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									           The EU Ecolabel

Brussels 28.06.2006   Project EMP 2006
.. is a tool for
successful acquisition of new applicants
to the EU Ecolabel.

      Guidlines, checklists
      Best practice examples
      Standard PPT
     Collection of basic information
     Focus strategy
     Market research and data preparation
      (selection, controlling sheet)

     Networking with key stakeholders
     Splitting the work
     Project platform and other links
     Sharpening the arguments
     Preparing the info package
     Contacting the companies
     Media work
    Two Steps approach
1.                         2.                                                    3.
Research and               Communication and                                     Evaluation
   Preparation                acquisition                                           and
•   Team & Task            •   key stakeholders (cooperation possibilities,
    development                support for strategy, impact and result
•   CB adjustment,                                                                Evaluation of
                               –       interest groups
    focus of product                                                               activities
                               –       special media
    groups, strategy,
    basic plan, tasks          –       Relevant associations                      Follow-up
                           •   companies (information, advice and                  activities
•   Basic research and         contact for potential applicants. Establish
    planning > company         contacts to the technical experts and decision
    short lists, key           makers.)
    stakeholder net, key
                           •   Methods:Media use: advertising, articles,
    media & events,            coverage of events and so on. Promotional
                               work: seminars, events through retailers,
•   Preparation of basic
                               relevant organizations, exhibitions, etc.
    tools                      Direct approach: Canvassing, target
                               seminars, mailing, phone contact, letters, etc.
                                                                 key stakeholders are:

Preparation phase
 1. Basic market research: Companies, retailers, Eco-labels, key stakeholders, key media
  and relevant events
 2. Select regional focus product groups based on likelihood of success (confirm with CB)
 3. Identify high potential companies: Environmentally profiled with eco-relevant products on
  the market, exporters to the European market, suppliers to the public sector, suppliers to
  other companies that want to promote themselves as environmentally concerned.
 4. Select key media
 5. Select key events
 6. Build a team of initiators: Identify and arrange the work distribution of acquisition &
  application process in which acquisiteurs, CB and private consultants/certificators cooperate
  (information; consulting; certification; administration)
 7. Identify and attract key stakeholders
 Identify the key retailers of EU Eco-label products in your region
 Develop strategy and communication plan (Situation, competitive Eco-labels, target
  groups and targets, mix of all events, means and measurements)
 Prepare the basics: „Green box“ for interested companies and key persons, first-info pack,
  powerpoint presentation, posters and flyers, argumentation, key contact lists, basic texts
Collecting first key facts
    Ecolabels awarded to producers and products in your home region +
     their relevance and recognition rating
     (National ecolabels with comparable guidelines are high potential contacts for EU
     Ecolabel acquisition)
    Eco-attitudes of consumers, retailers, producers, especially in focus
     What‘s the relevance of environmental issues for the consumer‘s buying decision
     (private consumer as well as public purchasers)
    Eco-product distribution:
     Availability of Ecolabel products in retailer shops (national and EU Ecolabel)
     Who are the relevant (important for existing Ecolabel products) and the eco-minded
     retailer groups already or potentially offering Ecolabel products? They are the
     potential for promotion activities at the point of sales.
    Ecolabel potential of PRODUCERS in the country, covered by EU
     Ecolabel criteria:
     Who are the environmentally minded producers for EU markets?
    Key information channels for focus companies
     Research for events and media in which you can place your information effectively:
     - relevant trade fairs, congresses and other events
     - relevant special interest print media, websites etc.
Adjust your focus & activities
Depending on the national                                          Acquisition
situation the acquisition team                                      activities                  Other
can cooperate with and             Promotion
                                                      Applicati    Tech-      Sales    Info    relevant
coordinate the resources of                              on        nical    communi-   mate-
                                                      admini-     support     cation   rials
other organisations                                   stration

EU (DG)                            flower week, …                                      xxx
International representatives of                                                                   x
industry groups
Ministry, CB, organisations        National flower       x                              x
                                   week activities,
working on behalf of the CB        …

