Retreat Itinerary 21-29 November 2009 by TravisStanaway


									                                           Retreat Itinerary
                                         21-29 November 2009
Sat, 21 Nov   • All attending ANIMAR are to schedule arrival in San Jose by this date.
              • Pickup upon arrival by a representative from "Out of Bounds Hotel/Tourist Center" and taken to
                this location to gather for the first night. Owners, Matteo and Meranda will be there to welcome
                you, and point you in the direction of local area attraction's and fabulous restaurants* nearby, in
                the charming neighboring San Jose village, of Escazu. Also, for those who wish to plan an
                extended stay in Costa Rica, once the ANIMAR Retreat has concluded, or even before it's began,
                Matteo and Miranda are your best sources of information to help plan other exciting travels and
                exploration throughout CR!!

                          OUT OF BOUNDS CONTACT INFO:
                          OWNERS: Matteo and Meranda
                          Phone (506) 2288-6762
                          Fax (506) 2288-5747

              • Once guests settle in on this day, there will be a choice of activities to consider for the following
                day, and which must be indicated to your host Miranda, so that proper arrangements can be made.
                The choices are between a hike and exploration to Arenal Volcano, finished with a relaxing visit to
                nearby Tabacon Spa and Hot Springs, before hitting the road to head back to Out of Bounds. Or,
                for those hoping to get their fill of as much thrill seeking as possible, you may choose a day of zip-
                lining through the jungle canopies and white water rafting within one of the most idyllic interior
                settings in Costa Rica!
                 *Cost is guests' responsibility
Sun, 22 Nov   • The day is started with a hardy breakfast buffet served on the balcony, overlooking the valley
                around beautiful Escazu.
              • ANIMAR guests are split into two groups, based upon which activities they have chosen, and
                driven to the location, to spend the day.
              • Lunch will be served midday at the location of the event.
              • Pick up and drop off, from/to OUT OF BOUNDS and brought back at end of day.
              • Several stops are made along the way to various shops and places where quality artistic items can
                be purchased, local roasted coffees served, and delicious local foods and fresh fruit enjoyed! Let
                alone the photographic opportunities which abound along the scenic drive, to and from the
              • Upon returning to Out of Bounds, Meranda will provide options for dinner to reputable local
                restaurants to suite most every budget and appetite.*
                 *Cost is guests' responsibility
                                            Retreat Itinerary
                                          21-29 November 2009
Mon, 23 Nov   • Another day begins with a fabulous assortment of foods for breakfast.
              • Guests will be picked up at 8am (unless otherwise directed by Meranda) and driven to Dominical
                to meet the ANIMAR team hosts, at Costa Paraiso Resort.
              • A stop will be made along the way, for lunch*
              • THIS IS A 4 HOUR DRIVE, but there will be plenty of pit-stops along the way, and the scenery
                enroute is remarkable!
              • Before eventually arriving to our final destination, we stop in Dominical, which is a thriving and
                vibrant Surf Town, and only 2km North of Dominicalito, where Costa Paraiso Resort is located. It
                is here in this town, that everybody will have the opportunity to have a wander around the small
                village, getting their bearings, and grabbing a bite if you wish to do so* and purchasing any snacks
                and beverages (alcoholic or non) which you may desire to have stored in the kitchenette,s of your
                accommodations, for the week ahead.
              • Welcome arrival at COSTA PARAISO for around 4:00pm - "Tico Time" - (something you'll
                become acquainted with in CR)
              • Guests will be registered and helped to settle into their rooms.
              • YOGA instruction with Andrea will be offered to help unfurl the stiffness from the long drive.
                (time determined based on arrival)
              • Welcome BBQ to celebrate together!
                  *Cost is guests' responsibility
Tue, 24 Nov   • Beach Fitness Bootcamp
              • YOGA
              • Breakfast
              • Massage Therapy signup available throughout the day
              • Surfing instructions with Jose of Gato Surf Camp
              • Relax/explore Dominical/nearby beaches/shopping
              • Nutritional snacks are provided during the day, but lunch and dinner is the responsibility of the
Thu, 26 Nov   • Beach Fitness Bootcamp
              • YOGA
              • Breakfast
