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January11 issue.pub - Trinity United Methodist Church_ Richmond


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									                         The Trinity Window

                                                                                                                   January 2011
                          Pastor’s Corner
                 A number of people I know make it their
                                                                                            Calendar Year-end
practice to establish New Year’s Resolutions, resolutions                                     Contributions
like losing weight or exercising more or to quit smoking.
Surely the intentions of these resolution makers are good.                      IRS Code 10170A-1(b) states that only funds re-
However, within the first couple of months of the New                 ceived by December 31, 2010 or postmarked by Decem-
Year most have already slacked off if not given up entirely           ber 31, 2010 may be counted as 2010 contributions. The
on their resolutions. Many of our New Year’s resolutions              date of receipt or the postmark is the key to determining
may not be so important in the whole scheme of life.                  the year of receipt. Thus, if someone hand carries a check
Maybe we invest too much attention on that which is only              to the church on January 2, 2011 that is dated December
superficial. John Wesley, the father of Methodism, imple-             31 it is a 2011 gift according to IRS regulations. But, if a
mented a Watch Night Service for New Year’s Eve. Part                 check arrives by mail at the church on January 2, 2011and
of the commitment that was asked was to make a renewal                it is postmarked December 31, 2010 and the check is
of covenant to God, to set one’s priorities in a right order.         dated December 31, 2010 or before, it is a 2010 gift.
Indeed the demands of discipleship are not inconsequen-                         Please try to get your contributions for the calen-
tial. Wesley, in the invitation to this service, invited disci-       dar year into the church office by December 31, 2010.
ples to make this prayer their own:
       Lord make me what you will
       I put myself fully into your hands                                        Sunday, January 9 Features
       Put me to doing put me to suffering
       Let me be employed for you, or laid aside for you                        UMW, Receptions and History
       Let me be full, let me be empty                                                    Exhibit
       Let me have all things, let me have nothing
       I freely and with a willing heart                                       Members of the United Methodist Women will be
       Give it all to your pleasure and disposal.                     participating in the worship services on Sunday, January 9,
          On Sunday, January 2, 2011, the first Sunday of             which has been designated as United Methodist Women’s
the New Year, in our service of Holy Communion, we will               Day. Following each of the three services, there will be a
invite everyone to renew their covenant to God. I invite              reception in the Welcome Center hosted by the UMW. All
you to focus on the preceding prayer of John Wesley.                  are invited to attend.
Meditate and pray on it that you might make this prayer                        The UMW History Exhibit opens in the Parlor on
your own when we gather for worship on the first Sunday               the same date and will remain open on Sundays and
of January. Remember, our God is the One who says                     Wednesday Fellowship Nights in January. You will not
“Behold I make all things new” Revelation 21. Maybe                   want to miss this unique portrayal of our history!
that which is most needed to be made new is us! Perhaps
the most worthy New Year’s resolution of all is to pray
that God through the Holy Spirit will shape us into the in-                                 Inclement Weather
strument God can best use for the Kingdom. Now that’s a
worthy New Year’s Resolution.                                                                  Information
                                                                                     To learn if the building is closed due to in-
                                                                                     clement weather, call 288-6057, then dial 4
                                                                                     for more options, and dial 4 again for the
                                                                                     Inclement Weather message.

