     New Soul
EVERY GIRL                      YOUNG MONEY F/LIL           MED        WARNING          2009   215-10
                                WAYNE, DRAKE, JAE                      CONTENT                            New Soul
Every Little Step               Bobby Brown                 Med        Soul             1989   CD88-14    New Soul
Everybody                       Backstreet Boys             M-Fast                      1998   CD19-8     New Soul
Everybody Get Up                Pitbull                     M-Fast                      2006   CD176-3    New Soul
Everything's Gonna Be Alright   Naughty By Nature           M-Fast     Soul             1991   CD77-5     New Soul
Everytime Tha Beat Drop         Monica                      S-Med      Rap              2006   CD185-21   New Soul
Excuse Me Miss                  Jaz Z                       Slow                        2003   CD132-11   New Soul
FACE DROP                       SEAN KINGSTON               MED                         2009   217-8      New Soul
Faded Pictures                  KC & JoJo                   Slow                        1999   CD27-10    New Soul
Fall For Your Type              Jamie Foxx f./Drake         Slow/Med                    2011   CD231-13   New Soul
Fallen                          MYA                         Med        Rap              2004   CD149-6    New Soul
Fallin                          Alicia Keys                 Slow                        2001   CD97-13    New Soul
Falling Up                      Black Eyed Peas             Med        Rap/Bad Lyrics          CD25-4
                                                                                                          New Soul
Falls Apart                     Sugar Ray                   Med                         2000   CD61-6     New Soul
FALSETTO                        DREAM                       SLOW                        2008   203-5      New Soul
Fame Game                       Carlito                     M-Fast                      2001   CD91-16    New Soul
Family Affair                   Mary J. Blige                                           2001   CD95-5     New Soul
Fantastic Voyage                Coolio                      Med        Rap                     CD88-8     New Soul
Fantasy                         Mariah Carey                Med                         1995   CD54-9     New Soul
Father                          LL Cool J                   Med        Rap              1997   CD6-11     New Soul
Fatty Girl                      Ludacris                    S-Med      Rap              2001   CD97-4     New Soul
FEEL IT                         DJ FELLI FEL/T-PAIN, SEAN                               2009   209-5
                                PAUL, PITBULL                                                             New Soul
Feel It                         Erick Sermon                S-Med      Rap              2004 CD153-21     New Soul
FEEL IT                         THREE 6 MAFIA FEAT. DJ      FAST       CLEAN EDIT       2009 219-20
                                TIESTO, SEAN KINGSTON                                                     New Soul
Feel It Boy                      Beenie Man             Med                      2002   CD124-22   New Soul
Feel The Girl                    Ms Jade                M-Fast   Rap             2002   CD118-12   New Soul
Feeling On Your Booty            R. Kelly               Slow                     2001   CD91-14    New Soul
Feels So Good                    Mase                   Med      Rap             1998   CD19-2     New Soul
Fergalicious                     Fergie                 Med      Rap             2006   CD186-20   New Soul
Fiesta                           R. Kelly w/ Jay Z.     Med                      2001   CD76-1     New Soul
Fighter                          Christina Aguilera     Med                      2003   CD142-5    New Soul
Fill Me In                       Craig David            M-Fast   Listening       2001   CD97-12    New Soul
Filthy Gorgeous                  Sissor Sisters         M-Fast   Rap/ Bad Lyrics 2005   CD165-18
                                                                                                   New Soul
F--in' Perfect (Radio Version)   P!nk                   Medium                   2011   CD230-10   New Soul
FINALLY                          FERGIE                 SLOW                    2008    CD201-13   New Soul
FIND YOUR LOVE                   DRAKE                  MED                     2010    224-18     New Soul
Fire                             Busta Rhymes           M-Fast                  2000    CD60-13    New Soul
FIRE BURNING (REMIX)             SEAN KINGSTON FEAT     FAST                    2009    215-3
                                 PITBULL                                                           New Soul
FIREWORK                         KATY PERRY             MED                     2010    CD227-14   New Soul
First Of The Month               Bone Thugs & Harmony   Med                     1995    CD88-3     New Soul
Flambouyant                      Big L                  Med      Rap            2000    CD60-6     New Soul
FLASHING LIGHTS                  KANYE WEST             MEDIUM   RAP            2008    CD200-6    New Soul
Flossin                          Mike Jones             S-Med                   2005    CD174-16   New Soul
Flute                            Timbaland              S-Med                   2003    CD145-15   New Soul
Fly Away                         Lenny Kravitz          Med                     1998    CD45-4     New Soul
FOLLOW US                        BIG BOI                MED      EDITED         2010    CD225-13   New Soul
Foolish                          Ashanti                S-Med                   2002    CD119-6    New Soul
For All Time                     Soluna                 M-Fast                  2002    Cd121-20   New Soul
FOREVER                          CHRIS BROWN            MED                     2008    203-7      New Soul
FOREVER                          LIONEL RICHIE          MED                     2009    214-5      New Soul
Forget About Dre                 Dr Dre                 Med                     1999    CD55-10    New Soul
Forget You (Clean Edit)          Cee Lo Green           Fast                    2010    CD228-14   New Soul
FOUR MINUTES TO SAVE THE         MADONNA                FAST                    2008    203-13
WORLD                                                                                              New Soul
Freak Me                         Silk                   Slow                     1993 CD80-14      New Soul
Freakin' It                      Will Smith             M-Fast                   1999 CD53-1       New Soul
Freaky As She Wanna Be           Dem Franchise Boyz     Slow     Rap/ Bad Lyrics 2006 CD185-14
                                                                                                   New Soul
Freaky Girl                      Shaggy                                         2001 CD74-16       New Soul
Free                             MYA                    M-Fast                  2000 CD65-10       New Soul
Freeway Of Love                  Aretha Franklin        Med      Soul           1985 CD46-17       New Soul
FREEZE                           T-PAIN                 MED      RAP            2008 CD207-12      New Soul
Fresh Azimiz                     Bow Wow                Med      Rap            2006 CD176-19      New Soul
Friday Niht                      Young Gunz             Med      Rap            2004 CD151-14      New Soul
From The Chuuch To Da Palace     Snoop Dog              Med      Rap            2002 CD130-5       New Soul
From Ya Momma                    Juvenile                                       2001 CD95-4        New Soul
Front 2 Back                     XZiBit                 Med                     2001 CD75-4        New Soul
Frontin                          Pharrell               Med                     2003 CD137-10      New Soul
Full Moon                        Brandy                 Med                     2002 CD123-3       New Soul
Funk Phenomena                   Armand Van Helden      Fast     Rap                 CD87-8        New Soul
Funky Cold Medina                Tone Loc               Med      Soul           1989 CD47-10       New Soul
FUTURE LOVE (REMIX)              KRISTINA DEBARGE       MED-FAST                2009 219-16
                                 F/PITBULL                                                         New Soul
FUTURISTIC LOVE                  YUNG LA FEAT RICCO     MED      WARNING        2009 215-11
                                 BARRINO                         CONTENT                           New Soul
Galang                           M.I.A.                 Fast                    2005    CD171-20   New Soul
Gallery                          Mario Vasquez          Med                     2006    CD180-1    New Soul
Galvanize                        Chemical Brothers      M-Fast   Rap            2005    CD166-9    New Soul
Game Going                       Jermaine Dupri         S-Med    Rap            2004    CD149-11   New Soul
Game Over                        Lil Flip               Med      Rap            2004    CD152-2    New Soul
Gangsta Lovin                    Eve                    Med                     2002    Cd124-4    New Soul
Gansta                           Lil’ Mo                                        2001    CD95-3     New Soul
Gansta Nation              Westside Connection       Med        Rap             2003   CD147-15   New Soul
Gansta' Paradise           Coolio                    Med                        1995   CD57-16    New Soul
Ganster Trippeon           Fat Boy Slim              M-Fast                     1999   CD54-8     New Soul
Genie In A Bottle          Christina Aguilera        S-Med                      1999   CD49-11    New Soul
Genius Of Love             Tom Tom Club              Med                        1982   CD54-18    New Soul
Georgia                    Ludacris                  S-Med      Rap             2005   CD174-20   New Soul
Get By                     Talib Kweli               Med        Rap             2003   CD135-14   New Soul
Get Down                   D.J. Quick                M-Fast     Rap/ Bad Lyrics 2006   CD176-15
                                                                                                  New Soul
Get Into Something         Jene                      Med                       2002 CD122-8       New Soul
Get Involved               Raphael Sawddiq           Med                       1999 CD45-3        New Soul
GET INVOLVED               GINUWINE FEAT             FAST                      2009 214-13
                           TIMBALAND & MISSY
                           ELLIOTT                                                                New Soul
Get It On Tonight          Montell Jordon            S-Med                     1999    CD54-3     New Soul
Get It Poppin              Fat Joe                   Med        Rap            2005    CD167-16   New Soul
Get It Poppin              Fat Joe                   M-Fast     Rap            2005    CD171-2    New Soul
Get It Shawty              Lloyd                     Med                       2007    CD194-7    New Soul
GET LIKE ME                DAVID BANNER              MED        RAP            2008    202-14     New Soul
GET LIKE ME                DAVID BANNER              MED        RAP            2008    CD205-9    New Soul
Get Low (rmx)              Lil Jon                   Med        Rap            2003    CD143-5    New Soul
GET ME BODIED              BEYONCE                   MED        RAP            2007    CD198-16   New Soul
Get Right                  Jennifer Lopez            M-Fast                    2004    CD164-7    New Soul
GET SILLY                  V.I.C.                    SLOW       MED            2008    203-17     New Soul
Get Something              Lil Wayne                 Med        Rap            2003    CD145-13   New Soul
Get The Party Started      Pink                      M-Fast                    2001    CD100-10   New Soul
Get Up                     Chris The Greek           Fast                      2000    CD63-2     New Soul
Get Up                     Ciara                     S-Med      Rap            2006    CD183-13   New Soul
Get Up                     Nate Dogg                 Med        Rap            2002    CD130-17   New Soul
Get Up & Get It            Bone Thugs & Harmony      Med                       2002    CD127-10   New Soul
Get Ur Freak On            Missy Elliott             Med                       2001    CD73-6     New Soul
Get Yourself High          Chemical Brothers         Med        Rap            2004    CD151-8    New Soul
Gettin' Jiggy Wit It       Will Smith                M-Fast     Rap            1998    CD6-7      New Soul
GETTIN OVER YOU            DAVID GUETTA & CHRIS      FAST                      2010    CD221-19
                           WILLIAMS FEAT. FERGIE &
                           LMFAO                                                                  New Soul
Ghetto                     Kelly Rowland             Slow                      2007    CD196-6    New Soul
GHETTO                     KELLY ROWLAND             SLOW                      2007    CD196-6    New Soul
GHETTO GIRL                MANN                      MED        RAP            2008    CD204-2    New Soul
Ghetto Girls               Bow Wow                   Med                       2001    CD84-8     New Soul
Ghetto Story               Cham                      Slow-M     Rap            2006    CD183-8    New Soul
Ghetto Supa Star           Pras Michael              M-Slow                    1998    CD20-8     New Soul
Gigolo                     Nick Cannon               Med        Rap            2003    CD146-9    New Soul
GIMME DAT                  CIARA                     MED                       2010    CD226-9    New Soul
GIMME MORE                 BRITNEY SPEARS            MED                       2007    CD196-20   New Soul
GIMME THAT                 CHRIS BROWN               MED                       2010    223-15     New Soul
Gimmie The Light           Sean Paul                 Med        Rap            2002    CD129-7    New Soul
Gin & Juice                Snoop Dog                 Med        Rap            1994    CD88-6     New Soul
Girl                       Paul Wall                 Slow       Bad Lyrics     2006    CD179-18   New Soul
GIRL ON FIRE               PAUL WALL                 MED        RAP            2008    CD207-11   New Soul
Girl Talk                  TLC                       S-Med                     2002    CD129-10   New Soul
Girlfriend                 B2K                       SLow                      2003    CD133-18   New Soul
GIRLFRIEND                 BOW WOW                   MED-FAST   RAP            2008    CD201-3
                                                                                                  New Soul
Girlfriend                 NSYNC                     Med                       2002 CD118-14      New Soul
Girlfriend                 NSYNC features Nelly                                     CD114-14      New Soul
Girls                      Beanie Man                Med        Bad Lyrics     2006 CD181-8       New Soul
GIRLS ON THE DANCE FLOOR   FAR EAST MOVEMENT         FAST                      2009 214-11
                           FEAT 24/8                                                              New Soul
Git It                              Bun B                    Med       Rap/ Bad Lyrics 2006 CD176-16
                                                                                                       New Soul
Gitty Up                            Salt n Pepa              Med                     1998 CD19-4       New Soul
Give It                             JordanKnight                                     1999 CD49-12      New Soul
Give It 2 You                       Da Brat                  M-Slow                  1995 CD81-9       New Soul
Give It All You Got/Shake It Mix    Afro Rican & McShy D     Fast      Soul               CD88-9       New Soul
Give it to me                       Timberland               S-Med     Rap           2007 CD192-3      New Soul
Give It Up To Me                    Sean Paul                Med                     2006 CD181-22     New Soul
Give Me Everything                  Pitbull F./Ne-You        Fast                    2011 CD 232-3     New Soul
Give Me Just One Night              98 Degrees               Fast                         CD61-19      New Soul
Give Me One More Night              98 Degrees               Med       Salsa         2000 CD62-1       New Soul
Give Me Some Mo                     Busta Rhymes             Med       Rap           1999 CD28-8       New Soul
Glamorous                           Fergie                   S-Med     Rap           2007 CD189-5      New Soul
Glamorous Life                      Sheila E.                Fast                    1984 CD46-14      New Soul
Go D.J.                             Lil Wayne                S-Med     Rap           2004 CD159-2      New Soul
Go Deep                             Janet Jackson            S-med                   1997 CD24-7       New Soul
Go Getta                            Young Jeezy              Slow      Rap           2007 CD192-6      New Soul
GO GIRL                             CIARA                    S-MED                   2008 CD206-16     New Soul
GO GIRL                             PITBULL                  MED       RAP           2008 CD204-1      New Soul
Go Girl (feat. E-40)                Baby Bash                Med                     2010 CD239-14     New Soul
GO ON GIRL                          NE-YO                    SLOW                    2008 CD200-7      New Soul
God Must Have Spent A Little More   NSYNC                    Slow                    1998 CD29-8
Time                                                                                                   New Soul
Going Back To Cali-                 Notorious B.I.G.         Med       Rap           1997   CD28-18    New Soul
Gold Digger                         Kanye West               M-Fast    Rap           2005   CD172-11   New Soul
Golden                              Jill Scott               S-Med                   2004   CD158-13   New Soul
Gon Give It To Ya                   DMX                      Med       Rap           2003   CD132-18   New Soul
Gone                                NSYNC                    Slow                    2001   CD90-15    New Soul
Gone Til November                   REMIX                    S-Med     Rap           1997   CD19-9     New Soul
Gone Til November                   Wycleff Jean             S-Med     Reggae        1997   CD6-3      New Soul
Good Feeling                        Flo Rider                Fast                    2011   CD239-21   New Soul
GOOD GIRLS GO BAD (REMIX)           COBRA STARSHIP           FAST                    2009   217-11
                                    W.LEIGHTON MEESTER,
                                    FLO-RIDA                                                           New Soul
GOOD GIRLS LIKE BAD BOYS            JADYN MARIA F/FLO RIDA                           2009   212-11     New Soul
GOOD GOOD                           ASHANTI                  SLOW                    2008   CD204-19   New Soul
Good Life                           Kanye West               slow-med                2007   CD199-4    New Soul
Good Life                           Nate Dogg                S-Med                   2001   CD83-15    New Soul
Good Times                          Faith Evans              Med                     2001   CD75-3     New Soul
Good Vibrations                     Marky Mark               Fast     Soul           1991   CD115-12   New Soul
Goodies                             Ciara                    Med                     2004   CD163-7    New Soul
Goona Make You Sweat                C & C Music Factory      Fast     Soul           1990   CD37-8     New Soul
GOSSIP                              LIL WAYNE                MEDIUM RAP (BAD         2007   CD199-21
                                                                      LYRICS)                          New Soul
Gossip Folks                        Missy Elliott            Med                     2002   CD132-8    New Soul
Got It                              Eve and Jadakiss         Med      Rap            2000   CD60-5     New Soul
Got It 2                            Jagged Edge              Med      Rap            2002   CD118-15   New Soul
Got It From My Mama                 Will. I. Am              Med      Rap            2007   CD196-5    New Soul
GOT IT FROM MY MAMA                 WILL. I. AM              MED      RAP            2007   CD196-5    New Soul
GOT MONEY                           LIL' WAYNE               MED                     2008   CD206-6    New Soul
Got Some Teeth                      Obie Trice               Med      Rap            2003   CD142-15   New Soul
Got Your Money                      O.D.B.                   Med                     2000   CD58-16    New Soul
Gots Ta Be                          BSK                      Slow                    2002   CD123-9    New Soul
Gotta Get Through This              Daniel BedingField       M-Fast                  2002   CD124-18   New Soul
Gotta Tell                          Samantha Mumba           Med                     2000   CD64-9     New Soul
GREEN LIGHT                         JOHN LEGEND              MED                     2008   CD204-16   New Soul
