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     A Message from the Director of Human Services
          If ever a division of government were aptly named, it is the
          Kenosha County Department of Human Services. For indeed,
          human services is what we are all about.        A cursory and
          admittedly incomplete counting of the number of individuals
          directly assisted by our various divisions comes to a whopping
          130,000, nearly approximating the population of the entire
          county! Many others are served by agencies and individuals
          funded by the Department to assist us in our work.

          Of course there has to be some duplication and overlap and many
          are brief contact, information only inquiries. Yet the fact is we
          touch numerous lives and have significant involvement in
          helping people cope with a myriad of problems. The scope of
          what we do is mirrored in a sampling of statistics detailed in this

      Division of Aging:
           3,259   Information, Assistance & Access
             475   Community Options Program/Medical Assistance
              63   Eldereach
              111  Home delivered meals
             381   Care-A-Van riders

      Brookside Care Center:
            154    Residents, 60 of whom are Alzheimer’s patients

      Division of Children & Family Services:
             721   Physical & Sexual Abuse & Neglect Cases
             168   Children in Foster Care
             355   Referrals to Juvenile Court Services Unit

    Division of Disability Services:
          5,388  Adult Crisis Contacts
            167  Seriously mentally ill persons served in the
                   Support Program
            380  Developmentally Disabled persons served
             191 Persons served in Community Integration and
                   Community Options Program

      Division of Health:
         16,668    Immunizations
           8,879    Walk-ins -- Nurse of the Day
           1,225   Licensed food establishments

Kenosha County Department of Human Services 1998 Annual Report
Page 2                                                                         Message from the Director

                122   Animal bite investigations

         Division of Veteran’s Services:
                274   Department of Veteran’s Affairs home loan guaranteed
                286   Families of deceased veterans receiving burial benefits
                 85   Veteran educational grants
                 25   Personal loans for debt consolidation or education

         Division of Workforce Development:
            56,000    Child support enforcement cases
              2,314   Food stamp households
              7,675   Medical assistance recipients
                719   Welfare-to-Work recipients

Numbers alone tell only part of the tale. The real story lies in a dedicated
and compassionate work force, both public and private who labor long and
hard to help people access services and cope with the problems of life. They
form an honor roll of public service and I am proud to have been associated
with them.

As I pen these remarks (mid August1999), I have just resigned my position
as Director of the Human Services Department to take on a juvenile justice
assignment in the Division of Children & Family Services. I want to express
my appreciation to the citizens of Kenosha County represented by our
County Board and especially to Dr. Eunice Boyer, who for many years, has
served as chairperson of our Human Services Board & Human Services
Committee (and their predecessor bodies). She, the Board & Committee                       Judy
members, have been universally supportive and understanding and have                      Weseman
helped the Department maintain the high standards we have set for
       I would also like to express my fondest gratitude to the colleagues
who have constituted my management team:

              Dennis Schultz who is succeeding me, has ably directed the
Division of Children & Family Services. He cares deeply about children and
is dedicated to turning young lives around so that they too can find their
place in the sun. We have developed a close working relationship through
the years and he has often been described as my “bastard son.” I could do              Ron Frederick
worse (I think). We are, of course, of approximately the same height (when I
stand on the table, that is).
              Judy Weseman, our Director of Workforce Development, is a
lawyer. Despite this handicap, she is embued with a social conscience, is
devoted to bringing the poor out of poverty, and is always alert to emerging
opportunities to bettering our service delivery system.
              Ron Frederick, (Disabilities Division Director) and LaVerne
Jaros (Aging Division Director) are our twin consciences. Both are client
advocates with a strong streak of integrity. Ron brings a zest and passion
                                                                                        LaVerne Jaros

                      Kenosha County Department of Human Services 1998 Annual Report
Message from the Director                                                                     Page 3

                  to the job, which we all admire.       LaVerne is quieter but just as persistent
                  (and a lot better looking).

                          Frank Matteo (Health Division Director) is even quieter than
                  LaVerne.      He handles a division with a myriad of public health
                  responsibilities, does his job quietly and efficiently, is tolerant and keeps his
                  anti-pipe smoking lectures to me at a minimum.
                                 Tom Lois (Veteran’s Division Director) is the quietest of all.
 Frank Mateo
                  This is befitting his well-deserved war hero image. He sees to it that
                  Kenosha veterans get maximum benefits due them. That’s what he’s here to
                  do and he does it well.
                                 Jim Kennedy, Ph.D. (Director of Operations) is the intellectual
                  of the house. He has the best grasp of anyone on the overall operations of
                  the department and is assiduous in exploring ways of expanding and
                  refining our service capabilities. He has a wicked sense of humor and
                  gracefully accepts the ribbing that comes his way due to his inability to join
                  LaVerne, Frank & Tom in limiting what he has to say.
   Tom Lois
                                 Bernice Wikstrom (Brookside Care Center Director) recently
                  retired and was succeeded by Karen Vincent Vincent. Bernice took on an old
                  nursing home with many problems, oversaw the construction of a state of
                  the art facility and came to be loved by both residents and staff. Karen has
                  the personality and vision to keep Bernice’s dream alive.
                                 Job Center manager Larry Jankowski has developed the “Jewel
                  in the Crown”. Our Job Center is a wonder to behold. None is more effective
                  in transitioning people from welfare to work. Visitors from around the
                  world stop by to learn how we do it. Larry is the driving force behind this
 Jim Kennedy      achievement and has given many workshops on the subject throughout the
                  free world. Somehow, he has maintained a modest, self-effacing demeanor
                  and is generous in crediting others for accomplishments due largely to his
                                 Our fiscal operations over the years have been carried out
                  under the direction of Tom Orendorff who is a veritable genius at
                  maximizing state and federal grant opportunities. Neither Tom nor Larry
                  are county employees but they always perform with the county’s best
                  interests at heart. With the creation of a Department of Human Services
                  and the need for a county fiscal manager, we recruited Dan Vidas, Carol
                  Golisch and Jeff Wilson from Tom’s firm. All have performed well in Tom’s
                  tradition and have helped keep the Department’s finances sound (and me
                  out of jail).
                                 Finally a word about Jim Hammelev (Contract Monitor) who
                  is retiring after 34 years of service. Jim has performed a variety of duties in
                  his tenure with distinction. Despite his gruff exterior, he is probably the
                  most widely respected and best liked individual in county government. He
                  has been my closest confidant and has done his level best to keep me out of
                  trouble. Jim was recently diagnosed with cancer. He and his wife, Flo, (who
                  is the saintliest person I know) are fighters. If anyone can conquer this
     Larry        affliction, they can. The prayers of all of us are with them.

                    Kenosha County Department of Human Services 1998 Annual Report
Page 4                                                                          Message from the Director

I have always tried to surround myself with people who are brighter than I
am. I have done so in my sojourn with Kenosha County. I salute my
management team for their competence, dedication, and loyalty. It’s been
a privilege to serve with them.

As I look back over my years with Kenosha, as Social Service Program
Manager, Director of the Department of Social Services, and finally as
Director of the Human Services Department, I hope I will be remembered
as someone who fostered professionalism, brought a measure of innovation,
compassion and accountability to government work and one who
recognized the value of melding public and private resources for the
common good. I feel some success in bringing folks together, elevating the
dialogue and facilitating good people working together to do good things.
It’s a legacy I can live with.

As mentioned earlier, I haven’t quite folded my tent to steal quietly into the
night. I plan to continue to serve the people of Kenosha and appreciate the
opportunity to do so.

         Thanks again to all!

                                Sy Adler

                       Kenosha County Department of Human Services 1998 Annual Report
                                                                                                                                      Page 5

   Human Services
Committee of the Kenosha                              Department of Human Services
   County Board of
                                                                            Mission Statement
   Eunice Boyer, Chair
     Gerald Bellow            To develop, coordinate, and administer a comprehensive network of services to children, youth, families,
      Tony Garcia             the elderly, and individuals striving to cope with developmental disabilities, mental illness, and alcohol
      John O’Day              and drug problems; to preserve and strengthen families, while protecting children from high-risk or
      Gordon West             abusive situations; to empower individuals and families to become law-abiding and economically self-
                              sufficient; to assure the delivery of public health services necessary to prevent disease; to protect, promote,
                              and preserve a healthy citizenry and environment; to advise and assist military veterans; to provide high
 Kenosha County Human         quality nursing home services to the elderly and medically disabled; to advocate on behalf of these
    Services Board            constituencies on the local, state, and national level.
  Eunice Boyer, Chair
       Anne Bergo
    Sandra Bisciglia                                                   Seymour J. Adler, Director
    Ronald Johnson
 Kathryn Croskery Jones
     Tom Kerkman
       Jan Marrelli                                 Aging Services                                     Office of the Director
     Colleen Sandt                                  Long-term Care                                           Operation
   Richard Willoughby                           Adult Protective Services                                  Fiscal Services
                                                   Support Services                                      Contract Monitoring

  Department of Human
  Services Office of the                       Brookside Care Center
                                                                                                         1998 Expenditures
    Seymour J. Adler,
     James Kennedy,                                                                                                       $348,773
  Manager of Operations
      Carol Golisch,                            Children and Family
 Manager of Fiscal Services                           Services                                                          $6,117,564
    James Hammelev,                                  Child Welfare
     Contract Monitor                                Juvenile Court                                                     $8,215,915
  Theresa Rothenberger,
  Senior Office Associate
                                                  Disability Services
   Department of Human                            Alcohol and Drug                                                    $12,694,636
Services Management Team                       Developmental Disabilities
                                                    Mental Health
     Seymour J. Adler
       Ron Frederick
       Carol Golisch                                     Health                                                           $172,149
      Larry Jankowski                                   Nursing
     James Kennedy                                Environmental Health                                                  $9,218,777
   Laverne Kulisek-Jaros
       Thomas Lois
       Frank Matteo                                                                                                   $55,186,178
      Dennis Schultz
      Judy Weseman                                     Veterans
     Bernice Wikstrom

                                              Workforce Development
                                                   Economic Support
                                                     Child Support
                                                      Job Center

                              Kenosha County Department of Human Services 1998 Annual Report
Page 6

                                    Division of Aging                                                            Kenosha County
                                                                                                               Commission on Aging

                                                                                                                Eugene Schutz, Chair
                                           Mission Statement                                                        Ross Boone
The mission of the Kenosha County Division of Aging Services is to make life better for older people and           Eunice Boyer
                                                                                                                  Salonia Grimes
persons with disabilities through information, advocacy, service and program development.
                                                                                                                    Helen Halka
                                                                                                                  Walter Johnson

T he AgingKenoshaand servicesResource
     Center of
                 and Disability

shop for information
                     County is a one-stop
                                  and an
                                                        Medical Equipment.