                      Trinity Historical Notes                                     “A Rich History, A Bright
                         Although the exact date of the                             Future” Trinity’s 220th
                origin of an organized woman’s program
                at Trinity is unknown, the following ex-                        Trinity Women Organized for
                cerpt attests to its long history:                                    Christian Service
   “ . . . We find that as early as 1834 there was a Female               Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
Missionary Society at Trinity Church, auxiliary to the                       “Service for others,” like love, is timeless. From
Missionary Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church,              the earliest record of a female missionary group at Trinity
also a young men’s society organized to help the ladies.           (see “Historical Notes” for January) to its transition to the
The names of the young men are given, but the women                Woman’s Society of Christian Service of the Methodist
must have been too modest to have their names printed in           Church in 1939 to the United Methodist Women in 1972,
the Christian Sentinel, now the Richmond Christian Advo-           service for others, has always been at the core of its pur-
cate.”                                                             pose ….which is to promote mission and service projects
Source: Richmond Christian Advocate, Centennial Num-               to enrich and improve the lives in our communities and in
ber, May 26, 1932                                                  the world.
                                                                             After Trinity (United) Methodist Church relocated
   The young men’s society to help the ladies sounds like          to Forest Ave., a group of 25 enthusiastic women met in
an idea worth reviving!                                            January 1946, at the home of Mrs. Allen Edmunds to or-
                                                                   ganize a Woman’s Society of Christian Service with the
                                                                   pastor, Rev. Walter Hook, in attendance. Mrs. Edmunds
                                                                   was elected the first president of the organization.
                 Good News for our Capital                                   In the years from 1946 to 1952 and beyond, Trin-
                  Campaign: Imagine the                            ity women were active in many fundraisers to benefit Trin-
                                                                   ity as well as other worthy causes. In 1953, the idea of a
                       Possibilities                               Harvest Day was born. It became a yearly event with sac-
The 1-to-2 challenge grant of $100,000 was met through             rificial offerings reflecting the blessings for which the
the generous giving of our congregation. Between Octo-             Trinity women were truly thankful. Trinity was the first
ber and December we received in excess of $200,000. The            Methodist Church in Richmond to celebrate a Harvest Day
total given for 2 years to date is $2,003,048, with one more       and it continues to be a meaningful event to this day.
year to go.                                                                  Then, as now, the United Methodist Women were
                                                                   and are very much involved with the Church and commu-
                                                                   nity. For example: in March 1877, the women held a
                                                                   feast that netted $420 to aid in paying some of the debts of
                        Hope for Creation                          the Church; in spring 1953, the six circles raised $600 to
                       Sunday School Study                         fund the purchase of two stoves and a refrigerator for the
                                                                   “new” kitchen; in November 1957, the Harvest Day bene-
                   Presented by Life Choices Class and             ficiaries were Bethlehem Center, William Byrd Commu-
                   Operation Earth                                 nity Center, Sheltering Arms Hospital and the Vietnamese
                   Dates: Seven-week study from Sunday,            Family Fund for the Nguyen family; and in December
                   January 23 through Sunday, March 6              2010, our Service Day recipients included UMFS, Women
                   Time: 9:30 a.m., in Room 322                    Inmates at Goochland & Fluvanna Prisons, the Hermitage,
                                                                   UMCOR and Cross Over Ministries.
         Hope for Creation is designed to challenge God's                    Trinity United Methodist Women has a rich his-
people to think critically and biblically about the issue of       tory and continues to build upon this history. Best of all,
creation care. This study will not focus on specific envi-         every woman is welcome to participate in Trinity United
ronmental issues, but rather on what the Bible tells us            Methodist Women, an organization with a bright future
about the interrelationship between God, His people and            where women unite for Christian service.
His creation.
         Together we will examine all the elements of the
world that God created - light, water, land and vegetation,
the heavens, animals and man. We will explore how we
can show our love for God and for our neighbors by car-
ing for His creation.
         If you are unable to attend all seven weeks, please
drop in when you can. Contact Elisa Romans at 918-0866