GRENADE                             BRUNO MARS               MED                     2010   CD227-9    New Soul
Grillz                              Nelly                    Med      Rap            2005   CD173-4    New Soul
Grind With Me                       Pretty Ricky             Slow     Bad Lyrics     2005   CD171-1    New Soul
Groove Is In The heart              Dee Lite                 M-Fast                  1990   CD49-9     New Soul
Grow a Pear **warning**           KeSha                        Medium                    2011    CD234-13   New Soul
Guess Who’s Back                  Scarface                     Med        Rap            2002    CD122-1    New Soul
Half Step                         Ciara                        Med                       2004    CD163-10   New Soul
HALO                              BEYONCE                      SLOW                      2009    214-6      New Soul
HALO (KARMATRONIC CLUB REMIX)     BEYONCE                      FAST                      2009    214-7
                                                                                                            New Soul
HANDLEBARS                        FLOBOTS                      MED        RAP            2008    CD204-11   New Soul
HANDS                             THE TING TINGS               FAST                      2010    CD227-19   New Soul
Hands High                        Mr. Cheeks                   M-Fast     Rap            2003    CD138-7    New Soul
Hands Up                          Lloyd Banks/50 cent          Med                       2006    CD182-15   New Soul
HANG ON (DAVE AUDE RADIO EDIT)    PLUMB                        FAST       DANCE          2010    220-19
                                                                                                            New Soul
Hanging Tough                     New Kids On The Block        Med        Soul            1989   CD86-10    New Soul
Happy                             Ashanti                      Slow                       2002   CD129-21   New Soul
Happy People                      R. Kelly                     S-Med                      2004   CD151-17   New Soul
Hard Knock Life                   Jay Z                        Med        Rap             1998   CD26-2     New Soul
Hard To Say I'm Sorry             AZYet                        Slow                       1997   CD115-10   New Soul
Hate It or Love It                50 Cent                      Med        Rap             2005   CD166-3    New Soul
Hate That I Love You              Rhianna                      Slow                       2007   CD195-12   New Soul
HATE THAT I LOVE YOU              RIHANNA                      SLOW                       2007   CD197-10   New Soul
HATE THAT I LOVE YOU              RIHANNA FEAT NE-YO                                      2009   210-13     New Soul
Have A Party                      Mobb Depp                    Med        Rap/ Bad Lyrics 2006   CD176-14
                                                                                                            New Soul
Have You Ever                     Brandy                       Slow                      1998    CD29-2     New Soul
Hay Mama                          Black Eyed Peas              M-Fast     Rap            2003    CD148-1    New Soul
He Said She Said                  Ashley Tisdale               Med                       2000    CD189-9    New Soul
He Wasn't Man Enough For Me       Toni Braxton                 Med                       2000    CD59-12    New Soul
Head 2 Up                         Nappy Roots                  M-Fast     Rap            2002    CD132-7    New Soul
Head Doctor                       Snoop Dog                    Med        Rap            2000    CD66-7     New Soul
Head To Toe                       Lisa Lisa                    Med                       1987    CD47-4     New Soul
Headsprung                        LL Cool J                    Med                       2004    CD154-10   New Soul
Heartbreak Down                   PINK                         Medium/F                  2011    CD234-18
                                                               ast                                          New Soul
Heartbreaker                      Mariah Carey                 Med                       1999 CD51-6        New Soul
HEARTLESS                         KANYE WEST                   SLOW                      2009 209-8         New Soul
Heat It Up                        Bubba Sparx                  Slow       Bad Lyrics     2006 CD180-7       New Soul
Heaven                            NuFlavor                     Slow                      1997 CD6-8         New Soul
Hell Yeah                         Ginuwine                     Med        Rap            2003 CD136-12      New Soul
Hellava                           Brotherhood Creed                                           CD115-1       New Soul
Hello                             Ice Cube                     Med        Rap            2000 CD60-4        New Soul
HELLO GOOD MORNING                DIDDY-DIRTY MONEY            MED        WARNING        2010 224-19
                                  FEAT. R.ROSSI, T.I.                     EXPLICIT
                                                                          LYRICS                            New Soul
Here And Now                      Luther Vandross              Slow       Soul           1989 CD111-11      New Soul
Here Comes the Hot Stepper        Ini Kamozi                   Med        Rap            1994 CD80-3        New Soul
Here It Comes                     MC Search                                                    CD88-2       New Soul
Here We Come                      Tim Baland & Mago            Med        Rap            1999 CD28-12       New Soul
He's Mine                         Moken Stef                   Slow                      1995 CD88-10       New Soul
Hey Baby                          Bow Wow                      S-Med      Rap            2003 CD145-4       New Soul
Hey Baby (Drop it to the floor)   Pitbull F/T-Pain             Fast                       2010 CD 229-8     New Soul
Hey Ma                            Cam’Ron                      S-med                     2002 CD129-11      New Soul
Hey Sexy Lady                     Shaggy                       Med                       2002 CD128-15      New Soul
Higher                            Taio Cruz f./Kylie Minogue   Fast                      2011 CD231-12      New Soul
Hip Hop Hooray                    Naughty by Nature                       Rap            1993 CD77-6        New Soul
Hips Don’t Lie                    Bamboo                       M-Fast                    2006 CD182-20      New Soul
Hips Don’t Lie                    Shakira                      M-Fast                    2006 CD177-20      New Soul
Hit Em Up Style                   Blu Cantrell                 Med                       2001 CD90-3        New Soul
Hit The Floor                     Twista & Pitbull             M-Fast     Rap            2005 CD174-18      New Soul
Hit The Lights                    Jay Sean f./Lil Wayne        Fast                      2011 CD231-17      New Soul
Hold It Against Me                Britney Spears               Fast                       2011 CD230-12     New Soul
Hold On                              En Vogue               M-Slow     Soul        1990    CD89-11     New Soul
Hold You Down                        Jennifer Lopez         M-Slow                 2005    CD165-6     New Soul
                                     Jazmine Sullivan
Holding You Down (Goin' In Circles) (Clean Edit)            Medium                  2010   CD 229-11   New Soul
Hole In The Head                     Sugarbabes             M-Fast                 2004    CD151-15    New Soul
Holidae In                           Chingy                 Med        Rap/Dirty   2004    CD156-2     New Soul
Holiday                              Madonna                M-Fast                         CD119-7     New Soul
Holla Holla                          Ja Rule                Med                    1999    CD51-9      New Soul
Hollaback Girl                       Gwen Stefani           Med                    2005    CD166-12    New Soul
Hollywood                            Madonna                Fast                   2003    CD138-1     New Soul
Hollywood Divorce                    Outkast                Med        Rap         2006    CD187-6     New Soul
HONEY                                ERYKAH BADU            S-                     2008    CD200-8
                                                            MEDIUM                                     New Soul
Honey                               Mariah Carey            S-Med                  1997    CD6-5       New Soul
Honk Your Horn                      Dani Stevenson          Med        Rap         2002    CD128-3     New Soul
Hootchie Mama                       2 Live Crew             M-Fast                 1995    CD115-3     New Soul
Hot Boyz                            Missy Elliott           Med        Rap         1999    CD54-14     New Soul
Hot Damn                            Clipse                  Med        Rap         2003    CD137-2     New Soul
Hot Hot Hot                         Buster Poindexter       Fast                   1988    CD34-12     New Soul
Hot In Here                         Nelly                   Med                    2002    CD125-7     New Soul
Hot Like Dat                        Cecile                  Med        Rap         2006    CD183-4     New Soul
HOT N FUN                           N.E.R.D. FEAT NELLY     MED-FAST               2010    CD222-13
                                    FURTADO                                                            New Soul
Hot Spot                            Foxy Brown              Med        Rap         1999    CD28-5      New Soul
HOT TOTTIE                          USHER FEAT. JAY-Z       MED                    2010    CD22613     New Soul
HOTEL ROOM SERVICE                  PITBULL                 FAST       BAD CONTENT 2009    214-16      New Soul
Hotter Than Fish Grease                                     Med        Rap         2000    CD62-11     New Soul
How Come                            D-12                    Med                    2004    CD153-18    New Soul
HOW LOW                             LUDACRIS                SLOW-      WARNING     2009    219-17
                                                            MED        EXPLICIT
                                                                       CONTENT                         New Soul
How To Love                         Lil Wayne               Slow                   2011    CD235-14    New Soul
How We Do                           50 Cent                 S-Med      Rap/Dirty   2005    CD167-14    New Soul
HOW WE DO IT                        LLOYD                   MED                    2008    202-5       New Soul
How You Gonna Act Like That         Tyrese                  Slow                   2002    CD131-16    New Soul
How You Want That                   Loon                    Med                    2003    CD137-3     New Soul
Humpty Dance                        Digital Underground     Med        Rap         1990    CD112-10    New Soul
Hung Up                             Madonna                 M-Fast                 2005    CD175-1     New Soul
HUSTLERS ANTHEM 2009                BUSTA RHYMES FEAT. T-   SLOW       BAD CONTENT 2009    CD211-8
                                    PAIN                                                               New Soul
Hustlin                             Rick Ross               Med        Rap         2006    CD180-18    New Soul
HYDROLIC                            B5                      MED        RAP         2007    CD196-18    New Soul
Hypnotised                          Notorious B.I.G.        Med        Rap/Dirty   1997    CD54-11     New Soul
HYPNOTIZED                          BIG GEMNI               MED        RAP         2008    202-11      New Soul
I Ain’t Got You                     Alicia Keys             Slow                   2004    CD150-10    New Soul
I Believe                           Fantasia                Med                    2004    CD154-8     New Soul
I Believe I Can Fly                 R. Kelly                Slow                   1996    CD55-9      New Soul
I CAN TRANSFORM YA                  CHRIS BROWN W/LIL       MED                    2009    218-8
                                    WAYNE                                                              New Soul
I Do                                98 degrees              Slow                   1999    CD51-7      New Soul
I Do Wanna Get Close To You         3LW                     Med        Rap         2002    CD123-7     New Soul
I Get Lonely                        Janet Jackson           Med                    1998    CD25-1      New Soul
I Got It (feat. Big Block)          Gorilla Zoe             Med                    2009    CD238-12    New Soul
I GOTTA FEELING                     BLACK EYED PEAS         FAST                   2009    214-8       New Soul
I INVENTED SEX                      TREY SONGZ FEAT USHER   SLOW-      WARNING     2010    220-12
                                    & KERI HILSON           MED        EXPLICIT
                                                                       LYRICS                          New Soul
I KNOW                              JAY Z                   MEDIUM-                2007 CD199-10
                                                            FAST                                       New Soul
I Know You Don’t Love Me            Tony Yayo               Med     Rap            2005 CD174-17       New Soul
I KNOW YOU WANT ME (CALLE        PITBULL                                        2009 209-19
OCHO)                                                                                              New Soul
I LIKE IT                        ENRIQUE IGLESIAS FEAT   FAST                   2010 CD222-16
                                 PITBULL                                                           New Soul
I Like the Way You Live Me       Brenton Wood            Slow                     2007 CD195-4     New Soul
I LOVE COLLEGE                   ASHER ROTH              MED      BAD LYRICS      2009 209-2       New Soul
I Melt With You                  Modern English          M-Fast                        CD39-6      New Soul
I MISS YOU                       WEBBIE                  SLOW                     2008 203-18      New Soul
I See Right Through You          DJ Encore               Fast                     2001 CD85-24     New Soul
I Still Beleive                  Mariah Carey            Slow                     2001 CD82-1      New Soul
I Think They Like Me             Dem Franchise Boys      Med      Rap/ Bad Lyrics 2005 CD172-9
                                                                                                   New Soul
I Thought It Was Me              Bell Biv Devoe          Med      Soul          1991 CD89-1        New Soul
I Touch Myself                   Devinyls                Med                     1998CD20-17       New Soul
I Touch Myself                   Devinyls                Med                     1998CD20-17       New Soul
I Turn To You                    Christina Aguilera      Med                    2000 CD59-11       New Soul
I Wanna Be Down                  Brandy                  Slow     Soul          1994 CD77-16       New Soul
I Wanna Be The One               Stevie B                Slow     Soul               CD77-1        New Soul
I Wanna Go                       Britney Spears          Fast                   2011 CD234-21      New Soul
I Wanna Know                     Joe                     Slow                   2000 CD61-1        New Soul
I WANNA ROCK                     SNOOP DOGG              SLOW-    WARNING       2009 219-15
                                                         MED      EXPLICIT
                                                                  CONTENT                          New Soul
I Wanna Sex You Up               Color Me Badd           Slow     Soul          1991 CD89-2        New Soul
I Want A Girl Like You                                   Med      Rap           2002 CD130-10      New Soul
I Want A New Drug                DJ Russ                 Fast                   2005 CD171-14      New Soul
I Want Candy                     Bow Wow Wow             Fast                        CD99-5        New Soul
I Want Candy                     Bow Wow Wow             Fast                        CD99-5        New Soul
I Want Her                       Keith Sweat             Med      Soul          1988 CD76-7        New Soul
I Want It All                    Warren G                S-Med                  1999 CD52-9        New Soul
I WANT IT ALL                    BIRDMAN FEAT LIL        MED                    2010 220-14
                                 WAYNE, KEVIN RUDOLF                                               New Soul
I Want It That Way               Backstreet Boys         Med                    1999    CD45-13    New Soul
I Want You                       Savage garden           M-fast                  1997   CD5-13     New Soul
I Want You                       Savage garden           M-fast                  1997   CD5-13     New Soul
I Want You Back                  NSYNC                   M-Fast                 1998    CD19-6     New Soul
I Will Always Be There For You   Anquette                Slow     Soul          1989    CD79-9     New Soul
I Will Always Love You           Whitney Houston         Slow                   1992    CD35-7     New Soul
I Wish                           Skee-Lo                 Med      Rap           1995    CD80-18    New Soul
I Wonder If I Take You Home      Lisa Lisa                                              CD86-15    New Soul
I’ll Be Around                   Cee-Lo               Med         Rap           2003    CD147-18   New Soul
I’m A Bad Boy                    Fat Joe              Med         Rap           2003    CD142-16   New Soul
I’m A Slave                      Britney Spears       S-Med                     2002    CD100-13   New Soul
I’m Gonna Be Alright                                  Med                       2002    CD123-4    New Soul
I’M Good                         Blaque               Med                       2003    CD143-12   New Soul
I’m Hot                          Erick Sermon         Med         Rap           2001    CD97-1     New Soul
I’m in Luv                       T-Pain               Slow        Bad Lyrics    2006    CD176-8    New Soul
I’m Not A Girl                   Britney Spears       Slow                      2002    CD100-4    New Soul
I’m Real                         Jennifer Lopez       Med                       2001    CD84-2     New Soul
I’m Sprung                       T-Pain               Slow                      2006    CD177-18   New Soul
Ice Box                          Omarion              M-Fast                    2007    CD191-8    New Soul
Ice Box Remix                    Omarion              S-Med                     2007    CD191-9    New Soul
ICE CREAM PAINT JOB (CLEAN       DORROUGH MUSIC FEAT/ MED                       2009    215-7
REMIX EDIT)                      JERMAINE DUPRI                                                    New Soul
Ice Ice baby                     Vanilla Ice          Med                       1991    CD45-2     New Soul
I'd Die Without You              R.M. Dawn            Slow                      1993    CD81-7     New Soul
Idelwild Blues                   Outkast              S-Med                     2006    CD183-12   New Soul
Iesha                            Another Bad Creation Med         Soul          1991    CD77-13    New Soul
If I Can’t                       50 Cent              M-Fast      Rap           2003    CD143-4    New Soul
If I Could Go                    Angie Martinez       Med         Rap           2002    CD129-20   New Soul
If I Ever Fall In Love               Shai                   Slow     Soul         1992   CD76-5     New Soul
IF I WERE A BOY                      BEYONCE                SLOW                  2009   209-3      New Soul
IF U SEEK AMY RADIO EDIT             BRITNEY SPEARS         FAST                  2009   CD211-7    New Soul
If You Had My Love                   Jennifer Love          Med                   1999   CD45-8     New Soul
If You Think I'm Jiggy               The Lox                S-Med    Rap          1998   CD19-5     New Soul
If Your Girl Only Knew               Aaliyah                Slow                  1998   CD20-1     New Soul
I'll Be Dat                          Redman                 S-Med                 1999   CD28-6
                                                            Rap                                     New Soul
I'LL BE LOVING YOU LONG TIME         MARIAH CAREY           MED      BAD          2008   CD204-21   New Soul
I'll Be Missing You                  P Diddy                Slow                  1997   CD80-13    New Soul
I'll Do For You                      Father MC              Med      Rap          1990   CD80-7     New Soul
I'll Make Love to You                Boyz 2 Men             Slow                  1994   CD111-6    New Soul
Illegal                              Shakira                Slow                  2006   CD188-15   New Soul
I'm a Flirt                          R. Kelly               Slow     Bad Lyrics   2007   CD193-3    New Soul
I'm A Pimp                           Tim Baland Jay Z       Med      Rap          1999   CD28-9     New Soul
I'M BACK                             T.I.                   MED                   2010   CD222-9    New Soul
