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									                                  How to Make a Simple Garden

Function in a residential garden is a source of natural beauty and also as a means of relaxation for the
residents. Therefore, the attempt to present a simple garden in every land left in your home will be very
good effect on the health of the entire household. The problem is, not everyone has the ability to create
a garden. For that, a few tips below will help to create a garden There's a simple house.

How much land will you make a garden. It is important to note because the land will affect the selection
of plants and also the theme parks that you will create later. For land measuring only two feet square,
would not be too much potentially arable crops grown, or perennials. For example mango, frangipani or
large palm. You can anticipate your small area with a planting medium pot. That way, you can still plant
a crop variety that you like without having a headache due to inadequate land area.

Theme Garden
Theme garden that you want will affect the selection of accessories and other plants are planted in the
proper and fitting there. If you design a Balinese-themed garden, or a minimalist style, the type of grass,
rock types, types of plants you can easily specify.

Types of Plant
Surely you will be more diligent in caring for and loving species of plants that you like it? Then you
should select your favorite plants. Understand how to care for her as well as the demand for fertilizer is
needed to make it grow fast and healthy. Imagine if you created a garden with plants laboriously turned
off just because you do not know how to care for her. Disappointed is not it?

Media Processing Plant
If you create your own simple home gardens to save costs, it also learned how to select and process the
growing media. Mixing of topsoil and manure or other fertilizer plants, have right ingredients. Too much
or too little fertilizer can cause plants to actually die, or growth is not maximal. For fruit trees, plants can
be no fruitful result.

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