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					                         Samuel G. Cooke
                      American Legion Post 267
              Legionnaire Express
                          Volume 9 Issue 3
                     Editors: Vickie Dikes/Hazel Taylor
                                                                           “Celebrating Excellence”
                         February/March 2010
  Commander’s Message                                                             From the Senior Vice
Greetings Legionnaires and SAL
members:                                                                    Greetings, Legionnaires,
I hope everyone had a joyous                                                I would like to thank all for their
Holiday season. The post had                                                exemplary efforts on Membership
several special events during the                                           thus far this year. We are still
holiday season. We started off with    From the Squadron Commander
                                                                            targeting an all time high, we are
the Thanksgiving basket giveaway                                            presently at 1873. Our membership
to needy families in November.         Greetings Members:                   special is in effect from 1 March thru
The Christmas party for the                                                 30 March. Active Duty joining for
Tuskegee Veterans chaired by           Happy New Year Members, hope         the first time $13.50, Retirees and
Legionnaire Jeannette Mackey, we       you had a safe holiday period. I     Veterans $20.00. Let’s get out and
had about 50 veterans to attend and    want to thank those of you who       sign up and renew as many members
it was a very fulfilling experience    took the time to renew your          as possible during this special. This
to see these veterans out and                                               is the last one before the Legion year
                                       membership for the year 2010.
enjoying themselves. The                                                    ends. We will be setup behind the
Children’s Christmas party             There are still many more of you
                                       who have not renewed. Please         door every Thursday and Saturday
chaired by Chairperson Jeff                                                 during this special. We must
McBride was a big success, with        take the time to renew your
                                                                            continue to sell the benefit of being a
over 200 children attending and        membership as soon as possible. I
                                                                            member of the American Legion to
each child received a gift, and over   If you are an adult Squadron         all who are eligible. We must close
70 received bicycles. Our next         member and would like to help out    out this legion year with a bang on
three events, members, patrons         with our juniors in the squadron,    membership, Only 2 months left. I
Christmas party, New Year’s Eve        please contact me.                   close by thanking all those who have
bash, many Legionnaires showed                                              become Gold Brigade members
up for all of the events. Thanks to    The next meeting for the Squadron    again. Keep up the good work.
managers King and Abraham and
                                       is scheduled for April 10, 2010 @
their committee for these                                                   For God and Country
events...Great job. We closed out a    12:00 at the Post.
                                                                            Nathaniel King Sr Vice Cdr
great year in 2009. This year’s
administration was the best ever;
we accomplished projects that we       Freddie Green
only talked about for years. I want    Squadron Commander                              Table of Contents
us to continue striving to make our
post better. I am looking for a few                                          Commander; SAL Commander, SR Vice
good Legionnaires to come on                                                 Commander                           Pg 1
board this year. I solicit your                                              Sr Vice Cont, Oratorical, Chaplain,
support to come out and help us in                                           Children & Youth                    Pg 2
the upcoming year. Thank you.                                                President, Veteran History          Pg 3
                                                                             January, February, March
                                                                             Birthdays                           Pg 4
Walter “Eddie” Saffold                                                       Upcoming events, Gold Brigade
                                                                             Qualifiers, Special announcements Pg 5
For God and Country                                                          Adjutant’s Desk                     Pg 6

Walter “Eddie” Saffold                        Legionnaire Express                                            1
                                              Samuel G. Cooke               February/March 2010