Acquisition team (EMP)                                              x         xxx      (x)
Other organisations with                                                      xx                  xxx
reference or interest to the
subject, doing useful events
and activities (trade-fairs,
media, ..)
retailers, green procurement                                                  xx                  xx
lobby etc.
Set your national strategy
• Especially in countries with strong regional Eco-labels (Nordic
  Swan in the Scandinavian countries, national Eco-labels in A,
  CZ, HU and SK etc.) establish cooperation strategy
    – Harmonisation of national and EU Ecolabel criteria
    – Cooperation in promotion, information and advertising (e.g. sustainable
      weeks in retailer chains, umbrella campaign)
    – Cooperation in acquisiton
    – Double application by the national Competent Body

• The synergy potential of Eco-labels depends on the target market
  of the labelled products > recommend double branding
    – Products for EU market > preference for EU Eco-label
    – Products for regional/local markets > preference for regional Eco-labels
 The regional activity mix…
       … depends on the regional situation. It may be composed of …

     Collaborating with CB                            Lobbying for retailer           Mailing and calling
                                     Key media
    activities (acquisition and        work            and POS activities
    promotion) and resources                                                          (presentations e.g.
                                       Key stakeholder         Lobbying for             at key events)
Identification of high potencial          lobbying           national activities
companies and stakeholders by                                                        Selected face-to-face
   market research (eco-labels,            Partner                                     meetings on site
stakeholders, regional producers         networking
                                                               of info
 for EU market, retailers, events)                                                     Application advice
                                             …                material

  The high potencial eco-companies on their way to the EU Eco-label

      Development of               EU (help desk)           Starter-KIT for         Support for the
    argumentation and             and national info           interested             application
        presentation               materials (web            companies             procedure (CBs,
      (tools, training)              and print)                                    consultants etc.)
  Developing the strategy
The strategic emphasis and the mix of means and measures needs to be
tailored to the regional situation: For instance…

  •   Countries with big Eco-label administration that have already contacted most
      of potential companies:
      > development of strategic basics, stakeholder lobbying and key media work
      > selected contacts
  •   Countries with small EU-EL administration and minimal EU-EL activities:
      > quick market research, network development including administration,
      consultancies, stakeholder lobbying
      > selected events and contacts
  •   Countries with acquisition experience in 1 or 2 product groups but limited in
      other product groups:
      > development of basics (starter-kit, argumentation) also for other countries,
      > selected events and contacts,
       Advice from CBs in countries with particular product group acquisition experience
  •   Different impacts of competitive Eco-labels in the different regions:
      > Development and implementation of a „synergy strategy“between regional and EU
      Eco-label (for instance: double branding)
Best practice examples
     Press events
     Promotion at trade fairs
     Promotion at the point of sales
     Awarding ceremonies
     Workshops for interested companies and schools
     Cooperation campaign of national and EU Ecolabel
Best practice example
International PRESS WORK

 International press conference with
 EU Ecolabel presentation in Paris,
 Texworld 2006 with journalists from
 USA, UK, DE, FR, ES and others.
Best practice example
PROMOTION at trade fairs

TV spot with Ecolabelled producer   EU Ecolabel stand
and Competent Body at the EU        at 4Habitat,
Ecolabel stand, IFA Berlin 2006     Prague, 2007

  Quiz game                                             Product samples at the EU
with Ecolabel                                                    Ecolabel stand at
   TV as first                                              EUROPROPRE, Paris
        price                                                                2007
Best practice example
                         Austrian Minister awarding
                         companies at special awarding
                         events, Vienna 2007

