The Second Sino-Japanese War Begins

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					Fighting between the Chinese and Japanese resumed on a large scale on July 7, 1937,
following the Marco Polo Bridge Incident, just south of Beijing. Pressured by the
military, Konoe permitted troop strength in China to grow and by the end of the year
Japanese forces had occupied Shanghai, Nanking, and southern Shanxi province.
After seizing the capital of Nanking, the Japanese brutally sacked the city in late 1937
and early 1938. Pillaging the city and killing nearly 300,000, the event became known
".as the "Rape of Nanking

To combat the Japanese invasion, the Kuomintang and Chinese Communist Party
united in an uneasy alliance against the common foe. Unable to effectively confront
the Japanese directly in battle, the Chinese traded land for time as they built up their
forces and shifted industry from threatened coastal areas to the interior. Enacting a
scorched earth policy, the Chinese were able to slow the Japanese advance by mid-
1938. By 1940, the war had become a stalemate with the Japanese controlling the
coastal cities and railroads and the Chinese occupying the interior and countryside.
On September 22, 1940, taking advantage of France's defeat that summer, Japanese
troops occupied French Indochina. Five days later, the Japanese signed the Tripartiate
Pact effectively forming an alliance with Germany and Italy

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