Nograles to consult allies on plans to junk constituent

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					A12 AUGUST 5-7, 2009 • LA MIDWEEK ASIAN JOURNAL                                          Dateline PHiliPPineS                                             • (213) 250-9797

    Nograles to consult allies on plans to junk constituent assembly
                                      “I will not decide on this issue   place.”                              secretary and speech writer of        co-authors on how to treat the         allow any amendments to the
      by Delon    Porcalla
                                   all by myself. This is not how I         “The members of Congress          Pres. Aquino, wife of the late        resolution on August 4 or if they      Charter before 2010, meaning,
                                   operate. I will consult first with    who signed Cha-cha must de-          Sen. Ninoy Aquino, who was as-        feel that Cory’s death signifi-        there will be no changes in the
   MANILA – Speaker Prospero       the members and get a clear           cide for themselves. We will take    sassinated on Aug. 21, 1983.          cantly comes into play here. It’s      Constitution under the term of
Nograles hinted on August 3        consensus on what to do with          the position of (Makati Rep. Te-        Nograles maintained that           a personal choice for each one,”       President Arroyo.
that the House is open to the      House Resolution 1109 before          odoro) Teddy Boy (Locsin) and        since all decisions of the House      Nograles pointed out.                     Party-list Rep. Teddy Casiño
suggestion to abandon plans to     making our position on this is-       (presidential adviser on political   leadership are based on consul-          Nograles stressed the 180           of Bayan Muna said he is join-
convene a constituent assembly     sue,” Nograles said.                  affairs) Gabby (Claudio) under       tation and the consensus of the       signatories were not forced by         ing Locsin in his call to “defer
without the Senate, but only if       Nograles said he “will not         advisement,” Nograles said.          majority, he would hold a multi-      the House leadership or even           action” on the constituent as-
the administration lawmakers       stop” his colleagues from with-          Locsin proposed over the          party caucus by mid-August to         Malacañang to sign HR 1109 so          sembly resolution. “I join him in
agree to the proposal to disre-    drawing their signatures in the       weekend to the House leader-         get the sentiment of the majority     it will also be up to them if they
                                                                                                                                                                                           deference and out of respect for
gard the Charter change initia-    resolution for Charter change         ship to abandon the proposed         in relation to HR 1109.               decide to withdraw their support
                                                                                                                                                                                           the late president and the mil-
tive out of respect for the late   (Cha-cha), “because nobody            constituent assembly out of             “There are close to 180 sig-       for the resolution.
President Corazon Aquino.                                                                                                                              House Resolution 1109 has           lions who believe in her.”
                                   forced them to sign it in the first   respect for the late President       natories to that Resolution 1109
                                                                                                                                                    been approved but discussions             “Insisting on Charter change
                                                                         Aquino, under whose admin-           and each one has the right or
                                                                                                                                                    on the measure have been de-           might just transform those mil-
                                                                         istration the 1987 Constitution      the personal privilege to con-
                                                                         was crafted.                         tinue or to withdraw from it. It’s    ferred indefinitely, since the         lions of mourners into a force
                                                                            Presidential political adviser    really up to them if they want to     House has yet to decide on what        that could easily sweep the GMA
                                                                         Gabriel Claudio reportedly sup-      withdraw. No one will stop them       to do.                                 regime from power,” he warned,
                                                                         ports Locsin’s position.             from doing so,” he said.                 Senate President Juan Ponce         implying a threat of another
                                                                            Locsin, a former newspaper           “It’s not for the leadership       Enrile and the other senators          people power revolt that could
                                                                         publisher, served as the press       to dictate on the authors and         have reiterated that they will not     topple Pres. Arroyo. n

