DICOM WG12 � Ultrasound 3D Presentation state wish-list by 1pSSX0M


									       DICOM WG12 – Ultrasound 3D Presentation state wish-list
The following are requests from WG12, to address Ultrasound specific requirements for
presenting Ultrasound 3D/4D datasets.

Presentation State: A mechanism is provided for specifying views of a particular 3D
dataset. In particular, presentation state information must specify the following for any
actual or derived planar view or set of views:
     Multi-planar reconstruction (MPR) view(s)
     Position and orientation of MPR view(s)
     ‘Light-box’ display (individual slices displayed in grid (row/column) format)
     Center of rotation (pivot point on which the volume would be rotated, not
        necessarily the center of the volume) and observer location of Render view(s)
     Graphical and/or textual annotation
     Grayscale or colorization processing (maps)
     Thickness of source volume and display representation (rendered volume vs.
        show average in a single slice)
     Standard display based on anatomy (Ability for the user to specify how certain
        anatomy should be displayed ex: Kidney displayed with top pointing towards
        heart and bottom pointing towards feet)
     On screen display of patient orientation with respect to the image (i.e. inferior vs.
        superior, anterior vs. posterior etc)
     Rendering mechanisms: Surface rendering, Intensity Projection (max/min) etc. At
        the minimum, writer should be able to suggest preferred rendering mechanism to
        use for display.
     Specification of a Volume of Interest within a volume by a variety of methods,
         Cuboids: dimensions plus translation/rotation from reference
         Polyhedron (set of bounding planes translated/rotated from reference)
         Bitmap (set of points that define a Volume of Interest)
         Meaningful combinations, such as a bitmap within a cuboids

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