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Assignment 3 - variant


c sharp exercise and assingment

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									Assignment #3 – Variant:Shorter - Travel Inc Demo site
The Problem you’re solving
Travel Inc likes the idea of having a website where users can buy travel tickets, however
they are still trying to get their budget confirmed. Your boss has decided that what they
really need is a prototype of the website that they can demo to the VP, to help get the
funding needed.

The Approach
Create a website called TravelSite. Here are your requirements
    Create a dummy login page that requires a user id and password that are stored in
       the web.config file
    Create a page that shows a list of travel packages (kept in the application object)
       that are available to a user, in a summary form. Create a buy link that will put the
       item in a shopping cart for the user (consider using a LinkButton rather than
    Create
    Create a class to represent a travel package. A travel package consists of:
            o A marketing title
            o A set of dates of departure flights, return flights, and specific airlines for
               each departure/return pair
            o A price
            o A list of hotels
            o A description
    Create a check out page that shows the amount the user owes.
    Create an administration page where a travel package can be filled out, and when
       it’s submitted, add it to the list of track packages you are keeping in the
       application object.

Technical Documentation
In your technical document provide a diagram that shows how your site flows. Briefly
describe how you are managing the travel packages and what you would do if this was
the real site. Briefly describe your object model. Briefly describe how your are managing
the shopping cart.
At the top of your documentation include your name, student ID (if you know it) and
preferred email address for receiving your marks at.

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