                                                        The Eldereach Coordinator, an employee of
                                                                                                                   Mario Morrone
                                                                                                                 Kathleeen Pfeiffer
                                                                                                                   Maureen Reed
                                                                                                                    Don Servais
entry point for older and physically disabled           Kenosha Area Family and Aging Services,                  Barbara Wisnefski
persons seeking long term care.                         Inc., located at Aging and Disability Resource
                                                        Center, provides emotional support and
The Information , Assistance and Access                 referrals for older persons experiencing                Community Options
(IAA) staff receive requests for information            mental or emotional problems. Volunteers                Program/Long Term
                                                                                                                 Support Advisory
and help with a variety of concerns and                 visit individuals who can benefit from on-                  Committee
maintain a community resource file. They                going support.
conduct face-to-face visits with people                                                                            Jill Hall, Chair
seeking long term care services, test the                                                                         Betty Anderson
                                                                          Eldereach                                Ron Frederick
state’s screening tool, assess their eligibility
                                                         Persons Served                               63          Jim Hammelev
for funding and consult with them about their
                                                                                                                  Edna Highland
options.                                                 Volunteers                                    4           Marbeth Knoff
                                                                                                                 Mary Jane Landry
    Information, Assistance and Access                   Caregiver Support Group                                 Richard Lindgren
Contacts (April-Dec.)                    3,259             Average Monthly Attendance                  9           Frank Matteo
                                                                                                                  Mary Petersen
Source of contact:                                                                                                Stanley Rosen
  Self                                     824          Daybreak provides group activities two days a               Sue Tudjan
                                                        week at the Westosha Community Center for              Dolores Wojciechowitz
  Relative                                 923
  Friend/Neighbor                          156          persons with dementia while providing respite
  Hospital                                 288          for their family caregivers.                         Specialized Transportation
  Nursing Home                             205                                                                       Committee
  Public Health/Home Health                125                            Daybreak
  Community Provider                       178                                                                   Ed Jenkins, Chair
                                                         Persons Served                                7             Elda Adrian
  Other                                    322                                                                    Betty Anderson
  Unknown                                  238           Volunteers                                   18           Marbeth Knoff
                                                                                                               Carol Schaufel-Romero
Case management services for the elderly and            The Special Needs Assistance Program
physically disabled were provided by                    (SNAP) provides up to $500 toward special                Division of Aging
Lutheran Social Services and the Division of            needs of eligible disabled persons.                       Services Staff
Aging Services.                                         The       Benefit Specialist Program is
                                                                                                               Laverne Jaros, Director
                                                                            SNAP                                   Carolyn Feldt
             Case Management                                                                                       Arlene Badtke
                                                         Persons Served                               30             Dolly Fitch
Assessments                                404                                                                    Christopher Hall
                                                        administered by Kenosha Area Family and                       Wren Ide
Care Plans                                 398                                                                   Dennis Rutkowski
                                                        Aging Services staff at the Aging and
                                                                                                                    Judy Schoor
Persons Serviced                                        Disability Resource Center.      Volunteers
  COP/MA                                   475          assisted homebound persons to file for
  Supportive Home Care                      82          homestead tax credit and provided help with
  Alzheimer’s                               16          Medicare paperwork.
                                                        The Division of Workforce Development has
Community Based Long Term Care Services
include Supportive Homecare, Adult Day                                               (Continued on page 7)
Care, Community Based Residential
Facilities, Supportive Homecare, Lifeline, and

                             Kenosha County Department of Human Services 1998 Annual Report
Division of Aging                                                                                           Page 7

                                 Benefit Specialists                           Congregate Nutrition
                    Information only calls                 928      Meals Served                            64,165
                    Cases opened                           252      Participants                             1,132
                    Appeals                                 22     mornings a week at the Parkside Baptist
                    Group presentations                     30     Church nutrition site.

                    Medicare workshops                       8     The meals purchased by the Division of
                    Monetary impact of cases           $104,473    Aging represent about 20% of the Meals on
                                                                   Wheels delivered by Kenosha Area Family
                    three workers at the Aging and Disability      and Aging Services, Inc. Program volunteers
                    Resource Center who process applications       deliver a hot lunch and cold sandwich supper
                    and determine eligibility of older persons     to persons who are homebound and unable to
                    applying for Medical Assistance to pay for     prepare their own meals. The number of
                    long-term care.                                meals served through Older American Acts
                    The Adult Protection Services unit includes    funds increased by 10% over 1997.
                    staff of Goodwill Industries and the County.   As part of the resource center pilot outreach
                                                                   activities, a new logo, brochures, refrigerator
                                Medicaid (Title XX)                magnets, bookmarks, file folders and index
                                                                   cards were developed and distributed through
                    Intakes                                358
                                                                              Home Delivered Meals
                    Caseload - Nursing homes               668
                               COP - Waiver                225      Persons served                             111
                               Other                        72
                                                                    Meals served                            18,353
                    Referrals declined generally by 7% from 1997
                    except for the category of financial abuse     pharmacy prescription bags, senior groups,
                    where referrals more than doubled from 14 to   physician offices and other referral sources.
                    33. This seems to be following a national
                    trend. Self-neglect referrals accounted for    The Westosha Community Center provides a
                    60% of the total.                              variety of activities for older adults and serves
                                                                   as host to the Daybreak Program for persons
                    The Congregate Nutrition Program provided
                                                                   with Alzheimer’s Disease.
                    heart healthy meals accommodating special
                                                                   The Spanish Center, under contract with the
                                                                   Division of Aging, provides outreach to
                              Adult Protective Services            Hispanic elderly to provide information on
                                                                   senior issues and involve them in volunteer
                    Persons Referred                       248
                                                                   activities to help the young and old.
                      Protective placement/                 71
                        guardianship                                       Westosha Community Center
                      Elderabuse and neglect               177
                                                                    Center Participants                        376
                    WATTS reviews                          159
                    Number of persons in protective        198     Kenosha County provides part of the
                    placement                                      matching funds needed by Senior Community
                                                                   Services of Southeastern Wisconsin to
                    diets at seven sites. Kenosha Area Family      provide low income senior aides with jobs in
                    and Aging Services administered the program    non-profit and government agencies while
                    and Kenosha Achievement Center catered the     seeking permanent positions in unsubsidized
                                                                                   Volunteer Support
                                                                    Program Participants                        30
                    CAMP (Companionship, Activities, and
                    Meals Program) provides activities for
                    Community Options Programs clients two

                     Kenosha County Department of Human Services 1998 Annual Report
Page 8                                                                                           Division of Aging

jobs.                                            match frail older persons with volunteers who
                                                 can provide companionship, grocery shopping
The Sheriff’s Work Crew did snow removal
                                                 and other assistance.
and chores for older adults. County jail
inmates, supervised by a retired Sheriff’s
                                                 The Kenosha News prints the Division’s
deputy, washed windows, trimmed bushes,
                                                 monthly newspaper mailed to over 12,000
and did minor painting and repair jobs. 26
                                                 senior households and distributed to area
              Senior Employment                  nursing homes. Volunteers of the Westosha
                                                 Community Center label and bundle the
Authorized positions                     27      papers for bulk mailing. Readers contributed
Persons served                           37      $4,504 toward mailing costs.

Unsubsidized Placement                   12
                                                   Division of Aging Services 1998 Budget
clients were also referred to the Boy Scouts
for leaf raking.
The Division of Aging contracts with the
Lincoln Neighborhood Center to coordinate
the Ethnic Elders Club. The club encourages                  1998 Revenue Sources
the involvement of African American elders
in education, recreation, and volunteer                                     County Levy
                                                    Federal, State &
                                                    Other Non Levy
                 Chore Service                        $5,513,273
Persons assisted
  Lawn and snow service                  46
Work crew visits                         95

                                                              1998 Expenditures
The Kenosha Achievement Center, Inc.
                                                         Education,             Services for
provides transportation through Care-A-Van          Advocacy and Planning       Older Adults
and Volunteer Escort Service for elderly and            $65,629 (1%)             $638,110
disabled persons who cannot use the city                                           (10%)
                                                                                  Long Term
The Division of Aging provides a small grant          Services
to supplement foundation funds given to               $280,642
               Transportation                                                       (84%)

  Riders                               381
  Trips                             20,749
  Miles                              9,353
Volunteer Escort
 Miles driven

Kenosha Area Family and Aging Services to

                           Kenosha County Department of Human Services 1998 Annual Report
                                                                                                                                Page 9

 Brookside Board of
     Trustees                                              Brookside Care Center
  Robert Pitts, Chair
    Eunice Boyer                                                       Mission Statement
   Robert Carbone
                          It is the mission of Brookside Care Center to provide high quality nursing home services to residents of
   Louis DeMarco
                          Kenosha County in a fiscally responsible manner. In fulfillment of this mission, we affirm that Brookside
    Mina Heppel
                          Care Center is committed to view those whom we serve as persons of dignity and worth, regardless of race,
                          sex, creed, age, national origin, or social status. Brookside Care Center is committed to operate as a county
   Brookside Care         governmental health care facility, and to provide qualified personnel to assure the health, safety, and rights
    Center Staff          of our residents.

  Bernice Wikstrom
  Suresh Naik, M.D.
      Clyde Allen
                          B    rookside Care Center is a skilled nursing
                               facility which admits both short term and
                          long term residents, serves 154 residents at
                                                                                     home or to another facility during 1998. The
                                                                                     waiting list for admission continued to be up
                                                                                     to two and one-half years. Hospital in-
  Paulette Campbell
      Peggy Clark         one time, with 60 of those spaces dedicated to             patients in need of nursing home placement
      Jon Hrpcek          the person with Alzheimers or some other                   were given priority status for admission.
    Geri Kapplehoff       form of dementia.                                          Kenosha County residency remained a pre-
     Lisa Knoedler                                                                   requisite.
    Derik Lawrence
     Dana Osinga          During 1998, there were 74 admissions to
    Donna Pontillo        Brookside Care Center. 21 of those were                    At the end of 1998, Brookside had 11
 Annamma Abraham          admitted to the dementia unit, and of those 21,            management position employees on staff, 14
    Donnna Abston         17 (81%) remain as residents on December                   registered nurses, 14 licensed practical nurses,
       Alan Aker          31, 1998. Of the 53 other residents who were               73 certified nursing assistance, 3 maintenance
     Susan Albert
     Lori Anderson
                          admitted, 22 (41%) remain as residents on                  persons, 6 laundry workers, 13 housekeeping
   Lavetta Arrington      December 31, 1998. These statistics validate               workers, 24 dietary workers, 7 activity
    Atsuko Ashmus         the fact that the resident admitted with                   assistants, and two office staff. Of these 167
    Kim Augustine         Alzheimers or another dementia is not likely               employees, 85 (51%) were part-time.
   Katherine Barlow       to be able to be rehabilitated to return home or
 Sandra Bartholomew       to a lesser skilled facility.
  Sherri Baumgarten
       Mary Bell
  Constancia Binkley      There were 48 deaths and 26 discharges to
     Gay Birkholz
    Monique Bond
                                                     Characteristics of Residents Living at Brookside on 12/31/97
   Rachael Borden
     Carolyn Borst                 Residents with selected diagnoses
    Daisy Brantley                   Dementia                                                                         35%
   Donna Bugalecki
  Ramona Chalekian                   Stroke                                                                           15%
     Elizabeth Cis                   Fractures                                                                         6%
  Eleonora Conforti
   Kaushik Damani
      Sheri Dreyer
     Eli Echevarria                Residents with court-appointed guardian                                            16%
 Catherine Eschbach
     Ronnie Fisher                 Female                                                                             69%
    Gregoria Flores
     Brenda Franti                 By Age
    Shano Freidrich                 under 64                                                                           3%
    Eddie Gardner                   65 and older
   Timothy George
                                    85 and older
     Debra Gitzlaff
   Terry Hackbarth                  95 and older
       Walter Hall
   Temeceka Harris                 By level of care
    Carole Hayden                   Intense skilled                                                                    2%
      Clair Hirsch                  Skilled                                                                           84%
    Carolyn Hogan                   Intermediate                                                                      14%
   Barbette Hoholik
Mary Hunter, Paula Ide,
  Robin Jackl, Tracy

