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									PVI Student Placements

  Gold or Dross?

  Jo Tulloch, June 2011
The Context

    Need to improve SW education / training

    Increasing use of PVI placements – “vast

    No research found on fit between SW
     training and PVI sector placements
The Issues

    PVI agencies may have different:
      aims
      professional approaches to their work

      understanding of the social work role &

      motivation for taking students

     than statutory social work agencies.

     Does this matter?
First, the problems

    Motivation = labour & funds to meet capacity
    Limited awareness of SW role & placement
    Different approach to supervision
    Challenge to find student workload with
     sufficient SW content
    Difficulty in managing struggling students
Then, the Value of PVI Placements

    Innovative & creative ways of working
    Supportive relationships with clients
    Use theory-based counselling skills
    Strong focus on valuing diversity
    Group work & community analysis
    Initiative & an open approach to problem-solving & risk
    Flexible organisational structure & accountability
    Commitment to individual clients & holistic practice
Research Pilot

  Hypothesis: PVA placements have
   valuable pros for SW training & cons that
   need to be addressed
  Aim: to confirm or disprove that these
   are widespread issues needing further
  Outcome: if hypothesis confirmed, pass
   on to academic team to follow through

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