or elisaromans@verizon.net for more information.               2
                        Gifts to Trinity                                     Trinity Creative Arts Exhibit
              Gifts were received at Trinity for:                                       As part of Trinity’s 220th Anniversary
                                                                             we will celebrate the creative arts in March.
In memory of Mrs. Ruth Soyars to Trinity UMC –                               We will have a display in Trinity Hall, Wel-
Capital Campaign Fund                                                        come Center, Parlor and hallways on Sunday,
                                                                             March 6, featuring the work of adults, youth
In memory of Mrs. Mancha White to Trinity UMC                                and children. You are encouraged to show
Advent/Christmas Campaign                                      your work such as a painting, drawing, photograph, scrap-
In memory of Mrs. Betty Koch to Trinity Foundation             book or an example of your writing, sewing, sculpting,
                                                               woodworking or any other creative endeavor.
Memorial Fund
                                                                        To exhibit your work, please contact us no later
In memory of Mr. Ken Miller to Trinity Foundation              than Sunday, February 6, 2011. Let us know your name,
Memorial Fund                                                  type of art, the title, if applicable, and your age for chil-
                                                               dren and youth so that we can prepare display cards.
In memory of Mrs. Evelyn Stacy to Trinity Foundation –                  Please bring the work to Trinity Hall on Friday,
McClure Scholarship Fund                                       March 4 from 9:00 – 10:00 a.m. If Friday morning isn’t
                                                               convenient, we will also be checking in work on Trinity
In memory of Mrs. Edith Thomas to Trinity UMC                  Hall’s stage Sunday, February 27 from 8:15 a.m. to Noon.
Advent/Christmas Campaign                                      Trinity Hall is usually locked, unless it is being used. If
In memory of Mrs. Lillian Hart to Trinity UMC Advent/          applicable, your work should be presented in a frame or
Christmas Campaign                                             mat. The show will be assembled starting at 10:00 a.m. on
                                                               March 4.
In memory of Mrs. Inez Roop to Trinity Foundation                       Sunday, March 6, from 8:15 a.m. till noon is our
Memorial Fund                                                  big day. From 10:30 -11:00 a.m., stand by your work so
                                                               the congregation can “Meet the Artist”. Please take your
In memory of Mrs. Inez Roop to Trinity UMC –                   work home after 12:00. If you can’t pick up your work on
Bereavement Fund                                               March 6, a few pieces can be moved to the parlor to be
                                                               displayed the remainder of the month.
In memory of Mrs. Julie Griffith to Trinity UMC –
                                                                        All possible care will be taken to protect your pre-
Bereavement Fund
                                                               cious pieces. However, you leave the work at your own
In memory of Mrs. Julie Griffith to Trinity Foundation –       risk. Any questions call Nell or Ev Chesley at 217-8950.
John & Julie Peters Mission Fund
                                                                                         Marriage & Family
                                                                                      Beat the winter doldrums with a fam-
                     Travelers Wanted!                                                ily game night (Wii, board, or card
                                                               games), look up at the magnificent sky at night and star-
                       Our journey through Disciple I –        gaze, tell stories of family ancestors, or pick a favorite
               Becoming Disciples Through Bible Study,         Bible story and act it out. Involve all members of your
               will begin on Wednesday, January 12 with        family as well as grandparents, cousins, etc. Don’t forget
               an informational meeting at 6:45 p.m. in        to sign up for the new Sunday School Class at 10:45
Room __________. The cost of the class is $30 which will       Strong Families 101 – you will need a book and code to
cover the cost of the workbook. We will meet each              access an online version too. And - Upward is here for a
Wednesday (with some exceptions for holidays, etc) be-         third year – if you’re not participating, come out on a Sat-
ginning January 19, from 6:45 – 8:45 p.m. though May,          urday between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. to watch a game or
then we will resume in September to go journey through         two and see the excitement in our ‘gym’ – Trinity Hall!
the New Testament. Come and travel with us, through            See the wonderful evangelism going on with families of
God’s life changing word! Contact Judy Oguich for any          Trinity as well as other families of our community! Con-
questions/concerns at 288-6057 ext. 206.                       tact Rebecca or Mark Blackwell at 747-6671 or rebec-
                                                               cacooks@verizon.net for more information or find more
                                                               information in the Welcome Center too. See you there!