              • Massage Therapy signup available throughout the day
              • 2nd surf class with Jose
              • A lunch selection is served at an intimate little local spot, overlooking spectacular views of the
              • The afternoon is spent soaking up some serious lounging, swimming and even possibly surfing, at
                a nearby beach, which is a hidden gem, called Playa Ventanas. This word means "windows" in
                Spanish, and it gets its name honestly, because of the natural configuration of cave formations
                which, depending on the tides, can provide an exciting thrill to explore!
              • When we return from the beach, everyone is free to spend the evening as they wish and may
                choose between dining in Dominical, or at any of the other neighboring restaurants in
                  *Cost is guests' responsibility
                                            Retreat Itinerary
                                          21-29 November 2009
Fri, 27 Nov   • Beach Fitness Bootcamp
              • YOGA
              • Breakfast
              • Massage Therapy signup available throughout the day
              • An opportunity to hike and explore the area surrounding Costa Paraiso Resort and even visit a
                couple neighboring waterfalls. Healthy nutritional snacks will be provided during the day, and the
                time can ultimately be spent in any which way you wish - whether it be lounging with a good book
                in the hammock, scheduling an off-site tour of your choice,* strolling along the beach to
                Dominical in search of some mementos to take home with you, arranging another surf lesson and
                outing with Jose or even coordinating some time with Andrea to help guide you in perfecting your
                own YOGA practice.The day is yours to tailor, in whatever you wish!
              • Prepare and have bags packed for early morning departure. Everyone will need to be equipped
                with a small sized overnight backpack to carry personal supplies and a change of clothing and
                swimwear for our next day's adventure. Our luggage will also need to be packed, as it will be
                securely left at Costa Paraiso Resort until we retrieve it the next morning before catching our brief
                flight back to San Jose, to reconvene at Out of Bounds.
                  *Cost is guests' responsibility
Sat, 28 Nov   • Breakfast
              • Prepare for early morning departure to head for our overnight hike to explore the region
                surrounding the famous 600ft Diamante Falls. (please view photos on this site to obtain a better
                perspective of the setting we'll be in!) This is a spectacular and truly memorable way to conclude
                the week. We will be lead by a guide who has incredible knowledge of the area and all the
                surrounding flora and fauna.
              • We eventually arrive to the caves, where we will sleep the night in a comfortable, dry, well
                equipped environment and be greeted with a large feast for lunch followed by another beautiful
                candlelight meal later on.+
                +Please be advised that this is a physically challenging hike, in order to arrive to our destination
                - and will require quite a rigorous climb over, at times, quite steep terrain - but the trail is very
                well maintained and marked for safety. Participants with joint and soft tissue injuries of the lower
                extremities, please advise the ANIMAR team, so that we may best advise.
Sun, 29 Nov   • YOGA is lead by Andrea in the Cave, amidst Diamante Falls, prior to breakfast being served.
              • Large breakfast is provided before we make our descent to meet our transportation, which will
                take us back to Costa Paraiso.
              • Return from the cave trek - and arrive at Costa Paraiso to collect our things, freshen up, and have a
                snack before hitting the road. Drive 45mins to Quepos Airport to catch our 30min flight back to
                San Jose where guests will choose their accommodations* for the night before catching return
                flights home the next morning, or carrying on to fulfill their individual plans for the remainder of
                their holiday. We can help advise you of the best accommodation's, based on your budget and style
                preference. Please note that the flight we will be taking to return to San Jose is a small but
                reputable domestic carrier, and that baggage weight restrictions apply. Please pack accordingly or
                otherwise be advised that any subsequent costs for overweight fines are the sole responsibility of
                each traveler.*
                  *Cost is guests' responsibility
                  "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didnt do than by the
                  things you did. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor ... Explore. Dream." -
                  Mark Twain

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