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Education Data Warehouse (EDW)

              Built by a Partnership Between
              the Vermont Data
              Consortium and the Vermont
              Department of Education
“I suppose you want an immediate answer”
Why are we here?

In most schools we have a tremendous amount of data, but we lack
information because we can not easily see the patterns that exist.
Somewhere in the maze of state assessments, local assessments,
standardized tests, perception surveys, pilot projects, and
demographic information lie answers and important insights to our
most important questions:
          What’s working?
          What’s not working?
          How can we improve the education for all of our students?
The Vermont Department of Education and the Vermont Data
Consortium are committed to develop a system that supports
educators and policy makers in data-based decision making for
school improvement.
What is the Education Data

   It is not a Student Management System (daily
    transactional system)

It is:
 a collection of data from multiple data sources
 a place to easily view and analyze data
 a key support to data-driven decision making
Who is the Vermont Data
Consortium (VDC)?

     A consortium of 23 SUs/SDs – 40,436 students
   Addison Central SU         North Country SU
   Addison Northeast SU       Orange Windsor SU
   Addison Northwest SU       Orleans Southwest SU
   Addison Rutland SU         Rutland Central SU
   Barre SU                   Rutland City SD
   Bennington Rutland SU      Rutland Northeast SU
   Caledonia North SU         South Burlington SD
   Chittenden Central SU      Washington Central SU
   Chittenden South SU        Washington South SU
   Franklin Northeast SU      Windham Northeast SU
   Lamoille North SU          Windham Southeast SU
   Lamoille South SU
Where we have been:

   Initial investigation of products and services by local
    schools and districts – Fall 2002
   Interested schools and districts form Vermont Data
    Consortium (VDC) – Fall 2003
   Commissioner Cate proposes a partnership
    between the DOE and VDC and recommends that a
    project team be formed – Dec 2003
   VDC and DOE hire staff for project – May 2004                     (Note:
    Some of the initial staff are still involved with the project.)
Where we have been: (cont.)

    Finalize MOU with DOE – May 2004
    RFP developed and issued July 2004, re-issued August
    Detailed evaluation and selection process – Sept to Nov
    Select vendor (TetraData) and negotiate contract –
     December 2004
    Begin work with contractor – February 2005
    VDC moves into their first office in Montpelier – July 2005
    VDC hires two additional part time staff– July 2005
Where we have been: (cont.)

    Initial trainings with EDW – July, August, September
    Additional DOE, SU, and school staff trained – Fall
    Security (initial user accounts available) – Oct 2005
    Professional development focusing on data-based
     decision making for school improvement with
     nationally-recognized consultant, Dr. Victoria
     Bernhardt – Nov & Dec 2005
Where we have been: (cont.)

   VDC personnel trained on TetraData Local
    Warehouse building process – Winter/Spring 2006
   First SU warehouses with integrated local-state data
    – April-June 2006
   VDC personnel begin supporting with SUs/SDs on
    local data extracts – April 2006
   Additional VDC Members have initial local data
    integrated with state data – Fall 2006
Where we have been: (cont.)

   Summer/Fall 2007 – Expansion of the local
    warehouse model (more assessments, attendance,
    discipline, program/intervention, extra-curricular,
    standards-based report card)
   Winter 2008 – First annual NECAP workshops
    planned to work with NECAP summary and item
    level data
   School Year 2008-2009 – DOE grant allows VDC to
    provide basic membership to all Vermont SUs/SDs
VDC Benefits

1.   Data Access: Access (as appropriate) to all
     data in the system down to the individual
     student level AND access to full suite of data
     warehouse analysis tools
2.   Local Data: Ability to add local data to the
     system and relate it to State data
3.   Training and Professional Development
4.   Collaboration: Share data queries & reports as
     well as local assessment info, data-based
     decision making, etc.
VDC Membership

            Level 1 - ($1,750)                             Level 2/3 - ($3,000 or $5,000)
5 EDW User Accounts for any staff in the SU/SD      8 or “Unlimited” EDW User Accounts for any staff in the
that the superintendent approves                    SU/SD that the superintendent approves
Training for each EDW user account                  Training for each EDW user account
Support throughout the year for each user account   Support throughout the year for each user account
(typically phone & email support)                   (typically phone & email support)
Free attendance at VDC-sponsored workshops that     Free attendance at an VDC-sponsored workshops that
focus on specialty topics like NECAP or Special     focus on specialty topics like NECAP or Special
Education data                                      Education data
NECAP roster and individual reports and             NECAP roster and individual reports and enrollment
enrollment reports based on EDW data                reports based on EDW data
Collaborate with other SUs/SDs                      Collaborate with other SUs/SDs
                                                    Creation and maintenance of a Local Data Warehouse
                                                    based on the Common District Model and linked to the
                                                    state warehouse by the state student id#
                                                    5 or 8 days of VDC staff time to work on
                                                    creation/maintenance of the local warehouse, facilitate
                                                    customized workshops, and build customized reports
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