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					Takachiho Co., Ltd.


Takachiho Co., Ltd.                                                       Financial Snapshot

                                                                          Operating Performance
Fast Facts
                                                                          The company reported revenue of US$134.66 million
Headquarters Address             5888, Ozushima, Nagano, 381-0022,Japan
                                                                          during the fiscal year 2011 (2011). The company's
                                                                          revenue grew at a CAGR of 6.05% during 2007–
Telephone                        + 81 26 2216677
                                                                          2011, with an annual decline of 8.10% over 2010. In
                                                                          2011, the company recorded an operating margin of
Fax                              + 81 26 2213218                          0.58%, as against -9.10% in 2010.

Website                          www.takachiho-net.co.jp
                                                                          Revenue and Margins
Ticker Symbol, Stock Exchange    9949, Osaka Stock Exchange

Number of Employees              259

Fiscal Year End                  March

Revenue (in US$ million)         134.66

Revenue (in JPY million)         11,827.55

                                                                          Return on Equity

                                                                          The company recorded a return on equity (ROE) of
                                                                          0.12% for 2011, as compared to its peers, Traveler
                                                                          Corp. (Ticker: 9838), Sanyodo Books Inc. (Ticker:
                                                                          3058) and Clinton Cards Plc (Ticker: CC), which
                                                                          recorded ROEs of 22.96%, -4.35% and -65.44%
                                                                          respectively. The company reported an operating
                                                                          margin of 0.58% in 2011.

                                                                          Return on Equity

                                                                          Liquidity Position

                                                                          The company reported a current ratio of 0.74 in 2011,
                                                                          as compared to its peers, Traveler Corp., Sanyodo
                                                                          Books Inc. and Clinton Cards Plc, which recorded
                                                                          current ratios of 0.98, 0.70 and 0.72 respectively. As
                                                                          of March 2011, the company recorded cash and
                                                                          short-term investments of worth US$7.03 million,
                                                                          against US$6.97 million current debt. The company
                                                                          reported a debt to equity ratio of 2.62 in 2011 as
                                                                          compared to its peers, Traveler Corp., Sanyodo
                                                                          Books Inc. and Clinton Cards Plc, which recorded
                                                                          debt to equity ratios of 0.90, 1.58 and 2.33


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Takachiho Co., Ltd.



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