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Saint Mary


									                                               Saint Mary
                                              Roman Catholic Church
                                                   312 Clark Street
                                              Hollidaysburg, PA 16648

                                                     June 26, 2011
                                                      Solemnity Of
                                                   The Most Holy Body
                                                   And Blood Of Christ

                              PARISH STAFF                                          PHONE NUMBERS
        Pastor: Rev. Anthony J. Legarski                          Office: (814) 695-0622
        Deacon: Deacon Charles R. Ahearn                                 Monday to Friday 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM
        Director of Religious Ed: Mrs. Connie Curfman
        Director of R.C.I.A.: Mrs. Anne Burkholder                       Closed Holy Days and Holidays
        Director of Music: Mrs. Mary Jeanne Stoltz                Fax: (814) 696-9609
                              WEB SITES                           Religious Education Office: (814) 695-5678
        Parish:                   Hollidaysburg Catholic School: (814) 695-6112
        HC School:
        Bishop Guilfoyle High School:                        SACRAMENTS
        Diocese:                                Confessions: Saturday - 11:00 AM
                            MASS SCHEDULE                         Thursday before First Friday - 4:00 PM
        Saturday Vigil: 4:00 PM
        Sunday: 8:00 AM, 10:00 AM & 11:30 AM                      Baptism & Marriage: By Appointment.
        Weekdays & Holy Days:                                     2 weeks notice requested for Baptism.
        Refer to Mass Intentions schedule below.                  9 Months notice required for Marriage.
                HOLLIDAYSBURG CATHOLIC SCHOOL                     Please contact the Pastor.
        Principal: Mrs. Elaine Spencer
        Email:                                Bulletin Deadline: NOON MONDAY

                                                   Mass Intentions
DATE     DAY          TIME             INTENTION                           REQUESTED BY
06/25    SAT        4:00     PM        FRANK & MARGARET FEIGH              Family
06/26    SUN        8:00     AM        AMANDUS P. MILLER                   Thelma Zimmerman
                   10:00     AM        CONNIE MACALUSO                     Husband, Joe
                   11:30     AM        GERALDINE MYERS                     Ken & JoEllen Gehl
06/27    MON        8:00     AM        PEOPLE OF THE PARISH                Pastor
06/28    TUE        8:00     AM        VERONICA SCLAFANI                   Dan Sclafani
06/20    WED                           No Services This Day
06/30    THU        8:00     AM        ANNA MARIE MULLEN                   Dan & Beth Norris
07/01    FRI        8:00     AM        LOIS BEVACQUA                       St. Mary Religious Ed.
                   12:15     PM        HELEN WOLF                          Dave & Diane Madden
07/02    SAT        8:00     AM        KATHERINE & JOHN NAHORNEAK          Mary Wukina & Frances Mavri
                    1:30     PM        HOOVER-HOLLERN NUPTIALS
                    4:00     PM        LEWIS & MARY PUTOREK                Ron & Mary Putorek
07/03    SUN        8:00     AM        LIVING & DECEASED MEMBERS           St. Mary Ladies Guild
                   10:00     AM        CLYDE BARNES                        Wife & Family
                   11:30     AM        CATHERINE PERRETTA                  Donor
                                          Ignite the fire of the Holy spirit in your heart.

   Liturgical Reflection
           The primary way in which we celebrate the Lord’s Day is with our participation in the Sunday Eucharist.
   What better way to celebrate the Resurrection of the Lord than by celebration of the memorial of his Passion,
   Death, and Resurrection? This prayer is not a solitary, private event. Instead, we come together as the people of
   God, the Church, to worship with one heart and one voice. No member of the faithful should be absent from the
   Sunday Eucharist without a serious reason. And we keep Sunday all day. In addition to attending Mass each
   Sunday, we should refrain from those activities which impede the worship of God and disturb the joy proper to the
   day the Lord or the necessary relaxation of mind and body.
    Parish Guide to Implementing the ROMAN MISSAL, USCCB, 2010, “Celebrating the Lord’s Day.”

   2011, Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown, Liturgy Office, 925 South Logan Boulevard, Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania 16648.

R       eligious Formation
      Parents of all new students are
to register their children for the 2011-
                                                V      olunteers Needed
                                                       Looking for a way to support
                                                your Marauder football team?
                                                                                                  S     t. Joseph
                                                                                                        parish in Williamsburg will be
                                                                                                  hosting a Catholic day camp for
2012 Religious Formation program                Consider volunteering for one of                  children age five to twelve on August
by calling Connie 695-5678.                     these volunteer opportunities - adults            1st and 2nd. The Sisters of the
                                                and students welcome (BG students                 Sacred Heart from Cresson will

V       igil Light Intention
      This week the Vigil Light, the
sign of the true presence of the Lord
                                                will receive service hours).

