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                             ON TUESDAY 8 DECEMBER 2009 AT 7.30PM

Those present

Mark Freeman (Head Teacher), Isabel Marsden (Chair of Governors), Caroline Brown (Chair),
Suzanne Kynaston (Vice-Chair), Jane Arnold (Treasurer), Tina Cashman (Secretary), Jenny


Julie Windows (Parent Governor), Emma Whitcher, Sarah Baker-Attwood, Julie Jeal, Sarah
Bradley (Teacher), Sally Elvin (Teacher), Debbie Brunt (Publicity Officer).

Chairman’s Welcome

Caroline thanked everyone for coming.

Minutes of last meeting

The amended minutes of the previous meeting (AGM) held on 20 October 2009 were


Caroline read out Emma’s fireworks report, as follows:

Please forward my apologies as I will be unable to attend tonight.

Fireworks update – all went well, despite the rain. Raised £1,250 approx with another £200
due from Scouts (so I have been led to believe but have never had this confirmed). [Jane
confirmed that we have received £100 from the Scouts.]

Also – with reference to the bar – someone needs to verify with Lee what is the value of the
stock still left and deduct this from the bar costs as the stock can be used at future events.
Fireworks shouldn’t bear the full cost of this stock and this will be a more realistic reflection of
the profit (and not a loss!) made on the night. [Jane confirmed that anything left over is
usually passed on to future events regardless.]

Many thanks to all the wonderful volunteers and AXA for £300 donation.

No record of accidents of incidents on the night.

New firelighters are required for next year and anyone who can assist with electrics would be

Merry Christmas to all,
Emma & Michelle.

Jane knows a possible firelighter, although they would need to attend a training course,
which is quite expensive. Jenny confirmed her brother-in-law is keen to help as he has
pyrotechnic licence.

Mark Freeman mentioned that it may be worth hiring professional firelighters for the event
and said he would look into this.
                                                                       Action: Mark Freeman

Caroline will ask Emma how many firelighters are needed so we have a better idea of the
costs involved.
                                                                    Action: Caroline Brown

Christmas Bazaar

Everyone thanked Tina for organising the Bazaar which went extremely well. Jane provided a
spreadsheet showing total income and expenditure (attached) which had previously been
e-mailed but had not been received. Jane confirmed she would re-send the e-mail.
                                                                       Action: Jane Arnold

Tina thanked everyone who had helped out especially those who stayed late to clear up

Tina confirmed that, once Jane’s spreadsheet arrives she will have a better idea of which
stalls did well and which were not cost effective. Having said that, the pocket money stall
was not very successful and there was quite a bit left over, so it was likely to be omitted from
next year’s Bazaar.


Sue stated that the garage had previously been left in rather a mess, and that she, Tina and
Caroline had spent hours sorting through books and toys and getting rid of anything not in
good enough condition to be used. The rest of the garage will need to be sorted out once
the weather dries up. It was agreed that Sue, Tina and anyone else who would like to
volunteer could come in on a Saturday to handle this.

Regarding the books, since the garage is very damp books also tend to become very musty
and damp and don’t last very long. It was agreed that, once the garage is tidied up, Sue will
contact Oxfam to come and get them.

Year 6 Disco

Jane confirmed she had already been contacted about this and the PTFA will donate their
usual contribution towards the Year 6 Disco.


Caroline confirmed that, based on the PTFA’s agreement on a previous occasion, Fairtrade
had gone ahead and purchased £60 worth of stock. It was agreed that the PTFA would
reimburse this amount.

Treasurer’s report

Jane confirmed the following:

      Accounts at 07/12/09
      Deposit account                      £ 4,909.77
      Current account                      £ 9,085.62
      Petty cash                           £    459.06
      Total                                £ 14,454.45

Head Teacher’s report

Mark Freeman reiterated that £4,000 had been earmarked for arts projects (minuted
20/10/09) but wondered whether anyone had any ideas for other projects that might be

Mark mentioned that the school as a “Capital fund” but he would prefer to use this for
essential school equipment, eg computers and use PTFA funds in a more visual way.

Jenny and Jane asked whether some form of cover could be erected outside the Year 1
classrooms. However this would be very expensive (this Reception canopy cost about
£12,000) and could be considered at present.