                           Kenosha County Department of Human Services 1998 Annual Report
Page 10                                                                                                             Brookside Care Center

     Cost Per Patient Day - $146.75                                   1998 Revenue Sources - $8,359,120

                                    Staff $103.72                        Misc. $5         Tax Levy 1,741 (21%)
                                       (71%)                              (0%)
                                                                                                       $999 (12%)
    Other                                                             (29%)
  $6.42 (4%)                         Supplies
  Medical                            $9.35 (6%)
  $11.78                                                                            Medicaid $3,162
              Interest             Depreciation                                         (38%)
   (8%)      $8.21 (6%)             $7.27 (5%)

       Brookside Staff Continued

                                  Jepson, Patricia Johnson, Linda Jones, Patricia Jurgens
                 Kelly Kelps, Terianne Kirby, Yvonne Klemm, Karen Koellner, Kay Konz, Mark Kreideman
                    Sharon Krok, Mary Krueger, Dale Langston, Carla Lewis, Heidi Litz, Thomas Lovelle
                       Marsha Lucas, Lavonne Lupi, Erica Maika, Arlene Martinelli, Henry Martinelli
                  Mary Jane Melander, Branka Milanovic, Kathy Million, Robert Monsees, Valerie Nelson
            Diane Nelson, Mary Noble, Nancy Ogden, Louise Olsen, Sandra Otto, Marie Palmer, Corazon Pecze
             Walter Powers, Kathryn Gail Pridemore, Dana Prouty, Trudy Razdik, Amy Regina, Steven Rosinski
              Debra Sanders. Karen Schanke, Gilda Schiaffino, Constance Sharp, Carol Smet, Marlinda Smith
                   Debra Smith. Paulette Spitzer, Theresa Steffenhagen, Barbara Stein, Sharon Stevens
                       Kathleen Stich, Sandra Szarbaiko, Sharon Szarbaiko, Svetlana Tchabarovsky
                 Timothy Teegarden, June Thilleman, Darlene Treskow, Loretta Trull, Sherly Valiaparampil
                Michele Vance, Shirley Varnell, Shlonda Walker, Nichol White, James Wilcox, Tammy Willis
                                        Michael Wray, Robbie Wright, Barbara Zorc

                                Kenosha County Department of Human Services 1998 Annual Report
                                                                                                                         Page 11

  Public Welfare
   Committee                         Division of Children and Family Services
 Anne Bergo, Chair
  LuAnn Bodven                                                     Mission Statement
    Virgil Gentz
                       To promote the safety and well-being of the child, family, and community by providing services to children,
   William Houtz
                       youth, and families that are delivered in a respectful, culturally competent manner and are intended to
  Ronald Johnson
 Richard Lindgren      maximize strengths and empower individuals. To advocate for children and families on the national, state,
   Mark Modory         and local level.

Division of Children
and Family Services
                       T he Division ACCESS/ChildProgram is
                                        of Children and Family
                           Services Child Welfare
                       comprised of the               Protection
                                                                                 dedicated to alleviating and, whenever
                                                                                 possible, preventing harm to children while
                                                                                 enhancing and maintaining the family unit.
                       Services Unit (CPS) and the Child and Family              CPS social workers constantly deal with a
   Dennis Schultz      Services Unit (CFS). In addition to County                number of multi-stressed families by
     Patricia Bell     staff, families receive a wide array of services          providing family based services such as
     John Jansen       through providers under contact to DCFS.                  counseling and parenting education either
    Pam Lambach                                                                  directly or in conjunction with purchase-of-
  Pamela Anderson
   Dennis Bedford                         ACCESS                                 service programs.      In 1993, CPS social
 Jeannine Chapman                                                                workers began using “wraparound” services,
    Sharon Davis       ACCESS provides a 24-hour, centralized                    consisting of highly individualized and
    John Deneka        intake and information service for child abuse            innovative programming designed to address
  Donna Dickenson      and neglect, child welfare, and juvenile                  the specific needs and strengths of the family.
     Kathy Fliess
                       delinquency referrals. ACCESS then routes
    Kathy Flowers
     Amy Fockler       these referrals to the appropriate DCFS Unit.             Referrals to the Division in 1998 included a
    Arletta Frazier    Child abuse, child neglect, and child and                 large number of families with multiple
      Amy Green        family referrals are directed to the DCFS                 allegations of child abuse and neglect.
     Pam Jepson        Child Welfare Program.                                    Exhibit 1 on page 10 illustrates the numbers
    Gary Kapitan                                                                 and types of primary referrals and
Veronica King-Wright
    Michele Martin     Child abuse and neglect referrals are initiated           assessments completed by Child Protection
       Sue Meier       by mandated reporters (i.e., professionals                Services over the last three years.
     Paul Moeller      who, through the course of their employment,
   Laura Moschea       come in contact with children and who, by                 Exhibit 2 on page 10 illustrates the historical
   David Neumann       law, are required to report suspicions of child           trend of child abuse and neglect reports along
   Ann-Marie Pace
                       abuse and neglect) and non-mandated                       with the substantiation rates, from 1991
    David Pisecki
    Shelby Poole       reporters (i.e., concerned family members,                through 1998.
      Leon Potter      neighbors, and persons making self-referrals).
   Nancy Ramsey        ACCESS staff collect information regarding                Most of the reports of alleged child abuse or
   Cheryl Rusecki      the alleged incident.                                     neglect in 1998 were made by school
  Bonnie Saltzberg                                                               counselors, law enforcement officials, social
     John Schlax
 Elizabeth Schrandt              Child Protective Services                       workers, teachers or neighbors/friends of the
  Janis Sepulveda                                                                child.
     JoAnn Slater      Child abuse and neglect reports are referred to
     Larisa Stone      the Child Protection Services Unit. CPS                   Children between the ages of 6 and 11 were
      Linda Tiso       social workers assess the severity of the                 most frequently reported to be the victims of
    Karen Tolliver
   Denise Wagner
                       alleged maltreatment and the potential of                 abuse or neglect. The next largest age group
  Evonne Wheeler       future risk of harm to the child. After                   was children between the ages of 3 and 5 of
   Tracey Wheeler      completing a thorough investigation of the                the children referred for child abuse or
                       report, a determination is made as to whether             neglect in 1998, 71% were white/Caucasian,
                       the Division’s continued involvement is                   21% African American, 7% Hispanic, and 1%
                       warranted.                                                of Native American ancestry. 53% were
                                                                                 female and 47% male. Eighty-two percent of
                       The goal of CPS is to ensure that there is a              the children alleged to be abused or neglected
                       safe home environment for the child and to                in 1998 resided within the City of Kenosha.
                       provide the family with sufficient resources to
                       adequately meet the physical and emotional                In 1998, 28% of the investigations for
                       needs of the child(ren). Protective service is                                         (Continued on page 12)

                        Kenosha County Department of Human Services 1998 Annual Report
Page 12                                                                                                                  Children and Family Services

                                          Exhibit 1. - ACCESS Case Set Ups
               Type of Report                                     Number of Calls
           Child Abuse & Neglect*                                     1996                         1997                1998
Physical Abuse                                                         375                          382                355
Sexual Abuse                                                           157                         175                 157
Physical Neglect                                                       215                          216                200
Other**                                                                 5                            20                  9
Sub Total                                                              752                          793                 721
                Child Welfare                                         1996                         1997                1998
Family Adjustment                                                       74                           65                  33
Substitute Care                                                         36                           28                  18
Uncontrollable                                                          17                           14                  14
Home Study                                                             13                           18                  16
CHIPS                                                                  11                           19                  21
Other***                                                               15                            26                  24
Sub Total                                                              166                          170                 126
Total Case Set-Ups                                                     918                          963                847
 *Primary referral reason; **Other includes Emotional Abuse and Threat of Abuse or Neglect; ***Other includes Home Study, Runaway,
                                              Threat of Suicide, Illegal Placement and School Truancy

                                                           Exhibit 2.
  1200                                                                                75%
  1000                                      962
                      49%                            916                              55%
   800                  797                                             793
                                   755                         752                721 45%
               631                                                                                    CAN Reports
   600                                                                                35%
                              38%                                                                     Substantiation Rates
             36%                                           35%              35%
                                         32%                                          25%
   400                                            30%                29%
      0                                                                               -5%
           1991      1992     1993       1994     1995     1996      1997     1998

physical abuse were substantiated. 44% of                              ongoing services are needed. Referrals for
sexual abuse investigations and 37% of                                 child and family problems also come to the
physical/medical neglect investigations were                           CFS Unit through ACCESS. Those served
substantiated in 1998. Overall, for the year,                          have experienced a wide spectrum of societal
35% of all the investigations completed by                             and family stresses: intra-familial sexual
CPS Social Workers were substantiated.                                 abuse, teen pregnancy, child neglect, parents
                                                                       with severe mental illness, developmental
Social Workers in the CPS Unit investigated                            disabilities, alcohol and other drug abuse
and assessed 457 cases in 1998. During the                             problems and physical abuse. Whereas child
year, 298 cases were closed or transferred to                          abuse and neglect referrals generally involve
the Child and Family Services Unit for                                 younger children, the majority of the child
ongoing services.                                                      and family calls concern children who are 12
                                                                       to 17 years old.
           Child and Family Services
                                                                       The goal of the Child and Family Services
The Child and Family Services Unit (CFS)                               Unit is to help families overcome the
receives child abuse and neglect referrals                             problems that brought them to the attention of
from the CPS Unit if it is determined that                                                                  (Continued on page 13)