I'm Coming                           Will Smith             M-Fast                1999   CD53-2     New Soul
I'M IN MIAMI TRICK                   LMFAO                  MED      BAD LYRICS   2009   CD211-19   New Soul
Im On One (feat. Drake, Rick Ross,   DJ Khaled              Med                          CD236-14
& Lil Wayne)                                                                                        New Soul
I'm So Excited                       Pointer Sisters        Fast                  1984 CD35-10      New Soul
I'M SO PAID                          AKON FEATURING LIL     SLOW                  2008 CD208-04
                                     WAYNE                                                          New Soul
I'M THE ISH                          DJ CLASS               MED      BAD          2009 CD211-13
                                                                     NT                             New Soul
I'm The Man                          Joe Jackson            Fast     Alter             CD105-11     New Soul
I'm The Man                          Joe Jackson            Fast     Alter             CD105-11     New Soul
I'm Throwed                          Paul Wall              Med      Rap          2007 CD192-15     New Soul
I'm Too Sexy                         Right                  M-Fast   Soul         1991 CD39-13      New Soul
IMMA BE                              BLACK EYED PEAS        MED FAST              2009 219-8        New Soul
IMMA PUT IT ON HER                   DAY26 F/DIDDY & YUNG            BAD LYRICS   2009 212-14
                                     JOC                                                            New Soul
Impacto                              Daddy Yankee           Med      Rap          2007   CD192-11   New Soul
Impossible                           Kayne West             Med                   2006   CD182-1    New Soul
In Da Club                           50 Cent                Med      Rap          2003   CD133-12   New Soul
In Da Hood                           50 Cent                Med      Rap          2003   CD136-15   New Soul
In Da’ Wind                          Trick Daddy            Med      Rap          2002   CD125-1    New Soul
IN FOR THE KILL                      LA ROUX                FAST                  2010   CD227-15   New Soul
In Love Wit Chu                      Da Brat                Med      Rap          2003   CD135-8    New Soul
IN THE AYER                          FLO RIDA               MED      RAP          2008   CD207-19   New Soul
In the Dark                          Dev                    Fast                         CD236-16   New Soul
In The Morning                       Mary Mary              S-Med                 2002   CD122-9    New Soul
Incomplete                           Sisqo                  Slow                  2000   CD64-15    New Soul
INDEPENDANT                          WEBBIE                 med      rap          2008   203-3      New Soul
INDEPENDENT                          WEBBIE                 MED      RAP          2008   CD200-14   New Soul
Independent Women                    Destiny’s Child        Med                   2000   CD62-12    New Soul
Informer                             Snow                   M-Fast   Rap          1993   CD76-6     New Soul
Ingnition (Remix 2003)               R. Kelly               Med                          CD236-11   New Soul
Insane In The Brain                  Cypress Hill                    Rap                 CD88-12    New Soul
INSOMNIA                             CRAIG DAVID                                  2009   212-6      New Soul
Intergalactic                        Beastie Boys           Med                   1998   CD24-3     New Soul
International Affair                 Mark Ronson            Med                   2003   CD147-17   New Soul
Into The Groove                      Madonna                M-Fast                1990   CD39-12    New Soul
Into You                             Fabolous               Fast                  2003   CD137-11   New Soul
Invisible Man                        98 Degrees             Slow                  1997   CD6-8      New Soul
Irresistable                         Jessica Simpson        Med                   2001   CD82-15    New Soul
Is It Love                           Chili Hi Fly           Fast                  2001   CD74-14    New Soul
It Feels Good                        Tony Toni Tone                               1990   CD76-8     New Soul
It Feels So Good                     Sonique                M-Fast                2000   CD61-3     New Soul
IT KILLS ME                   MELANIE FIONA         SLOW                    2010     220-13     New Soul
It Takes Two                  Rob Base              Fast     Soul           1989     CD111-14   New Soul
It Wasn't Me                  Shaggy                S-Med                   2000     CD66-12    New Soul
It’s All About Me             Maya                  SLOW                    1998     CD26--4    New Soul
It’s Been Awhile              Staind                M-Fast                  2001     CD75-14    New Soul
It’s Going Down               Young Jack            Med      Rap            2006     CD184-5    New Soul
It’s Like That                Mariah Carey          S-Med                   2004     CD164-5    New Soul
It’s Okay                     The Game              Med      Rap            2006     CD185-13   New Soul
It’s The Holidaze             Westside Connection   Med      Rap            2002     CD131-8    New Soul
It’s Your Birthday            Nick Cannon           Med      Rap            2006     CD-1874    New Soul
It's A Fine Day               Miss Jane             Fast                    2000     CD66-13    New Soul
It's All About Me             Maya                  Slow                    1998     CD28-2     New Soul
It's Gonna Be Destiny         Big Blackie           Slow                    1999     CD54-1     New Soul
It's Gonna Be Me              NSYNC                 Med                     1999     CD57-13    New Soul
It's Gotta Be You             BackStreet Boys       Med                     1999     CD45-14    New Soul
It's Over Now                 112                   M-Slow                  2000     CD65-19    New Soul
It's So Hard To Say Goodbye   Boyz 2 Men            Slow     Soul           1991     CD78-13    New Soul
It's The End Of The World     R.E.M.                Fast                     1987    CD44-9     New Soul
It's The End Of The World     R.E.M.                Fast                     1987    CD44-9     New Soul
Iz U                          Nelly                 M-Fast   Rap            2003     CD145-10   New Soul
Izzo                          Jay Z                 Med                     2001     CD90-19    New Soul
J**Z IN MY PANTS              THE LONELY ISLAND              BAD LYRICS     2009     209-14     New Soul
Jam On It                     Neucluoes             Med      Soul           1983     CD81-5     New Soul
Jamailan Girl                 Obie Trice            Med      Bad Lyrics     2006     CD183-21   New Soul
Jenny From The Block          Jennifer Lopez        Med                     2002     CD129-6    New Soul
Jesus Walks                   Kanye West            Med      Rap            2004     CD153-14   New Soul
JOCKIN' JAY                   JAY-Z                 MED      RAP            2008     CD207-4    New Soul
Joints and Jam/Bad Lyrics     Black Eyed Peas       Med      Rap            1998     CD25-5     New Soul
Judas                         Lady Gaga             Fast                    2011     CD233-12   New Soul
Jump                          Kriss Kross           M-Fast   Rap            1992     CD80-2     New Soul
Jump                          Pointer Sisters       Fast     Soul           1985     CD46-13    New Soul
JUMP                          FLO RIDA FEAT NELLY   FAST                    2009     214-9
                              FURTADO                                                           New Soul
Jump Around                   House Of Pain         M-Fast   Soul           1992     CD112-5    New Soul
JUMPIN                        RON BROWZ             MED                     2009     212-1      New Soul
Jumpin' Jumpin'               Destiny’s Child       Med                     2000     CD60-7     New Soul
Jungle Love                   The Time              Fast     Soul           1984     CD114-9    New Soul
JUST A DREAM                  NELLY                 MED      CLEAD EDIT     2010     CD226-11   New Soul
Just A Friend                 Mario                 S-Med                   2002     CD123-5    New Soul
Just A Girl                   No Doubt              fast                     1996    CD79-2     New Soul
Just A Girl                   No Doubt              fast                     1996    CD79-2     New Soul
Just A Little Bit             50 Cent               S-Med    Rap            2005     CD168-20   New Soul
Just A Touch                  Funkmaster Flex       Slow     Bad Lyrics     2006     CD177-2    New Soul
Just A Touch                  Keith Sweat           M-Slow                  1996     CD81-8     New Soul
Just Another Girl             Monica                                        2001     CD71-6     New Soul
Just Came Here To Chill       Isley Brothers        Slow                    2006     CD179-10   New Soul
Just Can't Get Enough         The Black Eyed Peas   Medium                  2011     CD231-14   New Soul
JUST DANCE                    LADY GAGA & COLBY     FAST                    2009     212-16
                              O'DONIS                                                           New Soul
JUST DANCE                    LADY GAGA & COLBY     FAST                    2009 213-5
                              O'DONIS                                                           New Soul
Just Like Heaven              Cure                  Fast     Alter            1987   CD110-2    New Soul
Just Like Heaven              Cure                  Fast     Alter            1987   CD110-2    New Soul
Just Lose It                  Eminem                Med      Rap             2004    CD160-10   New Soul
Just The Two Of Us            Will Smith            SLOW                     1997    CD26-10    New Soul
JUST THE WAY YOU ARE          BRUNO MARS            MED                      2010    CD226-8    New Soul
Just Wanna Love Ya            Jay Z                 Med      Rap             2000    CD64-7     New Soul
Karma                         Alicia Keys           Slow                     2004    CD160-6    New Soul
Keep Bounci’n                 Too Short             Med      Rap/ Bad Lyrics 2006    CD187-15
                                                                                                New Soul
Keep On Moving                 Soul 2 Soul                  M-Slow   Soul                CD88-13       New Soul
KEEPS GETTIN' BETTER           CHRISTINA AGUILARA           MED-FAST                2008 CD208-08
                                                                                                       New Soul
King Of My Castle              Wamdue Project               M-Fast                  2000 CD59-8        New Soul
Kiss                           Prince                       Med                          CD158-8       New Soul
Kiss From A Rose               Seal                         Slow                    1994 CD42-12       New Soul
KISS KISS                      CHRIS BROWN                  MED                     2007 CD198-11      New Soul
Kiss Kiss                      Chris Brown                  Medium   Rap            2007 CD199-3       New Soul
KISS ME THROUGH THE PHONE      SOULJA BOY TELL'EM                                   2009 210-14
                               FEAT. SAMMIE                                                            New Soul
KISS ME THRU THE PHONE (REMIX) SOULJA BOY                   MED                     2009 212-4
                                                                                                       New Soul
Kiss You Back                   Digital Underground                                      CD77-10       New Soul
KNOCK YOU DOWN                  KERI HILSON FEAT. KANYE SLOW                        2009 CD211-12
                                WEST & NE YO                                                           New Soul
Knocked Out                     Paula Abdul             M-Fast                      1989    CD30-20    New Soul
Knocking Boots                  Candyman                Med                         1989    CD49-16    New Soul
Knocking Da Boots               H. Town                 Slow                        1993    CD89-4     New Soul
Know                            B.G.                    Med          Rap            2000    CD65-15    New Soul
Knuck If You Buck               Crime Mob               M-Fast       Rap            2004    CD159-1    New Soul
Krispy                          Kin Folk Kia Shine      S-Med        Rap            2007    CD194-21   New Soul
                                Dr. Dre                 Medium
Kush (Clean Edit) **WARNING CONTENT** F/Snoop Dogg & Akon                            2010   CD229-7    New Soul
La Turtura                      Shakira                 Med                         2005    CD171-16   New Soul
Ladies Night                    Kool and the Gang       Med                                 CD121-4    New Soul
Lady Marmalade                  Christina Aguilera      Med                          2001   CD82-18    New Soul
Laffy Taffy                     DXL                     M-Fast       Rap             2006   CD177-14   New Soul
Land Of A Million Dreams        Outkast                 Med                          2002   CD121-17   New Soul
Larger Than Life                BackStreet Boys         M-Fast                       1999   CD45-12    New Soul
Lawndroma                       Nivea                   Slow                         2003   CD132-17   New Soul
Lay Low                         Snoop Dog               Med                          2001   CD73-11    New Soul
Lean Back                       Terror Squad            M-Fast       Rap             2004   CD160-12   New Soul
Lean Like a Cholo               Kilo                    Med          Rap             2007   CD195-11   New Soul
Lean Wit It, Rock Wit It        Dem Franchise Boyz      Med          Rap/ Bad Lyrics 2006   CD180-4
                                                                                                       New Soul
Let It Whip                    Gap Band                     M-Fast   Soul            1992 CD120-15     New Soul
Let Me Be The One              Expose                       M-Fast   Soul                 CD76-10      New Soul
Let Me Blow Ya Mind            Eve                          S-Med                    2001 CD73-13      New Soul
Let Me Hold You                Bow Wow                      S-Med    Rap             2005 CD172-15     New Soul
Let Me Love                    Mario                        S-Med    Rap             2005 CD165-21     New Soul
Let Me See You Bounce                                       Med      Rap             2003 CD148-7      New Soul
Let’s Get Dirty                Redman                       M-Fast   Rap             2001 CD84-10      New Soul
Let’s Get Down                 Bow Wow                      Med      Rap             2003 CD138-15     New Soul
Let’s Get It Started           Black Eyed Peas              Med                      2004 CD154-4      New Soul
Let’s Go Crazy                 Prince                       Fast                          CD121-7      New Soul
Let's Get Married              Jagged Edge                  Med                      2000 CD60-11      New Soul
Let's Go To Vegas              Dollphace f./Snoop Dogg      Medium                   2011 CD231-15     New Soul
Lets Play House                Dogg Pound                   Med      Rap             1995 CD88-17      New Soul
Lets Ride                      The Game                     Med      Rap/ Bad Lyrics 2006 CD187-9
                                                                                                       New Soul
Let's Ride                     Montell Jordan               Slow                    1998 CD20-2        New Soul
Lighters                       Bad Meets Evil Feat. Bruno   Medium                  2011 CD235-13
                               Mars                                                                    New Soul
Lights, Camera, Action         Mr. Cheeks                   M-Fast   Rap            2002 CD118-18      New Soul
LIKE A G6                      FAR EAST MOVEMENT            MED      WARNING        2010 CD227-11
                                                                     LYRICS                            New Soul
Like I Love You                Justin Timberlake            S-Med                   2002    CD127-13   New Soul
Like That                      Houston                      Med                     2004    CD155-19   New Soul
Like That                      Memphis Bleek                M-Fast   Rap            2005    CD166-8    New Soul
Like You                       Bow Wow                      Slow                    2005    CD170-10   New Soul
LIKE YOU'LL NEVER SEE ME        ALICIA KEYS               SLOW                    2008     CD201-2     New Soul
Liquid Dreams                   O-Town                    Med                     2001     CD74-17     New Soul
Littell                         Jamiroquai                Med                     2001     CD91-13     New Soul
Little Bad Girl                 David Guetta feat. Taio   fast                    2011     CD235-16
                                Cruz & Ludicris                                                        New Soul
Little Red Corvette             Prince                    Med                              CD5-10      New Soul
Little Things                   India Arie                Slow                    2002     CD128-12    New Soul
Live and Learn                  Joe Public                Med      Soul           1992     CD110-12    New Soul
Live The Life                   Fun Disha                 S-Med                   2002     CD122-2     New Soul
Live You All Over               Tony Moran                Fast                    2005     CD170-1     New Soul
LIVE YOUR LIFE                  RIHANNA                   MED-FAST RAP            2008     CD207-6
                                                                                                       New Soul
LIVE YOUR LIFE                  T.I. FEATURING RIHANNA    MED                      2008    CD208-02    New Soul
Livin’ It Up                    Ja Rule                   Med      Rap             2001    CD91-5      New Soul
Lloras                          Plan B F/RKM & Ken-Y      Medium                    2010   CD 229-16   New Soul
Loca                            Shakira F/Dizzee Rascal   Fast                      2010   CD229-6     New Soul
LOLIPOP                         LIL WAYNE                 SLOW     BAD             2008    203-9       New Soul
London Bridge                   Fergie                    Med      Rap/ Bad Lyrics 2006    CD183-18
                                                                                                       New Soul
Long Way To Go                  Cassie                    S-Med    Rap            2006 CD184-12        New Soul
Lonley                          Akon                      Slow                    2005 CD168-19        New Soul
Look At Me Now (w/Lil Wayne &   Chris Brown               Med                     2011 CD238-14
Busta Rhymes) (clean)                                                                                  New Soul
Look At Me Now **Warning**                            Med
                             Chris Brown F./BustaRhymes&LilWayne                  2011     CD 232-10   New Soul
Lord You Know                Cam'Ron                  S-Med     Rap               2004     CD153-7     New Soul
Lose Control                 Missy Elliott            Med       Rap               2005     CD170-22    New Soul
Lose My Breath               Destiny’s Child          M-Fast                      2004     CD159-7     New Soul
LOSE MY MIND                 YOUNG JEEZY FEAT. PLIES MED        WARNING           2010     223-9
                                                                LYRICS                                 New Soul
Lose Yourselk                Eminem                   Med       Rap               2002     CD128-2     New Soul
Loungin                      LL Cool J                Slow                        1996     CD81-17     New Soul
Love                         Keysha Cole              Slow                        2006     CD178-18    New Soul
Love At First Sight          Kylie Minogue            M-Fast                      2002     CD127-3     New Soul
Love Beautiful               Big Tymers               S-Med     Rap               2004     CD153-22    New Soul
Love Don't Cost A Thing      Jennifer Lopez           Med                         2000     CD70-8      New Soul
LOVE GAME                    LADY GAGA                FAST      BAD CONTENT       2009     213-6       New Soul
LOVE IN THIS CLUB            USHER                    SLOW      RAP-BAD           2008     CD201-15    New Soul
LOVE IN THIS CLUB            USHER                    SLOW      BAD               2008     203-4       New Soul
Love Is Like Wo              MYA                      S-med                       2003     CD142-9     New Soul
Love It or Hate It           The Game                 S-Med     Bad Lyrics        2005     CD165-22    New Soul