                                                                 Our Stewardship
                                                                 “We will be loyal to the United Methodist Church and
                                                                 uphold it by our prayers, our presence, our gifts and our
             Calendar Highlights
                  January                                        Our Presence:
Every Sunday
8:15 a.m. - Traditional Worship Service                              Day                  11/28   12/5    12/12   12/19
9:30 a.m. - Contemporary Worship Service
9:30 a.m. - Sunday School                                            Worship Service       732     672     938     944
10:45 a.m. - Sunday School
                                                                     Sunday School         292     462     437     439
11:00 a.m. - Traditional Worship Service

Wednesday, January 5, 2011                                       Our Finances:
5:30 p.m. - WFN Dinner starts back                               Total Receipts as of November 30:       $625,529
                                                                 Budgeted receipts as of November 30:    $643,930
Sunday, January 9, 2011                                          Required receipts as of December 31:    $894,160
UMW Celebration Worship Service                                  Receipts Received as of December 15:    $706,863
Tuesday, January 11, 2011
10:15 a.m. - UMW Program

Wednesday, January 12, 2011
5:30 p.m. - WFN Dinner
                                                                                       Friends of Barnabas
Sunday, January 16, 2011                                                                 Honduras Trip
Blood Drive
                                                                                   Trinity Team #1’s eighth mountain
Wednesday, January 19, 2011                                                        medical mission to Honduras for the
5:30 p.m. - WFN Dinner                                                             Friends of Barnabas Foundation is
                                                                 nearly upon us.
Wednesday, January 26, 2011                                               The 16-member team will leave from Dulles Inter-
5:30 p.m. - WFN Dinner
                                                                 national airport outside Washington, D.C., for the first
                                                                 time. Don Boyd and Bill Pike will ferry us in church vans
                                                                 from Richmond to Dulles early in the morning of January
                                                                 22. When we return January 30, Mary Beth Utley and Don
                                                                 will be there to greet us and bring us home.
                                                                          Four of Team 1’s regular members, Roger and
   UM Day at the General Assembly                                Jennie Hart and John and Julie Peters, are staying home
         February 3, 2011                                        this year. Team members making their first visit are Dr.
                                                                 Karin Buettner, Kirk Spitzer and optometrist Joe Toler
Inform yourself on issues before the General Assem-              (Stephanie Ford’s father). Nine members of the team have
bly. Become a missionary of justice, as well as a mission-       made a previous trip to Honduras.
ary of mercy, as you learn about our Social Princi-                       Also, joining the team as a translator is Nancy
ples. Register & pay online a www.vaumc.org and look             Robinson, who along with husband Kip, serves as joint
under Events. Early bird registration $20 by January             president of FOBF. Linda Dalch a staff member of FOBF
21. We meet at Bon Air UMC for an early breakfast, hear          is coming along too. And we have 2 translators from other
from Bishop Kammerer, travel by bus to the General As-           churches that have previous experience on Honduras
sembly, attend sessions, and return to Bon Air in mid af-        mountain medical teams.
ternoon. Information to follow in the Welcome Center.                     Thank you to all who made monetary contribu-
                                                                 tions to Trinity’s team through the Advent offering and for
                                                                 your many, many prayers. Please continue to pray for us as
                                                                 we carry on God’s work and pray for the children and
                                                                 families of Honduras.

                          Mission Kids                                               YOU are New to Trinity!!
              Mission Kids are kids in 1st -5th grade who are                      Visitors and New Members are encouraged
              interested in mission and service.                                   to attend “Connections” class, an introduc-
              January 9 – 5:00-6:30 p.m. - meeting at                              tion to church life at Trinity. This winter we
              church to design, make and hang posters to            will offer a
advertise for our “Souper Bowl” collection.
January 23– Field Trip                                                             One Day Connections Blitz!
February 6 – “Souper Bowl” collection after each wor-                                 Sunday January 23
ship service.                                                                       9:45 a.m. until 2:30 p.m.
February 20 – Field Trip
                                                                            On this day you will meet others new to Trinity,
If you have any questions, call Leila Denton at 288-6057,
                                                                    hear from several lay leaders about areas they are in-
ext. 208.
                                                                    volved, enjoy a pizza lunch and spend time with both our
                                                                    senior and associate minister.
                                                                            It will be a great start to your spiritual journey
                                                                    here as you gain a better understanding of the beliefs of
                         Lunch and Learn                            the United Methodist Church as well as learn more about
                      Bible Discovery Event                         the many service/mission opportunities we offer.
                    Learning to use Your Bible
                       Sunday, January 16, 2010,
                           12 noon to 2 pm
                                                                                               New Resource for
This event will be for 3rd and 4th grade children and par-
ents (or other adult) who wish to have fun learning a little                              Job-seekers who follow a pattern in
more about using the Bible. We will gather to eat a little          their job search and who partner with others to network
lunch and then learn. The event is designed for an adult            and hold each other accountable in the activities of their
and child to work together at their own pace in a learning          search are more likely to find jobs than those who go it
center environment. Children will experience practical              alone. With this fact in mind, Trinity is now hosting a new
ways to discover God’s word and make the Bible a part of            Job Club for people in employment transition.
their everyday life. Parents will learn how to cultivate                     The group will meet each Wednesday from 8:00
children’s use of the Bible at home. Registration forms             to 9:30 a.m. in the Small Conference Room (just inside the
are found in KIDSNEWS and the Welcome Center and                    Stuart Hall door) beginning January 5, 2011. No need to
are to be turned in to Leila by January 10. Children & par-         call ahead, just show up. Group leader, Carroll King
ents may repeat the activity with new tasks. Call Leila             Schuller, will be there to help you focus your job search,
Denton at 288-6057, ext 208 if you have questions.                  hone your job-seeking skills and support you in the jour-
                                                                    ney toward employment. Other resources: New Job Seek-
                                                                    ers Orientation Class offered on the second Monday of
                     Strengths Explorer                             each month from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at the Employ-
                                                                    ment Transition Center (ETC) 4060 Innslake Drive and
                  for 4th & 5th Graders and                         Career Prospectors meets Tuesday mornings at 7:30
                           Parents                                  a.m. at Three Chopt Presbyterian Church, 9315 Three
                                                                    Chopt Road (www.career-prospectors.com). Need more
After many years of Strength’s Ministry for adults, we are          information, contact car-
excited to present a class for 4th & 5th Graders and their          roll.schuller@organicblueprints.com
parents. The class will be offered on Sunday, February 6
from 4:30 to 7:30 p.m. Both parent and child will need to
attend. The cost is $25.00 for Trinity members and $45.00
for non-Trinity members. Space will be limited and regis-                                    The Hokies/Hoos
tration is required. Registration forms will be available in
the Welcome Center on January 9. Registration deadline                                          Challenge
is January 30. Contact Desda White at 288-6057, ext. 223,
                                                                                     The Hokies/Hoos challenge raised $3,013
dwhite@trinityumc.net with questions or concerns. Come
                                                                                     to be used entirely for hands-on mission
and explore your strengths.
                                                                    in youth ministry. Thanks for your generosity.