                                     Kenosha County Department of Human Services 1998 Annual Report
Children and Family Services                                                                                  Page 13

                    the Division. Through face-to-face visits,          In 1998, 140 cases were assigned to the Child
                    phone contacts and case management services         and Family Services Unit for on-going
                    provided by community-based agencies, CFS           services. At the end of 1998, the CFS unit
                    workers strive to strengthen and empower            was serving 267 families. The average case
                    families.                                           load per social worker in the Child and
                                                                        Family Services Unit at the close of 1998 was
                    Whenever possible, case workers attempt to          27. Most of these families were under court
                    keep children at home with their families           jurisdiction that required at least one year of
                    while addressing the issues that led to the         the Division’s involvement.
                    abuse or neglect findings. Family service
                    needs are assessed and service plans that                          Substitute Care
                    contain timelines for achieving treatment
                    goals are established.                              The Division of Children and Family services
                                                                        is committed to preserving and maintaining
                    In those situations where it is not in the best     family unity. When a DCFS social worker,
                    interest of the child to keep him/her at home,      however, determines that an out-of-home
                    social workers attempt to identify other family     placement is necessary, the least restrictive
                    members who are willing to assume care              placement option available to meet the child’s
                    giving responsibilities. As a last resort, the      needs is utilized.
                    child may be placed in substitute care.
                                                                        During 1998, 618 children spent time in either
                    Temporary custody of a child who has been           a foster care or treatment foster care setting.
                    placed in substitute care is given to the           This was a 30% increase over 1997, during
                    Division as a result of a court action. In          which 476 children spent time in one of these
                    addition to petitioning Juvenile Intake             types of substitute care settings.
                    Services for placement of a child in substitute
                    care, CFS social workers are responsible for        The characteristics of the children in either
                    other juvenile court-related activities, such as    foster care or treatment foster care are
                    developing dispositional court reports with         presented in Exhibit 3 on page 12.
                    recommendations for services, change of
                    placements and revision of the court orders,                Juvenile Court Services
                    extensions of jurisdiction and, termination of
                    parental rights requests. Workers must appear       When a youth is adjudicated delinquent for an
                    in court for all hearings related to the case. In   offense, the juvenile court judge orders that a
                    adjudicated cases, the social worker ensures        dispositional investigation be carried out by a
                    that families are complying with the court          social worker within 30 days. The purpose of
                    orders.                                             this investigation is to gather information
                                                                        about the family and social history in order to
                    The role of the CFS social worker involves          determine the best course of treatment and
                    extensive coordination. When a child has            services. This information becomes the basis
                    been placed in substitute care, the worker          for a worker’s recommendation to the
                    maintains contact with the child, birth parents,    juvenile court, which is commonly referred to
                    foster parents and often with extended family       as a dispositional report. The judge takes this
                    members.      For those families receiving          report into consideration when making a
                    services through community-based providers          decision concerning the case.
                    under contact with the Division, the social
                    worker manages the case, coordinating and           The social worker’s role depends in part on
                    over-seeing the delivery of services.               the types of services ordered by the court. In
                                                                        some cases, the youth presents a relatively
                    When a family has a child in substitute care,       low risk to the community and require few
                    the goal is to reunite the family. If that cannot   supportive services. In these cases, the social
                    occur, the case plan becomes the termination        worker is responsible for providing
                    of parental rights to free the child for            counseling and supervision based on his/her
                    adoption. For older children, the goal is           assessment, and there are little or no other
                    usually to work toward independent living.          service providers involved in the case.
                                                                                                   (Continued on page 14)

                     Kenosha County Department of Human Services 1998 Annual Report
Page 14                                                                                               Children and Family Services

                      Exhibit 3. - Characteristics of Children in Foster Care
                            or Treatment Foster Care Placements - 1998
            Demographics                         Foster Care             Treatment Foster Care
 Gender: Male                                        47%                         56%
            Female                                   53%                         44%
 Ethnicity: Euro-American                            44%                         48%
            African American                         48%                         50%
            Hispanic American                         7%                          3%
 Age:*      < 1 year old                             13%                          3%
            1 to 4 years old                         25%                          7%
            5 to 11 years old                        29%                         37%
            12 to 14 years old                       17%                         30%
            15 to 16 years old                       14%                         23%
            17 to 18 years old                        2%                          0%
                              TOTAL                 100%                        100%
 *Age as of 1/1/98 or placement date if after 1/1/98
 Source: December 1998 Placement Report

                                                               crimes against persons (e.g., robbery, sexual
In other cases, the youth may be referred for                  assault, battery). The remaining 32% were
services to one or more community agencies,                    offenses classified as “other” (e.g., disorderly
may be placed out of the home, or require                      conduct, resisting an officer) and drug-related
mental health services. In these cases, one of                 offenses. The number of offenses across
the contracted agencies typically becomes the                  these categories has remained relatively
lead service provider, while the DCFS social                   constant over the past five years.
worker acts as the case manager. The social
worker is then responsible for coordinating                                  Client Population
the services for the youth, serving as a liaison
between the various service providers, and                     In 1998 the number of youth served by the
maintaining contact with the court to                          Unit increased by nearly 5%. Most youth
periodically report on the youth’s progress.                   served by the Juvenile Court Services Unit
In all cases, the social worker provides crisis                are white males between the ages of 14 and
intervention in circumstances that may                         16. The percentage of females has slowly
involve the youth, family members, school,                     increased over the past five years, reaching a
and/or service providers.                                      high of 27% in 1998.

                    Juvenile Arrests                           In 1998, minority youth comprised nearly
                                                               42% of the youth served by the Juvenile
During the past five years, the number of                      Court Services Unit, a slight decrease from
juvenile arrests have generally been on the                    45% in 1997. At the beginning of the decade,
decline. In 1998, the number of juvenile                       minorities represented 29% of the client
arrests decreased by 5.4%.                                     population.

                          Offenses                             Since January 1997, youth 17 years of age are
                                                               considered adults for prosecution purposes.
Nearly one-half (46%) of the offenses                          The number of youth in the “17-19 years of
committed by juveniles referred to the                         age” category decreased 28% in 1997 and
Juvenile Court Services Unit in 1998 were                      another 8% in 1998, reflecting this change in
property-related (e.g., criminal damage to                     the Juvenile Justice Code.
           Number of Juvenile Arrests                            Referrals to the Juvenile Court Services
              in Kenosha County
                                                               A referral to the Unit represents a
 1994          1995         1996          1997         1998    delinquency adjudication, petition for waiver
 4,743        4,041         3,975         4,218        3,990   into adult court, or a consent decree between
                                                               the youth and the juvenile court. Youth can
property, theft, etc.).           Just over 22% were                                       (Continued on page 15)

                                       Kenosha County Department of Human Services 1998 Annual Report
Children and Family Services                                                                                          Page 15

                    be referred to the Unit more than once in a given   The Juvenile Court Services Unit experienced
                    year. In 1998, 19% of the referrals involved        a 6.6% increase in the number of referrals in
                                                                        1998, although the change varied across types
                        Characteristics of Client Population            of referrals.    Delinquency referrals and
                                    1997 & 1998                         consent decrees increased by 4% and 93%,
                                               1997       1998          respectively, while the number of wavier
                     Characteristic           Percent   Percent         referrals remained virtually the same.
                      11 years and under        3%         4%                           Risk of Recidivism
                      12 - 13 years            15%        15%
                      14 - 16 years            68%        68%           When a social worker receives a new case, or
                      17 - 19 years            15%        13%           an open case is referred to the Unit for a new
                     Gender                                             offense, a risk assessment is completed. The
                      Male                     76%        73%           risk assessment is an 11-question survey
                      Female                   24%        27%           which results in a summary score giving
                                                                        workers and administrative staff a sense of
                     Race                                               the relative risk of a client’s recidivating. The
                      Caucasian                56%        58%           average risk score of a delinquent has
                      African American         31%        32%           increased since the risk assessment tool was
                      Hispanic American        12%        10%           implemented, from 7.0 in 1993 (“moderate”
                      Other                     2%         0%           risk) to 10.2 in 1998 (“high” risk).
                     Total Clients              573        600

                    youth already on court-ordered supervision (i.e.,
                                                                              Average Risk Score of Adjudicated
                    open cases).     The percentage of “open case
                                                                                   Delinquent 1993-1998
                    referrals” in 1997 was 22%. This is a decrease
                    compared to 1994-96, where an average of 26%
                    the referrals were already open with a Court                                               10.4     10.2
                    Services worker.                                                                9.4

                        Distribution of Referrals to Juvenile
                           Court Services Unit 1994-1998
                                                                        1993     1994     1995     1996        1997     1998
                                                                        Risk Score: 0-5 (Low) 6-9 (Moderate)
                                                                        10-13 (High) 14+ (Very High)
                                  124       377                                            Recidivism
                                                       333       355
                                            96                   86
                                                       87               Beginning in 1993, DSS defined recidivism
                                                                        as a new adjudication, consent decree, or
                                                                        waiver into adult court while on supervision
                                  289       261                  240    with the Division. In 1998, 84% of youth did
                                                       231              not recidivate while on supervision or as of
                                                                        December 31, 1998 (if an open case at this
                                   20       20          15       29     time). The five-year average (1994-98) is
                         1994     1995     1996        1997   1998

                        Consent Decree   Delinquency    Waiver

                     Kenosha County Department of Human Services 1998 Annual Report
Page 16

                        Division of Disability Services                                                       Disability Services

                                                                                                             Barbara Rankin, Chair
                                           Mission Statement                                                     Patricia Bell
                     To Inspire HOPE - To Provide HELP - To Facilitate HEALing                                  Marbeth Knoff
                                                                                                                 Mark Modory
The Kenosha County Division of Disability Services strives to secure services for Alcohol and Other Drug         Steve Relich
Abusers, Developmentally Disabled Individuals, and Mentally Ill Persons on a clinically sound, community        Colleen Sandt
based, least restrictive, economically realistic, and most in need basis.                                        Gordon West

D     ivision of Disabilities Services is
      responsible to address the needs of
Kenosha County’s citizens with Alcohol-
                                                           reform model.        Though quite time
                                                           consuming, it is hoped that participation in
                                                           these two major reform efforts will better
                                                                                                             Division of Disability
                                                                                                                Services Staff

Drug, Developmental Disabilities, or Mental                position Kenosha County to implement the           Ronald R. Frederick
                                                                                                                 Chris Hribal
Health problems. It accomplishes this through              inevitable changes inherent in the new                John Sharp
the administration of more than 100 service                systems.                                             Gayle Hannes
contracts, mostly with local agencies.                                                                            Lin Nakata
                                                        2. Local Changes in the Developmental                   Donna Adams
                                                           Disabilities Service System Prove                    Janet Schmidt
The array of programs administered by the
                                                           Successful: The relocation of the Birth to
Division constitutes a “safety net” for
                                                           3 Early Age Program (EAP) at the
Kenosha’s citizens who are unable to access                                                                       Community
                                                           Kenosha Achievement Center has enabled
mental health services through their own                                                                      Intervention Center
                                                           the Program to achieve greater visibility,
resources. Kenosha’s public sector mental
                                                           serve more families, and provide more than            Linda Pavalko
health program functions like a limited-
                                                           50% of its services in natural settings such           Coordinator
purpose health maintenance organization or
                                                           as homes and day care centers. The EAP
managed care firm. The Division strives to                                                                   A partnership between
                                                           serves 0-3 infants with developmental
purchase quality mental health services for its                                                                 Kenosha Human
consumers on a clinically effective,                                                                         Development Services,
community based, least restrictive, affordable,            The consolidation of care management              Inc. and the Division of
and most in need basis.                                    services for persons with developmental             Disability Services
                                                           disabilities at the Community Intervention              Adult Crisis,
          Major Activities in 1998                         Center (CIC) has improved coordination                 Adult Shelter,
                                                           and helped restrain costs.                              Assessment,
Services in the Alcohol-Drug/Mental Health                                                                        Court Liaison,
                                                           The pilot Developmental Disabilities                Care Management
areas remained fairly stable in 1997.
                                                           Resource Center (DDRC) got off to a good                     and
Considerable change did occur within our
                                                           start in 1998. The DDRC, located at the             Specialty Program
local developmental disabilities system. Those                                                                       Services,
                                                           Co mmunity I nter ventio n Center,
changes were:                                                                                                 Children Come First,
                                                           compliments the Aging and Disabilities
                                                           Resource Center operated by the Division               Guardianship
1. Planning for the Transition to Managed
                                                           of Aging. Both resource centers are part of             Assistance,
   Care: Division staff were actively involved
                                                           a pilot testing access, screening and               Residential Quality
   in the State level planning processes for                                                                        Assurance,
                                                           eligibility for the new, long term care
   mental health and long term care reform,                                                                      Family Support,
                                                           system that Wisconsin is promoting known
   both of which are utilizing managed care                                                                      Developmental
                                                           as Family Care.                                    Disabilities Resource
   models. The long term care reform focuses
   on elderly, physically and developmentally           3. Medicaid Personal Care Benefit                          Center Pilot,
                                                                                                               Adult Family Home
   disabled adults, and managed mental health              Implemented: The Medicaid Personal Care                 Certification
   care, as the name suggests, is directed                 Benefit was tapped on behalf of 45
   towards persons with mental illness and                 severely developmentally disabled adults
   secondarily, alcohol-drug problems.                     in residential care. This has proven to be a
   Kenosha was designated an “alternate”                   significant service in that residents receive
   County for purposes of piloting a long term             the professional scrutiny of County Health
   care demonstration project. In mental                   Department nurses for purposes of
   health, Kenosha became a “planning                      assessment and service plan authorization.
   associate” for purposes of assisting the                Medicaid reimbursement helps the
   State develop its managed care oriented,                                         (Continued on page 17)

