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					                                           Social Studies
                                         Biography Project
                              DUE DATE: 1/05/12 (B-day), 1/06/12 (A-day)

You will research the life of an important person from one of the regions we have studied or will study
this year. There will be two parts to the project: a written report and a visual presentation.

Written Report:
1. Find two sources about your important person. One should be a book and the other can be another type
of reference material (internet site or encyclopedia).

2. Use the “Biography Outline Organizer” to collect important facts about the person. These facts can
be collected on the outline or on note cards. If you are using note cards, students must have at least one
note card for each topic (at least 11 note cards) and the source used must be written on the back of the
note card.
 The “Biography Outline Organizer” or note cards must be turned in with your project.

3. Using the information collected, write a one and a half to two page typed report about the person.

Visual Presentation:
There will be two options for the visual presentation portion of the project. Choose one.

 Option 1 - Desktop
 Using a large poster board, you should design the desktop of your important person. You should
 decorate your desktop with the following items:
 a.     A sign that reads “From the Desk of __________”
 b.    A letter from the important person. Design a piece of stationary that reflects the person that
       you have researched and use the stationary to write a letter from that person’s point of view.
 c.    Three items that represent the person. For example, Gandhi’s desktop might include a container
       of salt, a map of India, and a pair of round eye-glasses. You should try to find or make the items
       as three-dimensional as possible.
 d.    Three short notes that the person might have written to himself or herself. You can write the
       notes on stick-on note pads and attach them to the desktop.

 Option 3 – Museum Box
Using the following website, create a “museum box” that includes items that represent the person’s life: . Your museum box must have a total of three cubes about the important
person. One of your cubes must include information about the important person and the other two must
include items that represent the life of the important person.

      Box 1 should have:
   a. Two pictures of the important person (2 sides)
   b. written information about the person (4 sides total)
      Boxes 2 & 3 should have:
   c. one picture of two different items (2 sides)
   d. written information describing the items (2 sides)
   e. written information explaining how the items relate to the important person (2 sides)
                                         Biography Outline Organizer
I      Name of Person:

II     Birth
       a. When:
       b.   Where:

III    Death
       a. When:
       b.   Where:

IV     Nationality:

V      Education
       a. Schools:
       b.   Dates:
       c.   Degrees:

VI     Experiences (experiences that helped mold this person):

VII    Marriages:
       a. Dates:
       b.   Names of Spouses:

VIII   Children/Family Life:

IX     Important People (names of important people and their significance to this person):

X      Problems (What were some problems this person had to overcome?):

XI     Accomplishments (Major accomplishments and contributions):

XII    Interesting Facts (at least 3):

XIII   Sources (use proper formatting to site the sources you used for your research)
                                Rubric for Biography Project


  I.     Graphic Organizer/Note Cards (26 POINTS)
           a. Birth (2)
           b. Death (2)
           c. Nationality (2)
           d. Education (2)
           e. Experiences (2)
           f. Marriages (2)
           g. Children/Family Life (2)
           h. Important People (2)
           i. Problems (2)
           j. Accomplishments (2)
           k. Interesting Facts (2)
           l. Sources: listed on the back if you use notecards(4)

  II. Written Biography (34)
        a. Quality of Information (10)
        b. Mechanics (grammar & spelling) (10)
        c. Amount of Information (10)
        d. Neatly written or types (4)

  III.     Desktop or Museum Box (40) – Only need to do one of these!!!!
           a. From the Desk of (1)
           b. Letter (15)
                  i. Recipient
                 ii. Facts included
           c. Desktop Items (12)
           d. Short Notes (12)
              Museum Box
           a. Box A
                  i. 2 Pictures of Person (6)
                 ii. Written Info (10)
           b. Box B
                  i. 2 Pictures of Items (4)
                 ii. Written Info (8)
           c. Box C
                  i. 2 Pictures of Items (4)
                 ii. Written Info (8)
Biography Choices

   1.    Answar el-Sadat
   2.    Muammar el-Qaddafi
   3.    Bashar al-Assad
   4.    Hosni Mubarak
   5.    Queen Hatshepsut
   6.    Queen Cleopatra
   7.    King Tutankhamen
   8.    Kwame Nkrumah
   9.    Jomo Kenyatta
   10.   Nelson Mandela
   11.   Willem de Klerk
   12.   Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali
   13.   Seretse Kharma
   14.   Hammurabi
   15.   Saddam Hussein
   16.   Mustafa Kemal
   17.   Ayatolah Khomeini
   18.   Benjamin Netanyahu
   19.   Yitzhak Rabin
   20.   Siddhartha Gautama
   21.   Suleiman I
   22.   Shah Jahan
   23.   Mohandas Gandhi
   24.   Indira Gandhi
   25.   Hamid Karzai
   26.   Mao Zedong
   27.   Confucius
   28.   Chiang Kai-shek
   29.   Kim Jong Il
   30.   Emporer Hirohito
   31.   Junichiro Koizumi
   32.   Aung San Suu Kyi
   33.   Ferdinand Marcos
   34.   Corazon Aquino
   35.   Charles Perkins
   36.   LaDonna Harris
   37.   Mother Theresa
   38.   Tsze Hsi

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