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									Assignment #4 – Travel Inc Prototype
The Problem you’re solving
The VP liked your demo so much, he’s asked for a basic prototype of the site. However,
the VP didn’t like the idea of the travel packages.

The Approach
Create a website called TravelSite. Here are your requirements
    Create a dummy login page that requires a user id and password that are stored in
       the web.config file. There should be 2 user ids, one for a “user” and for an
       “administrator.” Only the “administrator” should see the administrator pages.
    Create an administrators page where an XML file can be uploaded of the format
       provided (see the XML file sample). Keep all of the flights, hotels and cars in
       memory. Your website has to access having multiple files uploaded (though one
       at a time).
    On the administrators page, or on a different page, show what flights, hotels and
       car rentals are in memory.
    Create a set of pages that allows a user to put together their own travel plans,
       which consist of one or more flights, zero or more hotels and zero or more car
       rentals. Allow the user to buy the travel plan, and possibly create a new one.
    Provide a check out screen that offers the user a couple of different ways to pay.
       When they have paid, empty the user’s shopping cart.
    Keep track of which cities have the most activity, for example a flight bought that
       leaves Toronto and goes to Mexico City counts once for each city, and a car rental
       for Toronto counts for Toronto as well. Provide an administrator screen that
       shows all of the cities that have a count of one or more.

Technical Documentation
In your technical document provide a diagram that shows how your site flows. Briefly
describe how you are managing flights, hotels and car rentals and what you would do if
this was the real site. Briefly describe your object model. Briefly describe how you are
managing the shopping cart.
At the top of your documentation include your name, student ID (if you know it) and
preferred email address for receiving your marks at.

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