A Tiger plans to retire...... After 66 years, long-time employee by Jeronohnson


									                                A Tiger plans to retire... ...
                                After 66 years, long-time
 ENERGIZING! Every time         employee plans to retire
an aluminum can is              Clyde Tidwell, a.k.a. "Tiger," will be retiring from Tennessee
recycled, you save 95
percent of the energy it        Operations after 66 years of consecutive service to the company
takes to make a new can.        - wow! No doubt, Tidwell's tenure at Alcoa represents the
It saves landfill space too!    longest number of years anyone has worked in the Alcoa system.
 DID YOU KNOW? It takes         Plans are to celebrate Tiger's retirement in May.
 10,200 megawatts of            Congratulations Tiger!
 power to run a smelter for
 one day. That is the same
 amount that it would take to
 power an average of
                                Applause !
 425,000 houses.
EVERY CAN                       Capital investments for Tennessee
COUNTS! Recycling just
one aluminum can saves
                                Thanks to the hard work by Tennessee Operations'
enough energy to run a TV       employees, more than $300 million in capital improvements is
for 3 hours .                   anticipated to be invested back over the next three years.
                                Highlights of the capital improvements include:
                                - Two pusher preheat furnaces
                                - New crusher and delac furnace
                                - New fume extraction system
                                - Chilhowee Dam generator rewinds
                                - Transmission system improvements
                                - smelter
                                - smelter
                                Congratulations on a job well done, and continue the hard work
                                so that a good return on investment can be realized.

                                Preparing our workforce...
                                TN Ops receives grant from State
                                Tennessee Operations has received a $1 million training grant
                                from the State of Tennessee's Department of Economic and
                                Community Development (ECD) to aid in workforce training
                                initiatives over the next three years . ECD awarded the grant
                                through its "Fast Track" job training assistance program, which
                                is geared to new and existing businesses when associated with
                                new investment for facilities or equipment, among other criteria.
                                The grant will be used to offset costs of instructor time
                                and certain safety training classes.

                                Coming Soon...Homegrown
                                TN Ops to release annual report
                                Tennessee Operations will soon be releasing its 2006 annual
                                report soon. Its theme, "Homegrown," focuses on Alcoa's long
                                roots in East Tennessee. The report includes information about
                                Tennessee's four operations: the Rigid Packaging Division,
                                Primary Metals, Alcoa Power Generating, and Alcoa Materials
                                Management in Knoxville. Plans are to publish the report in late
                                March or early April.

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