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									                          Creating a Simple and Convenient Kitchen

The kitchen is one place in the house that reflects its owner. Many people say, if you want to know who
the owner of the house, then look only at her kitchen. That is, if the kitchen is clean, it is definitely the
home owner is a person who diligently bebenah, but if the kitchen is dirty, certainly people who occupy
these houses are lazy, and reluctant to clean up.

Why? Because the kitchen is one of the first places that often dirty, the second is the bathroom. If the
kitchen is just lazy to clean up how the other room.

Convenient kitchen for Cooking

The kitchen is one of the marginalized, other functions not only for cooking only. It may be hated by
hundreds of mothers because the location is often dirty and cause many animals are coming into it. You
do not need to worry, maybe you need to try the tips below so you can make an interesting example of
the kitchen.

    1. Embed this in yourself, that you are an industrious people. If it is so definite point of any room
       you occupy must look clean, if it's like your cooking is sure to be very enjoyable.

    2. You can see an example of a simple kitchen that found in many home magazines. From there
       you can see and follow the tips contained in it.

    3. Create a multilevel container (like a basket of parcels) or you can buy mini shelves in
       supermarkets to classify the kitchen spices cook for you, and lift the rack is not far from where
       you are cooking. In addition to making your kitchen a clean, narrow kitchen can look spacious.

    4. You should also buy a cabinet to place plates, cups, or utensils, which can be inserted into the
       drawer and hidden in a closed place. In order for a kitchen that was fully visible can be seen
       more minimalist and do not look messy.

    5. Categorize your cooking equipment as well. Do not mix it into one. Because this will really
       bother you. Not only will you waste time looking for cookware, but also will interfere with your
       comfort during cooking.

    6. Always clean your kitchen after every cook. Usually, oil stains and stain mixing herbs are still
       stuck on it. Clean by using a newspaper marks the first time, sprinkle with the soapy water, then
       wipe again with old newspapers and put a little water. After that wipe with a dry cloth.
7. You can try to re-paint the color of your kitchen for the better. Note the color combination. You
   can choose your favorite color, so that you stand for long in it.

8. Provide communication tools in it, the phone for example. So Even if there was a phone, you no
   longer need to run lift and leave your dishes. Or you need entertainment, you can add a mini
   television. So while you cook, you do not have to worry about missing the moment tv shows you

9. Do not do other work while you are cooking, as this will also affect your activities in the kitchen.
   Will stain splattered everywhere, but it is dangerous to leave dishes dangat switched on. Danger
   of fire or explosive gas stove can happen at any time.

10. Create a comfortable ventilation, air circulation which can run well. Do not make the kitchen in a
    closed room, because your breathing will be very excruciating.

    Besides the closed kitchen will also disrupt olfactory family at home. Should choose a room that
    is rather open and ventilation banyakBuatlah examples cozy kitchen for you and your family are
    also happy to linger in it, so that the function of the kitchen no longer be marginalized.

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