                                            Chaplain’s Corner                  CHILDREN & YOUTH
        NEWSLETTER                    Let me start my article by saying   I would like to thank everyone for
                                      Happy New year and for all to be    the donations of bikes, toys, and
The newsletter is currently being     blessed. We’ve had a number of      gifts for the Christmas party. We
published every other month.          Legionnaires and family             gave away approximately 70
We try to ensure that all             members that are going or have      bikes, and lots of toys making
upcoming events and anything          gone through trials and             sure that no child left empty
of importance is included in the      tribulations of late, please
                                                                          handed. We served over two
newsletter. We ask that if you        remember them in your prayers.
                                      Legionnaires Aubrey Batts,          hundred children in the
have a computer, please visit the                                         community. The Christmas party
website @ www.american                Curtis Lewis, Felisa Jackson,
                                      Jeff McBride, AJ Jackson and        was a huge success, and I hope The                                                    that we can do a lot better for this
                                      Past Commander Terrell Hudson
information on the website is         have either been ill or             year. I would like to thank
always current.                       hospitalized, but all are doing     everyone on Children and Youth
                                      fine now. One of our hardest        Committee, the Ladies and Junior
                                      working Legionnaires, Adjutant      Auxiliary members, for helping
     Thank you Thank you              Hazel Taylor just had eye           out with this event. Special thanks
                                      surgery so she can continue her     to Sarah Anderson and Willie
Thanks to all who prepared the food   work which she dearly loves.
                                                                          Patrick for transporting the bikes.
for our Black History Program.        Legionnaire Jeannette Shaw’s
Special thanks to Edgar Johnson       mother was hospitalized but is
and Freddie Green for working the     now out. Mr. Tony Pugh,
kitchen and ensuring that the line    brother of Legionnaire Idell                  Jeff McBride
was prepared. Thanks to Celia         Kimbell is now in Rehab in                    Chairperson
Williams, Faye Jackson, Rosie         Warms Springs Georgia.
Reynolds and Sarah Anderson for       I do have two deaths to report;
staying on the serving line. The      Legionnaire Kathy Johnson
following men did an outstanding      and Ms Janice Pugh, mother                   Congratulations
job on the meats as well:             of Legionnaire Idell Kimbell
Commander Saffold, Lester                                                 Congratulations to Junior
                                      have both gone to their eternal
Medlock, Freddie Green and Jeff                                           Auxiliary member, Teriyana
                                      I am so proud of all of you for     McCray, Grand-daughter of
                                      being there for each other and      Vickie Smith-Dikes on making
                                      truly caring for one another.       the principal’s list and for being
The Post will host Live
Entertainment by J&J                  This is what family is all          selected to be filmed for a Girl
Entertainment-featuring Cathy         about, Thank you.                   Scouts commercial. Teriyana
Love, 1st & 3rd Friday of each        Also, thank you for the             attends Hannan Magnet
month effective 5 March 2010 from     support you have given me           Academy
8-10:00pm. Please come out and        since day one of my duties. I
support the Post.                     can’t do this without God or

                                      Brenda Harris/Chaplain

                                      “Always Say a Prayer”

                                           Legionnaire Express                                            2
                                                     Samuel G. Cooke                         February/March 2010

Greetings from your President
I pray everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year. 2009 was a positive and productive year
for us, (we Truly got back on track). I seize this opportunity to thank the Auxiliary and the dual members for all
your support; I am honored to serve as your President. A special thanks to our Legionnaires and SAL family
for being committed and dedicated to the unit, without you it would not be possible for us to exceed in our
commitment for GOD and COUNTRY.
We had an awesome President Obama celebration, and the Ms Auxiliary pageant will be in March, please come out
and show your support. It is time for us to select young ladies who will be attending Girls State for 2010. If you
need further information, do not hesitate to contact Jeannette Shaw.
We must acknowledge and congratulate our Junior Auxiliary, Erin Rogers and Deanna McKinney job well done on
your report card.
Juniors, please submit your accomplishment(s) so you can be recognized.
The Junior Auxiliary would like to thank their godfather, Joe for all the wonderful Christmas presents.

Auxiliary members, let’s get ready for the challenges that lay ahead of us! Let us remember to pray for our troops
and their families.

For God and Country
Vanessa Jackson

 Black History Month was established in 1976 by Afro-Americans for the Study of Afro-American Life and History. The
month-long celebration was an expansion of Negro History Week, which was established in 1926 by Carter G. Woodson,
director of what was then known as the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History. The celebration may have had its
origins in the separate efforts of Mary Church Terrell, a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., and the African American
collegiate fraternity Omega Psi Phi. The former had begun the practice of honoring Frederick Douglass on February 14, the
date he used to mark his birth. The Omegas established a "Negro Achievement Week" in 1924. Woodson was friends with
Mary Church Terrell and worked with her and the National Council of Colored Women to preserve Douglass' home and
personal papers. Woodson was also a member of Omega Psi Phi. While Terrell's celebration of Douglass was a local event and
the Omega Achievement Week was part of their community outreach, Woodson broadened the scope of the celebration in three
significant ways. First, he conceived of the event as a national celebration, sending out a circular to groups across the United
States. Secondly, he sought to appeal to both whites and blacks and to improve race relations. For this reason, he chose
President Lincoln's birthday as well as Douglass'. Finally, Woodson viewed Negro History Week as an extension of ASNLH's
effort to demonstrate to the world that Africans and peoples of African descent had contributed to the advance of history. Each
year, ASNLH would select a national theme and provide scholarly and popular materials to focus the nation's "study" of Negro
history. As such, Negro History Week was conceived as a means of undermining the foundation of the idea of black inferiority
through popular information grounded in scholarship. The theme, chosen by the founders of Black History Month, for 2007 is
"From Slavery to Freedom, Africans in the Americas."