                                                                                   The Mission Footprint 5K
              Joys and Concerns                                                    Walk/Run, Kids Run, and
                   Our sympathies to…
                                                                                   Community Fair
                                                                           Soon January will be behind us, and it will be Sat-
Leo Rutledge, Jr. whose mother Harriet Rutledge died on           urday, April 9, 2011, and at 8:00 a.m. you’ll be one of the
December 6, 2010.                                                 participants in the first annual Missions Footprint 5K. So
Rick Weisensale, Jr., whose father Frederick Weisensale,          that you’ll be ready on April 9, let’s start by answering
Sr. died December 5, 2010.                                        some basic questions.
The family of Herbert “Skeeter” Pocklington who died                       What exactly is a 5K? Well, it is typically a road
December 4, 2010.                                                 race for runners, but it is also open to individuals who
The family of Evelyn Stacy who died November 30, 2010.            would like to walk the course. A 5K is 3.1 miles in length,
Cliff Moseley, Jr., whose mother Ellen Moseley died on            and we have designed a course that will wind participants
November 29, 2010.                                                through the gentle rolling hills of Rollingwood, College
Charlie Thomas whose mother Edith Thomas died on No-              Hills, and Westham.
vember 23, 2010.                                                           Can I use a stroller to push a young child through
Frances Haddock whose step-son Kenney Haddock, Jr.                the course? Yes, we are going to allow strollers, but no
died November 21, 2010.                                           bicycle riders or pets.
The family of Catherine “Kitty” Rees who died November                     Is there an entry fee? The entry fee is $20.00 for
18, 2010.                                                         an individual and $60.00 per family unit, and registration
Kim Penberthy whose grandmother Juanita Greynolds                 for the 5K will be done on line through Active.Com.
died November 14, 2010.                                                    What will the proceeds from the race be used for
                                                                  this year? The proceeds will be a part of our Lenten Mis-
The family of James “Jim” Snead, III, who died October
                                                                  sion Offering, and they will be used to assist Habitat For
3, 2010.
                                                                  Humanity, the Central Virginia Food Bank, and CARI-
                      New Members                                 TAS.
                                                                           Is there a separate walk/run for children? Yes, at
          John Penny, Ann Penny, Hannah Filer                     7:30 a.m. we will have a Fun Run for kids. The entry fee is
                                                                  $5.00 per child and the age group target is Kindergarten
                        Baptisms                                  through Grade 5.
                                                                           While waiting for the race to finish, will there be
 Avery McGee, Ella Hastings, Pax Hastings, Wes Cuttier,           any planned activities for non-participants? Yes, Elisa Ro-
                    Lizzy Schardt                                 mans is coordinating the Community Fair that will focus
                                                                  on health, nutrition, exercise, and backyard gardening.
                         Wedding                                           Will there be any opportunities to get in shape for
   Congratulations to the following couples who were              either walking or running the race prior to April 9? Yes,
                                                                  starting in February on Sunday afternoons, Toni Halstead
                   recently married:
                                                                  will teach some basic stretching exercises that are good for
    Brian Hildebrand who married Jessica Young on
                                                                  walking and running, and then we will walk/run the
                  December 11, 2010                               course. The exact start time for the training sessions will
 Ellen Johann who married Nathan Zang on November                 be announced later.
                       20, 2010.                                           If I choose not to run/walk in the 5K, can I volun-
                                                                  teer? Yes, to support this event, we will need many volun-
                                                                  teers. Sign up sheets will be in the Welcome Center later
                                                                  in January.
                                                                           Who should I contact if I have additional ques-
                 UMW Program                                      tions about the event? The congregation can contact Mark
                                                                  Blackwell the Race Director, or Bill Pike or Mary Hetzel
Trinity’s UMW invites you to join us Tuesday, January 11          from the Missions Committee. And remember, t-shirts are
at 10:15 in Trinity Hall. Rev. Doug Smith, Executive Di-          guaranteed for the first 200 people to register for the Mis-
rector of the Virginia Interfaith Center for Public Policy,       sion Footprint 5K
will speak on the topic Becoming Faithful Advocates: Leg-                  See you Saturday, April 9, 2011!!!
islative Update General Assembly 2011. Join us for a
special box lunch prepared by Kelly Kindle, suggested
donation $6 (sign up in the Welcome Center).