Mark mentioned redeveloping the courtyard into more of a “quiet area”. The flagstones and
stage could be removed and remodelled, some sort of shaded area could be provided with
nicer seating (keeping the gazebo), adding a tree, and maybe a sculpture. It could also be
used as an outside classroom on sunny days. Mark estimated the cost would be between
£10,000 to £15,000. Everyone agreed this seemed like a very good idea and it was decided
to put it to the vote at the next meeting.

There was a general discussion around this being a project which the Summer Fair can raise
money towards.

Jane mentioned that any clearing work to be done could be undertaken during the AXA
Challenge Week in June.

Any other business

Weekly class cake sale. Caroline read out Debbie Brunt’s note, as follows:

Dear All

I am very keen to get the idea of a weekly class cake sale off the ground. Mrs Brown, who
gave me the idea, is happy to help and Mr Freeman is in favour.

I’ve drafted a letter to go round to parents as soon as possible [Attached]. Could you let me
know of any amendments/improvements that need to be made.

Points that need to be discussed tonight:
    Which night? (Wednesday or Thursday is best for me)
    Where?
    Use of urns?
    What do we need to buy? (plates, cups, tea, coffee, etc.
    When shall we start?

Jane and I are going to kick off the first one with Reception Class 2 so we can start the
second week of term if agreed followed by other Reception classes, then Year 1, etc?

    What time should it end?
    Clearing up responsibilities and where to put rubbish?
Anything else you can think of!
Thanks, Debbie.

Jane and Debbie to do trial run in Class 2 during the 2nd week of next term, with any money
raised being used by that class. Depending on the event’s success, other classes can do the
same with any money raised being used by them.

It was agreed that the Small Hall could be used as a venue on a fortnightly basis from 3pm-
4pm to start with and that Friday would be a good day as the hall is available.

There are enough supplies already in the Parents Kitchen, although they would need milk.
                                                             Action: Debbie Brunt/Jane Arnold

Christmas tree for next year. Caroline asked whether Mark would like an artificial tree next
year? Caroline was going to check with B&Q after Christmas to see if they would be willing to
donate a tree. Mark said it was worth trying.
                                                                      Action: Caroline Brown

Flowers for Jakki Button. Tina mentioned she would like to arrange for some sort of thank you
gift for Jakki for making such a great Santa costume for the PTFA. Jane suggested flowers,
orchids in particular. Everyone agreed this was fine and the PTFA would to pay.
                                                                         Action: Tina Cashman

Letter to local businesses – January 2010. Caroline stated that she had discovered lots of
local companies would be willing to let us have donations but we need to catch them early;
we’d been missing out by contacting them so late in the year. She asked if it would be
possible to issue a standard letter in January to B&Q, Tesco, Sainsburys and maybe others
and, if we get a good amount, this can be split between the Christmas Bazaar and the
Summer Fair. Everyone agreed this was a good idea, and Caroline said she would speak to
Julie Jeal to see what she normally does.
                                                                         Action: Caroline Brown

Lights on the fir tree outside the school. This was mentioned by Mark Freeman but it we
agreed it could not be considered at present.

Invitation books. Caroline confirmed she had received a call a lady who said the cost has
risen to £22. The books are due to arrive mid-January 2010. Caroline said she would warn
Mary in the office and issue a letter to parents after Christmas.
                                                                       Action: Caroline Brown

Fireworks tickets. Caroline mentioned that staff had previously received free tickets for the
Fireworks event. This had been picked up on by one of our Santa’s who was extremely upset
and consequently decided not to help out at this year’s Bazaar. Caroline investigated and
the matter and discovered that no-one knew what was going on and everyone she spoke to
was unhappy with the situation.

The matter was finally sorted out and our Santa changed his mind and agreed to help again,
which was a tremendous relief for all concerned.

Mark confirmed he knew nothing about this and we all agreed that from now on free tickets
would only be issued to volunteers.

Easter disco. Mark asked whether the PTFA would be organising this again. Caroline said
that this would depend on whether the Scarecrow Hunt and School Art Exhibit would be
going ahead. Since all three events are scheduled for around the same time, it may be
difficult to get enough volunteers to do all of them. Caroline agreed to speak to Sally to
clarify whether she will definitely be running the Scarecrow Hunt and how it’s going to be

Red Arrows. Jenny may have news about the Red Arrows by the next meeting since she’s
supposed to get in touch in February once their schedule is known. They have offered for
some of the children from school to possibly visit the Red Arrows the next time they are at

Date of next meeting

The date of the next meeting will be Tuesday 9 February 2010 at 7.30pm in the Orange Room.

Meeting closed at 8.30pm.


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