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					                   If I Ran the Circus . . .

                            Phil Long
                          Yale University

CSG Org Workshop              Slide 1          98/9/17, pel
CSG Org Workshop   Slide 2   98/9/17, pel
                        Support Theory

• Distributed Support
• Put answers where the questions are
• Answer the need not simply the IT question
     – content knowledge helps greatly
• Clients are more understanding of staff whom they know
• Allow clients reasonable control over their support
     – Who is hired, how they are evaluated
     – What is to be supported
     – How much support is to be provided
• Demand that clients take responsibility for their support
     – Annual planning
     – Living standard for support
CSG Org Workshop                     Slide 3                  98/9/17, pel
               Distributed, Tiered Support
                       History of Art                                          Facilities

            Client                    Client                      Client                      Client

                           DCC                                                   DCC

                                                Safety Net

                                   Academic                          Admin
       Lib Selectors                                Help Desk                               Business Center
                                  Computing                          Systems

                     A Rich Network of Connections among Second and Third Tiers

         Librarians                Application Specialists, Engineers, Wizards              Admin Experts

CSG Org Workshop                                Slide 4                                            98/9/17, pel   pel, 98/4/13
               Support for FAS Students
• Late 80s: first systematic distributed support at Yale
• Student support is a unique application of standard skills
     – Hours: to midnight and later
     – Location: clusters plus residence halls
     – Courseware and materials unique to teaching and learning
• Currently 50 Computing Assistants provide support for
     – 4,400 resident undergraduates
     – plus 24 clusters
• One Manager
• Supported by cluster, windows and mac professionals

CSG Org Workshop                 Slide 5                          98/9/17, pel
  Faculty Support for FAS Departments
• Basic departmental plan required
• First Tier (humanities)
     –   1/2 hour per faculty member per year of local support
     –   a new machine every four years
     –   casual employee, typically a graduate student
     –   trained, supervised by Academic Computing
• First Tier (science and engineering)
     – 1 hour per faculty member per year of local support
     – no machine
• Second, Third Tier
     – Escalation for content and standard questions
     – ITS Support for commodity questions
     – Access to experts

CSG Org Workshop                   Slide 6                       98/9/17, pel
 Support for Administrative Departments

• Library developed an “expert users” program
     – administrative version of distributed support
• ITS has adopted this model for the future
     – now working with departments to develop
     – will take a year or two or three

CSG Org Workshop                  Slide 7              98/9/17, pel
                   Support for Schools

• Planning consultation with all schools
• Medicine, Management and Law have substantial local
  support organizations
     – Coordinate standards with Medicine
     – Provide limited tier 2, 3 support for Management
     – Law sub-contracts for email, PPP, student network
• Other schools sub-contract for student email

CSG Org Workshop                 Slide 8                   98/9/17, pel
                      Advisory Function

• Why?
     –   To raise consciousness
     –   To inform
     –   To advise, confirm or set direction
     –   NOT to micromanage
     –   NOT (only) to gripe
• Well focused works best
• Chair is critical
     – Faculty chair is best, but hard

CSG Org Workshop                    Slide 9    98/9/17, pel
     Social Science Advisory Committee
                 Works well
• Tightly focused
• Rigorous staff support/organization
• Faculty are very interested in the committee
    – Their decisions have direct impact
         • turned a lab into a classroom
         • set software standards
         • decided printing charge-back, etc.
    – so they contribute
         • direct contact to the Provost developed needed funding

CSG Org Workshop                     Slide 10                       98/9/17, pel
 ITS Advisory Committee is more mixed

• Agenda is very broad
     – many issues of interest only to a sub-set of faculty
• - What are the advisory bodies around IT (faculty,
  administrative, departmental).
  - Any other key committee, task-force structures.
  - How are some of the key functions managed within the
  central organization and campus wide (e.g., security,

CSG Org Workshop                  Slide 11                    98/9/17, pel
                   Organizational Strains
• Project X
• The high cost of support
    – New applications
    – Stealth demands (client/server needs)
    – Rising Expectations
• The high cost of ubiquity and reliance
    – Must move from a boutique to a production model
• The pace of the IT industry
• Organizational change is difficult and costly
    – to staff
    – to clients
CSG Org Workshop                 Slide 12               98/9/17, pel
               Phil’s Thoughts on Organization
                         Computer Policy Board
                          (Board of Directors)            AVP
                                    CIO                          Special Projects

           Academic        Common Services             Admin

         Acad appls            “Commodity”          Dev & Support
       Emerging Svcs         Data, Voice, Video      Admin appls
       Unique support            Operations         Unique support
       Client Planning      Email, Calendar, etc.   Client Planning
                            Commodity Support
                               User Accounts

                          Technology & Planing
 CSG Org Workshop                   Slide 13                      98/9/17, pel
        A Client’s View of Organization
                                  Acad or Admin

                                   Local Support

                                   Direct Access
                                    to Services
                                 Order Connection
                                  Set up Account
                                (Web, phone, person)
CSG Org Workshop     Slide 14                      98/9/17, pel
                    “Board of Directors”

• A panel to set overall strategy and policy at the highest level
• At Berkeley, a meeting of the relevant officers and IT leader, chaired
  by the chancellor

CSG Org Workshop                 Slide 15                        98/9/17, pel

• The IT organization needs close interaction for planning,
  budgeting and operational issues with
     – Academic and Administrative leadership
     – either as a peer
     – or by joint or separate full or dotted line reporting

CSG Org Workshop                    Slide 16                   98/9/17, pel
• Primary interface to academic clients
     – Work with departments to plan local environments
     – Prepare for big local events
     – Respond to major problems, issues
• Regional & institutional services to meet academic needs
     –   initial major email implementation
     –   student network
     –   high performance computing, etc.
     –   Often may eventually migrate to production services
• University or consortial (departmental and grant) funding

CSG Org Workshop                   Slide 17                    98/9/17, pel
                     Common Services

• “Commodity Services”
     – Mature
     – Production orientation
• Provides services common to academic and administrative
• Close collaboration with acad & admin
     – for planning
     – to address difficult situations
• Typically charge-back either directly, or via

CSG Org Workshop                   Slide 18        98/9/17, pel
                   Technology and Planning

•   The “architecture” or “design” group
•   Also tracks and pilots new technology
•   Partners with acad and admin development/implementation
•   Institutional orientation
•   Once systems are developed, turned over to ITS for

CSG Org Workshop            Slide 19                98/9/17, pel

•   A critical, often short changed function
•   Articulates the organization strategy for the community
•   And for the organization!
•   Staff must understand the issues and the strategy
     – this is not simply a “news reporter”

CSG Org Workshop                  Slide 20              98/9/17, pel

• Organization provides formal channels to assure essential
• Organization cannot substitute for adequate staff
• But bad organization can unnecessarily sap client or staff
• Flexibility is always essential

CSG Org Workshop            Slide 21                  98/9/17, pel

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