                               Missions — Opportunities and Updates
                                                     Blood Drive
Sunday January 16 is the next opportunity to donate blood. Please sign up on the Parish Nurse bulletin board. Let’s dem-
onstrate how generous Trinity members are by the best Blood Drive ever!


                                                   How to Donate Items
         When you have household items, furniture, and clothing to donate, here are some options. Kika Husejnovic (335-
6802) heads the Virginia Council of Churches’ Refugee Resettlement Program. Currently, she has forty families residing
in the apartments in Nottingham Green off Quiocassin Road. In a typical month, she receives six families from countries
such as Bhutan, Iraq, Pakistan, and elsewhere. These families from war-torn countries are selected through the United
Nations High Commissioner on Refugees for resettlement in the United States. To assist with any of the items listed
above, please contact Mary Hetzel. A tax receipt will accompany your donation.
         Alternatively, if you have nice adult clothing to donate, bring clean items on hangers to the clothes rack near the
balcony for the Hermitage Country Store. For special household dishes and other decorative items, you can call The Her-
mitage 355-5721 to inquire about delivering items.
         Another option for school age children’s clothing is to contact Mary Hetzel 282-5872 or Bob Argabright 310-
1080 to donate items for children at the Oak Grove – Bellemeade Elementary School. During the winter months, we of-
ten see children who need warm coats and school clothing.


                                Need Help with Housework or Yard Work?
Hassan Abdi will be glad to help you. To schedule Hassan, please call Robert Hetzel 697-8213w or 282-5872h. Hassan
drives but needs assistance in scheduling and directions. How you can help the Abdi family: Hire Isnina to do house-
work, help her learn to drive, offer homework assistance to any of the four children. To offer your help to this hardwork-
ing family, please contact the Hetzels.


                                            All God’s Children Camp
Since 1999 All God’s Children Camp has served Virginia children with incarcerated mothers. Sponsored by the Virginia
Annual Conference and The Children’s Initiative, AGCC plants seeds of hope and self-confidence that will help children
to be successful in life. Studies show that these children are at high risk to repeat the cycle of incarceration and genera-
tional poverty. One-week overnight camps for children ages 7-11 are held in three locations: Camp HighRoad in Middle-
burg, Camp Occohannoc-on-the-Bay in Bellehaven, and Westview on the James in Goochland. Adult mentors ages 17 &
up spend the entire week with children, providing supervision and companionship. Each year Trinity sends a team of
mentors, provides much needed camper transportation, and donates new sleeping bags and pillows. Visit the website
www.vaumc.org to learn more about All God’s Children Camp and to obtain required paperwork. The 2011 week at
Westview on the James will be August 7-12. If you are interested in serving as a mentor, please contact John Pe-
ters. Casey Torrence is Camp Director, 521-1135