                            Kenosha County Department of Human Services 1998 Annual Report
Division of Disability Services                                                                              Page 17

                        Division stabilize residential placements
                        for this very needy population in this era of
                        constricted revenues.                                          1998 Revenue
                                   Service Highlights
                      • Logged 5,388 Adult Crisis Contacts                   $1,400,869
                      • Accepted 261 Adult Shelter Admissions                  (10%)
                        for 807 days of care                              Other,
                      • Conducted 724 Behavioral Health                 State/Fed
                        Assessments at the Community                    $2,288,828
                        Intervention Center: 247 for Alcohol/
                        Drug, and 477 for Mental Illness
                                                                                                          Tax Levy
                      • Responded to 319 Involuntary Admission          Community Aids                    $669,451
                        Episodes (Emergency Detentions per              $4,374,300 (33%)                    (5%)
                        WS51) at St. Catherine’s Hospital. Up
                        from 287 in 1997.
                      • Helped 167 Seriously Mentally Ill Persons
                        through the Community Support Program,                         1998 Expenses
                        Inc. Down from 171 in 1997.
                      • Case managed over 380 Developmentally                 AODA
                        Disabled Persons at the Community                  $819,641 (6%)
                        Intervention Center of Kenosha Human               Admin.                      $8,032,907
                        Development Services, Inc.                        $446,875                       (60%)
                      • Assessed 703 persons under the Intoxicated          (3%)
                        Driver Program at the Alcohol and Other
                        Drugs Council, Inc. Up from 689 in 1997.
                      • Assisted 459 persons at the Kenosha                   MI
                        Achievement Center                                $4,136,982
                      • Involved 490 persons in Outpatient
                        Counseling at Oakwood Clinic Associates.
                        Provided Medication Monitoring Services
                        for over 425 mental health patients via a
                        Closed Panel of Local Psychiatrists.
                      • Facilitated 147 Inpatient Psychiatric
                        Admissions at St. Catherine’s Hospital.
                        Up from 145 in 1997. 93 Medical Detox
                        Admissions also logged in 1998.
                      • Supported 155 admissions to Residential
                        Care in Community Based Residential
                        Facilities (5 beds+) and 121 in Adult
                        Family Homes (1-4 beds). 1997 figures:
                        Community Bases Residential Facilities,
                        161; Adult Family Homes, 103.
                      • Utilized the Wisconsin Medical Assistance
                        Program’s (WMAP) Personal Care Benefit
                        for 45 persons who received 63,409 hours
                        of care while in residential settings.
                      • Served 191 persons in the Community
                        Integration and Community Options
                        Program, 180 served in 1997; Assisted 82
                        families in the Family Support Program,
                        100 in 1997

                      1998 Revenues and Expenses - $13,436,405

                       Kenosha County Department of Human Services 1998 Annual Report
Page 18

                                   Division of Health                                                              Board of Health

                                                                                                                Thomas Radmer, Chair
                                                                                                                     Anne Bergo
                                            Mission Statement                                                    Stephen Feuerbach
                                                                                                                   Lorraine Fuchs
To assure the delivery of health services necessary to prevent disease, maintain and promote health, and to        Margaret Kugler
protect and preserve a healthy environment for all citizens of Kenosha County regardless of ethnic origin,           John O’Day
cultural and economic resources.                                                                                  Steve Schwimmer

                  Nursing                                 Food Protection
                                                                                                                Medical Advisor to the
                                                                                                                 Division of Health

T     he nursing section of the Division of               Program objective is the prevention of
      Health provides preventive health                   foodborne disease through regulation of                Gregory Young, M.D.
services to the residents of Kenosha County.              restaurants, retail food establishments,              Steve Schwimmer, D.O.
Individuals are seen in clinics, schools,                 vending machines, school lunch programs,
homes, day care, work places, as well as in               farmers markets, food dealers and special
                                                                                                                  Division of Health
the Division of Health office on a walk-in                events. Activities include licensing, plan                     Staff
basis.                                                    review, routine follow-up and complaint
                                                          inspections, consultations, and education.                  Frank Matteo
                Clinic Services                           Lodging Facilities                                           Tonya Allen
                                                                                                                   Sandra Badgerow
                                                                        Activity                   Units              Pat Gotelaere
• 16,668 immunizations were provided                                                                             Dorene Leinenweber
  covering 15 vaccine types                               Establishments Licensed                 1,225           Cynthia Rafenstein
• 1,040 TB skin tests were administered,                  Inspections (Routine/Follow-up)         1,932
                                                                                                                     Randall Wergin
  down from 2,436 in 1997                                                                                              Stacey Aker
                                                                                                                       Harry Benn
• 452 Adult/Senior Health Screenings                      Consultations/Plan Review                 740
                                                                                                                       Peggy Bonk
• 1,266 Hypertension Screenings                           Consumer Complaint                        203              Diane Bosovich
• 326 Well Baby Exams                                     Investigations                                          Dawn Bruce-Ernst
• 984 Health Check Exams                                                                                              Wendy Cima
                                                          Food Samples Collected                    372                 Lori Ditzler
• 123 Prenatal Care Services                                                                                            Kim Emery
• 39 Cardiac Risk Screenings                                                                                           Elaine Engel
• 537 HIV Antibody Testings                               This program enforces regulations that seek to            Yvonne Eskridge
                                                                                                                William Fitzgerald-Fleck
• 609 Sexually Transmitted Disease                        ensure a safe, healthy and sanitary                          Linda Godin
  Screenings                                              environment in hotels, motels, tourist                      Mike Gorman
• 8,879 Walk-ins - Nurse of the Day                       rooming houses, bed and breakfast                             Jody Heck
• 4,526 Home Visits                                       establishments, and mobile home parks.                     Deanna Jarnigo
• 1,782 School Hearing Screenings                         Recreational Sanitation                                    Sandra Jensen
                                                                                                                 Pamela Kavalauskas
• 5,412 School Vision Screenings                                                                                       Jeff Kindrai
                                                          This program’s goal is to ensure a safe and            Steve Krzyzanowski
         Environmental Health                                                                                      Ted Leinenweber
                                                                        Activity                   Units
                                                                                                                      Lynda Lester
                                                          Establishments Licensed                     62                Billie Lidik
The Kenosha County Environmental Health                                                                               Patricia Lyons
Section is dedicated to preserve and enhance              Inspections (Routine/Follow-up)           106             Carol McCarville
the public health environment of Kenosha                                                                              Mary McClain
County. It does so by providing information,              Consultations/Plan Review                   40            Lorraine Magiera
regulation, education, and intervention in the                                                                        Mark Melotik
                                                          healthy environment for residents and visitors               Lisa Mueller
areas of Food, Water, Waste, Recreation,                                                                             Julie Newhouse
Lodging, Environmental and Human Health                   at recreational and educational camps,
                                                                                                                       Beth Noack
Hazards, and Consumer Protection while                    campgrounds, and public swimming pools                     Christy Osborn
providing these services in a professional and            through enforcement of State codes.                         Doreen Perri
responsive manner.                                        Bacteriological testing of pool water is                 Gwen Perry-Brye
                                                          conducted in the laboratory.                              Sandra Petersen
                                                                                                                      James Rasch
                                                                                                                  Division of Health
                                                                                       (Continued on page 19)
                                                                                                                 (Continued on page 19)

                             Kenosha County Department of Human Services 1998 Annual Report
Division of Health                                                                                            Page 19

     Continued       Rabies Control and Animal Nuisances                abatement orders are issued to control or
                                                                        eliminate sources of lead.
    Nancy Reeves
    Linda Rieschl
                     Investigation and follow-up of animal bite         Weights and Measures
     LaRee Roe       cases, determining rabies immunization
   Kathy Sadowski                                                       This program conducts inspections and tests
      Art Schait                  Activity                  Units       of all scales, gas pumps and fuel truck meters
   Darlene Specht                                                       used commercially within the City of
   Donna Studrawa    Facilities Licensed                       73
                                                                        Kenosha. These inspections determine
   Debbie Sawisky    Inspections (Routine/Follow-up)         104
   Denise Wepking
                     Consultations/Complaint                 106                     Activity                  Units
                                                                        Environmental Investigations/             71
                     Water Quality Sampling                  284        Follow-ups/Consultations

                     status, and initiating animal quarantine and       compliance with rules and regulations of the
                     observation procedures as required by State        National Bureau of Standards and the State of
                     Statute and local ordinances. Investigation of     Wisconsin.
                     animal nuisances such as animal waste and
                     excessive number of animal complaints.             Environmental/Human Health Hazards
                     Licensing and regulation of kennels and pet
                     shops within the City of Kenosha.                  •   Enforcement of Chapter XXIII, Code of
                                                                            General Ordinances, relating to noise
                                                                            nuisances. Investigations consist of
                     Solid Waste Control                                    identification, measurement and

                     Enforcement of City of Kenosha Charter                          Activity                  Units
                     #26 - Blighted Lot Ordinance. Garbage,
                                                                        Scales Tested                            346
                                  Activity                  Units       Pumps/Meters Tested                       55
                     Bite Investigations                     122        Complaint Inspections/                    21
                     Bite Consultations/Follow-ups           247        Consultations
                     Animal Nuisance/Complaints              151            abatement of noise violations and
                     Consultations/Follow-ups                               enforcement of code regulations.
                     Kennel/Pet Shop Inspections/            104        •   Investigation of indoor air quality
                     Consultations/Follow-ups                               complaints, community odor complaints
                                                                            focusing on identification, providing
                     debris and refuge control, consists of                 information to assist in problem
                     investigation of citizen complaints and                resolution and referral to appropriate
                     abatement of actual or potential rodent, insect,       State agencies as indicated.
                     litter, blight or eyesore nuisances due to         •   Maintenance of Wisconsin Division of
                     improper storage or disposal of waste.                 Health radiation monitoring stations.
                     Lead Hazard Control                                    This program collects data for the
                                                                            purpose of monitoring background
                     Environmental investigations of dwellings in           radiation levels in areas surrounding the
                     which lead poisoned children reside.                   Zion Nuclear Power Plant.
                     Inspections are conducted according to CDC         •   Investigation of human health hazard
                     policy to identify whether lead hazards exist;         complaints that exist in Kenosha County.
                                                                            Conditions include unsanitary conditions
                                   Activity                 Units           in dwellings, dwellings that lack heat or
                     Investigation of Citizen              1,482            water and other safety hazards.
                     Follow-up/Clean-ups                   2,284
                                                                                                   (Continued on page 20)

