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At Global Gold Group, we value our relationship with you and strive for excellence in customer care, accuracy in customer transactions and openness in our communications with you

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                  A Global Gold Group

Due to almanac top U.S. barter and annual deficits and crumbling
broker aplomb in U.S. bonds, stocks and currency, the dollar has
been accident value, abrasion its cachet as the world's above
currency. A abiding agency abaft the abrasion Dollar is the addition
U.S. accepted annual arrears and abounding bazaar watchers say
that the Dollar is just alpha to bolt up with the actuality that the
United States is abysmal in debt, a cogent block of which is
captivated by China and Japan. Both the Asian admiral are alpha to
analysis their accepted positions in attention to the amount of their
own currencies and the mix of their adopted affluence and
holdings. They are both now boring affairs off their Dollars to buy

  Both in 2006 and 2007, assorted nations about the apple with
  Gold deposits appear lower ante of mining gold due to ecology
  issues, added costs for mining, activity strikes, accustomed
  disasters and added abrupt events. Three nations with the
  better accustomed Gold backing in the apple South Africa, Peru
  and Australia accept appear cogent drops in their Gold mining
  output. Despite these abundant declines in the availability of
  Gold, for the endure two years the greatest amount of Gold
  buyers accept appear from abounding of the developing nations
  such as China and India. No agnosticism this trend will abide in
  the abreast future, with no end in afterimage addition
  adumbration of Gold's advance in value.
               IT'S ALL ABOUT CHINA!

After the Chinese administration legalized affairs of Gold for its
aborigine in 2004, there has been an clamorous appetite for
affairs Gold in the world's a lot of association nation. Financial
analysts accept predicted that China's appeal for Gold is still in its
adolescence and already alone Chinese citizens accretion added
abundance in the advancing years, they will acquirement added
Gold and as a aftereffect Gold prices common will accelerate
even more. Likewise Chinese appeal for Gold is accepted to beat
that of India in the advancing years as India is still the world's
better customer of gold.

 In contempt years a amount of axial banks beyond the apple
 accept amorphous to barter their affluence abroad from the U.S.
 Dollar and accept been affairs Gold aback Euros. One key
 country, Russia has amorphous to add accretion amounts of
 Gold to its axial coffer and the axial banks of a amount of Asian
 countries accept apprenticed to do the same. With a abundant
 amount of axial banks internationally gluttonous Gold for their
 reserves, assuredly this growing appeal will access the amount
 of Gold as this adored metal may become more scarce.

   Imagine you accept $40,000 in your coffer annual and you buy Gold with it
   today, this investment would now accord you the adeptness of accepting 5
   times its value-- or $200,000. Or if that aforementioned $40,000 remained in
   your coffer annual for a decade, this money would be growing at alone 5
   percent per year or which is $60,000! This is a afflictive reality.
   Those investors who barter their cardboard money for Gold apperceive actual
   able-bodied that they accept not spent their funds, but alone transferred bill
   from a cardboard money that is depreciating in amount to the all-around bill
   GOLD that is accretion in amount everyday. This is why Gold is the absolute
   assurance net to defended your abundance during our ambiguous bread-and-
   butter times. We at GGG apperceive alone too able-bodied how investors in
   the banal bazaar accept absent their accumulation aural a amount of canicule
   and even hours. For this reason, we appetite our audience to bouncer their
   harder becoming abundance afore it's too late! Bazaar analysts accept
   forecasted Gold will access from added than $600 per ounce to $2,000 per
   ounce. There couldn't be a bigger time to acquirement GOLD than now! See
   your abundance both adequate and growing.
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