Love Like This               Faith Evans              Med                         1998     CD27-13     New Soul
LOVE LOCK DOWN (LMFAO REMIX) KANYE WEST               SLOW      BAD LYRICS        2009     210-5
                                                                                                       New Soul
LOVE LOCKDOWN (VIDEO EDIT)      KANYE WEST                SLOW     BAD LYRICS     2009     210-6       New Soul
Love Me Or Hate Me              Lady Soverign             Med      Rap            2006     CD188-14    New Soul
Love My B                       Busta Rhymes              Med      Rap            2006     CD181-4     New Soul
Love Profusion                  Madonna                   Fast                    2004     CD152-13    New Soul
LOVE SEX MAGIC                  CIARA FEAT. JUSTIN        SLOW     BAD LYRICS     2009     CD211-1
                                TIMBERLAKE                                                             New Soul
Love Shack                      B-52s                     M-Fast   Alter               CD39-7          New Soul
Love Shack                      B-52s                     M-Fast   Alter               CD39-7          New Soul
LOVE THE WAY YOU LIE            EMINEM FEAT. RIHANNA      MED      WARNING        2010 CD225-12
                                                                   LYRICS                              New Soul
Love You Down                   INOJ                      M-Fast                  1998 CD20-12         New Soul
Love You More                   Ginuwine                  Slow                    2003 CD143-14        New Soul
LOVE, SEX & MAGIC               CIARA FEAT JUSTIN         FAST                    2009 214-18
                                TIMBERLAKE                                                             New Soul
LOVEGAME                     LADY GAGA               MED      WARNING-BAD 2009        CD216-3
                                                              CONTENT                             New Soul
Lover Boy                    Mariah Carey            Med                  2001        CD82-3      New Soul
Lovers and Friends           Lil John                Med                  2005        CD165-10    New Soul
LOVESTONED                   JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE       S-MED                2007        CD197-12    New Soul
Low                          FL ORIDA                MED      RAP         2008        202-3       New Soul
LOW                          FLO RIDA                MED-FAST RAP-BAD     2008        CD200-16
                                                                                                  New Soul
Luv Me Baby                  Murphy Lee              Med      Rap            2004     CD149-18    New Soul
Luv To Luv You               Timberland & Magoo      Med      Rap            2000     CD57-1      New Soul
Ma Thug                      Trick Daddy             S-Med                   2001     CD91-2      New Soul
Ma, I Don’t Love Her         Clipse                  Med      Rap            2003     CD132-19    New Soul
Made You Look                NAS                     Med      Rap            2002     CD132-6     New Soul
Magine That                  LL Cool J               S-Med    Rap            2000     CD62-2      New Soul
MAGNIFICENT                  RICK ROSS FEAT. JOHN             BAD LYRICS     2009     210-11
                             LEGEND                                                               New Soul
Make a Movie                 Twista F./Chris Brown   Med                  2010 CD228-16           New Soul
Make Em Say Uhh              Master P                Med      Rap         1998 CD20-4             New Soul
                             WEST & COMMON                                                        New Soul
Make It Hot                  Nicole Ray              S-Med                   2002     CD127-5     New Soul
Make It Last Forever         Keith Sweat             Slow     Soul           1991     CD112-12    New Soul
Make it rain                 Fat Joe                 Med      Rap/Bad Lyrics 2007     CD192-5     New Soul
MAKE ME BETTER               FABOLOUS                SLOW                    2007     CD199-18    New Soul
Make Some Noise              Beastie Boys            Medium                  2011     CD233-8     New Soul
Mama                         Baby Bash               S-med    Bad            2007     CD189-13    New Soul
Mambo #5                     Lou Bega                Med                     1999     CD51-3      New Soul
Man I Use To Be              K-OS                    Med      Rap            2005     CD170-9     New Soul
Maneater                     Nelly Furtado           Med                     2006     CD184-19    New Soul
Maniac                       Michael Sombello        Fast     Soul                    CD114-12    New Soul
Marry You                    Bruno Mars              Med                              CD236-10    New Soul
Mas Que Nada                 Masters At Work         Fast                    2006     CD181-10    New Soul
Master & Servant             Depeche Mode            Med      Alter           1985    CD104-15    New Soul
Master & Servant             Depeche Mode            Med      Alter           1985    CD104-15    New Soul
Material Girl                Madonna                 Fast     Soul                    CD81-4      New Soul
Me Against The Music         Brittney Spears         M-Fast                  2003     CD145-5     New Soul
Me And You                   Cassie                  Slow                    2006     CD180-19    New Soul
ME PRESIDENT                 YOUNG JEEZY FEATURING   M-MED    RAP            2008     CD208-03
                             NAS                                                                  New Soul
Me So Horny                  Two Live Crew           Med      Rap                     CD89-9      New Soul
Me, Myself and I             Beyonce                 Slow                    2003     CD145-2     New Soul
MEET ME HALFWAY              BLACK EYED PEAS         MED                     2009     CD216-5     New Soul
Meet Me In The Ladies Room   Kimay                   Med                              CD91-20     New Soul
Mega Mix 04                  Janet Jackson           Fast     Mix             2004    CD150-9     New Soul
Men In Black                 Will Smith              Med      Rap             1997    CD103-6     New Soul
Mentirosa                    Mellow Man Ace          M-Fast   Soul            1990    CD80-9      New Soul
Merry Christmas Baby         Christina Aguilera                               2006    CD188-22    New Soul
Mi Nina Bonita               Chino and Nacho         Medium                    2010   CD 229-15   New Soul
Miami                        Will Smith              M-Fast   RAP             1997    CD26-9      New Soul
Mighty “O”                   Outkast                 Med      Rap/ Bad Lyrics 2006    CD181-14
                                                                                                  New Soul
MILKSHAKE                    KELIS                   FAST     WARNING        2010 CD227-10
                                                              LYRICS                              New Soul
Mirror In The Bathroom       English Beat                                         CD41-6          New Soul
Mirror In The Bathroom       English Beat                                         CD41-6          New Soul
MISS INDEPENDANT             NE-YO                   SLOW                    2008 CD206-2         New Soul
Miss Independent             Kelly Clarkson          Med                     2003 CD137-9         New Soul
MISS INDEPENDENT             NE-YO                   SLOW-                   2008 CD208-06
                                                     MED                                          New Soul
Miss You                         Aaliyah                    S-Med                    2003    CD136-13   New Soul
Miss You Much                    Janet Jackson              M-Fast     Soul          1989    CD78-3     New Soul
Mo Money Mo Problems             P Diddy                    Med        Rap           1997    CD80-12    New Soul
Modern Love                      David Bowie                M‑Fast     Alter          1983   CD105-12   New Soul
Modern Love                      David Bowie                M‑Fast     Alter          1983   CD105-12   New Soul
Moment 4 Life                    Nicki Minaj F/Drake        Medium                    2010   CD229-13   New Soul
Moment 4 Life                    Nicki Minaj F./Drake       Med                      2011    CD 232-5   New Soul
MONEY ROUND HERE                 C-RIDE FEAT T-PAIN         MED-FAST                 2009    215-12
                                                                                                        New Soul
Moneymaker                       Ludacris                   Med        Rap/ Bad Lyrics 2006 CD185-3
                                                                                                        New Soul
Monster ***WARNING***           Kanye West F./Jay-Z, Rick   Med                      2010 CD228-11
                                Ross, Bon Iver, & Nicki
                                Minaj                                                                   New Soul
Mony Mony                       Billy Idol                  Fast                      1981   CD38-10    New Soul
Mony Mony                       Billy Idol                  Fast                      1981   CD38-10    New Soul
More                            Usher                       Fast                     2011    CD233-15   New Soul
More (Red One Mix)              Usher                       Fast                     2010    CD228-18   New Soul
More (RedOne Jimmy Joker Remix) Usher                       Fast                             CD236-12
                                                                                                        New Soul
More Bounce Mixx                 Zapp                                  Rap                CD79-14       New Soul
More Than A Woman                Aaliyah                                                  CD115-17      New Soul
More Than That                   Backstreet Boys            Slow                     2001 CD90-6        New Soul
More To Life                     Stacie Orrico              M-Fast                   2003 CD143-20      New Soul
MORNING AFTER DARK               TIMBALAND FT. NELLY        FAST                     2009 219-10
                                 FURTADO & SO SHY                                                       New Soul
Morris Brown                     Outkast                    Med                      2006    CD183-16   New Soul
Most Girls                       Pink                       S-Med                    2000    CD64-12    New Soul
Motown Philly                    Boyz 2 Men                 M-Fast     Soul          1991    CD81-14    New Soul
MOVE (IF YOU WANNA)              MIMS                                                2009    212-15     New Soul
Move It Like This                Baha Men                   Slow                     2002    CD113-6    New Soul
MOVE SHAKE DROP                  DJ LAZ                     MED        BAD           2008    CD204-22   New Soul
Move This                        Technotronic               Fast                     1992    CD35-16    New Soul
Move Your Body                   Nina Sky                   Med                      2004    CD156-15   New Soul
Move Your Body                   Eiffel 65                  Fast                      2000   CD58-18    New Soul
Move Your Body                   Eiffel 65                  Fast                      2000   CD58-18    New Soul
Mr. Jones                        Counting Crows             Med                       1993   CD58-4     New Soul
Mr. Jones                        Counting Crows             Med                       1993   CD58-4     New Soul
MRS.OFFICER                      LIL' WAYNE                 SLOW       BAD           2008    CD206-7    New Soul
MS Fat Booty                     Mos Def                    Med                      2000    CD57-2     New Soul
Ms. Jackson                      Outkast                    Med        Rap           2000    CD66-10    New Soul
Multiply                         X2 Bit                     Med        Rap           2002    CD127-17   New Soul
Music                            Madonna                    Med                      2000    CD61-18    New Soul
Musicology                       Prince                     Med                      2004    CD152-12   New Soul
My Place                         Nelly                      Slow                     2004    CD156-10   New Soul
My Section                       Hot Buys                   Med        Rap           2003    CD134-11   New Soul
My All                           Mariah Carey               SLow                     1998    CD19-1     New Soul
My Baby                          Lil Romeo                  M-Fast                   2001    CD82-11    New Soul
My Band                          Eminem                     Med        Rap           2004    CD152-5    New Soul
My Boo                           Usher                      Slow                     2004    CD159-10   New Soul
My Cadillac Has Bass             MC Nas D                   Fast       Rap           1992    CD78-7     New Soul
MY CHICK BAD                     LUDACRIS FEAT NICKI        MED        WARNING,      2010    CD221-11
                                 MINAJ                                 EXPLICIT
                                                                       LYRICS                           New Soul
My Cinderella                    Lil Romeo                  S-Med      Rap           2004    CD159-9    New Soul
MY DRINK 2-STEP                  CASSADY                    MED        RAP           2007    CD198-8    New Soul
My Everything                    98 Degrees                 Slow                     2000    CD64-6     New Soul
MY FIRST KISS                    BOHB FEAT. KESHA &         FAST                     2010    CD225-14
                                 GUCCI MANE                                                             New Soul
My First Love                    Carl Thomas                Slow                     2004 CD158-14      New Soul
My Hood                           Young Jezzy               Med         Rap           2005 CD174-19      New Soul
My Humps                          Black Eyed Peas           Med         Rap           2005 CD171-13      New Soul
MY LIFE WOULD SUCK WITHOUT        KELLY CLARKSON            FAST                      2009 210-8
YOU                                                                                                      New Soul
My Love                           Justin Timberlake           Med       Rap           2006 CD188-10      New Soul
MY LOVE                           THE DREAM & MARIAH          SLOW                    2009 218-18
                                  CAREY                                                                  New Soul
My Lovin' (Never Gonna Get It)    En Vogue                    Med       Soul          1992 CD89-3        New Soul
My My                             Armand Van Helden           M-Fast                  2004 CD163-20      New Soul
My Name Is                        Slim Shady                  Med       Rap           1999 CD28-11       New Soul
My Perogative                     Bobby Brown                 Med       Soul                CD88-15      New Soul
My Perogative                     Britney Spears              Med                     2004 CD159-4       New Soul
My Sharona                        Knack                       Fast      Alter          1979 CD112-17     New Soul
My Sharona                        Knack                       Fast      Alter          1979 CD112-17     New Soul
My Way                            Usher                       M-Slow                  1998 CD20-10       New Soul
N Dey Say                         Nelly                       Med       Rap           2004 CD164-8       New Soul
NA NA NA NA NA                    JIM JONES FEAT NOE &        MED                     2009 CD211-9
                                  BRITNEY TAYLOR                                                         New Soul
Na Nana Na                        Nelly                       M-Fast    Rap           2004    CD163-3    New Soul
Nah Nah                           E-Yo                        Med                     2000    CD62-10    New Soul
Nana                              112                         S-Med                   2003    CD138-16   New Soul
Nasty                             Janet Jackson               M-Fast    Soul          1987    CD76-12    New Soul
Nasty Girl                        Notorious B.I.G.            S-M Rap   Bad Lyrics    2006    CD178-9    New Soul
Naughty                           Beyonce                     Med       Rap           2004    CD151-9    New Soul
Need A Girl                       P Diddy                     M-Slow                  2002    CD118-8    New Soul
Need A Man                        Foxy Brown                  Med                     2003    CD136-14   New Soul
Need Me In Your Life              Memphis Bleek               S-Med                   2003    CD147-19   New Soul
Need You Tonight                  INXS                        Med                      1987   CD58-5     New Soul
Need You Tonight                  INXS                        Med                      1987   CD58-5     New Soul
NEVER                             AKON                        SLOW                    2007    CD197-15   New Soul
Never                             Amanda Perez                S-Med                   2003    CD142-12   New Soul
Never                             Keysha Cole                 Med                     2004    CD149-2    New Soul
Never Enough                      The Cure                    M-Fast    Alter          1990   CD58-6     New Soul
Never Enough                      The Cure                    M-Fast    Alter          1990   CD58-6     New Soul
Never Say Never                   Justin Bieber F./Jaden SmithMedium                   2011   CD230-9    New Soul
Never Too Far                     Mariah Carey                Slow                    2001    CD91-12    New Soul
Never Will Be Mine ( Kat Krazy    Rye Rye feat. Robyn         fast                    2011    CD235-18
Remix)                                                                                                   New Soul
New Booty                         Bubba Sparx               Med         Rap/ Bad Lyrics 2006 CD179-14
                                                                                                         New Soul
New Day                           Patti Labelle             M-Fast                    2004    CD157-15   New Soul
New Sensation                     INXS                      M-Fast                    1988    CD57-15    New Soul
New Sensation                     INXS                      M‑Fast      Alter          1988   CD83-20    New Soul
New Sensation                     INXS                      M‑Fast      Alter          1988   CD83-20    New Soul
Next 2 You (f. Justin Bieber)     Chris Brown               Medium                    2011    CD234-12   New Soul
NEXT TO YOU                       MIKE JONES                                          2009    209-16     New Soul
Nice & Slow                       Usher                     Slow                      1997    CD6-10     New Soul
Nintey Nine (Flash the Message)   John Forte                Med         Rap           1998    CD19-14    New Soul
NO AIR                            JORDAN SPARKS             SLOW                      2008    203-6      New Soul
No Better Love                    Young Gunz                Med         Rap           2003    CD148-6    New Soul
No Digity                         Black Street              Med                       1997    CD58-17    New Soul
No Hands ***WARNING***            Waka Flocka Flame F./     Med                       2010    CD228-15
                                  Roscoe Dash & Wale                                                     New Soul
No Hay Igual                      Nelly Furtado             Med                       2006    CD185-19   New Soul
No Letting Go                     Wayne Wonder              Med                       2003    CD137-8    New Soul
No Matter What They Say           Lil Kim                   M-Fast      Rap           2000    CD59-5     New Soul
No Me Without You                 Nicole                    Slow                      1999    CD28-7     New Soul
No More                           3LW                       Med                       2001    CD74-18    New Soul
No More Lies                      Michelle                  M-Fast      Soul          1990    CD80-6     New Soul
No No No                          Destiny’s Child           Slow                      1998    CD28-4     New Soul
NO ONE                        ALICIA KEYS                 SLOW                      2007 CD199-6       New Soul
NO OTHER LOVE                 JOHN LEGEND FEAT            MED                       2009 214-4
                              ESTELLE                                                                  New Soul
No Pigeons                    Sporty Thieves              Med      Rap              1999    CD54-5     New Soul
No Scrubs                     T.L.C.                      S-Med                     1999    CD49-3     New Soul