French Competent Body
awarding companies at
EUROPROPRE trade fair,
Paris 2007
Best practice example WORKSHOPs
for companies and schools
    Workshop with companies     Workshos at University “Bicocca” and
    interested in EU Ecolabel   „IULM“, Milano 2007, describing
    Cyprus, 2006                Ecolabel system and labelled products
Promotion at the point of sales
Flower Week Denmark,
campaign 2006
… with media and retailer shops
aimed at families with small

pointing out environmental
+ health + quality benefits of the
EU Ecolabel + Nordic Swan
Advertising in magazines, DK
Weekly specials, DK
Best practice example
EPCA guide for supporting companies
step 1            Steps of Production
A flow chart tells us who does what.
step 2            Research of the suppliers
Next step follows a decision schedule, starting with the first key question:
Does the textile supplier have a flower licence?
If YES: Ask the textile supplier to send their licence number and a
letter stating that qualities in question are covered by the licence.                   STEPS OF PRODUCTION
Fill in application forms (pages 7.8 and 9 of the users manual) and
send the application to the competent body.
If NO leads to the next question:                                                                                           Fibre Suppliers
Has the textile supplier previously provided flower documentation for
another customer?
If YES, then ask them to send the same documentation relevant to your                    Spinners
quality. Check to see that the documentation is up to date, fill in the
application forms and send them to the competent body.
If NO, proceed to step 3.                                                                    Weavers/knitters
Next key question is: Are the suppliers in the flow chart European, Asian or other?
If “European”: proceed to step 3.
If “Asian or other”: Find out if they treat the waste water.                  Dyers/printers                  Wet treament
If YES (they treat their waste water): send pages
88, 89 and 90 to be read and filled in (this is to
 make sure that they conform to the waste water                 Making up
criteria). Proceed to step 3.
If NO: Stop work – cannot certify products.
Step 3.           Assistance towards application
Sort out what pages (users manual) apply to the fibre supplier, the spinner, the knitter and dyer.
Find out whether to contact them directly or whether an agent or any other supplier will do it.
Find out if there is any wet process other than the dyer and who it is.
Send the relevant criteria and accompanying pages to whom they apply. This way they only get some pages rather than the whole users
Make a folder with an index. Place documentation received in the appropriate place in the folder and check it in the index.
When all the documentation is received, send your product for the fitness to use tests (pages 104-109 users manual), fill in the application
forms and send it to the competent body.
If a supplier is not responding, find out the reason. It could be because: (1) they don’t understand what is required of them, (2) they don’t
want to pay for a test, (3) They are just not interested in the flower
It is easier to get a supplier to cooperate if the reason why they are not responding is known.
Remember to always check if the declaration sheets are filled in correctly (date, ticked boxes, stamped and signed). Check that
the tests, safety data sheets and documentation asked for are attached to the declaration.
     Sharpening the arguments
     argumentation needs to be harmonised and trained
       Issue                                                        Argument (towards companies)                                                                Remarks
What‘s the function of      … to inform eco-minded consumers > to raise the market share of eco-products > to boost a sustainable economy

Why should I use an         „ It‘s the best and easiest way to show what your products/company stand for. Be sustainable and communicate it“ +
Eco-label?                  utilise the potential

What’s the benefit or       •    With an Eco-label the costumer will realise your environmental performance. Enhances the company’s image
the necessity to use        •    Utilise the sales advantage of an “additional value” in a highly competitive market. Gives the company a competitive
an Eco-label?                    edge. (but beware: a logo does not replace quality and price policy)
                            •    Join the increasing eco-market (eco-minded consumers) and meet green procurement requirements.
                            •    Use the high credibility and visibility of the official EU logo (strong and reliable criteria, high audit standard, known
                                 throughout Europe)

What’s the use of           Eco-production is a must for sustainability. Eco-friendly products and production is important for the minimisation of the
Eco-production?             impact on environment and health (for you and your children).