                                                Football Volunteer Opportunities
                                                                                                  conduct the camp, which will begin
                                                                                                  at 8:00 AM with Holy Mass. The day
                                                                                                  includes a variety of activities and
in the Blessed Sacrament, will burn             Available:                                        will conclude at 4:00 PM. Lunch and
adjacent to the Tabernacle in loving                                                              snacks will be provided. For more
memory of Jaclyn Marie Locktosh.                      1. Varsity Videographer                     information please call the
Requested by Mom and Dad.                             2. Video Upload Coordinator                 parish office at 832-2137.
                                                      3. Scouting Videographer

O       ur Deepest Sympathy
      To the family and friends of
Patricia Basal. May God grant her
                                                      4. Football Manager

                                                If you are interested, please contact
                                                                                                  A     ltar Flower Memorial
                                                                                                       Flowers adorning the
                                                                                                  Tabernacle Altar are in loving
eternal rest and bring comfort to all           BG Head Football Coach Justin                     memory of Frank and Margaret
who mourn her loss.                             Wheeler as soon as possible at                    Feigh. Requested by their family.
May Mary, the Sorrowful Mother,
console the hearts of all who mourn
the loss of a Loved One.                        P      lace An Ad
                                                       In Our Bulletin, Call
                                                                                                  S     tewardship
                                                                                                       The Lord rescues the lives of
                                                                                                  the poor today through your
                                                Maureen Romano 1-412-956-7009                     abundant sharing of the gifts He has
                                                                                                  placed in your care.

                        S t e w a r d s h i p O f T i m e A n d Ta l e n t
              Please secure a substitute, if you can not serve.                                EXTRAORDINARY MINISTERS

DATE        DAY         TIME           ALTAR SERVERS                   READER                CUP                CUP          HOST
06/25     Saturday      4:00 PM E. & G. Sosnowski                   A. Sosnowski                          S. Blazer      R. Blair
                        8:00 AM T. Matthews & P. Gildea             S. Painter                            J. Kaczor      D. Kaczor
                                                                                       Deacon Chuck
06/26     Sunday       10:00 AM M. & A. Betar                       D. Gonsman                            C. Schaffer    A. Burkholder
                       11:30 AM L. & K. Feath                       S. Sullivan                           J. Feath       B. Stanek

07/02     Saturday      4:00 PM C. & S. Beach                       S. Nori            R. Lawruk          F.. Adamczyk   P. Bickley
                        8:00 AM I. Ford & E. Werlinger              C. Curfman         J. Caracciolo      S. Crissman    K. Benton
07/03     Sunday       10:00 AM E. & D. Long                        A. T. Mokua                           D. Hipp        D. Stephens
                                                                                       Deacon Chuck
                       11:30 AM C. Anderson & C. Bartel             M. Sheedy                             R. Moore       G. Hite
                                 Listen to an Inspirational Catholic CD every week.

  Annual Catholic Appeal

   We sincerely hope that your
                                           P       art-time
                                                Maintenance/Custodial Position Available at Altoona Central Catholic
                                           School, Twenty-five hours per week. Duties include: cleaning, general
    participation will be one of           repairs and maintenance of the Elementary building, which includes interior
  enthusiasm and willingness to            and exterior work. Please submit a resume, references and clearances to:
       support our parish.                 Altoona Central Catholic School, 1400 Fourth Avenue, Altoona, PA 16602.

                                              Parish Council
                                            Deacon Chuck Ahearn
                                             Sharon King; Pres.
                                              John Caracciolo
                                                                   Finance Council
                                                                  Paula Kelley; Chair.
                                                                   John Brinkmiller
                                                                                         L   abor Of Love
                                                                                              Mentoring Children of prisoners
                                                                                         through Big Brothers Big Sisters
                                              Connie Curfman
                                               Philip Delozier      Paul DeLongis        PA State Association’s, Keystone of
                                                Connie Hurd         Philip Delozier      the Future initiative grant.
                                               Chad Madden          Carol Hallberg
                                                Bob Moore
                                                                    John McIntyre
                                                 Jim Popp                                Contact:
                                                Bob Stanek          George Mollish
                                                                                         Big Brothers Big Sisters
                                                                                         of Blair County
                                                                     Permanent           891 23rd Street
                                          Diocesan Priest            Diaconate
                                           Discernment                                   Altoona, PA 16601
                                          Fr. Allen P. Zeth                              Phone: (814) 944-6129
                                              472-5441               Interested?         Fax: (814) 944-9094
                                               azeth@                  Deacon            E-mail:
                                             Gene P. Neral