Nobody                        Keith Sweat                 Slow                      1996    CD81-16    New Soul
Nobody Wants to Be Lonely     R. Martin/C. Aguilar        S-Med                     2001    CD72-6     New Soul
NOT AFRAID                    EMINEM                      MED      WARNING,         2010    CD222-12
                                                                   EXPLCIT LYRICS
                                                                                                       New Soul
Not In Love                   Enrique Inglesias           S-Med                     2004 CD150-5       New Soul
NOT MYSELF TONIGHT (CLEAN     CHRISTINA AGUILERA          FAST                      2010 223-17
EDIT)                                                                                                  New Soul
Not Today                     Mary J. Blige               S-Med                     2003 CD147-9       New Soul
Not Tonight                   Lil Kim                     M-Slow                    1998 CD20-9        New Soul
Nothin                        Nore                        Med      Rap              2002 CD129-17      New Soul
Nothing Compares To You       Sinead OConnor                                             CD68-1        New Soul
Nothing Compares To You       Sinead O'Connor                                            CD68-1        New Soul
Nothing Compares To You       Sinead O'Connor                                            CD68-1        New Soul
Now That We Have Found Love   Heavy D & The Boyz          Fast     Soul             1991 CD77-3        New Soul
Numb/encore                   Jay Z                       Med      Rap              2004 CD163-1       New Soul
Number One                    Nelly                       M-Fast                    2001 CD90-9        New Soul
Number One                    Pharrell                    Slow                      2006 CD183-6       New Soul
Nuttin But Love               Heavy D & The Boyz          Med      Rap              1994 CD77-4        New Soul
O.B.                          Outkast                     M-Fast                    2000 CD62-5        New Soul
O.P.P.                        Naughty By Nature                    Rap              1991 CD68-8        New Soul
O.U.                          New Ridaz                   Slow                      2006 CD188-18      New Soul
OBSESSED                      MARIAH CAREY FEAT           MED                       2009 CD216-2
                              GUCCI MANE                                                               New Soul
Oh                            Ciara                       M-Slow                    2005    CD166-1    New Soul
Oh Yeah                       Foxy Brown                  Med                       2001    CD84-11    New Soul
Ohh                           Mary J. Blige               Med      Rap              2003    CD143-3    New Soul
OMG                           USHER FEAT. WILL.I.AM       FAST                      2010    CD221-5    New Soul
On Bended Knee                Boyz 2 Men                                            1994    CD111-7    New Soul
On Fire                       Lloyd Banks                 S-Med    Rap              2004    CD153-13   New Soul
On The Floor                  Jennifer Lopez f./Pitbull   Fast                      2011    CD231-11   New Soul
On The Wings Of Love          Jeffrey Osbourne            Slow                      1982    CD115-11   New Soul
ONE                           FAT JOE FEAT. AKON                                    2009    209-6      New Soul
One Day AT A Time             2Pac                        S-Med    Rap              2004    CD148-12   New Soul
One In A Million              Aaliyah                     Slow                      1996    CD87-11    New Soul
One Minute Man                Missy Elliott               Med      Rap              2001    CD84-4     New Soul
ONE MORE DRINK                LUDACRIS FEAT. T-PAIN       S-MED    RAP-BAD          2008    CD208-5
                                                                   LYRICS                              New Soul
ONE MORE DRINK (CLEAN EDIT)   T-PAIN FEAT. LUDACRIS                BAD LYRICS       2009    210-16     New Soul
One More Time                 Daft Punk                   M-Fast                    2001    CD82-16    New Soul
One Night                     Mis Teeq                    S-Med                     2004    CD157-18   New Soul
One Sweet Day                 Mariah Carey/Boys II II     Slow                      1995    CD99-10
                              Men                                                                      New Soul
One Thing                     Amerie                      Med                       2005 CD168-15      New Soul
ONE TIME                      JUSTIN BIEBER               SLOW-                     2009 218-13
                                                          MED                                          New Soul
One Week                      Bare Naked Ladies           M-Fast                     1998   CD24-5     New Soul
One Week                      Bare Naked Ladies           M-Fast                     1998   CD24-5     New Soul
One,2,3,4                     Coolio                      M-Fast                    1996    CD54-19    New Soul
Only A Lad                    Oingo Boingo                fast                       1980   CD55-6     New Soul
Only A Lad                    Oingo Boingo                fast                       1980   CD55-6     New Soul
Only Girl (In The World)      Rihanna                     Med                       2010    CD228-8    New Soul
Only In My Dreams             Debbie Gibson               M-Fast   Soul             1987    CD114-6    New Soul
Only Time                     Enya                        Slow                      2002    CD100-17   New Soul
Only You                      112                         S-Med                     1998    CD49-18    New Soul
Oochie Coochie                    MC Brains                   M-Fast     Rap          1991    CD76-14    New Soul
Oochie Wally                      QB's Finest                 Med        Rap          2001    CD73-10    New Soul
Ooh La La                         Wireguys                    M-Fast                  2001    CD97-20    New Soul
Ooh Wee                           Mark Ronson                 M-Fast     Rap          2003    CD142-4    New Soul
Oops, I Did It Again              Britney Spears              Med                     2000    CD57-12    New Soul
Open My Heart                     Deborah Franco              Slow                    1999    CD60-1     New Soul
Open Your Heart                   Madonna                     M-Fast     Soul         1987    CD81-3     New Soul
Our House                         Madness                     M-Fast                          CD42-9     New Soul
Our House                         Madness                     M-Fast                          CD42-9     New Soul
Our Lips Are Sealed               Go Go's                     M-Fast                   1989   CD41-1     New Soul
Our Lips Are Sealed               Go Go's                     M-Fast                   1989   CD41-1     New Soul
Out Of My Head (Clean Edit)       Lupe Fiasco f. Trey Songz   Medium                  2011    CD234-16   New Soul
Outta Control                     50 Cent                     S-Med      Bad Lyrics   2005    CD169-13   New Soul
OUTTA CONTROL                     BABY BASH F/PITBULL         FAST                    2009    218-6      New Soul
Outta Your Mind (clean)           Lil Jon & LMFAO             Med                     2010    CD239-16   New Soul
OVER                              DRAKE                       MED                     2010    CD221-9    New Soul
OVER                              DRAKE                       MED        WARNING      2010    223-14
                                                                         LYRICS                          New Soul
Over and Over                    Nelly                        Slow                    2004 CD160-7       New Soul
Over Protected                   Britney Spears               Med                     2002 CD118-20      New Soul
Overnight Celebrity              Twista                       Med        Rap          2004 CD151-4       New Soul
P.I.M.P.                         50 Cent                      Med        Rap          2003 CD136-10      New Soul
Papa Don't Preach                Madonna                      Med        Soul              CD81-2        New Soul
PAPARAZZI                        LADY GAGA                    MED                     2009 CD216-4       New Soul
Paradise                         LL Cool J                    Med        Rap          2002 CD131-15      New Soul
PARANOID                         KANYE WEST F/MR.                                     2009 212-8
                                 HUDSON                                                                  New Soul
Pardi Gras                       Quad City DJ’s               M-Fast     Rap          2006    CD178-2    New Soul
Parents Just Don’t Understand    Lil Romeo                    Med                     2002    CD100-2    New Soul
Party & Bull#@t                  Rah Digga                    M-Fast     Rap          2003    CD143-2    New Soul
Party Like A Rock Star           Shop Boys                    Med                     2007    CD194-20   New Soul
PARTY PEOPLE                     NELLIE                       MED                     2008    203-8      New Soul
Party Rock Anthem (w/ Lauren Bennett &Goon Rock)              Fast                    2011    CD233-19   New Soul
Party Starter                    Will Smith                   Med        Rap          2005    CD169-11   New Soul
Party To Damascus                Wyclef Jean Feat. Missy      Med        Rap          2003    CD143-7    New Soul
Party Train                                                   M-Fast                  2004    CD155-17   New Soul
Party Up In Here                 DMX                          M-Fast     Rap          2000    CD58-13    New Soul
Party Your Body                  Stevie B                     M-Fast     Soul                 CD77-2     New Soul
Pass That Dutch                  Missy Elliott                Med        Rap          2003    CD145-21   New Soul
Pass The Courvoisier             Busta Rhymes                 Med                     2002    CD118-10   New Soul
Paul Revere                      Beastie Boys                                                 CD99-15    New Soul
Peaches and Cream                112                          S-Med                   2001    CD74-15    New Soul
Perfect Gentle                   Wyclef Jean                  Med        Rap          2001    CD73-19    New Soul
Perfect Proposal                 Wayne Wonder                 Slow                    2003    CD147-7    New Soul
Personal Jesus                   Depeche Mode                 Med                      1989   CD43-12    New Soul
Personal Jesus                   Depeche Mode                 Med                      1989   CD43-12    New Soul
Pimped Out                       Brooke Valentine             S-Med      Rap          2006    CD187-7    New Soul
Pimpin All Over The World        Ludacris                     S-Med      Bad Lyrics   2005    CD172-19   New Soul
Play                             Jennifer Lopez               Med                     2001    CD73-9     New Soul
Play That Funky Music            Vanilla Ice                  Med        Rap          1991    CD77-12    New Soul
Playas Goin Play                 3LW                          S-Med      Rap          2001    CD75-1     New Soul
Please Don't Go                  Boyz 2 Men                   Slow                    1996    CD57-18    New Soul
PLEASE DON'T GO                  MIKE POSNER                  MED                     2010    CD227-8    New Soul
PLEASE DON'T LEAVE ME            PINK                         SLOW                    2009    CD211-6    New Soul
Plug It                          Basement Jaxx                Fast       Techno       2004    CD148-18   New Soul
Po Folks                         Nappy Roots                  S-Med      Rap          2002    CD125-4    New Soul
Poison                           Bell Biv Devoe               M-Fast                  1990    CD104-17   New Soul
POKER FACE                       LADY GAGA                    MED-FAST                2009    210-9
                                                                                                         New Soul
Policy Of Truth               Depeche Mode                 Med      Alter           1990    CD86-9     New Soul
Policy Of Truth               Depeche Mode                 Med      Alter           1990    CD86-9     New Soul
PonDe Replay                  Rihanna                      Med                     2005     CD172-7    New Soul
Pony                          Ginuwine                     M-Slow                  1996     CD81-15    New Soul
Pop                           NSYNC                        Med                     2001     CD75-10    New Soul
POP BOTTLES                   BIRDMAN                      MED      RAP            2008     CD200-15   New Soul
POP CHAMPAGNE                 JIM JONES & RON BROWZ                 BAD LYRICS     2009     209-7
                                                                                                       New Soul
POP MY COLLAR                 RAY LAVENDER                 MED                      2009 212-2         New Soul
Pop ock and Drop it           The Game                     M-Fast   Rap/ Bad lyrics 2007 CD191-6
                                                                                                       New Soul
Pop, Lock, and Drop it        Huey                         Med      Rap             2007    CD192-16   New Soul
Poppi’n My Co-Collar          Three 6 Maffia               S-Med    Rap             2006    CD186-1    New Soul
Poppin Dem                    G Unit                       S-Med    Rap             2004    CD151-10   New Soul
Power (Clean Edit)            Kanye West f./Dwele          Med                      2010    CD228-10   New Soul
Praise You                    Fat Boy Slim                 M-Fast                   1998    CD52-6     New Soul
Pray                          Amanda Perez                 Slow                     2004    CD152-10   New Soul
Price Tag                     Jessie J Feat. B.o.B.        Medium                   2011    CD234-14   New Soul
Private Idaho                 B‑52's                       Fast     Alter            1980   CD105-18   New Soul
Private Idaho                 B‑52's                       Fast     Alter            1980   CD105-18   New Soul
Prize Possession              Isley Brothers               S-Med                    2003    CD147-11   New Soul
Promiscuous                   Nelly Furtado                Med      Rap/ Bad Lyrics 2006    CD181-3
                                                                                                       New Soul
Promise                       Ciara                        Slow                    2006     CD187-5    New Soul
Protect Your Neck             Limp Bizkit                           Rap            2000     CD65-13    New Soul
Prototype                     Outkast                      Slow                    2004     CD157-19   New Soul
Public Affair                 Jessica Simpson              Med                     2006     CD183-7    New Soul
Pull Over                     Trina                        Fast                    2000     CD62-15    New Soul
Pullin Me Back                Chingy                       S-Med                   2006     CD181-13   New Soul
Pump it                       Black Eyed Peas              M-Fast                  2006     CD176-2    New Soul
Pump It Up                    Joe Budden                   Med      Rap            2003     CD137-16   New Soul
Pump It Up                    Elvis Costello               Fast                     1978    CD41-4     New Soul
Pump It Up                    Elvis Costello               Fast                     1978    CD41-4     New Soul
Pump Up The Jam               Technotronic                 M-Fast                  1989     CD34-16    New Soul
Pumps and a Bump              MC Hammer                    Med      Soul           1994     CD80-4     New Soul
Puppy Love                    Bow Wow                      Med      Rap            2001     CD72-13    New Soul
Push It                       Salt n Pepa                  M-Fast                  1987     CD35-5     New Soul
Push It baby                  Pretty Ricky                 S-Med    Rap            2007     CD192-13   New Soul
PUSH IT FERGASONIC (DJ AXEL   FERGIE, SALT N PEPPA, JJ     FAST                    2009     213-12
MASHUP)                       FAD                                                                      New Soul
Pussy Cat                     Missy Elliott                S-Med                   2003     CD136-11   New Soul
Put It On Me                  Ja Rule                                              2001     CD71-4     New Soul
Put That Woman First          Jaheim                       Slow                    2003     CD134-10   New Soul
RADAR                         BRITNEY SPEARS               FAST                    2009     214-14     New Soul
RADIO                         MUSIQ SOUL CHILD             S-MED    RAP            2008     CD205-18   New Soul
Rain Over Me                  Pitbull f. Marc Anthony      Fast                    2011     CD234-17   New Soul
Rain Over Me                  Pitbull feat. Marc Anthony   fast                    2011     CD235-21
                                                                                                       New Soul
Rainy Dayz                    Mary J. Blige                M-Fast                  2002     CD123-14   New Soul
Raise The Roof                Luke                         Fast                    1998     CD20-14    New Soul
Raise Up                      Petey Pablo                  Med                     2002     CD100-9    New Soul
Rappers Delight               Erick Sermon                 M-Fast   Rap            1997     CD19-16    New Soul
Rasberry Beret                Prince                       Med                              CD5-11     New Soul
Rascal King                   Mighty Bosstones             Fast                             CD40-19    New Soul
Rascal King                   Mighty Bosstones             Fast                             CD40-19    New Soul
Ray Of Light                  Madonna                      Fast                    1998     CD20-11    New Soul
React                         Erick Sermon                 Med      Rap            2002     CD130-1    New Soul
Real Slim Shaddy              Eminem                       Med      Clean          2000     CD58-14    New Soul
Reasons                       Earth, Wind & Fire           Slow     Soul                    CD114-7    New Soul
Reasons                       Nivea                        Slow                    2003     CD138-8    New Soul
Rebel Yell                  Billy Idol            Fast     Alter         1983   CD120-20   New Soul
Rebel Yell                  Billy Idol            Fast     Alter         1983   CD120-20   New Soul
Rebirth of Slick            Digable Planets       Med      Rap          1993    CD79-16    New Soul
Red Light Special           TLC                   Slow     Soul         1995    CD79-5     New Soul
Red Ligth, Green Light      Limp Bizkit           Med      Rap          2003    CD143-18   New Soul
Regulate                    Warren G & Nate Dog   Med      Rap          1994    CD115-4    New Soul
Rehab                       Amy Winehouse         Med                   2007    CD193-6    New Soul
REHAB                       RIHANNA               S-MED                 2008    CD207-9    New Soul
REHAB (RADIO EDIT)          RIHANNA FEAT JUSTIN                         2009    210-12
                            TIMBERLAKE                                                     New Soul
Relax                       Frankie Goes To       Fast                   1985 CD46-16
                            Hollywood                                                      New Soul
Relax                       Frankie Goes To       Fast                   1985 CD46-16
                            Hollywood                                                      New Soul
Remember The Time           Michael Jackson       M-Slow   Soul         1991 CD81-13       New Soul
Remind Me                   Usher                 Slow                  2001 CD90-4        New Soul
Reminisce                   Mary J. Blige         Med                        CD114-8       New Soul
REPLAY                      LYAZ                  SLOW-                 2009 219-18
                                                  MED                                      New Soul
Request Line                Black Eyed Peas                             2001    CD71-8     New Soul
Return Of The Mack          Mark Morrison         S-Med                 1997    CD1-3      New Soul
RICH GIRL                   GWEN STEFANI & EVE    MED                   2009    217-12     New Soul
Rico Suave                  Gerardo               Med                   1991    CD78-15    New Soul
RIDE (REMIX)                CIARA                 FAST                  2010    224-17     New Soul
Ride Wit Me                 Nelly                 M-Fast                2001    CD72-10    New Soul
Ride With Us                Kurupt                M-Fast   Rap          2000    CD60-16    New Soul