                                                                                   Awardees honor heroes of journalism
                                                                                 by alcUin     PaPa           Marlene Esperat. “They lived the      broadcasters in Mindanao means         fund scam involving former Ag-
                                                                                        spirit of Blessed Titus Brandsma      that Edgar and Marlene’s spirits       riculture Undersecretary Jocelyn
                                                                            MANILA – It was a night for re-   and stood for truth in times of       are alive, driving the survivors       “Joc-Joc” Bolante. She was shot
                                                                         membering brave and relatively       threats, compromises, despite         among us to try to expose and          in her home in Tacurong City,
                                                                         unknown heroes in journalism.        odds and reprisals from the pow-      weed out the corrupt, so that the      Sultan Kudarat in March 2005.
                                                                            When Philippine Daily In-         ers-that-be,” it added.               nobility can bloom,” he said in           The Titus Brandsma Award
                                                                         quirer columnist Patricia Evan-         Both Evangelista and Severino      his acceptance speech.                 Philippines is the country’s ver-
                                                                         gelista, awardee for Emergent        cited the two journalists who            Damalerio, managing editor          sion of the International Titus
                                                                         Leadership in Journalism, and        were gunned down in separate          of the Zamboanga Scribe and            Brandsma Award given by the
                                                                         Howie Severino of the GMA            incidents in pursuit of their sto-    a hard-hitting commentator of          Union Catholique Internationale
                                                                         television network, awardee          ries.                                 DXKP, was shot dead in May             de la Presse, the world forum of
                                                                         for leadership in journalism re-        “This award means so much in       2002 in Pagadian City.                 professionals in secular and reli-
                                                                         ceived their awards given by the     light of what is happening in the        Esperat, on the other hand, was     gious media.
                                                                         Titus Brandsma Media Center in       country. The Philippines is an odd    a former employee of the Depart-          Dr. Florangel Rosario Braid,
                                                                         the Philippines on Wednesday,        country and it has been branded       ment of Agriculture who turned         Dr. Jose De Mesa and Angela
                                                                         they chose to pay tribute to their   as the second worst place for a       to journalism. Among her expos-        Blardony Ureta were among the
                                                                         slain media colleagues, including    journalist to work. To be men-        es was the controversial fertilizer    jurors this year. n
                                                                         those who still toil in anonymity    tioned in the same sentence as

                                                                                                                                                         Senate ratifies Carp
                                                                         for community papers and radio,      Edgar, Marlene and Howie is a
                                                                         and a former president whose         big thing,” Evangelista said.
                                                                         governance marked the return            The center cited Evangelista’s
                                                                         of basic rights, including press
                                                                            Two other journalists were
                                                                                                              columns on the disappearances
                                                                                                              and killings of members of pro-
                                                                                                              gressive groups and journalists.
                                                                                                                                                         as ‘gift’ to Cory
                                                                         given posthumous awards.                “We can’t get used to it—that                             by Michael liM        Ubac
                                                                            The award is named after          a man can disappear and never                             
                                                                         Blessed Titus Brandsma, a Dutch      be seen again, that a mother
                                                                         Catholic priest, journalist and      will be shot at her dining room          MANILA – The Senate ratified on Monday afternoon the bi-
                                                                         educator who defended press          table. We need to stay angry at        cameral conference report reconciling provisions of the Com-
                                                                         freedom and the right to educa-      what shouldn’t be, to continue to      prehensive Agrarian Reform Program (Carp), which would ex-
                                                                         tion during World War II, even in    speak. Because if we accept this       tend for another five years the land-acquisition and distribution
                                                                         the face of death. He was beati-     as the state of the nation, we al-     program with a budget of P150 billion.
                                                                         fied by Pope John Paul I on No-      low it,” she said.                       All 17 senators present ratified the bicameral report, intro-
                                                                         vember 3, 1985 and is known as          Severino, known for his inves-      duced to the floor by Senator Gregorio Honasan, former chair of
                                                                         a martyr for press freedom.          tigative reports on the environ-       the Senate committee on agrarian reform, as a “gift” to former
                                                                            “Severino and Evangelista         ment, also recognized the dan-         President Corazon Aquino who instituted land reform when she
                                                                         were chosen because they have        gers of being a journalist in the      was President in 1988.
                                                                         effectively used media to re-        Philippines as he spoke of Dama-         However, Senator Joker Arroyo informed the chamber prior
                                                                         spond to the people’s clamor for     lerio and Esperat.                     to the ratification that he was “tempted” to cast a negative vote
                                                                         truth on issues and concerns af-        Bravest work                        since the bicameral report deleted the provision requiring the
                                                                         fecting them,” the Center said in       “Both Edgar and Marlene             Department of Agrarian Reform to submit an audited financial
                                                                         a statement.                         did their bravest work on radio        report on the P160 billion that had been spent by the govern-
                                                                            Absent awardees                   while exposing anomalies in cer-       ment since its inception.
                                                                            The Center also honored slain     tain parts of Mindanao. The fact         Arroyo still voted in favor of the measure since he had signed
                                                                         journalists Edgar Damalerio and      that there are still fearless radio    the original Carp Law as executive secretary of Mrs. Aquino. n