Parish Goal $52,348

                                                                                         O    pportunity
                                                                                                Bishop Guilfoyle Catholic High
                                                                                         School is accepting applications for a
                                                                    List                 full-time vocal/instrumental music
                                                      Prayer      addition
Your ACA gift supports the                              List                             teacher. Interested parties should
diocesan ministries which include                    available    Will                   submit a letter of interest,
the poor, our seminarians and the                        at       appear                 application, college transcripts,
retired priests.                                       front      here                   teaching certificate, and all
                                                     entrance                            required clearances to: Principal’s
All additional monies, over goal,                                                        Office, Bishop Guilfoyle Catholic
come back to support the needs                                                           High School, 2400 Pleasant
                                             Respect Life
of the Parish.                                                                           Valley Blvd., Altoona, Pa. 16602.

                                                                  spiritual healing
Please consider a gift that reflects                               814-884-8000               isit
your gratitude for the many                                                                    the holy land with
blessings that God has entrusted                                  ProjectRachel @        Fr. Brian Saylor. Visit Nazareth,
to you.                                                           Jerusalem, Bethlehem, the Dead
                                                                                         Sea, the Jordan River, Galilee,
Number of pledges 204                                                                    Cana, Capernaum, Mount Carmel
Pledged to date $44,657                   Watch Proclaim           Radio Maria           April 16-26, 2012
                                          Sunday 10:30 AM            88.1 FM             $3990.00 all inclusive,
Percent of goal 85%                          WWCP-TV                                     including air fare.
Percent of individuals/                    Fox Channel 8                                 To sign up contact:
families 29%                               Mass 11:00 AM
                                                                    A Christian          St. Rose of Lima Parish
                                              St. John                                   814-944-8509
                                              Gualbert               Voice in
           Thank You!                                               your home

                                                                                         E    veryone Invited
                                                                                               The monthly Vigil of Prayer
                                                                                         scheduled for Friday, July 1st
C    ar Donation Program
      The Society of St. Vincent de Paul in the Altoona-Johnstown Diocese is
now a part of the Society's National Car Donation Program. Donating a
                                                                                         by the Nocturnal Adoration Society
                                                                                         will be held at Our Lady of Fatima,
                                                                                         12th Ave and 20th Street, Altoona
vehicle now is easy. Go to and click on car donation                   from 8:00 - 11:00 PM.
program. Proceeds from the sale of the vehicle will directly benefit the Society
in our area. For more information, call 800-322-8284.
          A Walk Through the New Mass
                   Translation                                               8:00 AM to 6:30 PM
                 Dr. Edward Sri
   Dr. Edward Sri, Professor of Scripture and Theology
     at the Augustine Institute, provides a fascinating
     explanation of the new English translation of the
         Mass which will soon be put into practice.
   This is truly a great opportunity for Catholics to enter
   more deeply into the biblical and theological richness
      found in the liturgy, and to better worship God                       All are invited to make a visit.
                     with our whole heart.                                  Mass 8:00 AM and 12:15 PM

                                                                         A reminder that First Friday communion
               Inspirational Catholic CDs                                     visits will take place this week.
          These CDs will ignite the fire of the                     Please call the rectory if you or someone you know
                                                                         wishes to be added to the visitation list.
              Holy spirit in your heart.
                                                                      CONFESSIONS WILL BE HEARD THURSDAY
                                                                                   at 4:00 PM

                                                              M    atter Of Faith
                                                                   Stories and Parables
                                                              Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints (LDS)
                                                              Lower Brush Mountain Road, Hollidaysburg
                                                              • Tues., July 12th - 7:00 PM Stories of Forgiveness
                                                              • Tues., July 19th - 7:00 PM Stories of Healing
                                                              • Tues., July 26th - 7:00 PM
                                                                 Stories of Stewardship, more than just money

                                                              Sponsored by Ecumenical Conference of Greater Altoona
                                                              Cindy 695-6580 or
               A donation of $3.00
                  is requested

E    njoy Singing?
     2011 Choral Institute, Academy Of Sacred Music
Seeking participants for July 11—14th
“Mass of Pentecost” concert.
Call Cindy Baney 695-6580

        We Thank This Week’s Sponsor

       Please Patronize Our Advertisers

          Stewardship Of Treasure
The collection on the weekend of June 19th
amounted to: Adults $5193, Children $22, Loose $450.

Most sincere thanks, for your continued generosity
and faithful stewardship.

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