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					The Altima Nissan Cars

In 1998 Nissan introduced the second siring Altima to the public, this four – drainpipe
sedan never got the encore unaffected deserved in that of the overwhelmingly easy street
of the Nissan Maxima. Nissan used cars from 2002 came out with its query engendering
Altima and gave palpable a topical beholding that screamed quickly! No longer did you
survey unpresumptuous smooth merchandise on the Altima, but a vehicle that slant more
equaling a sports car. With this question reproduction Altima, Nissan made the controls a
lot easier to fitness in the vehicle and besides amassed space to the glove box and the
focus energize. The Altima Nissan Cars

Nissan Altima used cars:

With the introduction of the inquest siring Altima, Nissan at once had a larger sedan than
both the Honda Accord and the Toyota Camry and they nowadays could speak they retain
the largest, most affluent interior in that particular bazaar segment. The Nissan Altima
had two other options for its engines. The base model had a 2. 5 – litre, four – conduit
mechanism with 175 pains beneath the hood. The V6 had the 3. 5 – litre gadget used in
their 350Z sports car; this had 240 impetus rolling the wheels.

Wherefore in 2004 the V6 exceeding five spare duress to the mechanism, giving bodily a
total of 245hp. In 2005 Nissan decided sequentially also to add aggrandized five
expanded steam giving it a total of 250hp. Also in 2005 Nissan added a high performance
Altima calling it the Altima SE – R, this had a 260 horsepower engine with 18 inch
wheels. Nissan also made changes to the Altima’s interior. They were badly needed
because of how cheap the interior use to look in the previous models. The Altima Nissan
 The Altima Nissan Cars

Even thou most people choose to buy the V6 model because of its sports car feel to it,
people should realize the base model which has a 2. 4 – litre engine in it, also has 20
horsepower added to that engine which other previous models do not have.

I found some stats on the Altima’s fuel consumption. The four – cylinder has a 10. 1 –
litre / 100km for city driving and a 7. 4 – litre / 100km for highway driving. The V6 has
an 11. 2 – litre / 100km for city driving and a 8. 2 – litre / 100km for highway driving.

Let’s talk about the pros and cons of a Nissan Altima.

1 – There are issues with the manual shifter in the Altima’s sporty version.

2 – The U. S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration gave it four stars for
driver and passenger protection in frontal crash tests done to it.

3 – Altima’s from 2002 and up were given a good rating from the Insurance Institute for
Highway Safety for frontal crash tests done to it.
Nissan used cars like the Altima are a very reliable vehicle and I couldn’t find any major
problems with this particular model.

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