                      Kenosha County Department of Human Services 1998 Annual Report
Page 20                                                                                            Division of Health

Each year, more than 10,000 specimens are          Analytical Chemistry Unit
submitted to the laboratory for testing and
examination. The laboratory is certified by the    •   Conducts chemical analyses of public
United States Department of Health and                 and private water supplies to determine
Human Services to accept human specimens               the presence of nitrates.
             Activity                 Units        •   Conducts chemical analyses of private
                                                       water supplies to determine the
Noise Complaint Investigations            7            concentration of fluoride in drinking
Air Quality Investigations               30            water.
                                                   •   Analyzes paint and pottery chips for the
Radiation Samples Collected            258             presence of lead.
Human Health Hazard Complaint            81
Investigations                                     393 samples tested - Nitrates, Fluoride, Lead
Human Health Hazard Follow-up/           90
Consultation                                       Forensic Chemistry Unit

for the purposes of performing laboratory          •   Analyzes urine specimens and other body
examinations or procedures. Approval has               fluids for the presence of controlled
been granted in the specialties of                     substances, drugs of abuse and alcohol.
Microbiology, Diagnostic Immunology and            •   Analyzes evidence for law enforcement
Chemistry.                                             agencies for the presence of controlled
The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture,
Trade and Consumer Protection certifies the        2,358 samples tested - Urine Drug Screens,
laboratory in milk and water specialties and       Street Drugs
Safe Drinking Water Certification is
maintained from the Wisconsin Department of        Environmental Bacteriology Unit
Natural Resources. The Wisconsin
Department of Health and Family Services           •   Tests public and private water supplies
certifies the laboratory to perform Legal              for the presence of coliform bacteria.
Alcohol testing.
                                                   •   Tests dairy products for bacteria count.
                                                   •   Tests swimming pool and whirlpool
Clinical Microbiology/Serology Unit
                                                       water samples for coliform bacteria.
                                                   •   Tests swimming beaches and recreational
•   Examines stool samples for the presence
                                                       water for excessive coliform bacteria.
    of organisms which cause intestinal
                                                   •   Documents complaints of food suspected
                                                       of causing disease outbreaks (food
•   Identifies intestinal parasites.
•   Performs diagnostic tests for gonorrhea in
                                                   •   Identifies insects.
    support of statewide STD screening
                                                   2,296 samples tested - Drinking Water, Dairy
•   Performs serologic tests for syphilis in
                                                   Products, Pools, Beaches
    support of the Kenosha County Division
    of Health STD clinic.
•   Examines throat specimens for the
    presence of Group A streptococcus, the
    causative agent in Strep Throat.
•   Examines blood for hemoglobinopathies
    causing Sickle Cell Disease and Trait.
•   Collects specimens for urine testing.

3,755 samples tested - Enteric Pathogens,
Strep Throat Cultures, Sickle Cell, Gonorrhea,
Penicillin-resistant GC, Syphilis Serology.

                             Kenosha County Department of Human Services 1998 Annual Report
                                                                                                                           Page 21

Division of Veterans
   Services Staff                                Division of Veterans Services
  Thomas R. Lois
  Michael Rosko                                                     Mission Statement
   Clare Jones
                       The mission of the Kenosha County Division of Veterans Services is to advise with veterans of all wars
                       residing in the County relative to any complaints or problems arising out of their military service and render
                       to them and their dependents all possible assistance.

                       T he Kenosha County Veterans Service
                            Office administers to the needs of the
                       county’s military service veterans by
                                                                                  Veterans and dependents of deceased and
                                                                                  totally disabled veterans may receive a wide
                                                                                  range of vocational and educational
                       facilitating claims, applications, and                     counseling services from the Veterans
                       numerous other legal forms, and by acting as               Affairs.
                       an advocate for Kenosha County citizens
                       before state and federal agencies.                         Life Insurance
                                                                                  The United States Department of Veterans
                                           Services                               Affairs offers several types of life insurance
                                                                                  to newly discharged veterans. Veterans may
                       Home Loan Guarantee                                        convert their policies, request loans, change
                       The United States Department of Veterans                   beneficiaries and their survivors can apply for
                       Affairs guarantees loans made to veterans for              the process of the policy through the veterans
                       the purchase of refinancing of homes. VA                   office.
                       guarantees part of the total loan, permitting
                       the veteran to obtain a mortgage with a                    Primary Home Loan Program
                       competitive interest rate without a down                   The Wisconsin Department of Veterans
                       payment.                                                   Affairs offers qualified veterans a low interest
                                                                                  fixed rate home loan with terms up to 30
                       Disability Pension                                         years. It has important features for veterans
                       Veterans may be eligible for disability                    including: no discount points, no interest rate
                       pension if they have limited income and are                increase, no limit on retained assets or amount
                       permanently and totally disabled. Payments                 of down payment. The veteran may purchase
                       are made to qualified veterans to bring their              existing housing to include condominiums or
                       total income, including other retirement or                build a home.
                       Social Security, to an established level.
                                                                                  Home Improvement Loan Program
                       Disability Compensation                                    A low interest state loan from the Wisconsin
                       Disability Compensation benefits are paid to               Department of Veterans Affairs is available to
                       those disabled by injury or disease incurred               provide eligible Wisconsin veterans with
                       during active military service.                            money to pay for repairs, alterations and
                                                                                  improvements which will protect or improve
                       Survivor Entitlements                                      the basic livability or energy efficiency of the
                       Eligible surviving family members may be                   veterans home. Improvements that qualify
                       entitled to certain benefits that include:                 include: roofing, siding, additions, garage
                       Dependency and Indemnity Compensation for                  construction, septic systems, etc.
                       dependents of veterans who died on active
                       duty or died of a service connected disability;            Personal Loan Program
                       Death Pension for dependents of wartime                    A veteran or qualified surviving dependent
                       veterans, home loan guarantee; and                         may apply to the Wisconsin Department of
                       educational benefits.                                      Veterans Affairs for a $10,000 Personal Loan
                                                                                  for consolidation or other expenses.
                       Education and Training
                       The United States Department of Veterans
                       Affairs offers several educational programs.               Education Assistance Programs
                                                                                  The Wisconsin Department of Veterans
                       Educational and Vocational Counseling

                        Kenosha County Department of Human Services 1998 Annual Report
Page 22                                                                              Division of Veterans Services

Affairs offers three grant programs for the           Affairs guaranteed 274 home loans to
education of Wisconsin veterans:                      county veterans at a total loan amount of
    1. Part-time Study                                $28,100,000.
    2. Tuition and Fee Reimbursement Grant        •   The United States Department of
    3. Retraining Grant                               Veterans Affairs paid disabled county
                                                      veterans and/or surviving spouses
Health Care Aid Grant                                 $8,100,000 in disability compensation or
The Health Care Aid Grant helps pay the cost          pension.
of temporary medical treatment and                •   Beneficiaries of deceased veterans who
hospitalization for veterans and their families       had “G.I.” insurance policies received
who are unable to pay with their own                  $1,260,000.
resources.                                        •   Families of 286 deceased veterans in
                                                      1998 were helped to obtain burial
Subsistence Aid Grant                                 benefits, government head stones and
This grant from the Wisconsin Department of           casket flags.
Veterans Affairs provides money to veterans       •   Veterans or survivors file 35 new claims
and their families to help pay basic costs of         for disability compensation or pension.
living when illness, injury or death causes a     •   In total 1,600 forms and documents were
loss of income.                                       processed with various components of
                                                      the United States Department of Veterans
Veterans Assistance Program                           Affairs.
The goal of the Veterans Assistance Program       •   County veterans received 51 home loans
is to help veterans who are homeless or at risk       from the state amounting to $5,615,000.
of becoming homeless obtain steady                    The Veterans Service Office facilitates
employment and affordable housing to                  this process.
reintegrate into the community.
                                                  •   85 county veterans received educational
                                                      grants from the Wisconsin Department of
Wisconsin Veterans Home
                                                      Veterans Affairs for a total of $27,000.
The Wisconsin Veterans Home at King, near
                                                  •   5 veterans received emergency Health
Waupaca, is a pleasant retirement community
                                                      Care or Subsistence Aid Grants in the
where aging or disabled Wisconsin wartime
                                                      amount of $3,900.
veterans and their spouses can spend their
                                                  •   25 Personal Loans were processed in the
retirement years in comfort and dignity.
                                                      Veterans Service Office to help veterans
                                                      consolidate debts pay for education
Aid to Needy Veterans
                                                      totaling $226,000.
Kenosha County provides funds for indigent
veterans for transportation to United States
                                                  Total expenditures for 1998 were $1,622,646.
Department of Veterans Affairs medical
centers, emergency medication prescriptions,
cemetery fees for setting government grave
markers, etc.

Miscellaneous Services
The Veterans Service Office also helps
veterans and their families with problems not
related specifically to veterans programs.
This includes assisting with applications or
claims with other federal, state, municipal and
county agencies.

•   United States Department of Veterans

                            Kenosha County Department of Human Services 1998 Annual Report
                                                                                                                          Page 23

