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					Appointment Type:
Working Time:              Full Time
Reference Code:            NB00018209*
Opening Date:              08/07/2009
Closing Date:              09/07/2009

                        Shoreline Planner / Environmental Planner 3
                                       $3,819 to $5,010 per month (Range 55)

Agency Information


The Department of Ecology's mission is to protect, preserve and enhance Washington's environment, and promote the
wise management of our air, land and water for current and future generations.

This means protecting both humans and the environment from pollution; restoring and preserving important ecosystems
that sustain life; and finding ways to meet human needs without destroying environmental resources and functions.
Fundamental to achieving these results lies in our everyday interaction with citizens, stakeholders, and the public we
regulate. We treat our customers as partners and collaborators: provide respectful and prompt service; explore creative
solutions for the best results; and act with integrity. Also critical is maintaining effective infrastructures and a workforce that
is committed, productive and successful. We invest in our employees to create and sustain a working environment that
encourages creative leadership, teamwork, professionalism and accountability.

The citizens of Washington trust that the Department of Ecology supports and assists them in promoting the sustainable
environmental and economic well being of the state. That trust, coupled with our effectiveness, helps Ecology to continue
to receive the support it needs to advance our environmental mission.

To learn more about our Agency, please visit our website at:

There are currently three shoreline planning vacancies with the Department of Ecology's Shorelands and Environmental
Assistance (SEA) Program. There are two project positions and one permanent position.

1. Regional Shoreline Planner - Northwest Regional Office, Bellevue, WA (Project employment expected to last through
July 13, 2013 and may be extended).

2. Regional Shoreline Planner - Southwest Regional Office, Lacey, WA (Project employment expected to last through July
13, 2013 and may be extended).

                                      Requisition Title: 4610 EP3 SEA NB00018209
3. Headquarters Shoreline Planning Associate - Headquarters Office, Lacey, WA (Permanent employment).

The Regional Shoreline Planner positions will be assigned several areas of responsibility including:

1. Shoreline Planning - Work in partnership with several cities and counties on the update of their land use plans
(Shoreline Master Programs) that govern shoreline use and development in accordance with the state Shoreline
Management Act.

2. Shoreline Permitting - Review shoreline development proposals and make recommendations for Ecology action on
conditional use and variance permits in accordance with state and local criteria.

3. Grant Management - evaluate requests, recommend awards, and manage grants to city and county governments to
support updates of their land use plans that govern shoreline use and development.

4. Support and Outreach - provide technical and policy support and outreach to local governments, community groups,
businesses, and the general public on matters related to local and state shoreline management.

The Headquarters Shoreline Planning Associate will be assigned the following duties:

1. Shoreline Master Program (SMP) Review - Review draft and final SMPs and supporting materials for consistency with
the Shoreline Management Act and the shoreline master program guidelines and procedural rules.

2. Policy Interpretation - Interpret policy for statewide planning under the Shoreline Management Act (SMA). Work with
SEA Program staff and management as well as other state, local and federal agencies, the Attorney's General's Office,
and external stakeholders to further the development and implementation of state shoreline planning-related policies.

3. Shoreline Guidance - Develop guidance and deliver training for implementation of the shoreline master program
guidelines and other shoreline management laws and rules. Collaborate with SEA staff, local governments, tribes, and
other state and federal agencies to ensure the program develops effective and pragmatic guidance and training.

4. Special Projects - Lead special projects related to SMA implementation, including developing new rules and leading
agency rule-making processes; analyzing policy issues and drafting position papers; and working with key stakeholders on
efforts to advance shoreline planning policy or guidance.


A Bachelors degree with major emphasis in land use, urban, regional, environmental, or natural resource planning,
landscape architecture, geography, land use or environmental law, environmental or natural sciences, or closely related

                                    Requisition Title: 4610 EP3 SEA NB00018209

At least three years of professional experience in land use, urban, regional, environmental, or natural resource planning,
and/or program development. A Master's degree may substitute for one year of experience.

Planning - Able to apply the principles and processes of land use planning. Knowledge of the regulations governing land
use, land use permitting processes, and the institutions that govern land use.

Project Management - Able to manage multiple projects, including developing and managing to scopes of work,
milestones, and deliverables. Able to move between and prioritize among several ongoing projects and permit review.
Able to coordinate the review of products by coworkers and other agencies.

Communication - Excellent written and oral presentation skills. Must be able to convey complex technical and legal
information to a variety of audiences including agency management, elected officials, and the general public. Must be able
to work as part of a team and develop collaborative relationships with coworkers and external parties.

Regulatory Interpretation - Able to understand and interpret complex laws, regulation, case law and guidance. Able to
work closely with policy leads and the Attorney General's office and conduct the research necessary to resolve policy
questions. Able to effectively explain regulations and policy to outside parties.

Grant Management - Able to negotiate and manage grants to local governments, including developing and reviewing
scopes of work, monitoring progress, reviewing work products, and authorizing payments. Able to work closely with a
budget analyst to ensure accurate fund management.

Technical Knowledge - Familiarity with marine and freshwater shoreline processes and functions.


A Master's degree with major emphasis in land use, urban, regional, environmental, or natural resource planning,
landscape architecture, geography, land use or environmental law, public administration with an environmental emphasis,
or closely related field.

Shoreline Management Act - experience applying the shoreline management act in both a planning context (i.e. Shoreline
Master Program development or modification) and a permitting context (i.e. the review and issuance of Shoreline
Substantial Development Permits, Conditional Use Permits, or Variances). Knowledge of the relationship between the
SMA and the Growth Management Act and Critical Areas Ordinances and their administrative rules.

Environmental Science - a degree, substantial coursework, or professional experience in environmental science, wetland
science, geology, biology, oceanography, or other natural sciences.

Government Experience - experience working for a local, state, federal or tribal resource management agency in a
planning, program management, policy, or regulatory capacity.

Special Notes

                                     Requisition Title: 4610 EP3 SEA NB00018209
To ensure consideration for these positions, you must apply electronically at using reference code
NB00018209* and submit the following materials as attachments (ATTACHMENTS TAB) by September 7, 2009.

1. A letter of interest describing how you meet the requirements for the position(s), using a maximum of 2000 words.
Please provide clear, detailed information that addresses the duties of the position(s) and the desirable qualifications.

2. A resume

3. A list of three work-related references (i.e., Supervisor, Peer, Constituent)

4. Answers to the following questions:

A. Describe your educational and professional experience related to land use and shoreline planning and permitting.

B. Describe your experience working with laws and/or science that relate to shoreline management.

C. Describe your experience in project management, grant management, team leadership, and/or working with
stakeholder groups.

By submitting a completed application package to this announcement you are acknowledging that all answers, statements
and any other materials you have submitted to apply for this job are true and complete to the best of your knowledge. You
understand that the State may verify this information and that untruthful or misleading answers are cause for rejection of
your application or dismissal if employed.

Other Information

This position is covered by a union shop provision. Therefore, as a condition of employment, candidates who are
appointed are required to become members of the Washington Federation of State Employees (WFSE) and pay dues or as
a non-member pay agency shop fee, non-association fee or a representation fee. The union shop provision shall be
effective no later than the 30th day following the effective date of the appointment.

For more information:

The State of Washington is an equal opportunity employer. Persons with a disability who need assistance in the application
or testing process, or those needing this announcement in an alternative format, may call (360) 664-1960 or toll free (877)
664-1960 or Telecommunications Device for the Deaf (360) 664-6211. For questions about this recruitment call (360)

                                     Requisition Title: 4610 EP3 SEA NB00018209