What’s the cost-            Initial and running costs: technical adjustments, consulting, certificates, fees,.. These costs are minimal especially when
benefit ratio?              compared with the benefits: information, sales benefit, meeting of procurement requirements, position yourself as a
                            pioneer for sustainability…
What will be the cost                                           Argument (towards companies)
                            Cost will depend on which criteria you already meet and which certificates already exist: costs for technical                    Remarks deliver
                                                                                                                                                              prepare and
in particular?
Why the EU Eco-label?       adjustments, consulting, expertise, application fee, annual fee,... increasing recognition throughout EU (while
                                  It‘s a official and strong European wide standard with an                                                                  concrete figures
                                    national Eco-labels mainly focus on their national market) There are increasingly marketing activities
                                    for the EU Eco-label such as „flower week“, national promotions and visibility will raise also by the
                                    usage of the logo by Eco-labelled companies. Export opportunities

Conflict between national           There should be a synergy of these instruments. For products with European wide marketing
and EU Eco-label?                   activities the EU Eco-label is first choice, more and more.

If I already have the national      It depends of the difference of national and EU criteria which in some countries are already very near        Check harmonisation of criteria
Eco-label: How difficult is it      or harmonised. In some countries you can get „both labels“ in one procedure for one fee and ride a            and check the compatibility of
to get the EU Eco-label?            „double branding“ strategy.                                                                                   the application processes

How to use the EU Eco-label         In your own interest: Use the logo offensive in your promotion and advertising; dedicate a part of
efficiently?                        advertisment budget for Eco-label promotion. „Being labelled“ is not enough.

What’s the support by the           EU-Eco-label promotion and national activities depending on the national CB: promotion, media                 Prepare regional info; animate
EU or by the national CB?           information, subsidies, tax reliefs etc.                                                                      public acitivities
Individual networking strategy

          Core team of „Initiators“                             Key stakeholders

           CB                                                     „Partners“                   strategic
                                    EMP regional partner
                                                                      Key stakeholders
                                                                     For instance key branch
Organisations                        list with                           representations
 working on
behalf of CB                                                                 Key media
                                       marketing, application
   working on behalf of                                                        Key trade fairs
the CB: administration,
    technical expertise,                                                       Others
Identify the key stakeholders
                       Acquisition Team
                                                     Ministry or other organisation

                                                      Federal environm.

  Trade fairs

          Special                                                            NGO‘s
                     mass        Chambers of                                     Association
                     media        commerce

                               Industry and trade
                                                                               Labels (e.g.
                                                                              national Eco-
   General public                                    Environm.
   Contacting the companies

                     for groups of
 Key stake-          companies                                                 Application
 holder                                             On-going
                                                    communication              by CB
                                                    phone-call, meeting etc.
                                     meetings                                                   • Awarding
                     Phone-call                                                                   event
                                                                                                • Marketing
                                                                                                • Promotion
                                                                   support by
                                                                   consultants in the
          mailing                                                  certification process,
                                                                   supporting the company
                                                                   until fullfillment of the      Acquisiteur
                                                                   criteria.                      Technical support
Data base development                                                                             Key stakeholders
(contacts, mailing lists etc.)       indirect info                                                CB administration
                                     (media, trade fairs,
                                     products, promotions)                                        Media & events
Key personnel of companies
Always try to contact the key persons who are involved in the
innovation/development and the decision process of a company.

          Key personnel of
          potential applicants:                           Green
                                    Key personnel of
          • CEO                                           demand:
          • Environmental manager                         • consumers
                                    • CEO
          • marketing                                     • Public purchasers
                                    • Central buying
          • Sales                                         • Private company
                                    • Marketing
          • Product chief…                                  purchasers (focus:
                                    • POS shop managers
                                                            green companies)
Standard timetable
            Steps           1-2            3-4       5-6           7-8           9-10        11-12    later

Concept, management and   Concept 1                                                       Report &
documentation                                                                            concept 2

                          Basic market

1. preparation                 Team of

                                 and Info-tools

                                                    Key stakeholder contacts

                                                  Key events, workshops, media
2. performance
                                                          Company contacts          result
Never forget the web
EU Eco-label                                                    Eco-label
website                                                         catalogue


