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					                           OTTAWA POLICE SERVICE
                               RIDEAU / GOULBOURN
                    Weekly Activity Update: Aug. 19/11 to Aug. 25/11
                               Half Moon Bay Neighbourhood Watch

          Patrol Officers in the Rideau/Goulbourn area responded to 70 general calls for
          service from the public for the reporting period of Aug. 19th to the Aug. 25th. From
          these calls for service the following is a partial breakdown of incidents by

                Manotick: 1 Disturb, 1 Mischief
                Kars: 1 Disturb, 1 Suspicious
                Stonebridge: 1 Theft-fr-Veh.
                Munster: 1 Mischief
                Richmond: 2 Theft

          In addition to the calls for service, patrol officers are also proactively enforcing the
          Highway Traffic laws, responding to false 9-1-1 and alarm calls, and assisting the
          Ottawa Fire, Paramedics and By-law services.

          DEER COLLISION COUNTER—Week thirty-five and only one deer collision was
          reported in the West Carleton district.
          The total score now stands at 85 to 50 in favor of Rideau-Goulbourn.


Aug. 21 Old Wellington Street, Kars: A 19-yr-old male was charged under the Trespass to
        Property Act after police were called to Kars recreation centre for a report of kids
        drinking and making a big racket.
        The 911-caller alerted police to the prohibited activity just after 1 a.m. on Sunday
        and advised the dispatcher that the patrol officers should approach with the lights
        and sirens switch off else the kids will ―scatter like rats.‖
        Thanks to the great call made by the anonymous set of ―eyes and ears‖ at least one
        youth from the Nepean area learned an important lesson on rural community
        etiquette and what it mean to engage in prohibited activity.

Aug. 25 Pettapiece Crescent, Manotick: A homeowner reported an ongoing problem with
        young boys playing ―Nicky Nicky Nine Doors‖ at all hours of the night.
        In the latest incident, which occurred at around 9 p.m. on Thursday evening, the
        homeowner managed to yell out at three boys to stop their tomfoolery as they
        jumped on their bicycles; however, they openly refused.
        The homeowner expressed feelings of uneasiness and frustration with this ongoing


Aug. 19   7816 Bleeks Road, Munster: Sometime over the summer holidays unidentified
          persons vandalized the exterior of the Munster Elementary school for no apparent
          reason; no entry into the school was attempted or made.
          The school custodian pointed out to the investigating officer a 4-inch crack in a
          window to an entranceway;,a damaged handicap assist button to a door, a burnt
          wiring harness for the handicap button, and a set of lewd pictures and words drawn
          on a basketball net in permanent ink.

Aug. 20   West River Drive, Manotick: Sometime during the early morning hours on Sat.,
          Aug. 20, an unidentified person(s) climbed over a complainant’s fence and threw
          two lawn chairs and an 80 lb stone statue into the pool.
          At the time of reporting it was unknown if the statue had damaged the pool liner.


Aug. 25   Dorack Drive, Kars: shortly after midnight on Thursday a homeowner was alerted
          to some sort of unusual activity in her driveway by the unexpected activation of her
          motion detector light.
          Upon looking out she noticed that some unidentifiable person was parked in front
          of her house in a blue Pontiac Sunfire.
          The homeowner was able to record the licence plate number of the vehicle before it
          drove off and provide it to police.


Aug. 24   Dalkena Place, Stonebridge: A complainant reported that an unidentified person
          had attempted to enter his locked vehicle sometime during the overnight hours on
          Sun., Aug. 21.
          Nothing was reported stolen.

Aug. 25   3835 McBean Street, Richmond: Sometime during the overnight hours on Wed.,
          Aug. 24 unidentified thieves broke into two large shipping containers belonging to
          Lentech Automatics and removed a crate containing a transmission.
          The container doors were secured with locks and the transmission was found
          sitting in the parking lot, undamaged.

Aug. 25   McBean Street, Richmond: Two commercial vehicles belonging to Climate Works
          were broken into sometime during the overnight hours on Wed., Aug. 24 and a set
          of specialty tools and a portable radio were stolen.
          The unidentified thieves forced their way into the two locked vans and cut the locks
          off of three containers that were fastened down inside of the vehicles.

Make the right Call:

          The Rideau/Goulbourn Police Centre is located at 1131 Clapp Lane in Manotick and
   can be reached at 236-1222 ext. 2314. The Centre is a ―community problem-solving
   centre‖ and is responsible for the delivery of the Ottawa Police crime prevention
          It is important to note that the Manotick CPC is not an emergency response centre
   and that we do not dispatch cars to complaints or crimes in progress. When these
   situations arise, it is important to know the numbers to call for an appropriate response:
        911 – for life-threatening emergencies or crimes in progress;
        613-230-6211 – other emergencies, i.e.: suspicious incident or disturbance;
       613-236-1222, ext. 7300 – the O.P.S. call centre, to report a theft, missing person
        or stolen vehicle; and
     311 – for Bylaw Dispatch Services.
All of these numbers along with other useful information can be found in the red pages at
the front of your residential directory.
If you have any information regarding any criminal activity, call Crime Stoppers at 613-
233-TIPS (8477), or toll free at 1-800-222-8477.
Finally, if you are ever in doubt as to whether or not you should call police, or you cannot
remember the non-emergency numbers, call 9-1-1. The caring and professional 9-1-1 Call
Takers will steer you in the right direction.

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