Genre Anchor Chart Information by eYKd2a1n


									          Genre Anchor Chart Information
Fiction - a made up story

Historical Fiction - a made up story that takes place in the past

Realistic Fiction - sometimes tells a story based on events that really could
happen but in a made up story

Fantasy - story in which unbelievable things happen

Animal Fantasy - story with animal characters that behave like people

Fable - story that teaches a lesson or a moral

Folk Tale - stories or legends from other lands that are handed down from
one generation to the next

Tall Tale - a story with unbelievable elements often told with great
exaggeration and sometimes told as if they are true and factual

Non-fiction - explains something about real life

Expository non-fiction - gives facts and information about the real
world…may often include charts and diagrams

Narrative non-fiction - gives factual information about real people and
events in the form of a story

Biography - story of a real person’s life written by another person

Photo Essay - uses photos to give factual information


Play - uses a cast of characters

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