    TRINITY’S STAFF IS HERE TO SERVE YOU                                           Help the YWCA’s Women’s
          Please call us directly by dialing 288-6057.                                      Advocacy
  Paula Cadden, Office Administrator                 - 201           Circle 5 is collecting old cell phones (with charger, with-
       (e-mail address: pcadden@trinityumc.net)                      out a service contract and with personal informa-
  Kim Tingler, Membership/Publication Secretary - 202                tion removed) to donate to the YWCA’s Women’s Ad-
       (e-mail address: ktingler@trinityumc.net)                     vocacy Program. These will be given to survivors of abuse
  Judy Niedermayer, Financial Secretary              - 203           to use to call 911. Please bring your old phones to Trinity’s
       (e-mail address: jniedermayer@trinityumc.net)
                                                                     Welcome Center and leave them in the designated area there.
  John Peters, Senior Minister                       - 204
       (e-mail address: jpeters@trinityumc.net)                      This is a great way to recycle and could save someone’s life!
  Teresa McRoberts, Associate Minister               - 205           (Anne Burch 270-1661)
       (e-mail address: tmcroberts@trinityumc.net)
  Judy Oguich, Minister of Discipleship              - 206
       (e-mail address: joguich@trinityumc.net)
  Forrest White, Youth Director                      - 207
                                                                                         We Need Your Help!
       (e-mail address: fwhite@trinityumc.net)
                                                                                   On Sunday mornings when you sit in a pew,
  Catherine Tudor, Middle School Youth Director - 225
       (e-mail address: ctudor@trinityumc.net)                                     do you wonder who takes the time to sharpen
  Leila Denton, Director of Children’s Ministries    - 208                         the pencils, or to make sure there are blank
       (e-mail address: ldenton@trinityumc.net)                      sheets in the Guest Books, or who has straightened the
  Charles Staples, Director of Music Ministries      - 209           hymnals and removed the previous week’s bulletins from
       (e-mail address: cstaples@trinityumc.net)                     the hymnal rack? We have dedicated teams of volunteers
   Property Manager ‘s Office                        - 211           who give their time each week to straighten the pew racks,
       (e-mail address: property@trinityumc.net)                     but we are in need of a new team (one person can do this,
   Sara Mackey, Receptionist                         - 212           but it’s more fun to have a buddy!) for one week every
       (e-mail address: receptionist@trinityumc.net)                 month. If you would like additional information or to vol-
  Selina Heslep, Contemporary Worship Leader         - 214
                                                                     unteer, please call Paula Cadden in the Church office at
       (e-mail address: sheslep@trinityumc.net)
  Desda White, Director of Newcomer Ministries       - 223           288-6057 ext. 201.
       (e-mail address: dwhite@trinityumc.net)
  Julie Peters, Parish Nurse, 270-1991
       (e-mail address: johnandjulie70@yahoo.com)                                               Staff Anniversary
  Jody McWilliams, Congregational Care Minister - 224
                                                                                         Many thanks to our dedicated staff
  The Kitchen                                       - 215                                members who celebrate an anniver-
  Trinity Pre-School                            288-6058                                 sary this month:
  Office Fax #                                  282-3368             Melvin Kenney 2 years
                                                                     Clint Smith 4 years
                                                                     Judy Oguich 18 years
                                                                     Charles Staples 20 years
                               Youth News
                                                                     We truly appreciate all that you do to maintain the facili-
                   For all the latest information on the Trin-       ties and improve the ministries at Trinity. May God bless
                   ity Youth Ministry, visit the youth web-          in your service to others.
site at www.trinityumcyouth.net . The website is updated
regularly, so check back often.
         Once there, you will find information on missions
and service opportunities. You'll also find a calendar of                                          NEWSLETTER
upcoming events, not to mention an inspirational word or
two. If you have questions about our youth ministry -- with
over 100 active youth -- please call the church office at                                  The deadline for the next Window
288-6057 and key in either Forrest (ext. 207) or Catherine           is Wednesday, January 19 4 p.m. for events taking
(ext. 225). We want more young people in grades 6-12 to              place in February. Articles may be submitted prior to the
be involved in all things Trinity Youth. God is with us!             deadline and we encourage early submissions. Articles
Forrest and Catherine                                                must be submitted in writing with the contact person’s
                                                                     name and phone number to Kim Tingler


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