Ridin’                      Chamillionaire        Med      Rap          2006    CD176-6    New Soul
Right Here, Right Now       Fat Boy Slim          M-Fast                1999    CD52-5     New Soul
RIGHT NOW                   AKON                  MED                   2008    CD208-07   New Soul
Right There                 Nicole Scherzinger    Medium                2011    CD234-19   New Soul
Ring My Bell                D.J. Jazzy Jeff       M-Fast   Soul         1991    CD77-8     New Soul
Ring The Alarm              Beyonce               Med                   2006    CD185-17   New Soul
Road To Zion                Damian Marley         Slow                  2005    CD174-9    New Soul
Roc The Mic                 Beanie Sigel          Med      Rap          2002    CD117-7    New Soul
Roc Ya Body                 MVD                   Med      Rap          2003    CD142-6    New Soul
ROCBOYS                     JAY-Z                 MED      RAP          2007    CD198-15   New Soul
Rock D.J.                   Robbie Williams       M-Fast                2000    CD62-3     New Soul
Rock Lobster                B-52s                 Fast     Alter         1979   CD39-8     New Soul
Rock Lobster                B-52s                 Fast     Alter         1979   CD39-8     New Soul
Rock Steady                 Whispers                       Soul                 CD78-9     New Soul
ROCK THAT BODY              BLACK EYED PEAS       FAST                  2010    CD221-6    New Soul
Rock The Boat               Aaliyah               Slow                  2001    CD90-11    New Soul
Rock The Party              Benzino               Med      Rap          2002    CD128-14   New Soul
Rock This Town              Stray Cats            Fast                   1983   CD40-18    New Soul
Rock This Town              Stray Cats            Fast                   1983   CD40-18    New Soul
Rock Withcha                Bobby Brown           Slow     Soul         1989    CD114-2    New Soul
ROCK YOU HIPS               CRIME MOB             MED      RAP/BAD      2007    CD196-12   New Soul
Rock Your Body              Justin Timberlake     Med                   2003    CD134-4    New Soul
Rockafeller Skank           Fat Boy Slim          M-Fast                1998    CD52-7     New Soul
ROCKIN THAT THANG (REMIX)   DREAM                 MED      BAD LYRICS   2009    CD211-18   New Soul
ROCKSTAR 101                RIHANNA & SLASH       SLOW-                 2010    CD222-11
                                                  MED                                      New Soul
Rodeo (Bad Lyrics)          Juvenile              S-Med    Rap            2005 CD174-8     New Soul
Roll Out (radio)            Ludacris                                           CD115-15    New Soul
Roll Up                     Wiz Khalifa           Medium                  2011 CD231-19    New Soul
Roll Up                     Wiz Khalifa           Medium                  2011 CD233-18    New Soul
Roll Wit M.V.P.             Stagga Lee            Med      Rap            2003 CD134-12    New Soul
Romeo & Juliet (bad)        Syck-E                Med      Rap/Bad lyrics 1998 CD19-15
                                                                                           New Soul
Rompe                        Daddy Yankee            Med      Rap/ Bad Lyrics 2006 CD179-9
                                                                                                  New Soul
Rosa Parks                   Outkast                 Fast     Rap              1998 CD26-11       New Soul
Roses                        Outkast                 M-Fast   Rap              2004 CD154-2       New Soul
ROUND & ROUND                SELENA GOMEZ & THE      MED                       2010 CD226-7
                             SCENE                                                                New Soul
RUDE BOY                     RIHANNA                 MED      WARNING          2010 220-15
                                                              LYRICS                              New Soul
Rumors                       Lindsay Lohan           Med                       2004 CD163-12      New Soul
Rumors                       Timex Social Club                Rap                   CD99-6        New Soul
RUN                          GNARLS BARKLEY          SLOW-                     2008 CD201-16
                                                     MED                                          New Soul
Run It                       Chris Brown             S-Med                   2005      CD175-3    New Soul
Run The Globe                Nappy Roots             M-Fast   Rap            2003      CD138-3    New Soul
RUN THE SHOW                 KAT DELUNA              MEDIUM   RAP            2007      CD199-19   New Soul
Run The World (Girls)        Beyonce                 Medium                  2011      CD233-16   New Soul
RUN THIS TOWN (CLEAN EDIT)   JAY-Z                   MED                     2009      217-7      New Soul
Runaway                      Kanye West F./Pusha T   Med                     2010      CD228-12   New Soul
Runaway Love                 Ludacris                M-Slow   Rap/Bad Lyrics 2006      CD188-19
                                                                                                  New Soul
Runnin                       2Pac                    Slow     Rap              2003    CD145-20   New Soul
S&M                          Rihanna                 Fast                       2010   CD 229-9   New Soul
S.O.S                        Rihanna                 M-Fast                    2006    CD178-5    New Soul
Salt Shaker                  Ying Yang Twins         Med      Rap              2003    CD143-6    New Soul
Salvation                    The Cranberries         Fast                              CD110-9    New Soul
Salvation                    The Cranberries         Fast                              CD110-9    New Soul
Saturday                     Ludacris                Med      Rap              2002    CD118-16   New Soul
Saturday                     O Zomatli               Med      Rap              2004    CD153-6    New Soul
Save It For Later            English Beat            M-Fast                     1984   CD41-8     New Soul
Save It For Later            English Beat            M-Fast                     1984   CD41-8     New Soul
Saving All My Love For You   Whitney Houston                                           CD68-13    New Soul
SAY AAH                      TREY SONGZ FEAT         MED                       2010    220-10
                             FABOLOUS                                                             New Soul
Say I                        Christina Milian        M-Fast                    2006    CD177-22   New Soul
Say It Again                 Precious                Med                       2000    CD60-18    New Soul
Say My Name                  Destiny’s Child         Med                       1999    CD57-11    New Soul
SAY SOMETHING                TIMBALAND               MED                       2010    CD221-8    New Soul
Scream                       Timberland              Medium   RAP-BAD          2008    CD200-4    New Soul
Secret Garden                Bruce Springsteen       Slow                       1998   CD20-15    New Soul
Secret Garden                Bruce Springsteen       Slow                       1998   CD20-15    New Soul
Secret Rendezvous            Karyn White             Med      Soul             1989    CD80-1     New Soul
SECRETS                      ONE REPUBLIC            SLOW                      2010    CD227-16   New Soul
SEE YOU AGAIN                MILEY CYRUS             FAST                      2008    202-18     New Soul
SEE YOU IN MY NIGHTMARES     KANYE WEST FEAT. LIL'                             2009    209-9
                             WAYNE                                                                New Soul
Semi-Charmed Life            ThirdEyeBlind           M-Fast                     1997 CD1-2        New Soul
Semi-Charmed Life            ThirdEyeBlind           M-Fast                     1997 CD1-2        New Soul
Send My Love                 Born Jamericans                                         CD76-13      New Soul
Senorita                     Justin Timberlake       Med                       2003 CD137-6       New Soul
SENSUAL SEDUCTION            SNOOP DOG               SLOW     RAP-BAD          2008 CD201-11      New Soul
SENSUAL SEDUCTION            SNOOP DOG               SLOW     BAD LYRICS       2008 202-10        New Soul
Set Adrift On Memory Lane    P.M.Dawn                Soul                      1991 CD78-6        New Soul
Set U Free                   Planet Soul             Med      Soul             1995 CD88-16       New Soul
SEX ROOM                     LUDACRIS FEAT. TREY     MED      WARNING          2010 224-16
                             SONGZ                            EXPLCIT LYRICS
                                                                                                  New Soul
SEX THERAPY                  ROBIN THICKE            SLOW     WARNING          2010 220-11
                                                              LYRICS                              New Soul
Sexual Healing                       Shaggy                   S-Med                           CD127-1    New Soul
Sexy and I Know It                   LMFAO                    Fast                    2011    CD238-15   New Soul
Sexy Back                            Justin Timberlake        Med      Bad Lyrics     2006    CD183-15   New Soul
SEXY CAN I                           RAY J                    MED      BAD            2008    203-20     New Soul
SEXY CHICK                           DAVID GUETTA FEAT AKON   FAST                    2009    CD216-7
                                                                                                         New Soul
Shake                                YingYangTwins            M-Fast   Rap/ Bad Lyrics 2005 CD171-22
                                                                                                         New Soul
Shake It / Give It All You Got Mix   McShy D & Afro Rican              Soul                   CD88-9     New Soul
Shake It Fast                        Mystikal                 Med      Funk           2000    CD66-11    New Soul
Shake It Off                         Mariah Carey             Slow                    2005    CD172-12   New Soul
Shake It Up                          Cars                     M-Fast                   1981   CD41-10    New Soul
Shake It Up                          Cars                     M-Fast                   1981   CD41-10    New Soul
SHAKE MY ASS                         THREE 6 MAFIA FEAT       FAST     WARNING        2009    CD216-8
                                     KALENNA                           CONTENT                           New Soul
Shake That                           Eminem                   Med      Rap/ Bad Lyrics 2006 CD180-5
                                                                                                         New Soul
Shake Ya Tail Feather                Nelly Feat. P. Diddy     M-Fast   Rap            2003    CD137-13   New Soul
Shakin My Head (Clean Edit)          Detail F/Flo Rida        Medium                   2010   CD229-12   New Soul
Shakles                              Mary Mary                M-Fast                  2000    CD59-14    New Soul
SHAWTY GET LOOSE                     LIL MAMA                 MED                     2008    CD201-14   New Soul
She Aint You                         Chris Brown              Medium                  2011    CD233-9    New Soul
SHE GOT HER OWN                      NE-YO FEATJAMIE FOXX &                           2009    212-7
                                     FABULOUS                                                            New Soul
SHE GOT IT                           2 PISTOLS                SLOW-    RAP            2008 CD201-4
                                                              MED                                        New Soul
She WOLF                             SHAKIRA                  MED-FAST DANCE          2009 215-13
                                                                                                         New Soul
SHE'S FINE                           HURRICANE CHRIS                                  2009 212-9
                                     F/SUPERSTAR                                                         New Soul
Shine                                Luther Vandross          Slow                    2006    CD183-2    New Soul
Shining Through                      Fredro Scott             S-Med                   2001    CD72-8     New Soul
Shoktie, Like Mine                   Bow Wow                  Slow     Bad            2007    CD190-10   New Soul
Shorty                               Busta Rhymes             M-Fast   Rap            2003    CD147-14   New Soul
Shorty                               Imajim                   Med                     1998    CD22-21    New Soul
Shots (CLEAN EDIT)                   LMFAO & Lil Jon          Fast                            CD236-13   New Soul
Should I Stay Or Should I Go         Clash                    M‑Fast   Alter                  CD110-1    New Soul
Should I Stay Or Should I Go         Clash                    M‑Fast   Alter                  CD110-1    New Soul
Shoulder Lean                        Young Dro                S-Med    Rap            2006    CD183-10   New Soul
Shout                                Tears For Fears                                          CD71-1     New Soul
Shout                                Tears For Fears                                          CD71-1     New Soul
Show Me How To Dance                 Bingo Boys                                               CD111-1    New Soul
Show Me What You Got                 Jay Z                    M-Fast   Rap            2006    CD187-1    New Soul
Show Me Your Soul                    Lenny Kravitz            Med      Rap            2003    CD143-15   New Soul
Show Stopper                         Dainty Kane              Slow                    2006    CD185-16   New Soul
Shure                                Groove Theory            Slow                    2000    CD66-9     New Soul
SHUT IT DOWN                         PITBULL                  FAST                    2009    218-17     New Soul
Signs                                Snoop Dog                Med                     2005    CD165-8    New Soul
Sing For The Moment                  Eminem                   Med      Rap            2003    CD135-1    New Soul
SINGLE LADIES                        BEYONCE                  MED                     2008    CD207-15   New Soul
Sitting Home                         Total                    Med                     1999    CD45-6     New Soul
Slam                                 Onyxx                             Rap                    CD81-10    New Soul
Slow Jamz                            Twista                   S-Med    Rap/ Bad Lyrics 2004   CD152-7
                                                                                                         New Soul
Slow Love                            Doc Box & B Fresh        Slow     Soul            1990 CD89-14      New Soul
Smack That                           Akon                     Med      Rap/ Bad Lyrics 2006 CD185-18
                                                                                                         New Soul
Smiling Faces                        Gnarls Barkley           M-Fast                  2007 CD190-7       New Soul
Smooth Sailin’                       Roscoe                   Slow                    2003 CD143-10      New Soul
Snap Ya Fingers            Lil’John                   Med      Rap/ Bad Lyrics 2006 CD178-19
                                                                                                 New Soul
Snoop Dog                  Snoop Dog                           Rap           2000    CD66-4      New Soul
So Anxious                 Ginuwine                   Slow                   1999    CD52-4      New Soul
SO BIG                     LYAZ                       FAST                   2010    CD226-10    New Soul
SO FINE                    SEAN PAUL                  FAST                   2009    213-10      New Soul
SO FLY                     SLIM                       SLOW                   2008    CD206-18    New Soul
So Fresh                   Will Smith                 S-Med                  1999    CD53-10     New Soul
So Fresh, So Clean         Outkast                    Med      Rap           2001    CD73-1      New Soul
SO GOOD (REMIX)            ELECTRIK RED F/LIL WAYNE            BAD LYRICS    2009    212-10
                                                                                                 New Soul
So In Love With You        Mikalila                   M-Fast                   2000 CD62-19      New Soul
So Seductive               Tony Yayo                  Med      Rap/ Bad Lyrics 2005 CD168-3
                                                                                                 New Soul
So Sexy                    Twista                     Slow                   2004    CD154-11    New Soul
So What'ca Want            Beastie Boys               Med      Rap           1992    CD87-20     New Soul
Soldier                    Destiny’s Child            S-Med                  2004    CD163-2     New Soul
SOLO (W/INTRO)             IYAZ                       FAST                   2010    223-11      New Soul
SOMEBODY TO LOVE           LEIGHTON MEESTER           MED                    2009    218-16
                           W/ROBIN THICKE                                                        New Soul
SOMEBODY TO LOVE           JUSTIN BIEBER              FAST                   2010    CD221-16    New Soul
Someone                    SWV                        S-Med    Rap           1998    CD19-3      New Soul
Someone To Call My Lover   Janet Jackson              M-Fast                 2001    CD82-2      New Soul
SOMETHING BOUT LOVE        DAVID ARCHULETA            FAST                   2010    CD226-15    New Soul
Son Of A Gun               Janet Jackson              Med      Rap           2001    CD97-17     New Soul
Soul Survivor              Young Jeezy                S-Med    Rap           2005    CD170-16    New Soul
SOULJA GIRL                SOULJA BOY                 SLOW                   2007    CD198-17    New Soul
South Side                 Moby                       Med                    2001    CD82-14     New Soul
Speed                      Alpha Team                 Fast                   1993    CD99-9      New Soul
Spiderwebs                 No Doubt                   Fast                    1995   CD79-1      New Soul
Spiderwebs                 No Doubt                   Fast                    1995   CD79-1      New Soul
Stan                       Eminem                     S-Med    Rap           2000    CD64-17     New Soul
Stand                      R.E.M.                     M-Fast   Alter          1989   CD102-15    New Soul
Stand                      R.E.M.                     M-Fast   Alter          1989   CD102-15    New Soul
Stand By Me                Ben E. King                S-Med                  1961    CD85-13     New Soul
Stand Up                   Ludacris                   Med      Rap           2003    CD142-19    New Soul
STANKY LEGG (REMIX)        GS BOYZ FEAT. TRINA        MED      BAD           2009    213-1
                                                               NT                                New Soul
Starry Eyed Surprise       Paul Oakenfold             Med      Rap          2002     CD125-2     New Soul
Start The Commotion        Wiseguys                   Med                   2001     CD82-4      New Soul
Step Daddy                 Hitman Sammy Sam           M-Fast   Rap          2003     CD135-7     New Soul
Step In The Name of Love   R. Kelly                   Slow                  2003     CD145-1     New Soul
Stereo Love                Edward Maya                Medium                 2010    CD 229-14   New Soul
Stick Wit You              Pussycat Dolls             Slow                  2005     CD171-21    New Soul
Sticky Situation           Concious Daughters         Slow                  1994     CD114-4     New Soul
Still Ballin               2Pac                       Med                   2003     CD133-17    New Soul
Still DRE                  Dr Dre                     Med      Rap          2000     CD57-5      New Soul
Still Fly                  Big Tymers                 Med                   2002     CD127-7     New Soul
Still Not A Player         Big Punisher               Med      Rap          1998     CD54-13     New Soul
Still On It                Ashanti                    Med      Rap          2005     CD174-6     New Soul
Still Tippin               Mike Jones                                       2005     CD167-20    New Soul
STILL WILL                 50 CENT                    MED      RAP          2007     CD198-13    New Soul
Stingy                     Ginuwine                   S-Med                 2002     CD123-11    New Soul
Straight to the bank       50 Cent                    Med      Rap          2007     CD192-9     New Soul
Straight Up                Paula Abdul                Med                            CD114-10    New Soul
Stronger                   Britney Spears             Med                    2000    CD64-18     New Soul
STRONGER                   KANYE WEST                 MED      RAP           2007    CD197-9     New Soul
