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									Health & Safety in ICT
    1. In pairs, analyse your partner’s normal seating posture and workstation to identify
       any problems which might arise. Show them how to correctly adjust their operator’s
       chair and workstation.

     Partner’s posture and workstation                            Resulting health & safety concerns

    2. Read the attached photocopies. On a separate sheet, use mind-mapping
       techniques to make notes on all of the health and safety issues.

    3. Analyse a piece of software on the network and identify any potential health and
       safety issues – Explain how they could be alleviated in the design of the software.

Software analysed:

      Potential health and safety issue                              How this could be alleviated

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\8cbb88bb-470a-4fa7-9b21-08a3b4910512.doc                                        1
    4. Read the supplied photocopies and chapter 6 of your textbooks – ‘Working with IT’.

    5. Create an A4 poster giving information to employers on health and safety legislation
       with regards to use of ICT. It should give advice on how they can reduce health
       and safety risks.

             The poster is a monitoring assessment and is to be submitted for
              assessment by the end of the week.

             You may use a range of further sources of information and the use of the
              Internet is highly encouraged.

             The poster will be assessed as follows…

                Health and safety legislation information                  30
                Advice on how to reduce risks                              35
                Range of ICT skills used                                   10
                Quality of presentation                                    25
                Total                                                  100 marks

             Grade boundaries (%): A (70), B (60), C (50), D (40), E (30)

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\8cbb88bb-470a-4fa7-9b21-08a3b4910512.doc                             2

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