The Negro History Week Movement took hold immediately. At first it was celebrated almost exclusively by African
Americans, taking place outside of the view of the wider society. Increasingly, however, mayors and governors, especially in
the North, began endorsing Negro History Week and promoting interracial harmony. By the time of Woodson's death in 1950,
Negro History Week had become a well-established cultural institution.

                                                   Legionnaire Express                                                         3
                                         Samuel G. Cooke          February/March 2010

                                                                Thanks Thanks Thanks
Happy Birthday to the     Happy Birthday to the
following Legionnaires    following Legionnaires who            Thanks to the following
who have birthdays        have birthdays during the             people for making the
during the month of       month of March:                       Thanksgiving basket
February                                                        giveaway possible for Nov
                          Turner Saffold                1       2009
Dorothy Russell       1   Aubrey Batts                  4
Deborah Colon         2   Jeff McBride                  5       Eddie Saffold
Robert Colon          2   Eureka Toney                  6       Nathaniel King
Carelton Pearson      2   Anthony Cromartie             9       Carl Nelson
William Seals         5   Robert Dorsey               12        Timothy Foxworth
Charles Smith         5   John Perkins                12        James Overstreet
Rodrick Smith         5   Dawna Robinson              14        Philip Hamer
Norman Smalls         6   Rosie Reynolds              19        Chucks’ Bonding Company
Matthew Walker        6   Thomas Brown                21        Vickie Dikes
William Lane          9   Curtis Weeks                24        Robine Butler
Geraldine Anderson   10   Ricky Corbin                30        George Womack
Chuck Fortson        10   Art Garrett                 31        Brenda Harris
James Newton         12                                         Jeannette Shaw
Lugene Sneed         10                                         Martin Pace
Stephanie Shaw       19                                         Ricardo Lane
Timothy Walker       19                                         Vicente Sampson
Josie Nelson         19                                         Alvin McEady
Jeannette Shaw       20                                         Bennie Swint
Milton Russell       22                                         Shevon Thomas
James Sandifer       24                                         Pat Liddell
Arthur Brown         26                                         Al Abraham
Prince Smalls        26                                         Charlie Jacobs
Brenda Harris        28                                         James Newton
Benny Wright         28                                         Edgar Johnson
                                                                Potiphar Miles
                                Happy Belated Birthday          Willie Collier
                                                                Robert Giles
                           Happy Belated Birthday to            Jeff McBride
                          Theodrick Garner who                  Anita Holmes-Swint
                          celebrated his birthday on
                          January 26.                           Special Thanks to Garden
                                     V                          Fresh produce and Phenix
                          Remember if you do not see your       Food Company.
                          birthday in the newsletter, it is
                          because the neither Adjutant nor
                             c                                  We collected a total of
                          Assistant Adjutant has it. Please
                          feel free to contact one of them if   $615.00 and only spent
                          you want your birthday                $566.00 . The remainder has
                          published in the newsletter           been given back to the Post.

                            p        Legionnaire Express                                       4
                                                Samuel G. Cooke                   February/March 2010