                              National Ecolabel websites with
                                        Eco-label information
    EU Eco-label from Bruxelles                                                                                                                 Green
                                                           In general EU website and                               Flower                       flyer
                             Consumer                                           web-catalogue                       news
                             INFO KIT                            EU Eco-       (2 per year)
                                                                 label flyer
                                                                 (2 per year)                                fact-sheets
10 brochures
                                                                                                                                         for producers
    (currently available in 11 languages in June
    available updated, in a new layout and in the 19                       ernews_en.htm
    EU languages)
•   New general brochure (the old version was the 'at-a-                                            Business fact sheets
    glance' Eco-label guide)                                                                            (for producers and retailers,
•   Home cleaning+washing up: All-purpose cleaners-                                                     available online in pdf-format, Additional fact sheets:
    cleaners for sanitary facilities, hand as well as                                                   soon in 19 languages)
    machine dishwashing detergents and laundry             3 thematic brochures                                                                  •   Dishwashers
                                                                (currently in fr, in June           1. Existing fact sheets:                     •   light bulbs
    detergents (former: Household Detergents)
                                                                available updated, in a new                  •    Tissue papers                  •
•   Appliances: Dishwashers, washing machines,                                                                                                       televisions
    refrigerators (former: Household Appliances)                layout and in the 19 EU                      •    Fridges                        •   vacuum cleaners
•   Computers and TVs: Personal and portable                    languages)                                   •    Personal Computers             •   washing machines
    computers, TVs (former part of: Office Equipment       •    In the office: Computers,                    •    Portable Computers             •   copying and graphic
    and Supplies)                                               paper products and light                     •    Camp sites                         paper
•   Paper products: Copying and graphic paper and               bulbs                                        •    Hand dishwashing               •   bed mattresses
    tissue paper products (former: Household Tissue
                                                           •    In the kitchen: detergents and                    detergents                     •   soil improvers
    Paper and part of: Office Equipment and Supplies)
                                                                appliances + tissue paper                    •    Detergents for dishwashers
•   Household furnishings: Bed mattresses and textile                                                                                            •   lubricants
    products (former: Bedding and Mattresses)              •    In the house: Household                      •    All purpose cleaners and
                                                                furnishings, DIY, appliances                      cleaners for sanitary
•   DIY: Hard floor coverings, indoor paints and
                                                                and light bulbs + detergents +                    facilities
    varnishes and lubricants (former: Do-It-Yourself)                                                                                
                                                                tissue paper                                 •    Textile products             mm/environment/ecol
•   Gardening: Soil improvers (former: Gardening)
                                                                                                             •    Footwear                     abel/marketing/brochu
•   Wardrobe: Footwear and clothes (former: Clothing                                                                                           res_en.htm
    and footwear)                                             •    Footwear
                                                           /ecolabel/marketing/brochures_consu               •    Landry detergents
•   Holiday: Camp site service and tourist
    accommodation service (NEW)                                                                              •    Paints and varnishes
Producing taylormade
info packages

  Available info    additional
    material       taylormade

   national CB

Preparing info packages
… and put it into
• the “green-box” for handing it over to
  highly interested company
  representatives and key stakeholders
  to set an “anchor” towards application
  and provide practical assistence
• Info material set
• Powerpoint presentation

         Content can be ...
         • editorial letter, consumer flyer, fact sheet, application
           pack, verification pack, Flower News, etc.
Documentation of contacting
In Excel ..

              .. or in
Borrow a Roll-up or print
your poster
Image wall to present the EU Eco-label visually
Application: at events, fairs, press conferences,
Available in English, Spanish, French, German
at: DG ENV.

Reciting the key interests of consumers,
producers and purchasers
Available as pdf (in English, German, French,
Czech and …) for printing in format A1
Application: in the office, at events or on black
Adopt the standard ppt
Standard presentation content
    •   Welcome, overview
    •   regulation and scheme
    •   System (DG, EUEB, CBs, …)
    •   Criteria (mandatory, optional)
    •   The way to the Eco-label (application procedure)
    •   Cost and benefit (arguments)
    •   Fee
    •   EU and CB support (marketing)
    •   How to use the EL logo efficiently
    •   Support (national CB, consultants,..)
    •   Emotional plea

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