; The Useless Loop Primary School Memo 9948 1292 James.Peletier
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The Useless Loop Primary School Memo 9948 1292 James.Peletier


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									                                      IN THE LOOP
                    The Useless Loop Primary School Memo   9948 1292 James.Peletier@det.wa.edu.au         ISSUE # 27
                    http://www.uselessloopps.wa.edu.au/                                 Term (3) Week (7) 5/9/11

                     Hi Everyone,

                         Welcome to week 7. Excitement is in the air as we look
                         forward to the Sports Carnival this week which starts with the
     Click on the turtle Long Jump and Triple Jump events here on Thursday. The
        to go to our     other events will be held in Denham on Friday. The great
          Website        rivalry between the Dolphins and the Sharks continues. The
                     Dolphin and Shark team members will be placed on the display
board outside the Junior Room, along with what events students are in. It should be         Mr James (Jim)
a great week. All the best everyone and do your best!                                          Peletier
Information, Details & Upcoming Events:
     LIBRARY- there is no library visit this week due to the Sports Carnival in Denham on Friday.
     As mentioned in the last ‘Loop’ an online Parent Survey has been activated for all families to
       complete by the end of term (Week 10 30/9). This survey only takes 10 minutes to complete
       and is very important in improving and maintaining a successful direction of the school. This is
       an opportunity for your feedback and support to make a difference. At this stage only two
       parents have replied. Please click on the following link and
       follow the prompts: http://apps.det.wa.edu.au/dest/55732
     From the Junior Room: Weetbix Goes Visiting- Weetbix spent
       some great time with Toby, Brynie and Shaniya last week and
       this week he heads to Bree’s house for a visit. Students have
       been writng some wonderful diary entries about the visits.
       Weetbix, the book and the bag needs to be returned to school
       after 1-2 days. Our aim, as usual is to motivate the children to
       write and this should be an enjoyable experience. Your help in
       this would be greatly appreciated. Students have also been
       working hard on practising double-numbers (eg 5 + 5, 9 + 9,
       15 + 15) which is an excellent First Steps Maths strategy to          Weetbix is off to Toby’s house
       help calculate number problems. The Kindy & Pre-Primary
       students have also been working hard on their ‘Useless Loop
       Mini Communities’ which they have designed with cardboard
       and other materials. It is fantastic to see the younger students
       understand how the community works together..
     From the Senior Room: Places, Food and Volcanos- the Senior
       students have been researching countries with volcanos and
       creating their own erupting volcano as part of the ‘Natural            Kind & Pre-Primary students
       Disasters’ theme this term. Students will be busy in the kitchen        designing their community
       creating a feast relevant to their research country this
       Wednesday…I think I might need to visit that one. Stay tuned
       to ‘In the Loop’ to see photos of the volcanos erupt. Last
       Wednesday, senior students were given the opportunity to
       attend a Shire Council Meeting held at the Useless Loop
       Conference Centre. Students witnessed first hand how local
       decisions are made and even had some input into the questions
       time. Thanks to Darren Pepworth for inviting us to this learning
       rich event which links very closely to the Senior Class’s study
       on Government.
     The Long Jump and Triple Jump events which are part of the
       Shark Bay Sports Carnival will be held for Useless Loop students       Corey designing his volcano
       at the Town Oval Long Jump pit at 1:15pm this Thursday the
    8th of September. Families are warmly invited to come and watch students
    compete in these events. The triple jump event will be held first for the Year
    5 and 6 students followed by the long jump event for Year 1 to 6 students.
    The results from the events will go towards individual and faction
    championship points. We hope to see you there to cheer our champions on!
   The Sports Carnival in Denham is THIS FRIDAY. The table below indicates
    the families who are going and who they will be taking. Please let me know
    if any changes need to be made. Families who are travelling need to meet at         Long & Triple Jump
    the school car park at 7:00am so that I can ensure all students are ‘on              on this Thursday!
    board’ and safely underway. The carnival starts at 9:30am sharp. If you
    want to order lunch from the bakery please ensure you have submitted your order form to Miss
    Lorraine Russell before this Wednesday so we can send the order on time ready for Friday.
    Parent lunches will be paid for by the school and student lunches will be paid for by the P&C.
    The lunches will be delivered to Shark Bay Primary School at lunch time. A reminder for
    students in Dolphins to wear yellow, while the students in Sharks can wear their blue school
    shirt. Spare yellow shirts are available at the school for students if required. I have attached to
    the group email the Sports Carnival Program, the Student Events allocation sheet and another
    lunch order form for your information.

              Family vehicle                        Number of students in vehicle
              School vehicle                        Corey
              (Mrs Tracey Matthews)                                                  1
              Trimmings/Pepworth                    Bree
              Lovell                                Ainsley
              Mellor                                Austin
              Lester/Allan                          Ryan
              Peletier                              Toby
              Cumming                               Leshae
              Randall                               Sharnie
              Baker                                 Mitchell
              Mathews                               Max
              Wedding/Cope                          Pedro
              Cockerill                             Abbey
              Absent on the day:                                         TOTAL = 22
              Mitchell H
              TOTAL = 5
      Junior Loopers, the Pre-Kindy group will be meeting again this Tuesday from 8:30am in the
       school Library.
      The date for School Photos this year is Wednesday September the 28th . Times will be confirmed
       closer to the date.
      Gymnastics is cancelled for this week.
      Please find the Dolphin and Shark Teams below:

GOOD LUCK BOYS & GIRLS…….but it seems like I’ll be dressed up in yellow!

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