        Upcoming Events                  Valentine's Day or Saint               Gold Brigade Qualifiers
                                         Valentine's Day is a holiday
             February                    celebrated on February 14 by          Congratulations to the following
10 Executive Board meeting               many people throughout the            recruiters who have gotten off to
12 Fort Benning Training Holiday         world. In the West, it is the         a good start. Thanks to all of you
14 Scholarship Dance                                                           who have taken the time to renew
                                         traditional day on which lovers
14 Valentine’s Day                                                             your 2010 membership as well:
                                         express their love for each other
15 President’s Day                       by sending Valentine's cards,
21 General Membership                                                          Nathaniel King            592
                                         presenting flowers, or offering       Al Abraham                 52
   Meeting/Monthly Birthday
   Celebration/Black History             confectionery. The holiday is         Vickie Dikes               50
   Program                               named after two among the             Inge Teal-King             50
                                         numerous Early Christian martyrs      Shevon Thomas              50
               March                     named Valentine. The day              Patricia Liddell           38
1-31 Women’s History Month               became associated with romantic       Jeff McBride               37
17 Executive Board                       love in the circle of Geoffrey        Willie Patrick             37
19-21 American Legion Birthday           Chaucer in the High Middle Ages,      Hazel Taylor               31
      Spring Conference in Marietta                                            Edgar Johnson              17
                                         when the tradition of courtly love
      Georgia                                                                  Eddie Saffold              14
                                         flourished.                           Carl Nelson                12
28 General Membership
Meeting/American Legion                                                        Sue James                  10
Anniversary Program/Monthly                                                    AJ Jackson                 10
                                         In 1981, responding to the            Freddie Green               9
Birthday Celebration
                                         growing popularity of the event,      Martin Pace                 7
                                         Congress passed a resolution          Deborah Colon               5
               April                                                           Gregory Kelly               5
14 Executive Board Meeting
                                         recognizing Women's History
                                         Week. This week was well              Alvin McEady                4
18 General Membership
   Meeting/Monthly Birthday              received, and soon after, schools
                                         across the country began to have      Please see the SR Vice/Adjutant/
   Celebration                                                                 Assistant Adjutant to get details
                                         their own local celebrations. The
                                                                               on recruiting incentives. Recruit
              May                        next year, leaders from the           50 new members to become a Gold
12 Executive Board Meeting               California group shared their         Brigade member. Recruit 25 new
16 General Membership                    project at the Women's History        members to become a Silver Brigade
   meeting/Monthly Birthday              Institute at Sarah Lawrence           member. There are other incentives
   Celebration                           College. Other participants not       you can earn as a recruiter such as
28 Fort Benning Training Holiday         only became determined to begin       money.
31 Memorial Day                          their own local Women's History
                                         Week projects, but also agreed to
From your Service Officer                support an effort to have
                                         Congress declare a national
Greetings:                               Women's History Month. The
As your Service Officer I would like
                                         popularity of women's history
to ensure that you know that my
service is available to you. If you
                                         celebrations continues to spread
need help with filing a claim or even    as more people are becoming
completing paperwork, please know        aware of the contributions of
that I am available to assist you. If    women and girls. Some of the
you call and I don’t answer, please      groups promoting this interest are
leave a message and I will get to you.   state historical societies, women's
You can call me at 706-565-0637.         organizations, and groups such as
                                         the Girl Scouts
   Service Officer Pat Liddell

                                              Legionnaire Express                                               5
                                              Samuel G. Cooke                      February/March 2010

   Samuel G. Cooke
 American Legion Post 267
     P.O. Box 12463
  Columbus, GA 31917
    (706) 687-5678

 Return service requested

                                          The Adjutant’s Desk
I want to start off by thanking all                     I                          If you have a change of address,
                                        We are still accepting new members         please notify the Adjutant or
the members who donated monies
                                        and renewals for the Post. Please mail     Assistant Adjutant.
and bicycles for our Annual
                                        in or come by the Post to renew your
Children’s Christmas Party. All of
                                        membership for 2010.
you are to be commended for your
constant volunteerism. Many of                                                     “Well done is better than well
                                        The Post Newsletter is only published
you give year after and it is greatly                                              said” (Benjamin Franklin)
Appreciated. This program would         every two months and we want all
                                        members to know what is going on at
not be a success without members
like you. YOU KNOW WHO
                                        the Post. Please check out our website          Hazel B. Taylor
                                        at for              Adjutant
YOU ARE! We also want to thank
                                        the most up to date information and
the Ladies Auxiliary for their
                                        events. National Headquarters has a
support and donations.
                                        schedule for sending out renewal
                                        notices; they are July, October,
Our television raffle was a success-
but I did not win the television.       January, March and May. Renew
                                        your membership on the first renewal
The winner was Ms Carol Ben.
Many thanks to all of you who           notice and avoid future notices. Your
                                        renewal notice is pre-addressed to
purchased tickets as well as those
                                        arrive at Post 267, when you mail it in.
who sold tickets-you made it a big
success.                                We had a wonderful time at the Pre-
                                        Valentine Day Dance which is a fund
This Legion year is moving right        raiser for our Annual Scholarship.
                                        Hope that those that came out enjoyed
along, we are preparing for the
                                        it as well.
Spring Conference in March.

                                           Legionnaire Express                                               6

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