Stunt 101                  G Unit                     Med      Rap           2003    Cd145-7     New Soul
Stutter                    Joe Feat - Mystical                               2001    CD71-3      New Soul
STYLO                        GORILLAZ FEAT BOBBY      MED                     2010 CD221-14
                             WOMACK & MOS DEF                                                    New Soul
Suffer Jet City              David Bowie              Fast                       1994 CD42-13    New Soul
Suffer Jet City              David Bowie              Fast                       1994 CD42-13    New Soul
Sugar                        Trick Daddy              Med       Rap/ Bad Lyrics 2005 CD168-17
                                                                                                 New Soul
SUGAR                        FLO RIDA FEAT WYNTER     FAST                    2009    CD211-11   New Soul
SUGAR                        FLO RIDA FEAT WYNTER     FAST                    2009    214-10     New Soul
Summer Girls                 UFO                      Med                     1999    CD51-2     New Soul
Summer Nights                Lil Rob                  S-Med                   2005    CD168-4    New Soul
SUMMER TIME CHILLIN'         LIL WEAVAH               MED                     2009    214-3      New Soul
Summertime                   D.J. Jazzy Jeff          M-Slow    Soul          1991    CD77-7     New Soul
Sunshine                     Lil Flip                 Slow                    2004    CD154-5    New Soul
SUPA SEXY                    CHARLIE WILSON           MED                     2008    CD201-5    New Soul
Super Bass                   Nicki Minaj              Fast                    2011    CD233-10   New Soul
Superman                     Eminem                   Med                     2003    CD133-2    New Soul
SUPERNOVA                    MR. HUDSON FEAT KANYE    FAST                    2009    213-17
                             WEST                                                                New Soul
Supersonic                   JJ Fad                             Rap           1988 CD79-12       New Soul
SUPERSTAR                    LUPE FIASCO               SLOW-    RAP           2008 203-2
                                                       MED                                       New Soul
Superstylin                  Groove Armada             M-Fast                 2001    CD90-10    New Soul
SUPERWOMAN                   ALICIA KEYS               SLOW                   2008    CD206-3    New Soul
Survivor                     Destiny’s Child           Med                    2001    CD73-7     New Soul
Suzie Surfer                 Jolly Llamas              Fast                    1999   CD29-10    New Soul
Suzie Surfer                 Jolly Llamas              Fast                    1999   CD29-10    New Soul
SWAGGA LIKE US               T.I. FEATURING KANYE,JAY- MED      RAP           2008    CD208-01
                             Z & LIL WAYNE                                                       New Soul
Sweet Home Al                Bama                      Med      Rap           2004    CD158-11   New Soul
Sweet Lady                   Tyrese                    Slow                   2002    CD127-4    New Soul
Sweet Thing                  Mary J. Blige                                    1993    CD95-19    New Soul
SWEETEST GIRL                WYCLEF                    S-MED                  2007    CD196-7    New Soul
SWING                        SAVAGE                    MED      RAP-BAD       2008    CD204-8    New Soul
Switch                       Will Smith                M-Fast   Rap           2005    CD166-2    New Soul
Take A Message               Remy Shand                Fast                   2002    CD121-21   New Soul
Take A Picture               Filter                    Med                    1999    CD54-15    New Soul
TAKE IT OFF                  KESHA                     FAST                   2010    CD225-16   New Soul
Take It To Da House          Trick Daddy               Med      Rap           2001    CD73-8     New Soul
Take Me As I Am              Mary J. Blige             Slow                   2006    CD183-20   New Soul
Take On Me                   Aha                       Fast                    1985   CD46-15    New Soul
Take On Me                   Aha                       Fast                    1985   CD46-15    New Soul
TAKE YOU DOWN                CHRIS BROWN               SLOW     BAD           2008    CD205-1    New Soul
Take You Home                Angie Martinez            Med                    2003    CD132-14   New Soul
TAKE YOU THERE               SEAN KINGSTON             MED                    2008    CD201-10   New Soul
Talking In Your Sleep        Romantics                 M‑Fast   Alter          1983   CD116-18   New Soul
Talking In Your Sleep        Romantics                 M‑Fast   Alter          1983   CD116-18   New Soul
TARDY FOR THE PARTY          KIM ZOLCIAK               MED                    2009    217-10     New Soul
TEACH ME HOW TO DOUGIE       CALIFORNIA SWAG           MED                    2010    CD221-13
                             DISTRICT                                                            New Soul
Tearin Up My Heart           NSYNC                     Med                    1998    CD29-9     New Soul
Tears Of A Clown             English Beat              Fast                    1983   CD41-7     New Soul
Tears Of A Clown             English Beat              Fast                    1983   CD41-7     New Soul
Teary Eyed                   Missy Elliott             S-Med                  2005    CD170-12   New Soul
TEENAGE LOVE AFFAIR          ALICIA KEYS               SLOW                   2008    CD205-2    New Soul
TELEPHONE                    LADY GAGA FEAT BEYONCE FAST                      2009    219-12
                                                                                                 New Soul
Tell Me                      P. Diddy                 S-Med     Rap/ Bad Lyrics 2006 CD186-21
                                                                                                 New Soul
TELL ME THIS                 HUEY                     S-MED     RAP           2008 202-16        New Soul
Tell Me What It’s Gonna Be   Brian McKnight           Med       Rap           2002 CD122-5       New Soul
Tell Me When To Go            E-40                  Med      Rap          2006    CD180-3    New Soul
Tell Me When To Go            Kayne West            Med      Rap          2006    CD-187-3   New Soul
Temperature                   Sean Paul             Med                   2006    CD179-22   New Soul
Tempted To Touch              Rupee                 S-Med                 2004    CD157-11   New Soul
Tenderness                    General Public        M‑Fast   Alter         1984   CD118-6    New Soul
Tenderness                    General Public        M‑Fast   Alter         1984   CD118-6    New Soul
Thank You                     Boyz 2 Men            Slow                  2000    CD66-5     New Soul
That Girl                     Frankie J             Med      Rap          2006    CD183-11   New Soul
That Girl                     Pharrell              S-Med                 2006    CD186-7    New Soul
That Heat                     Sergiomendes          Med      Rap          2006    CD185-4    New Soul
That Thing                    Lauren Hill           Med      Rap          1998    CD28-13    New Soul
That Your Chick               Memphis Bleek                               2001    CD71-9     New Soul
That’s Dirty                  Dirty                 Med      Rap          2002    CD130-11   New Soul
THAT'S NOT MY NAME            UNKNOWN               MED-FAST              2008    CD207-17
                                                                                             New Soul
THAT'S NOT MY NAME            THE TING TINGS        MED                   2009    214-2      New Soul
That's That                   Snoop Dog             S-Med                 2007    CD190-11   New Soul
That's The Way Loves Goes     Janet Jackson         Slow                  1993    CD78-2     New Soul
That's What Friends Are For   Dionne Warwick        Slow                  1993    CD37-1     New Soul
THE ANTHEM                    PITBULL               MEDIUM   RAP          2008    202-13     New Soul
The Audience Is Listening     Cut Chemist           Med      Rap          2006    CD187-8    New Soul
The Bartender                 T-Pain                Slow                  2007    CD195-21   New Soul
THE BOSS                      RICK ROSS             SLOW                  2008    CD201-17   New Soul
The Boys In Mine              Brandy & Monica       Slow                  1998    CD19-13    New Soul
The Boys Of Summer            DJ Sammy              Fast                  2002    CD131-17   New Soul
The Call                      Backstreet Boys                             2001    CD71-13    New Soul
The Choice Is Yours           Black Sheep           M-Fast   Rap          1992    CD77-11    New Soul
The Dance                     Rockell               M-Fast                2000    CD65-8     New Soul
The Edge of Glory             Lady Gaga             Fast                  2011    CD233-13   New Soul
The Feeling                   Chris Panagi          M-Fast                2005    CD171-15   New Soul
THE FINER THINGS              DJ FELLI FEL          S-MED    RAP          2008    202-15     New Soul
The First Night               Monica                Slow                  1998    CD29-6     New Soul
THE HAND CLAP                 HURRICANE CHRIS       MEDIUM   RAP          2007    CD199-16   New Soul
The Hardest Part              2gether               M-Fast                2000    CD62-16    New Soul
The Hotline                   Pretty Rickey         Slow     Bad Lyrics   2006    CD187-13   New Soul
The Itch                      Vitamin C             Med                   2000    CD70-15    New Soul
The Joker                     Fat Boy Slim          Med                   2004    CD156-11   New Soul
The Lazy Song                 Bruno Mars            Medium                2011    CD231-18   New Soul
The Lazy Song                 Bruno Mars            medium                2011    CD235-12   New Soul
The Loneliness                Babyface              Slow                  2004    CD148-20   New Soul
The New Workout Plan          Kanye West            Med      Rap          2004    CD159-5    New Soul
The Next Episode              Dr Dre + Snoop Dog                          1997    CD56-16    New Soul
The One                       Backstreet Boys       M-Fast                2000    CD59-10    New Soul
The One                       Shakira               Slow                  2002    CD131-10   New Soul
The One I Gave My Heart To    Aaliyah               Slow                  1997    CD6-2      New Soul
The One That Got Away         Katy Perry            Med                   2010    CD239-19   New Soul
The Party Just Begun          Cheetah Girls         Med                   2006    CD186-2    New Soul
The Power                     Snap                  Fast     Rap          1990    CD84-19    New Soul
The Real Slim Sady            Eminem                Med      Bad Lyrics   2000    CD57-8     New Soul
The Rockefellar Skank         Fat Boy Slim          M-Fast                 1998   CD29-7     New Soul
The Rockefellar Skank         Fat Boy Slim          M-Fast                 1998   CD29-7     New Soul
The Show Goes On              Lupe Fiasco           Medium                2011    CD234-15   New Soul
THE SIDESHOW                  TRAXI MILLION         MED      RAP/BAD      2007    CD198-7    New Soul
The Sign                      Ace Of Base                                         CD68-3     New Soul
The Time (The Dirty Bit)      The Black Eyed Peas   Fast                  2010    CD228-17   New Soul
The Voice Within              Christina Aguilera    Slow                  2003    CD148-8    New Soul
The Walk                      The Cure              Fast     Alter         1983   CD83-19    New Soul
The Walk                      The Cure              Fast     Alter         1983   CD83-19    New Soul
The Wash                      Dr Dre                Med      Rap          2001    CD97-19    New Soul
The Way I Am                  Eminem                Med      Rap          2000    CD60-19    New Soul
The Way I Are                    Timberland            Slow                     2007   CD194-8    New Soul
The Way I Live                   Baby Boy Da Prince    S-Med    Rap             2007   CD192-2    New Soul
THE WAY I LOVE YOU               ASHANTI               SLOW                     2008   CD201-18   New Soul
The Way That You Loved Me        Paula Abdul           M-Fast                   1989   CD30-21    New Soul
The Way You Move                 Outkast               M-Fast                   2003   CD143-19   New Soul
The Whole World                  Outkast               Med                      2002   CD100-6    New Soul
The Wreckoning                   Boomcat               Med                      2002   CD131-12   New Soul
There It Go                      Juelz Santana         Med      Rap/ Bad Lyrics 2006   CD177-15
                                                                                                  New Soul
THERE'S NOTHING                  SEAN KINGSTON         SLOW-                   2008 202-7
                                                       MED                                        New Soul
They Ain’t Ready                 Ruff Ryders           Med      Rap            2002    CD105-1    New Soul
They Don’t Know (Bad Lyrics)     Paul Wall             Med      Rap            2005    CD173-3    New Soul
They Want EFX                    Das EFX               Med      Rap            1992    CD89-13    New Soul
Things That Mke You Go Hummm     C & C Music Factory   M-Fast   Soul           1991    CD76-11    New Soul
Think I'm In Love With You       Jessica Simpson       Med                     2000    CD61-17    New Soul
Think Y’All Know                 Fabolous              Med      Rap            2004    CD149-5    New Soul
This Ain't a Scene               Fallout Boy           Med                     2007    CD191-1    New Soul
This Is How We Do It             Montell Jordon        Med      Rap            1995    CD54-12    New Soul
This Is Me                       Dream                 M-Fast                  2001    CD82-13    New Soul
This Is My Party                 Fabolous              Med      Rap            2002    CD129-15   New Soul
This Very Moment                 KC & JoJo             Slow                    2002    CD130-16   New Soul
Thong Song                       Sisqo                 M-Fast                  1999    CD55-17    New Soul
Three Times a Lady               Commodores            Slow                    1985    CD25-11    New Soul
THROW IN IN THE BAG (CLEAN       FABOLOUS F DREAM      MED                     2009    218-11
EDIT)                                                                                             New Soul
Throw Some                       Rich Boy              Med      Rap             2007 CD192-7      New Soul
Throw Some D's                   Rich Boy              M-Fast   Rap/ Bad Lyrics 2007 CD191-7
                                                                                                  New Soul
Thug Love                        50 Cent               Med                     2000 CD60-10       New Soul
Thug Luv                         Lil Kim               Fast     Rap            2003 CD145-19      New Soul
TIE ME DOWN                      NEW BOYZ FEAT RAY J   SLOW-                   2009 219-19
                                                       MED                                        New Soul
Tight To Def                     Mack 10               Med      Rap            2000    CD62-4     New Soul
TIK TOK                          KESHA                 FAST                    2009    218-14     New Soul
TIK TOK (REMIX)                  KESHA FEAT PITBULL    FAST                    2010    220-18     New Soul
Til the World Ends               Britney Spears        Fast                    2011    CD 232-4   New Soul
Time After Time                  INOJ                  S-Med                   1998    CD22-17    New Soul
Tipsy                            J-Kwon                Med      Rap            2004    CD148-16   New Soul
TIPSY IN DIS CLUB                PRETTY RICKY          MED-                    2009    215-15
                                                       SLOW                                       New Soul
TOGETHER                             REUBEN STUDDARD            SLOW           2010 224-12        New Soul
Tonight I Celebrate My Love          Peobo Bryson      Slow                    1984 CD39-4        New Soul
Tonight Tonight (Riddler Radio Edit) Hot Chelle Rae    Fast                    2011 CD235-17
                                                                                                  New Soul
Too Close                        Next                  Med                     1999    CD28-10    New Soul
Too Legit To Quit                MC Hammer             M-Fast   Rap            1991    CD78-5     New Soul
Too Much For Me                  DJ Kayslay            M-Fast                  2003    CD134-7    New Soul
Tootsie Roll                     69 Boys               M-Fast                  1997    CD49-4     New Soul
Touch It                         Monifah               Med                     1998    CD24-12    New Soul
TOUCH MY BODY                    MARIAH CAREY          SLOW     BAD            2008    203-1      New Soul
Touchin’                         David Banner          Slow     Bad Lyrics     2006    CD177-1    New Soul
Toxic                            Britney Spears        M-Fast                  2003    CD148-5    New Soul
Toy Soldiers                     Eminem                Med      Rap            2004    CD164-6    New Soul
Trade It All Part 2              Fabolous              Med      Rap            2002    CD124-20   New Soul
Treat Her Like A Lady            Joe                   Slow                    2000    CD62-17    New Soul
Treat Me Right                   Chubb Rock            Med      Rap            1991    CD80-10    New Soul
Trick Me                         Kelis                 S-Med                   2004    CD150-2    New Soul
Tricky, Tricky                   Lou Bega              M-Fast                  1999    CD54-4     New Soul
Triple Trouble                   Beastie Boys          M-Fast   Rap            2004    CD156-9    New Soul
Trouble                      DJ Quick                   Med      Rap            2002    CD127-6    New Soul
TROUBLE AGAIN                WYCLEF JEAN                MEDIUM   RAP            2007    CD199-8    New Soul
Truly                        Lionel Ritchie             Slow                    1982    CD35-11    New Soul
Try Again                    Alahah                     S-Med                   2000    CD58-15    New Soul
TRY SLEEPING WITH A BROKEN   ALICIA KEYS FEAT MANIO     SLOW-                   2010    220-8
HEART                                                   MED                                        New Soul
Trying To Stay Alive         Wyclef Jean                Med      Rap            1998    CD45-7     New Soul
Turn it Up                   Chamillionaire             Med      Rap            2006    CD177-4    New Soul
Turn it Up Fire it Up        Busta Rhymes               M-Fast   Rap            1998    CD25-2     New Soul
TURN MY SWAG ON (REMIX)      SOULJA BOY TELL 'EM        MED      BAD            2009    213-3
                             FEAT LIL WAYNE                      LYRICS/CONTE
                                                                 NT                                New Soul
Turn Off The Lights          Nelly Fertado                                      2002 CD114-13      New Soul
TURNIN ME ON                 KERI HILSON                MED      BAD            2009 CD211-16
                                                                 NT                                New Soul
EDIT)                        & LIL WAYNE                                                           New Soul
Turning Me On                Nina Sky                   Med                      2004   CD163-5    New Soul
Twenty One Questions         50 Cent                    Slow                     2003   CD134-9    New Soul
Two Step                     UNK                        Med      Rap             2007   CD189-6    New Soul
Two Wrongs                   Wyclef Jean                SLow                     2002   CD121-19   New Soul
U + Dat                      E-Yo                       Med      Rap/ Bad Lyrics 2006   CD181-20
                                                                                                   New Soul
U Can't Touch This           MC Hammer                  Med                     1990    CD36-19    New Soul
U Don’t Have To Call         Usher                      Slow                    2002    CD113-7    New Soul
U Don’t Know Me              T.I.                       Med      Rap            2005    CD165-9    New Soul
U Got It Bad                 Usher                      Slow                    2002    CD100-12   New Soul
U Remind Me                  Usher                                              2001    CD76-2     New Soul
Ugly                         Bubba Sparx                S-Med    Rap            2001    CD90-12    New Soul
