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									                         JOMO KENYATTA UNIVERSITY
                        AGRICULTURE AND TECHNOLOGY

                                BRIDGING CERTIFICATE COURSES

Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) invite applications for Bridging courses in
either Mathematics (Classroom based-BCM) or Through (E-learning-eBCM), Physics, Biology, or Chemistry
commencing on 10th January 2012. Candidates can only bridge one subject at a time and the courses cover one
semester. The courses are intensive study programmes for preparing students for Certificate, Diploma and Degree
courses of Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology. The Bridging Courses will be conducted at
the following Tertiary Institutions approved by Senate:

S/No.   Venue                                                               Course
1.      JKUAT – Main Campus                                                 Mathematics
2.      JKUAT Nairobi Centre                                                Mathematics
3.      JKUAT Karen Campus                                                  Maths, Physics, Biology & Chemistry
4.      JKUAT Taita-Taveta Campus                                           Mathematics
5.      JKUAT-Mombasa CBD                                                   Mathematics
6.      JKUAT Kisii CBD                                                     Mathematics
7.      JKUAT Kitale CBD                                                    Mathematics
8.      Kenya School of Professional Studies (KSPS)                         Mathematics
9.      Loreto College Msongari                                             Mathematics
10.     Holy Rosary, Tala                                                   Mathematics
11.     Nairobi Institute of Business Studies                               Mathematics
12.     Alphax College, Eldoret                                             Mathematics
13.     Zetech College                                                      Mathematics
14.     Regional Centre for Mapping of Resources for Development            Mathematics
15.     Embu College                                                        Mathematics
16.     Tracom College, Nakuru                                              Maths, Physics, Biology & Chemistry
17.     Murang’a College of Technology                                      Maths, Physics, Biology & Chemistry
18.     Pioneer International College                                       Maths, Biology & Chemistry
19.     Magan College                                                       Mathematics
20.     Nairobi Institute of Technology                                     Mathematics
21.     African Institute of Research and Development Studies,              Mathematics

Minimum Requirement
For those aspiring to pursue degree or diploma courses, minimum requirement is C+ in KCSE, Division III in
KCE or an equivalent grade.

To pursue certificate courses, minimum requirement is C (Plain) in KCE or an equivalent grade.

                                         JKUAT is ISO 9001:2008 CERTIFIED
Electronic version Bridging course in Mathematics (eBCM)

eBCM allows students to learn using flexible and convenient mode of learning without attending face to
face class sessions. Students will be provided with interactive learning content on CDs for offline use
and online support over our learning Management System. Course schedule, assessment, and
Examination are the same. For more Information on eBCM visit our site at

Tuition Fees

Each subject course consists of five modules. Fees will be charged at Kshs. 5, 513.00 per module.
Total Tuition fee (5,513 x 5) = Kshs.27, 565.00 Foreign Students will pay 20% more.

Administrative Fees
     Registration           -    1, 103.00       Examination Fees           -   1,655.00
     Student ID             -       500.00       Library Fees               -   1,103.00

Teaching Manuals: To be provided at a total cost of Kshs. 3,000.00.

Available only for both male and female students at Murang’a College of Technology, Alphax College-Eldoret,
and Holy Rosary, Tala. . For female students only at Loreto College- Msongari.

Applications should be received by 10th December 2011 Application forms can be obtained upon payment of a
non-refundable fee of Ksh. 500/= from the following Centres:

Dean, Faculty of Science                         The Principal,
Jomo, Kenyatta University                        JKUAT Nairobi Campus,
of Agriculture and Technology                    P.O Box 62000-00200,
P.O Box 62000 - 00200                            NAIROBI.
NAIROBI                                          Tel: 4447769/ 4448679
Tel: 254-067-52711; 52181/4                      Fax No: 4448679
Fax; 254-067-52075
Email: science@fsc.
The Principal                                    The Principal,
JKUAT Karen Campus                               JKUAT Taita-Taveta Campus
P.O Box 62000-00200                              P.O Box Private Bag-Voi
NAIROBI                                          VOI
Tel: 020-891198, 892223/4                        Tel: 020 243 7266/020 243 7267
Fax:020-890797                                   5Fax No: 4448679
The Director                                     The Director
JKUAT Mombasa CBD                                JKUAT Kisii CBD
P.O Box 81310-80100                              P.O Box 62000-00200
MOMBASA                                          NAIROBI
Tel: 041-200 64 04                               Tel: 020-243 7805

                                         JKUAT is ISO 9001:2008 CERTIFIED
The Director,                                   The Principal,
JKUAT Kitale CBD                                Kenya School of Professional Studies (KSPS)
P.O Box 62000-00200                             P.O. Box 60550-00200
NAIROBI                                         NAIROBI
                                                Tel: (020) 3750255/60 Fax: 020-3750260
The Principal                                   The Principal,
Nairobi Institute of Technology                 Loreto College Msongari
P.O. Box 66443-00800 Westlands                  P.O. Box 910-00606 Sarit Centre
NAIROBI                                         NAIROBI
Tel: 020 3751636/3740536                        Tel: (020) 4443892
Fax: 020-3750162                      
The Principal,                                  The Principal,
Holy Rosary Tala                                Nairobi Institute of Business Studies
P.O Box 55-90131                                P.O. Box 49962-00100
KAGUNDO,TALA                                    NAIROBI
Tel: 020-3593505,                               Tel: (020) 241434, 253316, 248823
Mobile: 0733-409624                             Fax: 020-211236
Email:                      Email:
The Principal,                                  The Principal,
Alphax College                                  Zetech College
P.O Box 6516-30100                              P.O. Box 2768-00200
ELDORET Fax: 053-2060154                        NAIROBI
Tel: (053) 2060155 , 2062097/76                 Tel: 020-342049/2217209
Email:                       Cell: 0720-000320/ 0722-961 883
The Principal,                                  The Principal,
Regional Centre for Mapping of Resources for    Tracom College of Professional Studies
Development-Kasarani                            P.O. Box 12485
P.O. Box 632-00618                              NAKURU
RUARAKA-NAIROBI                                 Tel: (051) 2211607      Fax: (051) 2211289
Tel: 020-8561775/8560227                        Email:
The Principal,                                  The Principal,
Embu College                                    Pioneer International College
P.O Box 956-60100                               P.O. Box 33421 - 00600
EMBU                                            NAIROBI
Tel: 068-30247, 020 205 2807                    Tel: 020-37533341/2
Email:                     Email:
The Principal,                                  The Principal
Murang’a College of Technology                  Magan College
P.O. Box 75-10200                               P.O. Box 45507
MURANG’A                                        NAIROBI
Tel: (060) 30267/30269                          Tel: 020606512
Fax: (060) 30269                                Email:
The Chairman
African Institute of Research and Development
P.O. Box 3790 – 402

                                        JKUAT is ISO 9001:2008 CERTIFIED

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