  Public Welfare
   Committee                               Division of Workforce Development
 Anne Bergo, Chair
  LuAnn Bodven                                                      Mission Statement
    Virgil Gentz
   William Houtz        To create and operate a system that fully integrates Economic Support, Child Support, and Welfare-to-Work
  Ronald Johnson        programming into a single delivery system that establishes social and economic self sufficiency as each
 Richard Lindgren       participant’s primary goal; to provide Food Stamp, Medical Assistance and Child Care subsidies as
   Mark Modory          economic supports for the participant; to extend encouragement and the expectation of success toward
                        participant efforts in their progress towards economic independence; to be mindful that our personal
                        involvement in the administration of policy determined actions and decisions affecting participant lives
  Judy Weseman,         should contribute to an increase in participant empowerment; and to be accountable to the citizenry for our
       Director         administration of these services.
Division of Workforce
                             Economic Support Program                             Under the Wisconsin Works Program families
Economic Support                                                                  are eligible for work program services that
     Staff              The Economic Support Program is the benefit               assistant them in obtaining and retaining
                        issuance component that establishes eligibility           employment. Depending on their level of
   Tom Buening                                                                    employability, they may receive cash
    Bill Erickson       for public assistance, determines benefit
                        amounts, and distributes financial support.               assistance if placed in a community service
     Lauren Fox
      Ed Kamin          The primary program areas are: Wisconsin                  job, a Wisconsin Works Program transition
 Robert Simmons         Works Program/Temporary Assistance to                     job, or if they are the caretaker of an infant.
      Kim Beck          Needy Families, Food Stamps, Medical                      Wisconsin Works Program cash assistance is
  Roberta Bloner                                                                  limited to 24 months in any single category
   Judy Capponi         Assistance, Kenosha CARES/SHARES
                        programs, and Childcare.                                  and 60 months lifetime. Between January 1,
   Marlene Cline
Margaret DesArmo
                                                                                  1998 and December 31, 1998, Kenosha
      Pat Doud          Secondary components include the Low                      County issued $1,006,608 in Wisconsin
    Sue Fanning         Income Energy Assistance Program, the                     Works Program payments for 130 families.
    Barb Ferber                                                                   An average of 326 families were participating
      Lyn Flynn
                        Emergency Assistance Program, the SSI
                        Advocacy Program, the Holiday House                       in both paid and non-paid positions.
 Marlene Fredrick
     Pat Gohlke         Charities, the Fraud Prevention Unit and the
   Diane Gruber         Quality Control Unit.                                             Child Support Program
    Terri Hannes
 Debbie Jacobsen                                                                  The Child Support Program collected more
                        The Economic Support Program operates out
   Carol Johnson                                                                  than 24 million dollars in 1998 with an
     Mary King          of three locations: the Kenosha County Job
    Scott Kluver        Center serves the general community; the                  operating budget of $1.3 million.        This
   Kathy Koessl         Kenosha County Center serves the general                  represents an increase in collects of almost
     Dan Mack           community who live west of I-94, the Center               7% over the prior year. Additionally, related
   Pat Magnuson         for Aging and Long Term Care serves the                   expenses of the Family Court
 Rosemary Mrozak                                                                  Commissioner’s office, Clerk of Court, and
    Janet Niemi         elderly and nursing home populations.
   Jesse Noyola
                                                                                  Sheriff’s Department were partially paid for
  Mary Passinault       Economic Support Specialists, function as                 with Child Support revenues.
   Lynda Pfeiffer       critical members of Financial and
     Keli Poppe         Employment Planning Teams who not only                    The Child Support program was created in
  Phyllis Saliture                                                                Kenosha County in 1976 to establish and
    Lin Shepard
                        determine eligibility and issue benefits for
                        Wisconsin Works, Food Stamps, Medical                     enforce support orders for children, and to
    Helen Smith
    Bob Smuda           Assistance and Childcare, but also determine              establish paternity. Some cases result in court
   Mike Stancato        what Wisconsin Works Program placement                    proceedings, but behind the scenes a great
    Kathy Tolnai        and activities an individual is assigned. They            amount of the work is done by office staff and
  Nicole Tristano       work in conjunction with other Team                       case workers, who interview, investigation,
   Kristin Walter                                                                 negotiate, process and take administrative
   Ann Whiteside        members to assist families in becoming
Claudia Volpentesta     economically and socially self-sufficient.                actions to collect ordered payments.
     Jean Zahn               Wisconsin Works Program                              Currently, about 5% of child support
                                                                                  customers receive Wisconsin Works Program
                                                                                  benefits. Another 3% involve foster care,
                                                                                  state institutional care, or Kinship Care. At

                                                                                                               (Continued on page 24)

                         Kenosha County Department of Human Services 1998 Annual Report
Page 24                                                                        Division of Workforce Development

the program’s inception nearly all of the                                                             Child Support
customers were public assistance recipients.                                                          Program Staff
                                                   The Kenosha County Emergency Services
Child Support has grown from approximately         Network brings together community based              Bev Patterson
1,000 cases to over 15,500. One with a minor       agencies serving low income and indigent          Darlene Sandberg
child in the home, in need of support or           residents of the County with the goal of           Ben Schliesman
paternity establishment can apply for Child        creating better coordination of services and        Joseph Spence
Support services.     Enforcement of child         eliminating duplication of services and aid.         Sheryl Acunal
support obligations has enabled people to                                                               Ruth Bradley
                                                                                                        Lynn Costello
become and remain self-sufficient. This            The agencies involved with the Emergency          Nancy Gardynecki
program serves more than 56,000 persons.           Services Network provide such key resources        Joseph Hazelton
                                                   as: food, shelter, clothing and some limited       Elizabeth Houtz
The County alleviated pressures due to             medical care as well as counseling and               Jacki Hughes
historical understaffing by adding 5.5 new                                                               Val Jensen
                                                   referral to other resources in the community.
positions: a half-time supervisor, 2                                                                    Judy Johnson
                                                                                                       Linda Johnson
enforcement specialists and 2 paternity            The Kenosha County Division of Workforce           Michelle Kozmer
establishment investigators, and 1 office          Development provides hunger and shelter              Jean Krueger
associate.                                         grants to Emergency Service Network               Rebecca Mentink
                                                   member agencies under a program called             Guinda McKoon
Court hearings are conducted primarily on the                                                        Karen Niedzielski
                                                   Kenosha County “SHARES”.                           Elizabeth Portilia
calendar of the Family Court Commissioner.                                                             Colleen Roethe
Receiving and disbursing of money was done         The SHARES Program gave $135,000 in              Christine Steinseifer
by the Clerk of Court’s staff. These account       County tax levy for Hunger and Shelter              Marge Thomka
clerks moved to the Child Support Program          related grants in 1998.                               Nina Tracy
offices in December, in preparation for                                                               Edward Winkler
statutory changes which require the Child          The agencies comprising the Emergency
Support Program to take on these functions in      Services Network are:                             Fiscal Unit Staff
1999.     Federal regulations require that
Wisconsin utilize a centralized lock box for       • Racine/Kenosha Community Action                   Carol Golisch
receipting of child support collections in           Agency - WIC, Federal Commodities,                  Pat Frank
1999. County clerks will continue to enter           TEFAP, Coordination of Emergency                Kathy Frederking
                                                     Services Network; Total Grant Awards -             Julie Lichter
orders, do account adjustments, audit                                                               Priscilla Reisenauer
accounts, and will take on increased work on         $20,000                                          Mary Sammons
managing “suspended payments” as money             • The Shalom Center - Soup Kitchen, Family
becomes disbursed statewide, other than only         Shelter, Coordination of INNS Program;
on that county’s cases.                              Total Grant Awards - $75,702
                                                   • Salvation Army - Food pantry, social
Legal papers are served and absent parents           services component, Summer Food
located with the assistance of the Sheriff’s         program; Total Grant Awards - $17,000
Department, by two to three deputies. Their        • The Sharing Center - Food pantry,
rate of successful service of process is greater     clothing, social services component for
than 90%. Papers sent out of county to               western Kenosha County; Total Grant
private process servers are served at a lower        Awards - $6,000
rate and out of state servers at an even lower     • Kenosha Youth Development Services -
rate of about 42%.                                   Adult and children crisis centers, adult and
                                                     children shelters, social services
The Children First Program, operated by              component, contracted through County for
Goodwill Industries, provides job counseling         AODA/Mental Health services
and placement services to unemployed or            • United Way - Additional funding source
underemployed obligors. This Case Manger             for many of these agencies
also began a series of parenting classes for       • First United Methodist Food Pantry; Total
new fathers in paternity actions, called the         Grant Awards - $2,000
Heroes program in 1998. The first class had        • American Red Cross - Emergency shelter,
four young dads. The second class doubled in         food and clothing for victims of fires and
size.                                                natural disasters
                                                   • Twin Lakes Area Food Pantry; Total Grant
    Emergency Services Network                       Awards - $1,500

                             Kenosha County Department of Human Services 1998 Annual Report
Division of Workforce Development                                                                          Page 25

                   • Kenosha County Department of Human              initiative has resulted in 288 new families
                     Services, Division of Workforce                 receiving medical assistance benefits
                   • Women’s Horizons - Domestic abuse               In 1998, Kenosha County provided
                     shelter; Total Grant Awards - $8,298            $51,641,303 in health care related benefits
                   • Holiday House - Food baskets; Total Grant       under the Medical Assistance Program. This
                     Awards - $4,500                                 amount covered the expenditures for 3,974
                                                                     families and 7,675 recipients eligible under
                            Food Stamp Program                       one of several categories of Medical
                   The Food Stamp Program is sponsored by the
                   U.S. Department of Agriculture to help meet                     Medical Relief
                   the nutritional needs of individuals and
                   families whose income fall below a                Medical Relief provides non-emergency
                   percentage of the federal poverty level.          primary medical and dental care to very poor,
                   Eligibility for Food Stamps is determined by      eligible adults with no minor children.
                   Economic Support Specialists and is based         Services are provided through a contract with
                   upon both financial and non-financial criteria    Kenosha Community Health Center, the local
                   as outlined by State and Federal guidelines.      Federally Qualified Community Health
                   Food Stamp cases are reviewed every three         Center. Specialized services and tests are by
                   months.                                           referral. In-patient and Emergency Room
                                                                     care are not covered.
                   Food Stamps are provided on a monthly basis
                   to eligible Food Stamp households in              During 1998, 117 people were eligible for
                   allotments that are determined by household       services with an average of 25 persons per
                   size and income. Food Stamps can be used          month utilizing some form of health care
                   like money to buy most food items.                benefits through this program.        1998
                                                                     expenditures for Medical Relief were
                   There is a mandatory work requirement that        $135,000, with up to 50 percent being State
                   goes along with receipt of Food Stamps for        reimburseable.
                   adults who are not caring for a child under
                   one year of age, or are not working at least 30          Medicaid Transportation
                   hours a week, or are not over age 60, blind or
                   disabled. The Food Stamp Employment and           Medicaid Transportation is available to
                   Training Program assists individuals in           eligible individuals who need transportation
                   obtaining and retaining employment.               assistance to receive medical services. This
                                                                     includes individuals receiving Medicaid
                              Medical Assistance                     Assistance (Title XIX), Healthy Start and
                                                                     Supplemental Security Income (SSI).
                   The Medical Assistance Program provides
                   health care benefits to individuals and           In 1998, Kenosha County provided bus passes
                   families who meet financial, health, and age      and contracted with four companies which
                   requirements. There are several types of          provided trips at a cost of $267,849. The
                   Medical Assistance available to cover the cost    County, as agent of the State, must utilize cost
                   of health care services for children and their    effective methods of transportation.
                   caretakers, the indigent, aged or disabled
                   persons as well as for pregnant women                         Welfare-to-Work
                   needing prenatal or postnatal care. Eligibility
                   factors are different for each type of Medical    During 1998 the Kenosha County Wisconsin
                   Assistance.                                       Works Program Program served 719 TANF
                                                                     recipients. The end-of-year case load dropped
                   In May of 1998, the Medical Assistance            from 396 in 1997 to 235.
                   Outstationing/Outreach initiative was
                   implemented. As of December 31, 1998, this              Number of Participants Served
                                                                                   1990 - 1998
                                                                               Participant Profile

                    Kenosha County Department of Human Services 1998 Annual Report
Page 26                                                                                Division of Workforce Development

Forty-seven percent (47%) of Wisconsin
Works Program participants were European-
Americans. Fifty-two percent (52%) had
either a high-school diploma (43%) or
equivalent (9%). Fifty-one percent (51%) had         60%
completed twelve years or more of education.         50%
Only 46% of program participants had access          40%
to a personal automobile and 53% did not             30%
have a driver’s license. Sixteen percent (16%)
  3500                                                0%
  3000                                                     90    91   92   93     94   95   96   97   98
   500                                               1600
     0                                               1400
         90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98                  1200
          Total                New                    800
          End of Year                                 600
did not have access to a telephone in the
                                                                90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98
           Employment Outcomes                                        Full-time    Part-time