Uh Huh                       B2K                        Med                     2002    CD124-6    New Soul
Umbrella                     Rhianna                    M-Rap                   2007    CD194-3    New Soul
Underneath Your Clothes      Shakira                    Slow                    2002    CD113-3    New Soul
Unpredictable                Jamie Foxx                 Slow                    2006    CD177-3    New Soul
UNSTOPPABLE                  KAT DELUNA FEAT. LIL'                              2009    210-7
                             WAYNE                                                                 New Soul
UN-THINKABLE (I'M READY)     ALICIA KEYS                SLOW-                   2010 224-15
                                                        MED                                        New Soul
Until The End of Time        Justin Timberlake          Slow                    2007    CD195-18   New Soul
Untouchable                  2Pac                       Med      Rap            2006    CD188-13   New Soul
Up Against The Wall          Tino Coury                 Med                     2011    CD 232-9   New Soul
Vacation                     Go Go's                    Fast     Alter           1982   CD120-13   New Soul
Vacation                     Go Go's                    Fast     Alter           1982   CD120-13   New Soul
Vegas Nights (clean edit)    Baby Bash feat. Jump       fast                    2011    CD235-19
                             Smokers                                                               New Soul
Venus                        Bananarama                 Fast                  1986      CD47-3     New Soul
Venus                        Bananarama                 Fast                  1986      CD47-3     New Soul
Victory                      Notorious B.I.G.           Med      Rap         2004       CD150-12   New Soul
Video                        India Arie                 S-Med                2002       CD124-9    New Soul
VIDEO PHONE                  BEYONCE FEAT. LADY         SLOW-    WARNING BAD 2009       219-11
                             GAGA                       MED      CONTENT                           New Soul
Vision Of Love               Mariah Carey               Slow     Soul        1990       CD45-17    New Soul
Viverant Thang               Q-Tip                      Med      Rap         1999       CD54-17    New Soul
Vogue                        Madonna                    M-Fast   Soul        1990       CD39-14    New Soul
Wait A Minute                Lil Kim                    S-Med                2001       CD84-1     New Soul
Waiting For Tonight          Jennifer Lopez             M-Fast               1999       CD52-3     New Soul
WAKE IT UP                   E-40                       MED      RAP         2008       CD206-4    New Soul
Wake Up                      Shade Sheist               Slow                 2003       CD133-10   New Soul
Walk Away                    Paula Deanda               Slow                 2007       CD190-2    New Soul
Walk Like An Egyptian        Bangles                    Fast     Alter                  CD39-9     New Soul
Walk Like An Egyptian                 Bangles                Fast     Alter                   CD39-9     New Soul
Walk This Way                         Run DMC                M-Fast   Soul           1986     CD47-2     New Soul
WALKIN ON THE MOON                    DREAM AND KANYE WEST   FAST                    2009     213-9      New Soul
Walking Away                          Craig David            Slow                    2002     CD124-8    New Soul
Walking On The Sun                    Smashmouth                                      1997    CD5-14     New Soul
Walking On The Sun                    Smashmouth                                      1997    CD5-14     New Soul
Wall to Wall                          Chris Brown            Med                     2007     CD195-3    New Soul
Wanna Be                              Spice Girls            M-Fast                  1996     CD114-11   New Soul
Wanna Be Starting Something           Michael Jackson        Fast     Soul           1983     CD103-7    New Soul
Wanna Get To Know You                 G Unit                 S-Med    Rap            2004     CD148-14   New Soul
Wanna Love You Girl                   Rubin Thick            Med                     2006     CD181-21   New Soul
Wanna Luv You                         Akon                   Slow                    2006     CD186-6    New Soul
Want You                              Janet Jackson          Slow                    2004     CD151-12   New Soul
Water Runs Dry                        Boyz 2 Men             Slow                    1995     CD78-14    New Soul
Waterfalls                            TLC                    Slow                    1996     CD57-17    New Soul
Way I Be Leanin                       Juvenile               Med      Rap            2006     CD180-17   New Soul
We Be Burning                         Sean Paul              M-Fast                  2005     CD171-6    New Soul
We Be Clubbin                         Ice Cube               Med      Rap            1998     CD28-1     New Soul
We Belong Together                    Mariah Carey           Slow                    2005     CD168-18   New Soul
We Fly                                Jim Jones              Slow                    2007     CD190-4    New Soul
We Found Love (feat. Calvin Harris)   Rihanna                Fast                    2011     CD238-16
                                                                                                         New Soul
We Got The Beat                Go Go's                       Fast                         CD41-2         New Soul
We Got The Beat                Go Go's                       Fast                         CD41-2         New Soul
WE MADE YOU (SUPER CLEAN EDIT) EMINEM                                 BAD LYRICS     2009 212-12
                                                                                                         New Soul
We Need A Resolution                  Aaliyah                                         2001    CD95-17    New Soul
We R Who We R (Clean Edit)            KeSha                  Fast                     2010    CD228-7    New Soul
We Ride                               Mary J. Blige          S-Med                    2006    CD187-12   New Soul
We Run This                           Missy Elliott          Med      Rap/ Bad Lyrics 2006    CD179-16
                                                                                                         New Soul
WE SPEAK NO AMERICANO            YOLANDA BE COOL &           FAST                    2010 CD227-20
                                 DCUP                                                                    New Soul
We Still                         Frankie J                   Slow                    2003     CD138-17   New Soul
Weak                             SWV                         Slow                    1993     CD88-4     New Soul
Welcome Back                     Mase                        Med      Rap            2004     CD155-8    New Soul
Were Gonna Make You Dance        Maya                        M-Slow                  1998     CD26-3     New Soul
Whammy Kiss                      B 52's                      Fast     Alter                   CD118-2    New Soul
Whammy Kiss                      B 52's                      Fast     Alter                   CD118-2    New Soul
What A Girl Wants                Christina Aguilera          S-Med                   1999     CD54-2     New Soul
What About Us                    Brandy                      Med                     2002     CD120-10   New Soul
What Am I Gonna Do               Tyrese                                              2001     CD95-6     New Soul
What Goes Around                 Justin Timberlake           Slow                    2007     CD190-1    New Soul
What Happened To That Boy        Baby                        Med      Rap            2003     CD133-13   New Soul
What Have You Done For Me Lately Janet Jackson               M-Fast   Soul           1986     CD89-15
                                                                                                         New Soul
What I Like About You                 Romantics              Fast                      1980   CD35-12    New Soul
What I Like About You                 Romantics              Fast                      1980   CD35-12    New Soul
What I Want                           DMX                    Med      Rap             2000    CD60-14    New Soul
What It Feels Like For A Girl         Madonna                S-Med                    2001    CD82-10    New Soul
What It Is                            Violator               Fast                     2001    CD83-16    New Soul
WHAT THEM GIRLS LIKE                  LUDACRIS               MED      RAP             2008    CD205-13   New Soul
What You Gonna Do                     Natalie                S-Med    Rap/ Bad Lyrics 2006    CD181-16
                                                                                                         New Soul
What You Know                         T.I.                   Slow     Rap/ Bad Lyrics 2006 CD178-6
                                                                                                         New Soul
What You Like                         Da Brat                Med      Rap            2000     CD63-15    New Soul
What You Want                         Mase                   Med      Rap            1998     CD6-4      New Soul
What’s Going On                       All-Star Tribute       Slow                    2001     CD96-20    New Soul
What’s Happenin’                      Method Man             Med      Rap            2004     CD153-19   New Soul
What’s Luv                         Fat Joe                     S-Med    Rap     2002 CD120-7       New Soul
What’s Up                          Playa Poncho                                      CD115-2       New Soul
What’s You Flava                   Craig David                 S-Med            2002 CD129-5       New Soul
What’w Happening                   Juvenile                    Med      Rap     2006 CD180-6       New Soul
WHATCHA SAY(CLEAN EDIT)            JASON DERULO                SLOW-            2009 218-12
                                                               MED                                 New Soul
WHATCHA THINK ABOUT THAT           PUSSYCAT DOLLS              MED              2008    CD206-13   New Soul
WHATEVER YOU LIKE                  T.I.                        S-MED    RAP     2008    CD206-5    New Soul
WHATEVER YOU WANT                  CONSEQUENCE                 MED              2009    215-6      New Soul
WHAT'S LOVE                        SHAGGY                      MED      RAP     2008    202-6      New Soul
What's Love Got To Do With It      Warren G                    M-Slow                   CD88-5     New Soul
What's My Name                     DMX                         M-Fast   Rap     2000    CD57-4     New Soul
What's My Name                     Snoop Dog                   M-Fast   Rap     1993    CD115-5    New Soul
What's My Name                     Rihanna f./Drake            Med              2010    CD228-6    New Soul
What's The Difference              Dr Dre + Eminen             S-Med                    CD56-12    New Soul
WHAT'S YOUR NAME                   USHER                       MED              2008    CD205-16   New Soul
When I Come Around                 Green Day                   Med               1994   CD40-21    New Soul
When I Come Around                 Green Day                   Med               1994   CD40-21    New Soul
When I Hear Music                  Debbie Deb                  Med      Soul            CD79-13    New Soul
When I’m Gone                      Eminem                      Med      Rap     2006    CD177-19   New Soul
When The Lights Go Out             5                           S-Med            1998    CD25-4     New Soul
When You Gonna Give It Up To Me    Sean Paul                   M-Fast   Rap     2006    CD184-11
                                                                                                   New Soul
Whenever You Call                    Mariah Carey              Slow             1998    CD45-11    New Soul
Whenever, Whenever                   Shakira                   M-Fast           2002    CD100-11   New Soul
Where My Girl At                     702                       Med              1999    CD49-5     New Soul
Where The Hood                       DMX                       M-Fast   Rap     2003    CD138-19   New Soul
Where The Party At                   Jagged Edge               Med              2001    CD75-12    New Soul
Where’d You Go                       Fort Minor                Med      Rap     2006    CD182-11   New Soul
WHINE UP                             KAT DELINA                MED              2007    CD196-11   New Soul
Whip It                              Devo                      Fast     Alter    1980   CD95-18    New Soul
Whip It                              Devo                      Fast     Alter    1980   CD95-18    New Soul
WHIP MY HAIR                         WILLOW SMITH              FAST             2010    CD227-13   New Soul
White Flag                           Ashlyne Huff              Fast              2011   CD230-19   New Soul
White Lines                          GrandMaster Flash         Med      Soul    1983    CD115-6    New Soul
White Wedding                        Billy Idol                Fast     Alter    1982   CD39-1     New Soul
White Wedding                        Billy Idol                Fast     Alter    1982   CD39-1     New Soul
Who Knows                            Musiq                     Slow             2004    CD149-9    New Soul
Whodi                                504 Boyz                  M-Fast           2000    CD62-7     New Soul
Whoomp (There It Is)                 Tag Team                  M-Fast           1993    CD35-3     New Soul
Who's That Girl                      Mainpass                  M-Fast           2001    CD72-11    New Soul
Who's Your Daddy                     Daddy Yankee              M-Fast           2007    CD195-1    New Soul
Why                                  Jadakiss                  Med      Rap     2004    CD159-3    New Soul
Why Don’t We Fall In Love            Amerie                    S-Med    Rap     2002    CD127-18   New Soul
Wifey                                NEXT                      S-Med            2000    CD59-1     New Soul
Wiggle It                            Two In A Room             M-Fast   Soul    1990    CD111-16   New Soul
Wild Boy (feat. Waka Folcka Flame) - MGK                       Med              2011    CD239-17   New Soul
Wild Side                            Marky Mark                Slow     Soul    1991    CD81-12    New Soul
Wild Thing                           Tone Loc                  Med              1989    CD36-10    New Soul
Wild Wild West                       Escape Club               M-Fast           1988    CD47-7     New Soul
Wild Wild West                       Will Smith                Med              1999    CD51-11    New Soul
WINNER                               JAMIE FOXX FEAT. JUSTIN   MED              2010    223-12
                                     TIMBERLAKE & T.I.                                             New Soul
WITH YOU                             CHRIS BROWN               SLOW             2008    CD201-9    New Soul
Without Me                           Eminem                    Med      Rap     2002    CD122-12   New Soul
WOMANIZER                            BRITNEY SPEARS            FAST             2008    CD207-8    New Soul
Word Up                              Cameo                     M-Fast   Soul    1986    CD103-5    New Soul
Work It                              Nelly                     Med      Rap     2004    CD149-17   New Soul
Work It Out                          Beyonce                   Med              2002    CD123-10   New Soul
Work It Out                          Jurassic 5                S-Med            2006    CD183-1    New Soul
Work It Out                     UNK                            Med      Rap             2006   CD188-9    New Soul
Work Out                        J Cole                         Med                      2011   CD239-18   New Soul
WORK THAT                       MARY J BLIGE                   MEDIUM   RAP             2007   CD199-9    New Soul
X                               Xzibit                         Med      Rap             2000   CD70-11    New Soul
XXplosive                       Dr Dre + Hitman                S-Med                    1999   CD56-11    New Soul
XXXO                            M.I.A. FEAT JAY-Z              FAST     CLEAN REMIX 2010       CD226-12   New Soul
YAHHH                           SOULJA BOY                     MED      RAP             2008   202-9      New Soul
Yeah                            Usher                          Med      Rap/ Bad Lyrics 2004   CD152-4
                                                                                                          New Soul
Yeah 3X                         Chris Brown                    Fast                    2011    CD231-10   New Soul
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah                Uncle Cracker                  Med      Rap            2001    CD91-9     New Soul
Yes, Yes, Y’All                 Joe Budden                     Med      Rap            2003    CD138-9    New Soul
Yo                              Chris Brown                    Slow                    2006    CD179-13   New Soul
You                             Llyod                          M-Slow                  2007    CD190-3    New Soul
You And Me                      LL Cool J                      S-Med                   2000    CD65-16    New Soul
You Don’t Know                  Eminem                         S-Med    Rap            2006    CD186-22   New Soul
You Don’t Know My Name          Alicia Keys                    Slow                    2003    CD146-18   New Soul
You Drive Me Crazy              Britney Spears                 Med                     1999    CD52-8     New Soul
You Gets No Love                Faith Evans                                            2001    CD95-2     New Soul
You Got Me Burning              Funky Green Dogs               Fast                    2002    CD119-4    New Soul
You Had Me                      Joss Stone                     M-Fast                  2004    CD157-10   New Soul
You Know How We Do It           Ice Cube                       Slow                    1994    CD79-10    New Soul
You Know I'm No Good            Amy Winehouse                  M-Fast                  2007    CD191-16   New Soul
YOU KNOW WHAT IT IS             WYCLEF                         MED      RAP            2007    CD197-11   New Soul
You Know What's Up              Donnel Jones                   Slow                    2000    CD61-5     New Soul
You Make Me Feel (feat. Sabi)   Cobra Starship                 Fast                    2011    CD239-15   New Soul
You Make Me Sick                Pink                           Med                     2001    CD72-5     New Soul
YOU MAKE THE RAIN FALL          TREY SONGZ FEAT. NICKI         MED      CLEAN EDIT     2010    CD225-18
                                MINAJ                                                                     New Soul
You Rock My World               Michael Jackson                                        2001 CD95-1        New Soul
You Saw My Blinker              DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince   Med      Rap            1991 CD77-9
                                                                                                          New Soul
YOU SHOULD BE DANCING           BEE GEES                       M-FAST                  2007 CD196-15      New Soul
You Spin Me Round               Dead or Alive                  Fast     Alter               CD118-1       New Soul
You Spin Me Round               Dead or Alive                  Fast     Alter               CD118-1       New Soul
You Wanna Dance                 Lil Mo                         M-Fast                  2000 CD60-2        New Soul
You Want This                   Janet Jackson                  Med                     1993 CD78-1        New Soul
YOUNG FOREVER                   JAY Z FEAT. MR. HUDSON         MED      WARNING        2010 223-16
                                                                        LYRICS                            New Soul
Your Body                       Pretty Ricky                   S-Med    Bad Lyrics     2005 CD169-14      New Soul
YOUR LOVE                       NICKI MINAJ                    SLOW,                   2010 224-14
                                                               MED                                        New Soul
YOUR LOVE IS MY DRUG            KESHA                          FAST                    2010    CD221-18   New Soul
Your Side                       Sade                           Slow                    2000    CD65-1     New Soul
YOU'RE A JERK (CLEAN EDIT)      NEW BOYZ                       MED                     2009    213-13     New Soul
YOU'RE A JERK (TECHNO REMIX)    NEW BOYZ                       FAST                    2009    217-13     New Soul
                                Wyclef Jean                    Slow                    2000    CD65-2     New Soul
                                Modern English                 M-Fast                          CD39-6     New Soul

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