Vocabulary Directions

					Vocabulary Directions
Through the year, we will be studying SAT
vocabulary. There will be additional non SAT
vocabulary work in conjunction with our units
of study. SAT vocabulary study runs in sets
of 15 words every week. We will study three
sets of 15 words and have a test each week.
At the end of the three weeks, we will review
our knowledge and take a cumulative test on
45 words. We usually take a breather for a a
weeks between cumulative tests and the next
set of 15 words.
     Please take note of the following
1.     Vocabulary words will be given out each week. You
      are expected to complete the assignment on your own.
2.    Complete definitions, including parts of speech, will be
      due on the following Tuesday at the beginning of class.
      They will be checked for completion; then we will
      review for understanding as a class.
3.    Between Tuesday and Thursday, you are expected to
      write a complete, thorough sentence for each word
      which clearly demonstrates understanding of the word
      without repeating the definition in the sentence.
4.    On Thursday, your complete vocabulary homework, is
      due at the beginning of class. This includes; words,
      parts of speech, definitions and sentences.
•   Please write the words, part of speech,
    and definitions on the first page as

         1. word part of speech definition
1. advocate V to defend; to support; to urge
   Note the space here
2   condescend V to descend to the level of one
                     considered inferior; to deal
                          with people in a
    patronizing                 manner
    Note the space here
3. stringent Adj Imposing rigorous standards;
                       severe; constricted/tight
   ….so leave a line between each definition!
        Standard Sentences
•   Please write the sentences, with the
    vocablary word in each UNDERLINED
    on a separate page, as follows;

This is a sentence with the vocabulary word
      Meaningful Sentences
• There are four types of sentences
  – Pointless No value.. Doesn’t reflect
    understand of the word
  – Replace… Looks good, but doesn’t prove
    understanding of the word
  – Dictionary… Just rephrases the definition
  – Meaningful… Full of meaning; creates a “mind
    movie’ and paints a picture demonstrating
          Pointless sentence.

•   This sentence has no value. It does not
    reflect the meaning of the word

      1. I can spell laboratory.
      2. I don’t like the word anthem
•   Looks good, sounds good, but in fact it may be
    even long and interesting. However, it does not
    demonstrate an understanding of the
    vocabulary word. Another word can REPLACE
    the vocabulary word and the sentence will still
    make sense

     1. I went into the laboratory with my friend after
     2. We sang the anthem in class

•   This is a sentence that restates the
    definition. You could write a good
    dictionary sentence and still not
    understand the vocabulary term.

     1. A laboratory is a place where scientists do
     2. An anthem is a sacred song.
         Meaningful Sentences
•   A meaningful (filled with meaning) sentence
    demonstrates understanding of the vocabulary
    word and “paints a picture and/or creates a
    mind movie for the reader.” You should
    convince the reader that you know and can us
    the vocabulary word.

      1. As the girls walked into the laboratory, the smell of the
         chemicals told them that their father, a scientist, was busy
         at work.
      2. Miami’s Pro Players stadium erupted with cheers as Cher
         belted out the last lines of our national anthem at the Super
1. I believe the earth must be respected and
   preserved, so at the latest earth rally I
   advocated for increased recycling.
Note the space here
2. Since the girl thought she was better than
   everyone else, she treated them in a
   condescending manner, ordering them around.
Note the space here
3. After September 11th, 2001, airport security
   around the world became very stringent, and
   you had to arrive two hours early to get
   through check in.
…..so leave a line between each sentence!
          Vocabulary List #1
1. Define        2. describe
3. Identify      4. list
5. name          6. observe
7. Recite        8. scan
9. Analyze       10. compare
11. contrast     12. group
13. Infer        14. sequence
15. synthesize
         Vocabulary list #2
1. apply         2. principle
3. evaluate      4. hypothesize
5. imagine       6. judge
7. predict       8. speculate
9. repeat        10. recall
11.memorize      12. match
13. state        14. identify
15. generalize
        Vocabulary list #3
1. examples     2. recognize
3. paraphrase   4. express
5. Restate      6. explain
7. locate       8. summarize
9. discuss      10. report
11. rewrite     12. review
13. Sequence    14. extend
15. translate
1. THERE     2. THEIR
5. SENT      6. SCENT
7. BY        8. BUY
9. BYE       10. RED
11. READ     12. WARE
13. WHERE    14. WRITE
            Vocabulary list # 5
1. seen                2. peace
3. scene               4. through
5. plane               6. threw
7. plain               8. pear
9. sea                 10. pair
11. see                12. Knight
13. piece              14. night
15. ate                16. eight
        Vocabulary list #6
Great              Sale
Grate              Sail
One                Won
Witch              Which
Our                Hour
Are                To
Too                Two
Rain               Reign
          Vocabulary List # 7
•   Dramatize        Practice
•   Operate          Compute
•   Change           Prepare
•   Imply            Pretend
•   Discover         Solve
•   Illustrate       Distinguish
•   Experiment       Modify
•   Formulate
          Vocabulary # 8
use           interpret       schedule
demonstrate   relate          diagram
question      criticize     discriminate
inventory     differentiate   categorize
select        divide          debate
          Vocabulary list #9
•   compose      design        propose
•   combine      construct     draw
•   arrange      suppose       revise
•   organize     prepare       devise
•   Generate     assess        conclude

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