In 1998, 396 program participants found 537
jobs for a placement rate of 55%. Five
percent (5%) of these jobs were in Illinois.
420 full-time jobs were found at an average
hourly wage of $6.81. 117 part-time jobs
were found at an average hourly wage of              $7.00
$6.73.                                               $6.50
    Percent of Participants Placed into              $5.50
         Employment 1990-1998
  Number of Job Placements 1990 - 1998
 Average Wage at Placement 1990 - 1998                       90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98
                                                                      Full-time         Part-time

                            Kenosha County Department of Human Services 1998 Annual Report
                                                                                                            Page 27

Support Staff                                    Administrative Support
   MIS Staff
                          Information & Computer                          database applications still used by the
 Mike Scofield                                                            department to be Year-2000 (Y2K)
  Lamont Beal                 Systems Support
   Larry Cayo
 Brian Crehan
    Ed Jakes
Linda Spaulding
                  T he Departmentdevelopmentitsservices PC
                  database systems
                                    purchased Information
                       Systems administrative services and
                                                                      •   MIS staff from the department
                                                                          participated in a state Department of
                  over 300 networked PC users from System                 Health and Family Services initiative to
                  Management, Inc. (SMI). In December, SMI                design a “Common Client Index” to
  P&E Staff
                  relocated to Illinois, and the Department               eventually link state computer data
 Susan Koehn      contracted with RHB Technology Solutions,               systems used by human services
Jennifer Madore   Inc. for PC/network systems development and             departments at the county level.
 Neil Naftzger
                                                                            Research, Evaluation and
                           Systems Related Projects and                       Grants Development
                             Accomplishments in 1998
                                                                      In 1998, the Department purchased
                  •     DHS continued active participation as         administrative support for Research,
                        one of five pilot sites for the planning of   Evaluation, and Grants Development from
                        an automated Child Welfare computer           LJJ-AIMS, Inc. Grant proposals were
                        system which could be implemented             prepared by ad hoc teams comprised of
                        statewide.                                    various DHS and contract provider staff.
                                                                      Consultant services were used sparingly.
                  •     DHS completed and implemented five
                        PC database applications to support staff               Grant Activities in 1998
                        in the Divisions of Aging Services,
                        Children and Family Services (DCFS)           •   Planning and Evaluation staff screened
                        and the Division of Workforce                     hundreds of competitive opportunities
                        Development (DWD). These are:                     and identified 35 grant prospects relevant
                        1. Personal and Career Development                to DHS or other community providers.
                           (DWD - Job Center)                             The total potential value of these 35
                        2. Adult Learning Center - Assessment             prospects for Kenosha County was $23.1
                           (DWD) - Job Center)                            million.
                        3. Intake and Assessment (VI.) (Aging
                           and Disability Resource Center)            •   DHS submitted 10 grant applications (4
                        4. UA Tracking (DCFS)                             to federal grant programs, 3 to the State,
                        5. Victim-Offender Reconciliation                 and 3 to private foundations), with a total
                           Program (DCFS)                                 request value of $5.0 million. Of these, 4
                                                                          were selected for funding (1 Federal, 2
                  •     The DHS master “person data” set which            State, and 1 foundation), generating a
                        provides common client data for all               total of over $2.5 million to the
                        network/PC applications built for the             Department over the life of the grants.
                        department grew from including fewer
                        than 8,000 to more than 17,000 people.        •   DHS provided grant planning and
                                                                          proposal development assistance for 2
                  •     The “Joint Design Team” of MIS staff              competitive grant applications submitted
                        from the department and development               by community agencies and area school
                        staff from County IS completed a multi-           districts, with a total request value of
                        year project plan for a “Human Services           $1.7 million. Of these, 1 was selected for
                        Client Information System”, envisioned            funding, generating a total of $1.2
                        as a core system for department-wide use.         million to the Kenosha Unified School
                  •     County IS staff analyzed and upgraded             District for two 21st Century Community
                        the primary AS/400 databases and                                         (Continued on page 28)

                      Kenosha County Department of Human Services 1998 Annual Report
Page 28                                                                                       Administrative Support

    Learning Centers over the life of the             in providing services to individuals with
    grant.                                            mental illness to be enrolled in the
                                                      upcoming Mental Health Managed Care
•   Total revenues actually received by DHS           Demonstrations, the State requested that
    in 1998 from competitively won grants             Kenosha County provide feedback on the
    resulting from previous grant writing             severity of the mental health issues faced
    activities were $152,793.                         by individuals served by the County’s
                                                      mental health system based upon the
    Planning, Research, and Evaluation                intensity and types of services they
              Projects in 1998                        received during a three year period. As
                                                      part of this process, P&E staff examined
•   P&E staff, in collaboration with Kenosha          service utilization information for 4,505
    Unified School District, prepared a three-        unduplicated individuals who received
    year evaluation report of the Bridges             publicly-supported mental health services
    Program.                                          in Kenosha County during calendar years
                                                      1995, 1996, and 1997 and categorized
•   P&E staff secured second-year funding             them by the severity of their mental
    for the Kenosha County Victim-Offender            health problems.
    Restoration Program (VORP). VORP,
    implemented by Kenosha Human                  •   P&E staff wrote an application for a
    Development Services, is funded through           Court Improvement Program Grant from
    the Wisconsin Office of Justice                   the Wisconsin Supreme Court. The
    Assistance.    P&E staff also provide             application proposed utilizing $11,054 in
    evaluation services to the program.               Court Improvement grant funds to: (1)
                                                      objectively assess the process by which
•   P&E staff continue to serve as program            Termination of Parental Rights (TPR)
    monitors and evaluators for the Kenosha           proceedings are handled in Kenosha
    County Gang Prevention Project. The               County; (2) define barriers and problem
    program consists of five neighborhood-            areas; and (3) generate an Action Plan
    based agencies providing services to              detailing specific strategies for
    youth ages 6 – 18 that are at-risk of gang        improvement. KCDCFS received the
    involvement.                                      requested funds and the project was
                                                      successfully completed in December of
•   P&E staff prepared a report entitled              1998. Project consultants were hired to
    Trends in Kenosha County Medicaid                 write an assessment and recommend
    Enrollment in the Post-AFDC Era:                  areas for system change and
    Results from the Uninsured Family                 improvement.
    Survey. The purpose of this initiative was
    to design and analyze the data resulting
    from a survey for uninsured families
    deployed at five community-based
    agencies serving low-income families to
    provide a clearer sense of 1) how the
    implementation of welfare reform                        1998 MIS and P&E Expenditures
    initiatives may be impacting enrollment
                                                   MIS Expenditures                   $476,522
    in Medical Assistance (MA); 2) why
    potentially MA and possibly soon to be         P&E Expenditures                   $201,403
    Badger Care-eligible “MA Fallout” and
                                                   Total                              $677,925
    “Not Recently Enrolled” families remain
    uninsured; and 3) how such information
    relates to the need for additional MA
    outreach services.
•   As part of a State-sponsored effort to
    develop a methodology to determine
    Medicaid capitation rates and the
    financial share of participating counties

                            Kenosha County Department of Human Services 1998 Annual Report
                                                                              Page 29

                   Department of Human Services
                   Purchase of Service Contractors
Adult Educators, Inc.                          Deerpath Estates/Oak Run
Agard, Mary Berryman                           Department of Industry, Labor, and
Ahlstrom, Jane                                     Human Relations
Alcohol and Other Drugs Council                Dubois Adult Family Home
Alpha Homes of Wisconsin                       Friendship Manor
American Red Cross                             Gateway Technical College
Athey, Rosemary                                Genesis Health Plan
Atoz Maintenance                               Goodwill Industries of Southeastern
B-Care Cooperation                                 Wisconsin, Inc.
Bayshore Clinical Lab                          Hagan Adult Family Home
Bella Mobile Care                              Hayes, Seay, Mattern, and Mattern
Bellwood                                       Heelein, Karen
Bjork House                                    Homes for Independent Living
Boatwright, Mark                               Hoppe and Orendorff, S.C.
Boulevard Manor                                In-House Information Systems
Boys And Girls Club                            Interim Healthcare
Brotoloc Health Care                           Interventions Ltd.
Careers Industries - Racine                    Jo-Deen, Inc.
Carey Manor                                    Kelly Services
Casa Mia Care Center                           Kenosha Achievement Center
Child Care Resource and Referral of            Kenosha Area Family and Aging
   Greater Racine and Kenosha, Inc.                Services
Children's Service Society of                  Kenosha Community Health Center
   Wisconsin                                   Kenosha County District Attorney
Christian Youth Council                        Kenosha County Health Department
Christopher House                              Kenosha County Sheriff's
Community Action Agency Racine/                    Department
   Kenosha                                     Kenosha Hospital and Medical
Community Advocates                                Center
Community Impact Programs, Inc.                Kenosha Human Development
Community Support Program                          Services
Concerned Citizens Coalition                   Kenosha Unified School District
Consumer Clubhouse                             Kenosha Voluntary Action
Cook Adult Family Home                         Kimberly Lane
Cote Adult Family Home                         Lauer Adult Family Home
Covelli Community Based Residential            Laura's Home
   Facility                                    Letter Perfect Secretarial Services
Crabtree Adult Family Home                     Lincoln Neighborhood Community
Dayton Residential Care                            Center
Developmental Disabilities Service             Lindsey's Home
   Center                                                          (Continued on page 30)

 Kenosha County Department of Human Services 1998 Annual Report
Page 30                                                                 Purchase of Service Contractors

LJJ Associates In Management               Victorian Manor
    Services, Inc.                         Vines Adult Family Home
Lutheran Social Services                   Visiting Nurses
Manpower                                   Volunteers of America
Mapleridge Adult Day Care Center           Vocational Consulting Services
Marshman Adult Family Home                 Vocational Industries
Michael's Adult Family Home                Walgreens Pharmacy
Miller Adult Family Home                   Welbourne Hall
Nelson Adult Family Home                   Westosha Community Center
Norstan Communications                     Windy Oaks
Oakwood Clinical Associates                Wisconsin Correctional Services
Olsten Temporary Services                  Women's Horizons
Opportunities, Inc
Oslten Kimberly Quality Care
Perone Adult Family Home
Perez Adult Family Home
Point of Life
Poulin Lane
Prairie View Home
Productive Living Systems
Professional Services Group
Racine County Opportunity Center
Radiology Consultants
Reindl Home
Roeschen's Pharmacy
Santschi House
Savaglia Adult Family Home
Schuch Family Home
Sebena Adult Family Home
Senior Community Services
SER - Jobs For Progress
Sheriffs Investigative Unit
Society's Assets
Spanish Center
St. Andrew's Place
St. James Manor
St. Joseph's Adult Day Care
St. Catherines Hospital
St. Christopher Mobile Care
Systems Management
Timber Oaks
Tobin Drug
Trans Corp
Trempealeau County
Upton Adult Family Home
Urban League

                     Kenosha County Department of Human Services 1998 Annual Report

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